Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mikko Ellilä: Ordered to burn blog post

It seems that the lobotomized judges in Finland have ordered Mikko Ellilä to burn his "politically incorrect" blog post. At Sandt's Observations, we have the latest: Mikko Ellilä ordered to "burn" his politically incorrect blog post in which Mikko (excuse me for using the familiar given name but it seems across the internet we are or become friends and fellows at arms, so to speak) was convicted of insighting racial "tensions". We are indeed fighting in the same war, just with different tactics. In case you have missed it, it is the War for the Survival of Western Civilization. One point, from my perspective, the racial tensions are being insighted by the Islamists who are working relentlessly to alter our way of life and make us bow to them and to a politically theocratic tyranny pompously shrouded in robes with man-made religious regulations being enforced by "religious" police. Within our Western society, we have the separation of church and state; within the political ideology that is all-encompassing Islam, Islam is the state. Two links may be of interest, The Bell Curve which was recently published in the United States brought the wrath of black America down about the head and shoulders of the researchers who wrote the book. The wrath coming from the same folk who castigate "white congregations" and "white Americans" for not appreciating the black American pastor's pulpit heritage of "truth telling." Once again proving that if any person with "one drop" of black African blood in their veins says something it is the "truth" but if scientific researchers say something it is not the truth. (Note that Africans of white ancestry who have been in Africa for over 400 years do not have African credientials.) Another link is Two views on The Bell Curve. And one more: The Fall of Finland from Mikko Ellilä gets in trouble in Finland for using statistics and data to state that crime among North African Muslims and Middle Eastern Muslims is high and growing in Finland. In 1996 or so, I cannot provide the link now, I read through some FBI / Justice Department data that showed that if ALL crime commited by black Americans of African ancestry were removed from our data/statistics, America would be safer than any nation in Europe with a national crime rate of less than 5.6%. That was before the invasion from Mexico had gotten into full throttle under President George W. Bush. Think of that, a 5.6% total crime rate across the United States if ALL data for crimes commited by black Americans were removed from the statistics. But in Finland, where Mikko Ellilä was trying to sound the alarm and protect his small nation, he is convicted essentially of "hate speech" and ordered to "burn" the offending piece. Keep in mind, he had to burn the "politically incorrect" blog post; nothing about it being factually incorrect which it is not when it comes to crime and welfare usage statistics. So, he is convicted of telling the truth because the truth "hurt someone's feelings" not because the data is not the truth; these are the same someones commited to killing infidels, commited through the words of their "holy" book. Hmmm... Yet in America, anyone who is non-white or does not fit into the non-Hispanic white category can castigate white Christians with any and all vile speech up to (and including the insane accusations of that American-loving, white man loving Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.) that the government, read non-Hispanic white overlords, created the HIV-AIDs virus and spread it throughout the black American community. Of course, drug use and sharing needles and crashing in crack houses has nothing to do with spreading HIV-AIDs. Makes one wonder that some black "leaders" have made a living on creating a cult of "black victimology" in America. What does this have to do with the sentence against Mikko Ellilä? Everything. Mikko Ellilä is a white man trying to defend his nation and its culture, and trying to point to the growing and serious nature of the spread of Islamic Imperialism into Finland, I suppose through the importation of many black Muslims coming from that most civilized nation of Somalia, where terrorist training camps are being established to train, what else: terrorists. Mikko Ellilä was also simply trying to stress the rising crime rates and the drain on Finnish welfare resources. I believe he was asking for honest dialogue and for his trouble he got pillaried. He was defending his nation and its survival. But nature can be a harsh teacher to those blinded by the EU and the straight-jacket "rules" of the freedom-killer United Nations. We are an ever-shrinking world. The censorship against Mikko Ellilä should be a warning to us all. We are all one breath away from censorship - no matter where we live since the UN and the "new world order" boys and girls in the United States want to control us from cradle-to-crave. The chattering masses are becoming too much for them to handle. We will have to bow our knee to "them" or they will break us - notice the falling US dollar. In Mikko Ellilä's case, the truth hurts and slows the advance of "one world government" and thus Mikko Ellilä had to be "put in his place." Well, burn away judges in Finland, some of us printed out his work before you could censor him and whether we agree with each and every point or not, Mikko Ellilä is a patriot trying with the only means he has to defend his nation. Shame on the judges in Finland... When you are forced to put all of your women in burqas or watch your women raped and your homes robbed, who will defend Finnish culture then? You? Hardly...

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

IRS and Hate-Speech Laws DON'T apply to black churches

A serious double-standard exists in America today. No, it isn't about "white" racism; not much of that going around. No, it isn't about "hate-speech" being spewed from the pulpits of white churches. And no, it isn't about the use of the "n" word, unless the word is used by white Americans. The "n" word is used with wild and rude abandon in public, on the boardwalks, on the sidewalks being screamed from one black person at another black person. The excuse for the vile language: it's a "black" thing; whitey wouldn't understand. Well, I'll tell you what I understand - living in the past of the days of "black oppression" is bu__sh_t! And if it exists, it is in the minds of the black Americans who wish in their very being that it were still true so that they would have something to gripe about. Well, sorry, that canard is out the window with the ever insulting "affirmative action" which just handed everyone except white men a "get one over on your neighbor" card for free - qualified or not. The "hate-speech" police and the IRS will never go after black pastors who spew hatred just like they are barely going after radical imams for the same reason: BUREAUCRATIC BIGOTRY. Take a look at the article at Blue Collar Republican: What these people don't realize is that the rules don't apply to black churches. Yep, equality under the law for all, unless you are non-Hispanic white, then you'd better run for cover or, like Geraldine Ferraro, just keep your mouth shut. And Obama wants an open discussion about race relations in America. What a crock! What he wants is for white Americans to continue to pay the freight as they are persecuted for speaking the truth. The more I think of him and his arrogant self dissing his grandmother, the more disgusted I get and I have to ask, would he have done that if his grandmother who had raised him had been black? No, why? Because she would have wiped the floor up with him... Obama and the black experience, my ars! The closest he's come to the black experience was joining the Trinity Unity Church of Christ for political expediency... Dissin' his grandmother...In the words of the great and fearless Oriana Fallaci when she cursed the Islamic terrorists, may she rest in peace, "I spit......!"

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From BCR - Some Obama videos we need to watch

From Blue Collar Republican, here are some videos of Obama we need to watch: Obama videos. We don't need this brainwashed, black nationalist in the White House much less in the Senate where he can work to undermine our nation and our US Constitution.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Obama's "pastor" problems tip of iceberg

H/T to Dumb Ox Daily News: Pastor Manning: Obama BORN TRASH! (updated). (scroll down, the post is there) Dr. Manning puts the lie to Obama's assertion that ALL across the United States, black pastors are preaching racism and hatred against white Americans. Click on Obama's Bra 54 Double "D" and you will be taken to a YouTube sermon by Pastor Manning. Additional sermons are available at the site. John Gibson conducts a good interview with The Honorable Pastor Manning, Ph.D. here in which Pastor Manning suggests that Obama speaks to the black corporate leadership and not to black people in general. According to Pastor Manning, black people need to look to Jesus and to themselves to pull themselves up and to solve their own problems. He has a point; that is what white people have been doing for centuries - there has been no "civil rights" or "affirmative action" for white people, in effect white people have been subjected to reverse discrimination in too many instances to count. At both Dumb Ox Daily News and at the YouTube link, there are several sermons by Pastor Manning, Ph.D. From what I watched, Dr. Manning speaks straight and not always what you'd want to hear but he doesn't pull any punches and he lays into black men saying that they are looking for Obama to give them more "irresponsibility", even more of an easy way out... Dr. Manning said, paraphrased here, what Bill Cosby has said, "You accept affirmative action when white man made a law that says what is required of the white race is not required of you." I couldn't agree more and I'm as disgusted by the "second class" nature of affirmative action as Dr. Manning is. It sells black Americans short and weakens us all when they are not expected or even challenged to compete equally with other Americans. In the pure Hell-fire and Brimstone preaching of old-time Southern Baptist ministers, Dr. Manning hits you in the gut with every other sentence. Another line - trying to wake many black Americans from the legacy of victimhood, he says, "Two years from now, Mexicans are going to be writing your paychecks..." No, Dr. Manning is not easy to listen to if one wants to take responsibility and stop blaming everything from HIV-AIDs to hang-nails on "the white man" and naturally his statements are general certainly not applying to ALL black Americans. Give him a listen, he might just stir that spark of creativity and ingenuity in us all so we can get to building our nation together in spite of the clap-trap of some race-baiting politicians and, together, we can put the lie to Obama's assertions that black racism and anti-American, anti-white hatred is the norm in black churches.

