Thursday, October 14, 2010

Obama on campaign trail. Talk about wearing thi

Well, Mr. Obama is on the campaign trail helping out Democrats running for election during this election cycle.

He's tossed off his suit jacket and gotten down so he can talk to "we the little people."  Make us feel comfortable within the brilliance of the light around his that is so bright.

It doesn't take him very long to wear thin and right now he's so thin he looks like rice paper.  Out there stumping for Democrats in the House and a few in the Senate who may get their knickers ripped this go around.

I listen to the prognosticators but I don't think anyone can come close to guessing right about how the voters will exercise their "voting" rights this year.

For those of you who will be voting in precincts that have a chance of being commandeered by the Black Panther Party - those thugs making sure you are not intimidated when you try to vote, if you are white that is.

Take your cell phones and take any kind of recording device so that you can get those memorable videoes of the thugs threatening you with night sticks and with abusive language and such.  Of course, it that happens and you are frightened away, don't worry, our justice department will not prosecute anyone who tries to keep white people from voting because voting rights laws are not there to protect all Americans, only to protect the non-white folks.  Or so it seems based upon the experience of the last election.

Take you cell phones, take a camera, tell some one where you are going, and avoid harm to yourself.  Based upon recent past experience the law is not there to protect you unless you are non-white.  If you are mixed race, the law is only there to protect your non-white side.

Arguably we could have the most racist folks in power these days since the days of LBJ when he even said "He'd bought the "n-word" vote for the next 200 years.  Yep, he said it and looks like he was correct in his assessment.  This he said upon passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or 1965.

Naturally, you won't find an educator to tell the kids that Republicans are the folks who voted for passage of that law to give us all equal access, not equal outcome.

But it's Republican's keeping the black folks down...

And who was the first president to command black soldiers in combat?  Yes, it was General George Washington...

For this campaign season, Mr. Obama is tiresome with his worn out platitudes trying to encourage young folks, blacks, and others to vote for Democrats but then why should they?

Under the Obama Health Care legislation, those very young folks will be fined if they don't buy health care that fits Obama's mandated guidelines.  That could be unconstitutional but the Constitution doesn't seem to bother this plague of democrat legislators.

But he wants  those folks who may be fined and maybe worse to vote for his dems who saddled us all with obama Death panel care.  So, then why would you vote for a Democrat who voted for legislation that will fine you if you don't purchase what you are dictated to buy, and why would you vote for a Democrat who voted for legislation that has the mechanism to decide who lives and who dies by deciding who receives care and who doesn't?

I haven't read the Obama health care legislation because much of it is being made up as the agencies authorized to implement it are busy writing the protocols or guidelines for program implementation.  No one voted on the entire legislation because it didn't exist.  The only thing that existed was a shell of what agency would be responsible for writing the guidelines for any given aspect of the "health CARE" legislation.

And Mr. Obama wants us to vote for folks who voted to put over 2,000 pages of paper with outlines for what agencies would be responsible for creating or writing which guidelines to implement the sketch that is Obama health care.  I could be wrong about my take on it but who would vote for folks controlled by a Congressman such as the Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, who laughingly quipped, "If you want to know what is in the bill/legislation, you'll have to vote on it before you can see it."  And even then it was a measure of a grand design to hand over 1/6th of our entire industry to agencies in Washington.

So a little research on your Congressman and on your Senators who may be up for re-election.

When you go to the polls to vote for their election or re-election, be able to say that you know much more about their legislative history than they did about Obama's  scheme cloaked under the ruberic of "health care" that could eradicate the weakest and most helpless amongst us than they did.

Some much more astute than I when it comes to everything Washington, D.C. and the Congress, could perhaps say that the Obama Health Care Scheme was the single most giant grab by our federal government to "put the middle class" under the thumb of our governing elite.

We won't know for a while what adverse impact this behometh of a governmental take-over on the order of authoritative control will have.

But in just two years, we have seen government taking over aspects of our banking and financial industry, our automobile industry, and our health care industry that "once upon a time in America" was considered the best health care system in the entire world.

One thing for certain, the Progressives have been tireless and have spread their poison throughout the world, most specifically what was once called Western Civilization.  And they have eroded the foundation of many nations.  When I studied history, I never cared much for Woodrow Wilson and his League of Nations.  But I have to give credit where credit is due - individualism and individual rights and responsibilities are being consumed and perhaps are in their death throes.

