Saturday, October 09, 2010

Black Republicans can break down result of Obama deferring to the "race" card

Black Republicans can break down Obama deferring to the "race" card for the failure of his Socialist Marxist policies.  At every turn, Obama and his minions have used the "race" card as the reason his policies have failed.  The nation is just full of white crackers with no brains who don't like him 'cause he's got black skin.  Boo hoo!

Who voted to put Mr. Obama in the White House?  White folks;  he couldn't have gotten there without them.  Of course he received nearly 100% of the votes cast by black Americans but that number is not enough to put him or anyone else into the White House.  White folks put Mr. Obama into the White House;  white folks pay the majority of the taxes in this nation; and Democrats of all ethnicities and skin colors spend those hard-earned tax dollars.

It is called theft or stealing by legislation and if there is one thing Democrat representatives excel in it is stealing from tax payers to buy their constituents.

Obama has a white mother and white grand parents who gave him the best and most elite education and living conditions possible in Hawaii after he returned from Indonesia where he spent his childhood learning  the religion or political ideology of his Kenyan father - the geopolitical indoctrination that is Islam.

To me, every time Mr. Obama uses the "race" card, he cheapens the office of the president and proves he's not man enough to hold that office.  How could he be if he whines about "race" as the reason his policies are not popular.  Maybe he should be using the "race" card and saying, "Yep, I owe my office to  those white racists who were dumb enough to swallow my line, hook, line, and sink 'er."

Thank you, Iowa Democrats.  You bought it and we're having to pay for it...

Black Republicans offer hope after Barack Obama's failures on race.

I have helped several black conservative candidates by working on their campaigns and I'll do it again;  not because they have black skin but because they understand our Constitution and they have "left the handouts of the plantation" long ago.

Personally, I don't know that "race" relations are so bad between "white and black" Americans.  The growing Hispanic voting block will soon leave the black voting block in the dust and then there's gonna be some wailing about those "Mexicans" taking away "our" handouts.

Man up!  Don't look to the government to take care of any of us.  The only thing government does well is control people in a myriad of ways.

Let's leave Mr. Obama's race card in the waste basket and the rest of us, black, white, red, and yellow - stand together as Americans.  We don't have to buy into that very tired "race" card gambit any more.  It is a ploy and we're better than that.


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