Obama's "I did not have sex with that woman" moment

Once again, Barack (hush, hush Hussein) Obama has asked us to believe that over twenty years He did not know of the racist, hate-mongering rhetoric of His revered pastor and yet He admits listening to Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.'s "racist rants" (CDs) and that Wright led Him to Jesus Christ. Obama is a smooth talker when scripted. But the truth is that He obviously considers the American people stupid. He has to be a liar and, dare it even be suggested, a closet racist. He cannot get beyond His "I did not have sex with that woman" moment. He is either a liar or He is simply insultingly stupid. He supports Syria and other terrorist-supporting nations. He supports Black Liberation Theology [Supports Black Nationalists' argument that significant change in the Black man's position in America is only possible through revolutionary overthrow of the existing social, economic, and political structure.] and His own take on perfected Marxism. So, as a Black Nationalist, Obama supports revolutionary overthrow of the existing social, economic, and political structure. And I'd bet falling American dollars that not only a few folks who voted for Him in earlier primaries would change their vote. How could they not when they find the racist rants He has been hearing for 20 years. To be fair, we expect our politicians to be somewhat crafty; we do not expect them to be twenty-year tacit supporters of a racist, hate-mongering "pastor" and "mentor." His pastor See also The Militant Muslim Family of Barack Obama and other extraordinary posts at Faultline USA. Faultline USA has extensive posts that are well-linked to supporting documentation. If Obama lies His way into the White House, please raise your hand if you think Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. will NOT become a member of the Cabinet or a "trusted" foreign policy advisor. An advisor who meets with Arab Islamic leaders who TODAY enslave black Christians - NOW, TODAY in 2008. Now, folks, that is stupid and the height of hypocracy; that means Wright gives his approval of the slavery of black people in Northern Africa. And then screams that white Americans are racists while we are spending over 15,000,000,000 (15 billion) tax dollars on HIV-AIDs treatment in Africa. Wake up! [Let me point out that many of Obama's supporters DO NOT pay taxes; they steal our earned money to support them.] Many strong, principled Americans of African ancestry serve our nation in a variety of responsible ways. Surely, we can find an American of African ancestry with integrity to lead us from the White House - but Barack Obama, a man dissing his own grandmother, nah - we can do much better than Him. I'll make a prediction: if Obama is the next president, He will set the advance of black Americans back generations. We cannot afford a closet racist in the White House. Americans cannot afford a regression in race relations that Obama seems to support through His pastor. And let's toughen up and get this whimpy "mean-spirited" talk off the table. American political campaigns are rough and tumble. Let's get to it...

From Flanders Field on The Treaty of Lisbon - a word to the wise

From Flanders Field on the Treaty of Lisbon: The people are all trying to find a way to escape individually, but this is a universal net which is being thrown around the white Western peoples. Europeans have been conditioned to think in terms of that atrocious UDH. It is nothing but an empty shell full of words, just as the UN is. The UN, the EU and any documents pertaining to them are invalid for any who love freedom. We are in for some rough times in the future and we should be careful not to become led into a trap of killing each other at a time when it is clear that others are intent on having that happen. Too many remain willfully ignorant about the agenda and choose to remain that way. Others search for answers but don't have the confidence to see what is happening and believe what is obvious to see. ~~~~~~ So we must keep our eye on FREEDOM; join the 910 Group; read the posts at The Center for Vigilant Freedom, A Counter-Jihad Coalition; read up on 910 Headlines from around the world, and speak the threat of Islamofascism to the roof-tops and to the very Heavens above. We must stand and fight with the pen for as long as we are allowed...this is every much a battle for the hearts and minds of those who love freedom... And one post from Flanders Field blogging on H.R. 4088, a bill that we need to defeat: Oppose SAVE; Support Sovereignty. Believe me, friends, all of these "unions", "treaties", "UN junk", "agreements", and such have one thing as the end goal: the end of national sovereignty, totally open borders across the globe; globalization of everything; and "rules for living from cradle to crave" with only slavery for all. There will come a time when some place, some time, we MUST STAND in defense of our sovereignty...

Obama's tacit approval of racist hate-speech

From Faultline USA, we are treated to the fourth in a series of the continuing - as well it should - debate of "hate-speech" in America, this coming from black American pulpits, so says Barack Obama: Brite-Jeremiah Wright Debate continues. I know this is serious info to be told by a presidential candidate that across America today the racist, hate-mongering speech of Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. is the norm; that norm is Obama's broad-brush excuse used to give approval to the "hate speech" of his pastor. Now, I don't know about you, but it seems to me that the "hate-speech" laws designed to "shut up those white boys and girls" have finally found a home in the Trinity Unity Church of Christ - that poor black boy killed by the bad Romans. Where are the "hate-speech" police to slap the cuffs on Jeremiah? No where, that's where! Why? 'Cause he's "black" and we all knows that "hate speech" can only come from white folks 'cause by definition - according to Obama, regurgitated from every black pulpit in America - it is the evil white folk who are the cause of every evil in the world. That's why we are sending billions to Africa to fight HIV-AIDs when everyone with two brain cells knows the first way to fight HIV-AIDs is to change life-style choices and behavior. Nope, in America today, the hate-filled imams and the hate-mongering black pastors (as we have been informed by Obama himself) all get a free pass. And white Christians just go on being fat, dumb, and happy believing that the message of Jesus that we are to love one another is being taught in ALL Christian churches across the land. Well, presidential candidate Barack Obama set us straight on that one. So this "uniting" us stuff/rhetoric - is that coming from him listening and approving of twenty years of anti-white, anti-American, anti-Semitic hatred spewing from his pastor's mouth? Does Obama think he is the "black" Messiah come to unite his brainwashed congregants somehow into unity with the other 254,000,000 Americans who have not know what was going on in black churches. Does Obama seek to "wash away" the influence of twenty years of "hate-speech" from the hearts and minds of his fellow church goers? No, he wishes to enslave us in the tentacles of Marxism... And where are the "hate-speech" police now? Studying the plant life in Fiji or Tahiti, no doubt...

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Danes pump Viking blood in "Stop Islamisation of Europe"

My history is all messed up when it comes to Scandinavia but weren't the Danes the fearsome Vikings too? If so, I think the muslims are messing with the wrong Vikings, here my friends. And the muslims pushing an 80 year-old lady to the ground. Well, no surprise here. We read in the Qur'an the Islamic attitude toward women - beaten, barefoot, and pregnant has new meaning beyond "them thar hills" now days. The SOIE or Stop the Islamisation of Europe is an active group working to preserve Western Culture and Civilization from the steady march of Islamic Imperialism into European nations. For an account of a most recent demonstration in Demark, see Demonstrations in Denmark. You see, contrary to what one might suppose - it is the muslims who are working to overthrow the culture and government of Denmark and other Western nations. Are citizens of nations allowed to defend themselves when their "leaders" cower in the dead of night hiding behind their doors, shivering in their night-shirts, whispering in the darkness, "Please don't come for me, sword-wielder of islam..."? Yes, they are...

Keep eye on Treaty of Lisbon

What you say does the sale of snuff and a little tussle about that between the 30,000 folks in the Aland Islands and Finland then scoping to the broader EU/European Union have to do with the United States, Canada, and the most corrupt government on earth, Mexico? Well, everything, especially when you toss in the disgusting United Nations and consider the developing North American Union. You see, everyone wants to control you and me and everything we "can do" from breathing to sleeping to selling snuff, to duck hunting, and to populating our respective nations with cultures so foreign to us as to destroy our United States Constitution, the rule of United States law WITHIN our borders, and make our US Supreme Court a "mock" court and each and everyone of our STATEs just another tax collector with no legislative power or responsibilities at all. Certainly no accountability to us - we the people. No, we need to keep an eye on the Treaty of Lisbon - I recommend adding it to your Google News Alert list - and we need to watch as nations say goodbye to any semblance of responsibility to their people. An example is insurance. The farther away the receiver of the "insurance benefit" gets from the giant bureaucracy that controls the benefit, the more layers of stops to keep you away from receiving responsible treatment, etc. Aland Islands to "snuff" Treaty of Lisbon And additionally, it looks like Ireland (God bless 'em) will vote NO on the Treaty of Lisbon, A NO vote will keep us strong. Most of the discussion centers around national sovereignty (sound familiar). The difference is that our NAFTA is seen as an "agreement" and not a "treaty" and the North American Union is proceeding at a pace with no votes from American citizens at all. Have you had a chance to vote on the North American Union? No, and don't look for that to ever happen! Several European nations are fighting hard now that they are seeing the effects of their wide-open borders, the Islamification of their nations, and the EU is not looking all that good. We, on the other hand, have been duped. Our leaders saw the mistakes of the EU and it will be a freezing cold day in Hell before we'll ever get to say a work about the North American Union. We'll just have to suck it up, learn Spanish, and continue to watch our dollar fall - one point to keep in mind is that, like our willingness to give up our freedoms for "the illusion of security" and our willingness to accept whatever our government shovels at us in the way of "amnesty" - yes, like McCain says, "They're all God's children" including the terrorists flooding across our borders who want to kill us - the falling dollar could be used to make us "call" for a more stable "Amero". Oh, how the mighty fall when they let others control their sovereignty and their destiny. ~~~~~ I'm not certain if this is the UN document that has destroyed European nations or not. Please advise which UN document has opened the EU nations to having to let anyone - except white folks from the United States - migrate into their nations:Universal Declaration on Human Rights. By the way, if you are a "white" European trying to escape the Islamic invasion by migrating into the United States, good luck with that. I could be wrong but I don't think "white" Europeans are welcome in the United States - not anymore and not if you speak English and would not be a financial burden upon America's social services network.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lot at Laiva on Taynna:

Lot, if you would please help me, I need a translation of the following: Lot, this is a lot to ask but could you/would you please translate this for me: If you would, please leave it at my blog in the comments of a recent post - Thank you - I find it interesting that bloggers - Mikko and Lionheart in the UK come under harassment but a candidate for president in the US can subscribe to racist and black separatist rhetoric for 20 years and just now come under scrutiny AND then, turn it all around and blame us and well as his white grandmother for not understanding that, as he says, this racist ranting goes on every Sunday in black churches across America. If you can help with translation, thank you...

