Saturday, March 15, 2008

Obama, a man of privilege and no lapel pin

The very first time I heard Michelle Obama speak, I knew I was hearing a racist, or at least someone spewing racist views - she said America is a country where a black man cannot go out at night to get gas for his car. Her words sounded as if she were living in a time warp - where has she been? Well, for starters Princeton and Harvard and then to the Trinity United Church of Christ where she has been tenderly brainwashed under the ministrations of Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. Go here for video of Mr. Wright's remarks. I don't know the America of privilege Michelle Obama lives in but it is not the America I live in. She apparently knows little of the sacrifice of black, white, and Jewish men and women who marched and died in the south during the Civil Rights movement. Yes, at least two young Jewish men, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner - Jews are excoriated by Obama's hate-mongering "minister" and "adviser" Jeremiah Wright, Jr. - were murdered in Mississippi defending the right for black Americans to have "equal opportunities"; no one has the right for equality of outcome. We ALL have to earn that. But when I heard the racist tripe/trash and propaganda she has been subjected to for over a decade and to which she and Barack have subjected their two little girls, I know why Mrs. Obama is so filled with hatred toward a nation that has provided her with so much; I now have a suspicion of why Barack pointedly does not wear the American flag lapel pin; and I know why he has established a National African American Religious Leadership Committee. There is no UNITY there, folks. Daniel Pipes has a thoroughly researched post, Was Obama a Muslim? which chronicles Obama's early childhood - certainly one that turned to privilege. After being abandoned by his father and later his step-father who reared him in the practice of Islam during his formative years - ages 6 to 10 - in Indonesia, Barack was arguably abandoned by his white mother and deposited into the care and keeping of his maternal (white) grandparents in Hawaii. He attended the very best and most exclusive schools Hawaii had to offer to its elite and then he further moved into privilege through the best America had to offer at Columbia and Harvard. Michelle Obama also benefited from the Civil Rights movement and affirmative action by also moving in the elite circles of Princeton and Harvard - opportunities many extremely well-qualified white people have been denied. And she whines that she is still paying her student loans - with her $300,000.00 salary perhaps helped along by her Senator husband's influence in ensuring a grant to the hospital where she works - you'd think she could just pay off her loans. I very much doubt that Barack Obama has much first hand experience of the fast-eroding "black" experience. Certainly, he has no concept of the "black" experience of such men as Associate Justice Clarence Thomas. If you have not read My Grandfather's Son, you owe it to yourself to read of the early childhood, the militancy, and the evolution of Justice Clarence Thomas into a man who understands the crushing effects of "affirmative action". And now Michelle and Barack are living in the "plantation" house up on the hill with the help of the acclaimed Tony Rezko. Good for them but don't blame the rest of us for the choices you've made. This unfolding, sorry saga of one bad choice after another is growing more like the "self-fulfilling prophecy" everyday. Did Obama think that he could attach himself and subject his family to a racist, hate-mongering demagogue and have it go unnoticed? For Obama to now say that he never heard Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. - his trusted mentor and adviser of twenty years, the man he counts on to keep him on the right path - utter his despicable hate-speech from a "pulpit" no less - boggles the mind and strains credulity, even of those of us not fortunate enough to attend Harvard. Obama not only heard Wright's inflammatory words but quoted them: H/T to Always on Watch for Obama's Inconsistency. Here is one post you may find interesting regarding Obama and the Democrat culture of death: Betrayal of Conscience. Let's hear it for the "children." Maybe the anti-white, anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism spouted at Obama's church is typical in black separatist communities but I would like to believe it is not. I do not know if Obama will become the presidential candidate of the Democrat Party but I hope that, if he does not, black Americans will understand that it is not because of the color of his skin, it will be because of his socialist policies and his twenty-year support of a racist, hate-mongering man hiding behind the cover of a "tax-exempt" so-called church/pulpit which Wright used to spout his ideological views of hatred to inculcate his "congregation". Still, Obama defends Wright and points out that their association began through Obama's community development work. He had many choices of church affiliation and chose the inflammatory Wright. I do not know but would suspect that there is much more in that relationship than meets the eye and that the Rezko influence, the Wright influence, are all part and parcel of the South-side Chicago political/"you scratch my back-I'll scratch yours" machine. All states have pockets of this type of "influence", no politician is immune to the possible clutches but everyone must make choices. Barack made some choices that need to be assessed and brought to light. And yes, scrutinized...even if what we learn sickens us. America does not need the likes of a Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. advising the president of the United States and bringing his racist, hate-mongering into the White House and into our foreign policy. Now, be honest. If any non-Hispanic white presidential candidate had said that he, after twenty years of supporting a given minister through his person and his purse, had never heard the man/preacher say the despicable damning racist, hate-mongering words Wright has spewed from his mouth, we - you and I - and even our corrupt and disingenuous mainstream media would have laughed the candidate right into the dust bin of failed bigotry where he would belong. Life is a do it to yourself project. There is no glee in learning of this "chosen" relationship and learning that a man who would be president has subjected his family to a mirror image found in some extreme white, Hispanic, and Islamic supremacist groups. If Barack falls on this and Michelle's prophecy thus seems true, she has only to look to herself and say, "we did this to ourselves..." Don't blame your hatred on me, Michelle, and don't blame it on the American people. White people have voted overwhelmingly for your husband during this primary...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Semper Fi

4:52 PM  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

Thanks for the link! I appreciate it.

5:13 PM  
Blogger A Christian Prophet said...

It's not about the pastor. If Obama's THEOLOGY is seen for what it is the election is lost. See:

7:08 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you, one and all. Christian prophet, I'll check the link. Miracles Daily

You are right, of course. It seems to me that Obama's theology is somewhat reflected by the company he keeps.

7:39 PM  
Blogger Mikko Ellilä said...

Speaking of racism and hatemongering, I assume you are interested in my trial because you recently left a comment in my blog and also wrote about my case earlier in your blog.

I was on trial for "hate speech" last Friday, but the verdict won't be announced until next Thursday because the judge and the jury decided they need time to ponder the arguments presented in the courtroom. (This is normal procedure in Finland in legal cases where the verdict is not as self-evident as in simple cases involving e.g. petty theft.)

A friend of mine took notes during the court session. These are available on his blog:

You might make a post on that thread and ask whether someone would go through the trouble of translating those notes from Finnish to English.

9:29 AM  

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