Friday, March 07, 2008

Rezko, Obama, and Friends

Here are a few posts you may enjoy. H/T to the following: Voting for Obama and Friends? Think again. In this I learned, among many other things, that Rezko is an immigrant from Syria. Let me see now - Islamic terrorist sponsoring nation! We jump all over John McCain 'cause he jumps across the aisle to work with the rascally Donkeys. Does Obama get kudos for bringing Islam and Christianity together for commerce and industry? Keep in mind that Muslims are not to be "friends" with infidels. Ruh-Roh Rezko: The Leak in Obama's Boat by Hugh Hewitt is based upon an e-mail from a real estate lawyer in Chicago. The lawyer's contention is that he can find no official records at city hall at to who owns Obama's home, who the sellers and lenders are, and no infomation about the property taxes on the property for 2007. Highly unusual since everything about you and me, including that torn cuticle on you little finger is on the internet accessible to anyone. The Approach of Obama's 'Say it isn't so, Joe' Moment with link to Rezko Watch. Rezkorama: The last item is great and seems to have been generated as an internet data bank of articles and blog postings on the Rezko trial. (FYI, Rezkorama seems to be getting a lot of hits. Sometimes it is accessible, sometimes not.) Right here and right now, truth is beginning to come out about some ??? shennaigans in Chicago politcs - who woulda thunk; information that just might sink Obama's boat and save America from the "hope" of encroaching Socialism.


Blogger T said...

Beach Girl - good job of bringing attention to Obama to the Rezko! Thanks for stopping by Sma' Talk Wi' T. Looking forward to reading more from you.

1:05 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Ah, yes we little bloggers are a very small world. How come the MSM isn't covering the Syrian connection and donations/money laundering into the Obama campaign funds?

Yes, I really liked your post that I linked. Really good. There are so many of us, it is difficult to keep up and to touch base - important thing is that we are all doing our best.

1:16 AM  

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