Mikko Ellilä's Freedom of Speech vs Obama's Black Separatism

Mikko Ellilä is currently awaiting the verdict of his trial for "ethnnic agitation." Curiously, in Finland, a blogger, Mikko Ellilä, has been questioned by the police and has subsequently been subjected to a trial - why? Essentially for stating what everyone in Finland knows to be true. Finland is painfully being turned into an Islamic state with the flood of Muslims turning the Finnish culture on its ear. A nation, surely, must have the right to maintain its own unique culture and not be forced by the United Nations and its own weak-sisters in government to bow to the whims and annihilating culture of Islam with its dhimmitude and slavery of women, not to mention the ending of all other religions that may exist in Finland. Mikko has stood trial for "ethnic agitation", read - telling the truth about the destruction of Finland by the Islamic invasion. Yet in the United States of America, a man can attend a hate-mongering, racist, black separatist church for twenty years and hail as his mentor and spiritual adviser a ranting "black" racist - a racist shouting anti-white, anti-Semitic, and anti-American screeds such as "God da.n the US of KKK A" that are unthinkable in white Christian churches - even subjecting his children to such shouted racism, and that same man, Barack Obama, can be considered a serious candidate for the presidency of the United States. Talk about "hate speech." One man (a white man) on trial; one man (1/2white,1/2black) headed for the White House. Yet nothing Mikko wrote was vile lies and nothing Mikko wrote came close to the hate-mongering of Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., supported with cheering and shouts of agreement from the black Americans in his "congregation." To add insult upon insult, Obama informs white America that these racist, hate-mongering statements are "preached" from pulpits of black churches across the nation every Sunday, nothing new there, he says. Yet these black pastors are not charged with "hate speech." No, that is reserved for anyone who challenges Islamic tenets of "hating and killing infidels." And in Finland, well, many are fighting for their native culture. We'll have to see how the judges find in the case of Mikko Ellilä. In America, a book was published called The Bell Curve - among other things it pointed out that Asians, generally, were smarter than Caucasians. No riots over that; we Caucasians have no problem with that at all - that only tells us to hire Asians from the Far East, not the Middle East. Mikko Ellilä has a new blog, here. Mikko is correct that I am interested in his case not only for him personally but also for my blogger friend, Lionheart, who has been subjected to similar harassment in England solely due to the Islamist influence (and the Islamic mob connections of a Pakistani family) that is working to overthow England even as I type these words. Mikko Ellilä said... Speaking of racism and hatemongering, I assume you are interested in my trial because you recently left a comment in my blog and also wrote about my case earlier in your blog. I was on trial for "hate speech" last Friday, but the verdict won't be announced until next Thursday because the judge and the jury decided they need time to ponder the arguments presented in the courtroom. (This is normal procedure in Finland in legal cases where the verdict is not as self-evident as in simple cases involving e.g. petty theft.) A friend of mine took notes during the court session. These are available on his blog: You might make a post on that thread and ask whether someone would go through the trouble of translating those notes from Finnish to English. ~~~~~ As far as hate-speech is concerned, perhaps the judges in Finland should listen to the rantings of Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. - whose CDs of hatred are sold at the Trinity Unity Church of Christ - to learn what "hate-speech" really is and recognize that no matter what Mikko wrote, it's pablum compared to the hatred of Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., a so-called minister of the gospel of Christ - a "poor black boy" killed by the white Romans. Give me a break! I'll bet that would be news to the Jewish folks. Related posts: (search Mikko Ellila, H. Res. 288, on this blog to read more) Multicultural Madness in Finland Mikko Ellilä"s Ethnic Agitation - Keep your eye on the prize: Freedom of Speech Obama torpedoes race relations in America

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

NEW - Social Sense and Stacking Swivel

Two new blogs written by Mustang: Social Sense and Stacking Swivel for all of our Marines out there and we men and women who love them - each and every one. I recommend both blogs but for our "political" news, check out Social Sense. Semper Fi! and a great big Ooh-rah! to ALL of our men and women in uniform fighting for our nation and fighting under OUR flag! We all know what we can do/should do to the "powder blue" helmets of the cowardly United Nations - the hate America firsters... those standing right behind our own anti-American MSM and Marxist liberals. By the way, who was that brave American who refused to wear the "powder blue" helmet of the supporters of Hezbollah? A Mr. New, Mew??? God bless him...and God bless all of you who are fighting under the flag of the United States of America, the Stars and Stripes, under whom men and now women have died to protect and defend FREEDOM across the world; the same men and women who are not allowed to defend our own borders from invasion... Stay safe; stay warm; stay dry...

Democrats slide into hatred?

A lot is happening in the Marxist Democrat Party today if we will but look. The measurement that is occurring right now - right before our eyes - is how far the Democrats have fallen past redemption into the template of hatred; will they forgive racism to hate Bush? It isn't only about hating Bush. Are they willing to forgive racism to advance their leftist, Marxist designs? Will they forgive Obama's acknowledgement of black racism and likewise ignore the real and unrelenting threat of Islamists too? I wonder that black Americans - hidden behind by Obama and the broad-brush with which he used to paint them all as racists too - are not indignant at his cowardly attempt to hide behind their hard work and their love for our nation. Where do the leftist Democrats fall? Will they forgive the threat and support Obama (black racism, Islamic intent to bury us, Obama's Marxism, the Islamic funding of Obama through Tony Rezko (?)) or is it Islamic Imperialism alone that is the greater threat to America? It seems that all we have to do is watch to see how far the "far-left", America-hating Democrats have fallen and how much they will accept in order to destroy our nation - the nation they proclaim to "love." Will they - the American-hating far-left Marxists Democrats - accept the Islamic money and Obama's racism - the poisonous tentacles twisting like snakes around the head of Medusa (the symbol of political correctness) to destroy our nation and abuse our gullible youth, so woefully uneducated today? How much of Obama's "BS" will stick to the Democrat Party wall, a party that is not the party of Truman or John F. Kennedy. I must emphasize the "far-left" Marxists Democrats in stark contrast to the many normal, hardworking Americans who call themselves Democrats and come no where near the extremes of that party which once displayed integrity. At NiceDeb, see the following and laugh your head off: New Black Panther Party endorses Obama. Oh, will the real "racists" please stand up! I read Nice Deb's post and laughed out loud... Sorry, folks, call white people "racists" all you want but I say "if the shoe fits on your foot, wear it." The racism is not on non-Hispanic white folks; belly up to the bar, Islamists and black Americans and get fitted for those "racist" shoes Obama has waiting for you.

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Obama torpedoes Race Relations in America!

Congratulations to Barack Obama, the "uniter". He has - as far as I am concerned - torpedoed race relations in America at least between non-Hispanic white Americans and Americans of African ancestry. I'll never look at so-called "Christian" black Americans the same way again. Not after Obama's assertions that Wright's "sermons" reflect what is said in every black church across America every Sunday. How the heck can race relations improve when white churches preach "Christian" love and, according to Barack Obama, black "Christian" churches preach hatred of white Americans? Perhaps non-Hispanic white Americans owe Barack Obama a big "Thank you". Perhaps he did us a favor by telling us of the racist hatred that, he says, is preached against us across America in black churches. As he said, "It is not all that uncommon..." the incendiary comments. If true, so be it; if Obama's broad-brush statement is false, black pastors have a lot of ground to make up to clarify that these comments are isolated and not spewing from their pulpits too as Obama has stated. This statement is from the man who would be President of the "God-damned U.S. of KKK A." Good grief! Grow the heck up! Black Americans and every other person that can claim one drop on non-Hispanic white blood has all kinds of opportunities open to them that non-Hispanic white people 1) are denied and 2) are paying the taxes to make available to non-white Americans and to illegals as well. Good f**king grief! Reparations - HELL no! We've paid enough and nearly bankrupt our nation. We know our educational system is destroyed. And now, thanks to Barack Obama, a big bite has been taken out of race-relations. No need to "make nice" now - he has said white America is hated by black Americans. In one speech, Barack Obama tarred ALL black churches with a very ugly brush and proved that integration has only been in the hearts and minds of white Americans - duped again! It is better to know how much we - non-Hispanic white people - are hated by black Americans, as Obama has stated, and it is interesting that - from my observation of Obama's speech - Obama himself has driven a stake into the heart of race-relations in America. Obama not only damaged black Americans with his speech but he also made a general statement that all of us have heard similar racist, hate-mongering proclamations from our pastors too! Well, not so, Barry - only in your racist church... Wrongo, Barack! You have done non-Hispanic white folks a favor and I suppose we needed to hear it sooner or later. And then to cast blame on your "white" grandmother who loved you and cherished you enough to give you the best education Hawaii had to offer its elites. You may become "president" but you sure don't deserve it and, from you recent speech, I'll know as will all non-Hispanic white Americans that you will be the president only of so-called "minorities." You will kick Israel to the curb and you will put chains on us all - black and white - through your Marxist slavery. And about your grandmother being fearful of thugs (of any color) - that is not racists; that is SMART! And you are an ungrateful grandson who is not worthy of the love she bestowed upon you. Shame on you... At the very least, non-Hispanic white people don't have to pretend that black Americans like us. Now we know right from the mouth of a presidential candidate. Thanks, Barry! You told the truth... Am I "ticked" off at the audacity of arrogance? You betcha... Additional posts with good links: Obama, a man of privilege and no lapel pin Collapse of a Marxist Snake-oil Salesman Obama's Theology - Marxism Is America ready for Islamist-supporting president?