Mr. Obama is exhorting us to come out and vote;  I'm with him on that.  Come out and vote but don't ask yourself if your life is better or worse now since Mr. Obama's ascendancy to the presidency.

Ask if you have to go to the back of the line because illegal immigrants have their place carved out for them ahead of American citizens.  Who gets the benefits you, your parents, and I have worked for?  The illegal immigrant is a most favored "class" now or so it seems.

Illegal immigrants can go to the head of the line.  If they don't speak English, they can ask for and get an interpreter.  You with your sick child can wait your turn.

Do I blame this discrimination against American citizens against illegal immigrants?  Not at all.  They are only doing what they have been told to do so that they can game the system or get the benefits designed to help them.  Remember, an American has a job and benefits BECAUSE of the illegal immigrants and the demands or burdens they have heaped upon our system.

Mr. Obama is on the campaign trail, clearly a place where he is happiest.

Let's go out and vote on Nov. 2 as he asks us to do but this time, let's not be fooled.

Don't vote for the person who will rob money from one American to give it to another American.  That is not the America we want or need.  If you vote for a person like that, you are voting for legislated stealing from one American to feed the family of another American family.  That is theft.

Don't vote for a political party.  I have been guilty of that for years and this year, I am voting for the first time for a person of another political party because he voted the way I wanted him to vote and although he is of the president's political party, he voted against that party.  Now, I know he was allowed to do that in order to hold his seat but we'll see what happens.

Let's all of us go out and vote and this time take a step on the wild side.  Vote for the person you think is the best for America.

Don't vote for the candidate who will vote on legislation that will legalize the stealing of money from one American family to put money in the pocket of another American family to give them the other man's money.  That is stealing food from the table of the other American.  Is that what we are about?  Teaching our children to keep thieves in office?  And how does it feel to vote for someone who will steal taxes from a fellow American citizen to give those taxes to you?

We have to end this cycle of stealing and we can do it now.

We are Americans;  we do help each other but we do not steal from each other at the ballot box.  Do we?

And if we do, what kind of chance does that give your children to rise to meet the American Dream when they finally realize that a neighbor's taxes which began as income earned through hard work have been the source of the money you have used or claimed to buy things for them?

When one American family steals from another family because of legislation passed to buy votes, everyone takes a loss.

And then how can you encourage your children to work for the American Dream when you know that another family down the street is waiting for their hand-out so that they can steal the American Dream from your children and their hard work counts for nothing?

We have to break this cycle of forced-dependency and we have to throw out the Congressmen who want to keep us under the thumb of government dependency and who want to make us complicit in stealing from other Americans the incomes they have earned through hard work and self-sacrifice.

We are Americans and we can break this cycle of dependency.  Americans do help each other when we need help but encouraging theft is not the way to help each other.  We need to get rid of the Congressmen who want to make us party to this stealing through legislation.

Let's start right now...

Why do you think many Democrat folks running for office are running from Obama's help on the campaign trail?  Could it be because we are finally waking up and we are beginning to shake off the chains of dependency on BIG government?

With those chains and with that dependency come low self esteem and the mantel of "second-class" citizenship.  Also comes fear and a sense of unworthiness.

We are Americans.  We can make things fair and we can work to reach our American Dream.

Do you think that university professors earned their degrees without self-sacrifice and hard work?  Do you think that NASA scientists didn't have to work and study hard?

The American Dream takes hard work and making choices that deal with self-sacrifice and doing without that instant gratification mind-set.  That is all illusion anyway.

This election cycle, vote and vote for the people who are worthy of your vote and your support.

We are Americans and we need people  of honor working for us in Congress.  You work hard and earn the credentials you need for the career you want.

Sometimes we all need a hand up but not decades of a hand out.  When you know that those dollars are coming out of the mouths and off the dinner table of neighbors, those checks cannot make you feel better about yourself.

Prepare yourself for the career you want and then sacrifice so you can earn the credentials and the job.  It takes "baby steps" and a plan.

But we've got to get Big Brother off our backs and one way to do that is to get off of the gravy train.  You can do it.

This election is a good time to start making your plan and finding out the steps to reaching it.  Expect to do some hard work, to forego some instant gratification, and to burn some midnight oil studying but the work is worth it.  There will be jobs but none of us can sit around and wait for the jobs to come knocking on our door.  We have to make a plan and work the plan.

And the first step is to elect Congressmen who honor hard work and integrity and do not believe that the American Dream consists of stealing from one American to reward others - legal or not.



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