Sunday, March 13, 2011

Indian Wells ATP matches...and assorted views for Sunday

What a great change from the horrors that surround us.  Watching the pro-tennis men and women play and apply their skills is humbling and fabulous fun.  Just think how many tennis balls they all have hit to get where they are in their careers.  And Del Potro is making his way back to his former form.  

Having lived in Japan for four years, my heart goes out to the people there in their suffering and loss.

I expect the Middle East to get worse and worse now that the leaders or nations aiding and abetting the madness see how effective their work has been.

And who knows what will happen here to the microscopic dollar and the price of oil.  But we are in good hands with the administration that has the middle class even in mind.

Poor Hillary as she works to do her job.  Actually, I think the job in the State Department is a good one for her personally.

I hope to be able to write more as time goes on and my injury continues to heal as the doctors say it will but you know how tiring injuries can be sometimes.

We all have ups and downs;  that's what makes us human I suppose.  All of you who have had difficulties in 2010, take a look at the things that you need to run your household - food for yourself and for your pets, and all those things that are part and parcel of your weekly living.  Don't hoard stuff, just get a few cans of this and that when you shop in 2011.

I wish I could advise on investments but I've been going through the same questions myself.  What I have done throughout my lifetime is buy stock in the companies that make several products I use all of the time.  Might as well bring the cost of my gas at the pump down by getting paid for my purchases in food and/or gas.

It is suggested by some folks that 2011 through 2013 are going or could be rough for us.  I don't know but it doesn't hurt to have some supplies around.  Where I live, I keep Sterno for cooking a can of food if the power goes out, etc.  Others are more sophisticated than I am on that but it works for me.

You know what you need as stables (sp) in your life so think about it...

I started out with Indian Wells ATP tennis tournament and then just moved around a bit at I thought about things.  I cannot write  when most of what I see is just dead-on against us and our way of life.

We are lucky in that we have a President who does tell us what he wants to do.  He's good at those things.  For myself, I cannot write about the government/administration because it is very tiring; very tiring day in and day out.  Mike Jericho warned me about the intensity of blogging long ago and he is and was right.

Have a good day and as always, God Bless America.  And let me add Australia trying to remain free.    Although a few friends chastise me for my belief in our nation's people to rise above and meet the challenge, I still do believe in US.  The main way to meet the challenges that are bearing down upon us is to become educated and to teach our children in the ways of decision-making, saving their money, and turning their faith to God, the God of our Fathers and of our early hardworking souls who couldn't very well get back to England back in the early 1600s.

We all have grit in us and we can use it to win in adversity.  Don't spend too much, get out of debt, and give as much as you can to the poor through whatever charities you can and do support.  Whatever you have that is cluttering your home can be another man or woman's saving need.

God bless you and God bless our nation and those nations that are our allies in their efforts to remain free.  Freedom is hard work and work is what it is.

Look at WI and the union bruhaha there.  Seems like the "revolutionary" folks think their time is right and they want to kill the Middle Class.  Well, get up to the counter and take a number.  The list is longer than one might think.

Look at the website for Socialist Democrats Society or such.  and see that fist clenched tight.  Yep, those union folks have it bad in America.

God bless their families and maybe they'll see that the Middle Class can't support the bills that have been hoisted upon it...  


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