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Barack Obama - Collapse of a Marxist Snake-oil Salesman?

Mr. Obama will be giving his mea culpa speech in a few moments and at his side will be his wife, Michelle, now earning over $300,000.00 directly due to "Senator" Obama's influence upon a grant awarded to the the hospital where she works. Obama - for 20 years listened and sided with the tripe of Jeremiah Wright, Jr. - shame on Obama and shame on him for thinking we are stupid enough to believe that he didn't know. This is not about "race". There are plenty of good, America-supporting Americans of African ancestry who are Americans, not hyphens. Larry Elder, Juan Williams, Justice Clarence Thomas, Michael Steele, Alan Keyes, Vernon Robinson, and more. Obama either thinks we are stupid or he is a liar and a racist in his own right. His mother denounced her nation; she was an Islamophile; and she hated America. Obama has subjected his daughters to the racist, inflammatory rhetoric of Wright, Jr. I had hoped for a political presidential campaign on the issues; we are now being treated to a man saying he "didn't" know of Wright's beliefs. That won't wash. Whether Obama makes it to the White House or not, he has lost any and all respect we have bestowed upon him - the white people in Iowa and other states should be feeling like fools at about this time. Shame on Barack Obama! Oh, our "original sin" of slavery has stained our nation! Thank you, Muslim slave traders who still enslave blacks in Africa today. Obama makes me sick. He "promised" hope and he betrayed us. This is all "drama" folks; all planned because his campaign KNEW that they would have to distance Obama from Wright. The issue for me is that we are now told that the hate-filled rhetoric we have heard spewing from the 8,000 member strong congregation is "NOT UNCOMMON" in "black" churches. How horrible to a nation. To think that this type of hate-mongering among black "Christian" churches is typical boggles the mind, at least my naive mind where I believed the "integration", the "integration of our schools" now ruined by teachers' unions and the watering down of academic standards. Maybe this hate-mongering is "typical" in black churches but I have attended congregations with majority black Americans. I attend a church now with a growing number of members of African ancestry. This rhetoric is not typical there. The campaign has become "divisive" because of the "choices" of Barack Obama and his wife and Jeremiah Wright, Jr. and because of the adherence to these views of Mr. Obama. Obama studied the churches in South Side Chicago before choosing the Trinity Unity Church of Christ. No, Jeremiah Wright, Jr. and his cheering congregation demonstrated that the racism in America today is apparently fostered and nurtured in black churches. Oh, what a fall from grace! And if true, oh, the sorrow of the wasted Jewish and white lives that fought and marched along side Americans of African ancestry for civil rights. Mr. Obama is a Marxist and his association with Mr. Wright, Jr. nurtures that Marxism along with the black Liberation Theory. Does anyone study history in this nation anymore? Even in the White House, Mr. Obama will simply be another snake oil salesman who has slapped a different label on the bottle. Mr. Wright's efforts have been focused on Americans of African ancestry and Mr. Wright will find his place "in" an Obama White House. Decide, damnit! Decide if you are Africans who happen to have been born within the boundaries of America or would you be happier living in Africa so that you can spread your venom and hatred of America there? I am ashamed today of Obama. If Trinity Unity Church of Christ embodies black churches and the messages within this church embody messages in black churches all across the nation, then the Civil Rights Movement has been a failure, and we've paid way too much for "reparations" already. By Wright's words and Obama's tacit approval for 20 years, racism is alive an well in America today and it is ebmodied within the black church. Seems the IRS has its work cut out for it in taking a look at all those "tax exempt" churches of where hate-mongering. I guess actions will determime the status of the typical black church. If this hate-mongering is true, and anti-white hatred is normally spewed from the pulpits of black churches, one can only begin to look at black church members in a different light. Wright says "God damned America"... how interesting... Marxism couched, like Islamic ideology, under the guise of "religion." Wright and Obama's tacit approval for 20 years rather puts the "racist" shoe on the other foot, does it not? Thanks to this, I will not be able to look at a black chuch the same again. Like Wright and his congregation, are the members just racists without hoods? I will not believe that black Americans that I know listen to this tripe. And shame on Obama for turning this into an issue of "white" racism. Shame on him! And now he blames his "white" grandmother... Shame on that ungrateful grandson...Shame on him for "dissing" a woman who gave him every possible advantage of education and opportunity leading for the success he enjoys today. ~~~~~~~ From Dr. D: Wright evidently takes his "theology" substantially from two black academics who specialize in "black liberation theology." One is named Dawkins on the Univ. of Chicago faculty and the other is Cone (I forget where he is teaching). BLT is something that most of us would not recognize as Christian in any way whatsoever. It states that Christ came only for the Black people to save them from the oppressor, and that salvation is of this world. Wright evidently thinks that the fact that these two academics have "made this respectable" (what a joke), there should be no question about it any longer. It is straight Marxism, right down the line.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Obama's Theology...Marxism

A visitor recommended that I check out Not Obama's pastor; it's Obama's Theology over at Miracles Daily which I have. I recommend the link and hope you will pass it around...

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Obama, a man of privilege and no lapel pin

The very first time I heard Michelle Obama speak, I knew I was hearing a racist, or at least someone spewing racist views - she said America is a country where a black man cannot go out at night to get gas for his car. Her words sounded as if she were living in a time warp - where has she been? Well, for starters Princeton and Harvard and then to the Trinity United Church of Christ where she has been tenderly brainwashed under the ministrations of Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. Go here for video of Mr. Wright's remarks. I don't know the America of privilege Michelle Obama lives in but it is not the America I live in. She apparently knows little of the sacrifice of black, white, and Jewish men and women who marched and died in the south during the Civil Rights movement. Yes, at least two young Jewish men, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner - Jews are excoriated by Obama's hate-mongering "minister" and "adviser" Jeremiah Wright, Jr. - were murdered in Mississippi defending the right for black Americans to have "equal opportunities"; no one has the right for equality of outcome. We ALL have to earn that. But when I heard the racist tripe/trash and propaganda she has been subjected to for over a decade and to which she and Barack have subjected their two little girls, I know why Mrs. Obama is so filled with hatred toward a nation that has provided her with so much; I now have a suspicion of why Barack pointedly does not wear the American flag lapel pin; and I know why he has established a National African American Religious Leadership Committee. There is no UNITY there, folks. Daniel Pipes has a thoroughly researched post, Was Obama a Muslim? which chronicles Obama's early childhood - certainly one that turned to privilege. After being abandoned by his father and later his step-father who reared him in the practice of Islam during his formative years - ages 6 to 10 - in Indonesia, Barack was arguably abandoned by his white mother and deposited into the care and keeping of his maternal (white) grandparents in Hawaii. He attended the very best and most exclusive schools Hawaii had to offer to its elite and then he further moved into privilege through the best America had to offer at Columbia and Harvard. Michelle Obama also benefited from the Civil Rights movement and affirmative action by also moving in the elite circles of Princeton and Harvard - opportunities many extremely well-qualified white people have been denied. And she whines that she is still paying her student loans - with her $300,000.00 salary perhaps helped along by her Senator husband's influence in ensuring a grant to the hospital where she works - you'd think she could just pay off her loans. I very much doubt that Barack Obama has much first hand experience of the fast-eroding "black" experience. Certainly, he has no concept of the "black" experience of such men as Associate Justice Clarence Thomas. If you have not read My Grandfather's Son, you owe it to yourself to read of the early childhood, the militancy, and the evolution of Justice Clarence Thomas into a man who understands the crushing effects of "affirmative action". And now Michelle and Barack are living in the "plantation" house up on the hill with the help of the acclaimed Tony Rezko. Good for them but don't blame the rest of us for the choices you've made. This unfolding, sorry saga of one bad choice after another is growing more like the "self-fulfilling prophecy" everyday. Did Obama think that he could attach himself and subject his family to a racist, hate-mongering demagogue and have it go unnoticed? For Obama to now say that he never heard Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. - his trusted mentor and adviser of twenty years, the man he counts on to keep him on the right path - utter his despicable hate-speech from a "pulpit" no less - boggles the mind and strains credulity, even of those of us not fortunate enough to attend Harvard. Obama not only heard Wright's inflammatory words but quoted them: H/T to Always on Watch for Obama's Inconsistency. Here is one post you may find interesting regarding Obama and the Democrat culture of death: Betrayal of Conscience. Let's hear it for the "children." Maybe the anti-white, anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism spouted at Obama's church is typical in black separatist communities but I would like to believe it is not. I do not know if Obama will become the presidential candidate of the Democrat Party but I hope that, if he does not, black Americans will understand that it is not because of the color of his skin, it will be because of his socialist policies and his twenty-year support of a racist, hate-mongering man hiding behind the cover of a "tax-exempt" so-called church/pulpit which Wright used to spout his ideological views of hatred to inculcate his "congregation". Still, Obama defends Wright and points out that their association began through Obama's community development work. He had many choices of church affiliation and chose the inflammatory Wright. I do not know but would suspect that there is much more in that relationship than meets the eye and that the Rezko influence, the Wright influence, are all part and parcel of the South-side Chicago political/"you scratch my back-I'll scratch yours" machine. All states have pockets of this type of "influence", no politician is immune to the possible clutches but everyone must make choices. Barack made some choices that need to be assessed and brought to light. And yes, scrutinized...even if what we learn sickens us. America does not need the likes of a Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. advising the president of the United States and bringing his racist, hate-mongering into the White House and into our foreign policy. Now, be honest. If any non-Hispanic white presidential candidate had said that he, after twenty years of supporting a given minister through his person and his purse, had never heard the man/preacher say the despicable damning racist, hate-mongering words Wright has spewed from his mouth, we - you and I - and even our corrupt and disingenuous mainstream media would have laughed the candidate right into the dust bin of failed bigotry where he would belong. Life is a do it to yourself project. There is no glee in learning of this "chosen" relationship and learning that a man who would be president has subjected his family to a mirror image found in some extreme white, Hispanic, and Islamic supremacist groups. If Barack falls on this and Michelle's prophecy thus seems true, she has only to look to herself and say, "we did this to ourselves..." Don't blame your hatred on me, Michelle, and don't blame it on the American people. White people have voted overwhelmingly for your husband during this primary...

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Rezko-Obama and Rezkorama!

I just checked Sitemeter at the Rezkorama site and the success is astounding. Not up a week yet - officially the site began last Thursday - and the hits number over 21,000. Politicians could only dream of such success and with no costs. Go Team Rezkorama!

Is US ready for African-centric president?

Will Barack Obama denounce his black supremacist church? Will he become a - perhaps unknowing - tool of the Islamists? H/T: to FaultlineUSA for March 2007 post: What Obama's church preaches and for March 10, 2008 post: Obama must disavow his dangerous pastor and racist church. A primary source for the initial post is an article written by Erick Rush, Obamination: Barack Obama's black supremacist connection found at Enter Stage Right. The mainstream media, the Clinton campaign, and the oh-so-civil Republican camp are all giving Barack Obama a free pass, yet he has long been affiliated with a black supremacist church, some say more African-centrist than Christian coming right out of the Kwanzaa days of a black radical at Berkeley. The mainstream media needs to advance beyond their "euphoria" of the first black presidential candidate which is incorrect and "moving forward" begin to scrutinize Obama, the man. The earlier links provide ample information about the black supremacist credentials of Obama's "church" but there is also alarming information found at Rezkorama in the on-going saga of the Rezko trial. We need to look beyond the "financial" relationships to connections that may threaten our very freedoms. When considering the Rezko-Obama connection, the cozy financial relationship between a Syrian immigrant with dual citizenship and a man practicing "black supremacy" within the confines of his church, one more tiny piece of information must be brought to the table. That is from Islam Targets America, Items 1, 2, and 4.
Item 1. Replace American's freedom of speech with hate crime bills nation-wide. [That means anyone who seeks to mention or analyze Islam should be charged with hate crimes. Consider that perspective is out of Sharia Law.] and, Item 2. Wage a war of words using black leaders to promote Islam as the original African-American's religion. Strangely, no one states the fact that it was Arab Muslims who captured and sold them as slaves, neither the fact that in Arabic the word for black and slave is the same: Abed. and then there is: Item 4. Nominate Muslim sympathizers to political office.
When considering the relationship between Rezko and Obama, consider that Rezko - if I am not mistaken - entered the United States in the mid-to-late 1980s or early 1990s after several Islamist front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood had gotten themselves established. I am not suggesting that Rezko is affiliated with these Islamist groups, only that the foundations have been built carefully over many years - as many as 40 years - to undermine our nation using black politicians when possible to advance the cause of Islamists and their goal of Islamic world domination. Erick Rush's article, as well as those at FaultlineUSA, deserve a good look by all Americans who support the tenets of our United States Constitution and our Declaration of Independence which supports individual freedoms and responsibilities, not "group think" or "group rights" or the separatism of "tribalism". We do not need a Balkanized nation which we are fast approaching. We have many black politicians who have depth of experience and who are closely tied to the preservation of our individual freedoms: Michael Steele, Alan Keyes, and Vernon Robinson to name a few. It is to these men and women we should turn and we should avoid, actually RUN, from even one whiff of more socialism and more government chains around our necks. As Geraldine Ferrara has just learned, speaking the truth = being called a "racist" regardless of the truth of her words. She's right; she was taking heat because she is white, period and as we know it is only non-Hispanic white people in America today who are to shut up and keep quiet. We have fallen far when we cannot discuss issues of race that effect us all. We must get beyond the taboos of censorship and move to being Americans without hyphens, working for the good of us all. We all bleed "red" and the Islamists, the radical Islamofascists do not discriminiate when they kill. We must seek and run toward freedom. We must claim our freedoms and defend them here at home as our military men and women proclaim these freedoms and defend them abroad.

Congress - please end Mexican trucking into the US

In an article printed in The Washington Times, Hill urged to keep Mexican trucks legal, Congress is urged not to end the Mexican trucking program into the United States that began September 4, 2007 and has not been funded for 2008. I urge the Congress to halt the program. American lives are at risk on our highways by Mexican truckers who are driving faulty trucks and according to Geraldo Rivera, possibly driving drunk because according to Geraldo, Mexican men drive drunk - it's a cultural thing. Approximately 12,000 Americans are killed by illegal aliens, many drunk drivers here illegally from Mexico. That is 4 times the number of Americans killed by terrorists at the World Trade Centers on 9/11 and occurs annually. Four times, and nary a word. The mainstream media gnashes its teeth marking each and every death of an American soldier killed in Iraq but stands mute on the deaths of Americans being perpetrated by illegals and drunk Mexican drivers on OUR OWN SOIL in OUR OWN COUNTRY. We are being put at risk by our own government and I call upon Congress to stop it. Because of these Mexican truckers, I fear for family members who must travel to work daily on some of our busiest interstates. Interestingly,
"the (teamsters) union argued that the Transportation Department acted outside its authority by continuing the program. The union and its supporters also said Mexico has not upgraded its truck-inspection facilities or enforced safety regulations to meet U.S. standards. U.S. trucking groups renewed their criticism of the cross-border program after yesterday's press conference. "Safety standards in Mexico simply are not on par with those in the United States, and few U.S. trucking companies even appear interested in going south," said Todd Spencer, vice president of the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association, a Grain Valley, Mo., trade group.
Interesting that our drivers don't want to go into Mexico. Could it be because Mexico is arguably the most corrupt government on the planet. So once again, the Bush Administration has overstepped its bounds and violated Congressional restrictions, while continuing to put us at risk. If our president will NOT defend our nation as he has proved at every turn that he will not and will VIOLATE his oath of office for a few dollars, then I call upon Congress to do its duty and protect us. For many years now, I have actually felt safer on our highways knowing that American truckers were there with me - ready to help me if I needed their help. Now, Mexican truckers are allowed to enter the United States, take jobs from our trucker citizens, and put our lives at risk. Soon, with the SPP highway from lower Mexico cutting through the United States into Canada, shipping will be or can be diverted from our ports to the ports of Mexico, once again putting American jobs in jeopardy, challenging our national sovereignty, and adding to the risk of national security. It is time to enter into fair trade, not trade "agreements" designed to destroy the manufacturing and producing capabilities of the United States and to destroy the infra-structure of our job base. Our Founding Fathers said we were to trade with anyone we liked FAIRLY but that did not mean giving up our sovereignty nor putting our citizens lives at risks. I realize I am fighting a battle that already seems lost because politicians confuse the term "globalization" to mean the loss of freedoms, borders, and national sovereignty. Well, I still have breath in my body and my fingers can still fight for our lives and our sovereignty through this keyboard. I ask you to join with me. We are fighting many battles and we are surrounded by a cacophony of noise and as a friend called it "cognitive dissonance." She is right but we can find our way through if we keep our eye on the prize: A free United States of America; a nation bound by one language, English; and a people joined in the American Culture, a culture unique around the world. It is a culture formed in our willingness to leave the old ways behind and strike out for individual responsibility with less government controlling our every breath . God bless our troops; our border patrol; and God bless the men and women working everyday to keep our nation strong. And our government whose leaders are kicking us to the curb, well, you fill in that part.

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Rezko-Obama and an Islamist Connection? Yes/No

I was chatting with my Left Coast Operative about the new cite, Rezkorama and we naturally got around to discussing political campaign funding. So here is a "far out" question for some really wired-in investigative reporter. Rezko is either a Syrian or Iranian immigrant. He is more than likely Muslim and probably connected to some powerful Islamist-oriented figures here in the United States. Obama, born a Muslim, is an avowed Christian who subscribes to the teachings of his black separatist church. He is also a politician who is no doubt connected to the Chicago political machine. The "Twenty Year Plan: Islam targets America" has as one of its objectives to manipulate black politicians, befriend them, etc. to advance the goal of the Islamists to replace our Constitution with Sharia Law and to replace our "freedom of religion" with Islam. So, the question is, unbeknownst to Senator Obama, is it possible that Mr. Rezko may have been funneling money from Syria and/or Iran into the United States such that said money, once laundered, could find its way into Senator Obama's presidential campaign funds? Mr. Obama has been very successful at amassing enormous campaign contributions each month at a time when everyone is screaming that the "economy" is bad. Folks don't send in $25.00 to $35.00 checks to presidential campaigns when times are economically hard. To put it another way, are Syria and/or Iran effectively manipulating and controlling our 2008 presidential elections? And is Obama an Islamist sympathizer? If the answer to either question is "yes", we cannot afford an Islamist-leaning Obama as president, let alone his communist programs. Additional references: Islam in the United States: Omar Ahmad on Islam's purpose in America Stop the Project Defaming Islam by Baron Bodissey Example of Islamist templates for converting US into Islamic domination: Conyer's Blog - H.Res. 288 and discrimination bill Rezko Watch Islam's Purpose in the United States H.Res. 288 and Repeal of Freedom of Speech in America Sharia Law: All about Barack, Pundita provides various quotations about Obama. Most notable is the remark about punishing "money-lenders" (the subprime mortgate). Sharia Banking, as I understand it, could easily find its way into our "capitalistic" system through just such "opportunities" as this. The Rezko-Auchi-Obama Connection - serious questions about the Islamists and the US 2008 election: Rezko, Auchi, and Obama. Is there a connection even from the grave from the regime of Saddam Hussein. Follow the Money: Walden: Obama's Syrian Connection Obama's Sryian Connection Are Americans ready to accept that the issues surrounding Barack Obama that have nothing to do with his ethnicity and everything to do with his lack of experience, can lead to the possibility of him becoming a tool of the Islamists and plunging us into programs that rob us of our dignity and strip us of our heritage?

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Rezko, Obama, and Friends

Here are a few posts you may enjoy. H/T to the following: Voting for Obama and Friends? Think again. In this I learned, among many other things, that Rezko is an immigrant from Syria. Let me see now - Islamic terrorist sponsoring nation! We jump all over John McCain 'cause he jumps across the aisle to work with the rascally Donkeys. Does Obama get kudos for bringing Islam and Christianity together for commerce and industry? Keep in mind that Muslims are not to be "friends" with infidels. Ruh-Roh Rezko: The Leak in Obama's Boat by Hugh Hewitt is based upon an e-mail from a real estate lawyer in Chicago. The lawyer's contention is that he can find no official records at city hall at to who owns Obama's home, who the sellers and lenders are, and no infomation about the property taxes on the property for 2007. Highly unusual since everything about you and me, including that torn cuticle on you little finger is on the internet accessible to anyone. The Approach of Obama's 'Say it isn't so, Joe' Moment with link to Rezko Watch. Rezkorama: The last item is great and seems to have been generated as an internet data bank of articles and blog postings on the Rezko trial. (FYI, Rezkorama seems to be getting a lot of hits. Sometimes it is accessible, sometimes not.) Right here and right now, truth is beginning to come out about some ??? shennaigans in Chicago politcs - who woulda thunk; information that just might sink Obama's boat and save America from the "hope" of encroaching Socialism.

Thomas Jefferson on Hamilton's federalist frauds

The following is a letter from Thomas Jefferson to Alexander Hamilton, written (channelled) for us by my Left Coast Operative. Seems they do a lot of interesting activites on the Left Coast from channelling to pet therapy. The following is not for the children as it seems Thomas was in a bit of a snit or pique and as we know he had quite strong opinions - not all good - regarding Mr. Hamilton. ~~~~~ Mr Dear Alexander, So my friend, you have triumphed after all, you and your federalist frauds...and have you seen who they have made the agent of the Deity's demise in all matters of state? Me! They claim to have found in one of my letters musings declaring an absolute separation of church and bloody state, giving them all license to kill partially born infants in my name as though I were present in the apse/infirmary blessing the murder. All manner of poisonous deeds are perpetrated in my name. What they cannot legislate (they never tire of legislating), their courts construct as spanking new law with no reference to James' masterful document. They have manufactured a "right to privacy" while, at the same time they listen to private conversations over long distances through a device they call a telephone. They sue one another over manifestly contrived grievances. One in nine citizens, I swear, is a barrister. The republic welcomes enemies sworn to her destruction and prosecutes displayers of the Ten Commandments. All citizens are to be mandated by YOUR federal government to purchase contractual (most times un-needed) medical services from federally regulated institutions which profit obscenely. Foreign persons who have smuggled themselves into the nation, however, receive free medical attention merely by presenting themselves to something called an "emergency room". This I have seen with my own eyes. Wait, it gets better but, alas, my damned quill is failing. I curse poor Aaron for not having administered more than one ball from his dueling pistol into your misguided skull. Yours in eternity, Thomas Jefferson ~~~~~ Perhaps we will be the beneficiaries of additional reflections and observations from our grand Thomas Jefferson. For those who may not know, a bust of Alexander Hamilton resides today in a corner of the entry room at Monticello to remind Jefferson of the intense intellectual struggles that ensued during the months of labor leading up to our birth, labors that raged on during our infancy - labors conducted by great men who risked their very lives in pursuit of "liberty and justice for all", who risked it all in their belief that: "all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their (government's) just powers from the consent of the governed..." It is our job to tell the government what it's powers are; not the government's right to tell us what our "freedoms" are. The more personal responsibility we are willing to "give up", the more power the government is quite ready to grab. [Formatting note: I cannot access FireFox at the moment. When I can, I'll come back here and neaten it up. Block quotes, color, etc. and cross-post at Eternity Road.]

Hillary's Wardrobe Planners - Please

Please, for the love of Heaven, get rid of that baby-poop yellow jacket. Get rid of all yellow jackets and yellow blouses. They make her looked washed out. Cream beige linen jackets, order 50 of them to have in the SUV; some suits with skirts and low GOOD (as in expensive) leather heals. Please don't tell me you - those dressing Hillary - think pantsuits look presidential. Read the long-ago printed "Dress for Success" book for women and drop the pantsuits off at Goodwill. Don't you know women in power suits with skirts, sleeves that fall an inch or so below the jacket sleeve length/cuff, and maybe the tiniest bit of color will give her more of a presidential look than those frumpy pantsuits? The jewelry is nice. But get Hillary out of brown suits and those baby-poop light pumpkin tinged yellows. Burgundy, camel, navy, even her red suit looks good. But the night she looked the BEST was.... Believe it or not the night she wore that soft grayish tailored jacket with the darker pattern when she gave a "thank you" speech. You Hillary "wardrobe planners" need to soften her dress just a bit - no, not pastels or "pretty in pinks" - just get her out of those darn pantsuits all the blessed time. And get her out of those "sensible" shoes. We don't need a woman president who thinks she has to look like a man. We are much stronger in those power suits with skirts and a hint of color - trust me. Look at how Condi Rice dresses sometimes for contrast. Also, please note that Michelle Obama frequently wears suits with skirts - nothing "soft" looking about her. Actually she even looks more presidential than her husband and she doesn't seem to wear browns or that hideous green color. Oh, well, I have tried. Twice...

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Is Barack Obama undermining American foreign policy?

It is a serious question about whether or not Barack Obama is undermining American foreign policy and dealing through back channels with enemy nations. H/T to Thunderpig for a link to NR on-line post, The FARC Letter Mentioning Obama Gets a Bit More Attention. I should think we have enough problems generated out of the State Department undermining our foreign policy not to have a possible presidential candidate working at cross purposes to our national safety, security, and sovereignty. But closer to home, we are learning more about Rezko and questionable Iraqi connections that may come back to haunt Senator Obama - not his personal actions perhaps but actions from his staffers. From Yid with Lid, a most interesting post on Rezko and some interesting Iraqi connections: More Barak Obama Rezko Revelations. Will the mainstream media annoint Barack Obama "King of the Universe" or will they start vetting him as Hillary suggests? If the mainstream media is going to do its job, they had best get beyond their love affair with Obama, the first black candidate, and focus on Obama, the man. Hillary has her Whitewater issues no doubt but events may be unfolding yet again about South Side Chicago politics that may make Hill and Bill look like high school sophomores with their antics. Not really but you know what I mean... Interestingly to me, the battle within the Democrat Party is not about gender or race, it is far more about ideological "differences" between one man's form of "liberalism" and separatism, and one woman's form of Marxism. To help us out, I give you a post by Debbie at Faultline USA, What Obama's Church Preaches. Obama says religion should not be open to discussion. Well, yes it should when the foundation of that "religion" is anti-American and African-centered. Hillary is right on this one; Obama needs to be vetted and that has not happened as yet. A comment on the exchange of comments at Faultline USA, in the United States of America today, no one is oppressing black Americans with the possible exception of "rappers" and black hate mongers who teach black youth that learning and education are tools of the "white man" and are to be shunned. If black Americans who hide behind the canard of "oppression" want to look for the source of their "perceived" oppression today, they need look no farther than to some of the men who are their "self-proclaimed" leaders as well as some of the "social" programs/government handouts that are designed to keep them on subsistance rather than programs that reward excellence and achievement.

Thomas Jefferson and National Sovereignty - 2008

The following is a missive written by my Left Coast Operative, speaking on behalf of Thomas Jefferson and what he and his brave brothers and sisters contemplate regarding how far afield we, as a people, have strayed from the promise of our birth.
Mr Dearest Doctor,
I fear your delicate wrath presuming to address you in this manner from the grave. Nonetheless, I am compelled to call upon the righteous wit of one of our republic's remaining sane citizens.

Ten score and five years my vision, God' providence and France's folly, gave me leave to double the geographic size of our nation. (The Louisiana Purchase) After a brilliant but brief experience with manifest destiny, you seemed to have filled up the space with nimrods and myopic pantywaists.

Good God, woman, we trembled when we gave the power to the people lest they turn astray with disdain from the Divine Morality revealed by God in scripture but we had no idea they would dispose of not only God, Himself, but their own unborn millions.

How far and how fast has the evil one led you past redemption!
We have met again on the other side and have concluded there is no merit in your image on the far pane of the glass. Our trust was misplaced, our faith betrayed, and our hearts broken, not for us, for we were brave, but for you. We are mistaken!
You have not the Wisdom to steward the gift.


Thomas Jefferson P.S. What is with the cockamamy 82 cents to mail this missive? For such treasure, I could have doubled poor Merriweather's provisions.
How far have we strayed? How derelict have we been in squandering the gift, our birthright? And are we strong enough, as a people, to take our nation back, to educate ourselves, to restrain ourselves when handed the crumbs of "half measures" from a beneficent government that has seemingly replaced God and sucked from us the very strength we have been given from God to build this great nation and to keep it. As George Washington recommended: trade fairly with whomever we will. He said nothing about giving up our heritage, our individual freedoms and responsibilities, and our national sovereignty to trade. He would have thought us MAD to enter into NAFTA - couched as an agreement, not even a treaty which requires 2/3 approval from the Senate. Even judges can't get an up-or-down simple majority vote these days but an "agreement" with one of the most corrupt governments on earth to shred this nation, making us just a "rest stop" on the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) highway, is passed by a vote of 200 to 234 in the House and 61 to 38 in the Senate. Our nation thrown away on semantics by a man who would have us understand what the meaning of "is" is. [Rest assured President Bill Clinton is not alone in the measures on-going to destroy or to "remake" this great nation into road stop.] Have we so eagerly allowed our great Constitution to be shredded before our eyes - the ONLY one of its kind ever written. The promise has always been one of "opportunity", not guaranteed outcome - the latter diminishes us all and paves the way to slavery! ~~~~~ Cross-posted at Eternity Road.

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Hillary and the super delegates

Hillary is clawing her way to the nomination. What a scrapper! Anyone think she'd hesitate to "drop the big one?" We just don't know on whom. An article from the New York Times spells out a possible "endgame": Advisors for Clinton plan Endgame, h/t Drudge Report. Many of my friends have and even now still count Hillary "out". You know the drill, "she won't get the numbers"; "she won't get the superdelegates": "she'll tear the Democrat party apart" (not an especially bad thought). But I say, "No!" Hillary Clinton will not allow the Democrat Party nomination for president to be wrested from her hands - not when she is so close. Maybe Obama would settle for VP; he is younger and that would curse us with perhaps 8 years of Clinton-Obama and then 8 years of Obama - Good gawd 'amighty! Or maybe God will intervene and save us from ourselves. But that's a bit beyond human understanding and so... A word to the super delegates: Does the phrase "1,500 FBI files" mean anything to you?

Michelle Obama and her disdain for America

Is Michelle Obama a darling of the mainstream media or has she just been getting "puff balls"? Mrs. Obama was born in 1964 and attended Harvard. Affirmative action was churning and cranking away at that time, you may recall. She seems to have learned a bit about pushing and not very much about the Civil Rights movement and the sacrifices of many black and white Americans, Jewsish Americans as well, who worked at sometimes great risk to themselves to open doors for her. From what I have heard her say and from reviewing a bit of her history, it seems she sees life in America as "rights" not "privileges". What a shame her hatred or contempt of the gifts she has been given or had access to have seemingly taught her such hatred or at the very least, anger. America "just downright mean!" Shame on you, Michelle Obama and we are to call you the First Lady of the United States. Shame on you! The following are a few of the articles that may be of interest. We had a co-presidency with the Clintons, you recall "two for the price of one." Michelle Obama: wrong for first lady Amen! Michelle Obama - America is just downright mean h/t Michael Savage Could Clinton, Obama become a team? not when Michelle gets finished "ripping Bill Clinton's eyes out"; "kidding" she says. No hate speech there, not to mention the threat of voilence. We know who wears the pants in the Clinton family; who wears the pants in the Obama family? Talk about two b*** busting, "high on testosterone" women! Boy, howdy! Now, those would be interesting cocktail parties. And from the Democratic, we have Michelle Obama resigns her Board of Directors... This is a case of "the kettle should not be calling the skillet black." We do not need another husband-wife lawyer team in the White House and certainly not when one of them has such disdain for her country. Right now it looks like Barry's biggest problem aside from NAFTAgate, Rezkogate, Weather Underground-gate along with a few other "gates" we have yet to learn of is Michelle-gate. Not attacking her as a person; I don't know the woman. All I have are her appearances on TV and her words. Seems Michelle Obama makes a mockery of Senator Obama's "I'm a uniter" theme. But then like NAFTA-Canada-gate, that could just be a "wink-wink" too. One thing Mrs. Obama seems to have learned in the bowels of Harvard Law is to speak her mind and insert her foot. No parsing can undo her words of disdain for America, for you and for me. How much more arrogance and hubris do we need in the White House?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Hugo Chavez - puts Venezuelan people in tough spot

Well, little cloven-hooved Hugo, leaving puffs of sulfur wafting from his every step, is poised to do severe damage to the people of Venezuela, for what? To keep his head atop his red-shirted shoulders. Dictators will do anything to keep power and it seems Chavez is willing to put his people at war to distract them and to keep them from revolting against his regime. Lacking much in-depth knowledge of South America, I have always seen Venezuela and its people as natural allies of The United States of America. Always. Also a country of some freedoms such as freedom of the press, et al. I fully admit my lack of knowledge but I have never seen Venezuela as our enemy. Will Chavez put the people of Venezuela at war against Colombia? If he has too. Will the people revolt against his regime? Probably not. Once the "jack-booted" thugs get us all into computer databases and implanted with biometric chips (don't laugh), the more easily we'll all be controlled but Chavez could turn some of that around. How? By declaring war against Colombia. Bursting the "pimple on the world's ass" so to speak. To me, right now, everything is upside down and backwards - not liberal vs conservative - but rather amorality vs morality. We in the North American Union need to be brought to our senses. What will it take to wake us from our lethargy? What cataclysmic event is required? I'll just blame this post on a bad sinus infection and reject any responsibility. But I do wonder, what will it take to wake us up? Or are we all destined to be herded and slaughtered like sheep - bleating to our uncaring over-lords all the way? Mesmerized by the Piped Piper selling snake oil packaged as hope or lassoed by the Ice Woman with plenty of solutions to imagined crisis. To the people of Venezuela - no one can tell what the future holds for you but I, for one, want you as allies. Our grasp on any freedoms, as our grasp on life itself, is tenuous at best and, like the finely manicured garden, needs vigilant care but when the people find their own government as their tyrant, what are the people to do?

Sharia Law - Islamofascism's incremental creep

Not to be left out during the US "heat is on" with regard to our presidential primaries, rather lack luster on the republican side. From Sun Lit-up Lands, Sharia Creep Around the World. And lest we forget, Islamic Imperialism is moving inexorably toward a conflagration with the West. Will the West go "quietly into that long night of sleep" or will we find our footing and fight for a civilization - Western Civilization - that is worth the fight. Go back and study the history of the centuries-old struggle between the West and Islam. Unless you want Western women enslaved, covered in burquas, beaten in accordance with the directives from Big Mo (h/t Dymnpha at the Gates of Vienna), we must find our moral compass and fight for our freedoms, liberties, and the attendent responsibilities. Is Obama an apostate as some Muslims visiting my blog have suggested or is he a plant? He says religion should not come into this presidential debate. Well, hold on - it should when that "religion" is arguably a political ideology intent on dominating the world and Islamic nations (53) or Islamic-leaning nations control the United Nations.

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Stop the North American Union

The following article is one you may not have seen and may find interesting: The Coming North American Parliament. Maybe it's time for the Minutemen to get busy, busier finding those barrels of tea we need to dump into the Massachusetts Bay.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

John McCain - GOP Nominee vows to fight Islamofascism

John McCain has just given his speech noting his job now is to unify the Republican Party. He has stated specifically that he will fight Islamofascism. Well, that is a plus but we need more specifics. He has stated that global trade, ie NAFTA, is a done deal which means the North American Union is still on its way. We'll have to see as the months bring us closer to November. McCain's big job will be to keep himself on Page One. It will be a difficult battle because the media clearly wants Barack Hussein Obama to win and will push his nomination regardless of perhaps some questionalble activities: the "wink-wink" on NAFTA and his ties to the man of the Weather Underground and his ties to Tony Rezko. So, McCain needs to keep himself on the Front Page, not the society page. A tough fight to be sure.

FARC, Hugo Chavez, Rafael Correa pull Colombian strings

No doubt, Colombia is in a fight for its life. From Fausta's blog, FARC purchased uranium from Chavez. This post is excellent and shows the precarious situation for people living in Colombia. Just call my "old school", but I believe a nation has the right and DUTY to defend its citizens from military groups such as FARC and when nitwits such as Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Rafael Correa of Ecuador scream "foul" when Colombian President Alvaro Uribe sends troops into regions Chavez and Correa have given to FARC as "safe havens" then too bad for Chavez and Correa. Sometimes we play at maintaining "peace" when the consequence is the death of innocent civilians and the loss of a nation - call it Colombia or the United States of America. Colombia is being squeezed by Correa and Chavez and being baited into war while FARC operates in "safe havens" in Venezuela and Ecuador. Do you ever feel like the entire world is just sitting on a blister in insurgency that is about to burst? I do. Perhaps there are times when one just has to fight first and ask questions later if for no other reason than to keep the enemy to one's way of life from getting stronger as one is perceived to be getting weaker. Chavez is itching for a fight because he sees that as a way to hold his people together in the face of his dictatorship. But to the Venezuelan people - if a war breaks out, it is not because of you nor would it be aimed at you; it will be because of Hugo Chavez, your dictator; Rafael Correa of Ecuador; and FARC. No nation, no elected government can be expected to allow a paramilitary faction to operate within its borders nor seek "save haven" in neighboring countries...that is no government that expects to survive and maintain its sovereignty...

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Israel "may" take back Gaza

We will reoccupy Gaza if necessary - Well, it is about time. Americans are fighting for their lives on our Southern Border with Mexico but our government seems unconcerned. I know we have the brave men and women of the Border Patrol but they are too busy keeping themselves out of jail for doing their job to actually be able to do their job. I can still remember the Israeli men, women, and children being pulled from their homes of 30 years by Israeli troops - many of whom were seen with tears streaming down their faces too as they did the work of Sharon. It seems it didn't take a rocket scientist to predict that the Israelis got the short end of the stick in that deal. Now, Hamas sends mortar shells into Israeli cities night after night. [I would ask if we Americans could see our government allowing such a condition to exist but you know the answer - our government is allowing it to exist, just not in the form of rocket attacks but rather in the form of illegals, disease, drugs, and gangs such as MS 13 invading our nation. Oh, must not forget Islamist terrorists too.] I hope the Israeli government does take back Gaza or as much of it as they need to take back to protect their citizens. Good grief! Israelis - forget the "peace process" and the creation of an Islamic State on your borders. Build in the West Bank and rebuild your homes in Gaza. You are dealing with people who WANT TO KILL YOU - each and every one of you. Our Secretary of State wastes time "trying" to re-inforce the idea of an Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process with the ultimate goal of a Palestinian Nation. Why? Israel, only you can determine your destiny. Only you; and remember, the most recent Democrat-controlled White House was not exactly your friend. I wonder if Ehud Baruk has ever felt clean again after shaking hands with Arafat...or was that someone else? Next time you send your soldiers into Lebanon, please don't let the US government dictate the terms of your withdrawal. You know better than we do that the Islamist mind sees appeasement and withdrawal as WEAKNESS - time to rebuild so that they can bomb again. Please don't let these battles become like our "Vietnam" where victory was never the objective of our politicians... The last time the United States fought for victory was in World War II - before the cabal of the United Nations - spawn of Satan if there ever was one was born. No wonder Hugo Chavez smelled sulphur - it was rising from his cloven hooves...

Republican Primary Campaign 2008 - Can't find it!

The news media - called the "drive byes" by Rush, accurately it seems - are very biased in favor of Barrack Hussein Obama. Poor Hillary gets narry a word in the press, relatively speaking. But the biggest puzzle and bias of all is the Republican Primary Campaign. Are we having one? You wouldn't be able to tell it from the media coverage on television. Watch tonight. The mention of the Republican candidates is done as an "after thought." Oh, by the way, this is what happened in Texas for McCain... You might hear Huckabee mentioned but you will have to listen hard to hear comment about Ron Paul who should do well in Texas, his home state.

Hussein - The new "macaca"

Well, Republicans can't "call names" and "can't name-call". It seems we are liable to offend somebody on the Left no matter what we do. We can't call Hillary - Hillary Clinton. Nope, we must say Hillary Rodham Clinton. We can't call Barack Obama by his given name: Barach Hussein Obama. Nope, then we might be using code for "Islamists" and/or "Muslim". Look, folks, Barack Hussein Obama is the man's given name like William Jefferson Clinton is Bill Clinton's given name. And Barach Hussein Obama's father was Muslim and his step-father was Muslim, probably still is and Barry was born Muslim and had childhood training as a Muslim. Some nitwit on CNN last night called that a good thing because Barry has insight into different cultures. Take a look at "honor killings" and how women are treated in Islamic Republics - you'll have insight too. It is my understanding that he belongs to a black separatist church, a "Christian" church, yet most Christian churches are not "separatist" or more accurately not "racist" in their message. Even though he would be an "apostate" to Muslims, the idea of black separatism as preached in his church is not a far stretch from the "separatism" taught in mosques and through the Koran, as I understand it. We cannot elect a "pretty face" with only a sermon-like message of "hope" and "change" - we have the best hope on earth right here, right now - that message represents the hamburger buns without the beef. I don't have any doubts that Barack prays to Jesus. I am far more concerned that we are being "censored" so overtly and that we are following Barack, the Piped Piper of Hope, over a cliff. The last time we had a man from "Hope" in the White House we ended up with a Racial Commission that did more to tear us apart and distract us from issues we need to face together as Americans. Here's the real deal: Factions are building strength within our nation to separate us by any means possible. Others are herding us into socialism with cradle-to-grave control of our every move. Only we can stop the grab for power. Somehow, we must ensure "Gridlock" this coming November. That is our one best chance at National Sovereignty. When the President and the Congress cannot get anything "done" that means they are NOT passing laws to control us. Let's make them enforce the laws we have now - just to get us through the next four years. Look at "gridlock" as fewer links in the chains our leaders are wrapping around our necks. But for goodness sake, remember to avoid using Barry's middle name, lest you be charged with "hate speak."

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NAFTA, American Sovereignty, and You by John W. Wallace

I received the following comment in response to a post I did some time earlier - State of the North American Union Address 2008. The comment is from a man running for Congress in New York State - John W. Wallace AMERICAN SOVEREIGNTY AND THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION The term FREE TRADE is usually defined as the absence of tariffs, quotas, or other governmental barriers to international trade. There is no doubt that some recent free trade agreements have not been very good for the American worker. On the other hand, the agreements have been great for the large multinational corporations, particularly those that have moved their manufacturing plants from the United States to China, Mexico and other low-wage countries where they can hire people there for a few dollars a week. These corporations can now produce their products without worrying about the costs of meeting OSHA requirements, providing employee health care or pensions for its workers and then they can bring their products back into the USA to sell. These products oftentimes are not made to the same quality standards as when they were produced in America and as recents incidents involving Chineese imports have shown, these products can pose health hazards to Americans as well. The supporters of many free trade agreements, particularly the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), have always promised increased exports, better jobs and better wages. Under many of these free trade agreements, however, just the opposite has occurred. Under NAFTA, for example, the U.S. trade deficit has soared and now averages $55-65 Billion dollars per month; the U.S. has lost over a million manufacturing jobs and real wages in both the U.S. and Mexico have fallen significantly. In short, NAFTA has not been a friend to the citizenry of either the United States or Mexico. In 2005, a new mechanism was created to speed the further expansion of the NAFTA free trade agreement into a North American Union. It is called the Strategic and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP)’ The SPP is designed to facilitate the establishment of a North America Union through the “economic integration” of the US, Mexico and Canada. The most important feature of the SPP is that it does not require congressional ratification or the passage of any federal legislation by the congress of the United States. This design places the negotiation fully within the authority of the executive branch in the United States. How else would Mexican truckers be able to begin operating in the USA over the objections of Congress, American truckers and most of the American people? The people and their elected representatives in congress no longer seem to have a voice when it comes to international trade. This is definitely a national sovereignty issue. International trade issues that affect 300+ million Americans should be made by the people’s representatives in Congress, not by a handful of government bureaucrats and corporate elites who use their government connections to bypass congress and ignore our Constitution, which expressly grants Congress the sole authority to regulate international trade. The goal of these international trade elite is to create an integrated North American Union, complete with a currency, a cross-national bureaucracy, and virtually borderless travel within the proposed Union. Like the European Union, a North American Union would represent another step toward the destruction of our national sovereignty. A free America, with limited, constitutional government, would just be a memory. Not all free trade agreements are bad, but I believe that the United States of America must withdraw from any international agreements that infringe upon the freedom, sovereignty and independence of the American people. By: JOHN W. WALLACE Candidate for Congress New York’s 20th Congressional District ~~~~~ I agree with Mr. Wallace. If you are in his district, maybe you will agree with him too.

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