Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Liberal slam-dunk in Florida

Well, the liberal left won on all fronts yesterday in the Florida Primary. Did you ever wonder what a Hillary/McCain ticket would look like? Now that would be an interesting co-presidency. They both get the nomination from their respective political party and then meet in the smoke-filled room to decide which one will be the other one's VP running-mate. Hey, as liberal as McCain is and as Socialist (ahem, for lack of a better word) Hillary is, they could be a match made in Hell just salivating to enslave the American people. We'd have MANDATED health insurance. We'd have 20,000,000 new citizens awarded citizenship by presidential fiat, ah signing statement or executive order. Who needs the red tape? Certainly don't want to waste red tape on illegal aliens. They'll save the red tape for the likes of me and you. They could change our monetary system, MANDATE our new flag for the North American Union, and put everyone they put out of work onto welfare as long as the fella is not white. Open up our nation to the corruption of Mexico so instead of spreading "democracy" we're contracting violence, unsafe streets, and importing corruption from a society where the patron system thrives. And the brave American people could say, "Go into the military and fight for this illegitimate bastard of a tri-national hodgepodge, no way, Jose. Just give me my food stamps and screw you. I'm fighting for the red, white, and blue or I'm not serving." Unless Romney and Huckabee can get moving, the Republican Party will become just an arm for the DNC. Conservative/constitutional values of individual freedoms and individual responsibilities will cease - nearly 2,000,000 people voted in Florida for amnesty and for socialism as well as much larger government snooping into every facet of our lives. Sadly what we watched in Florida was the "greatest generation" morphing into the "give me mine" generation; to hell with my children or grandchildren. The biggest winners of the Florida Primary - the Islamofascists. The domination they seek will be much easier to attain than they could have imagined. Like Hillary in her famous "i don't recall" testimony before Congress, we're looking more like "jello, jello, jello." Or are we?

Monday, January 28, 2008

State of the North American Union Address 2008

Interesting State of the Union tonight. Too bad the President has not used vetoes over the past 7 years. 1) On our dwindling US sovereignty, it seems the North American Union is on track and the North American Union Summit will be held this year in New Orleans. So, to hell with treaties and a vote by the American people. The North American Union is complete and clearly "moving forward". Good luck to us on the highways. So, soon it will be amnesty for all illegals from around the world because, hey, they won't be illegal. President Bush seems not to appreciate the difference between legal immigrants vs illegal immigrants; the difference between us being a nation of laws or a nation without the rule of law except for "legal" American citizens. 2) Our nation cannot afford a Democrat (of the current ilk) in the White House during this time of war and invasion. Watching the Democrats remaining in their seats during any discussion of Iraq is such a clear reminder that they are and remain the strongest supporters of Islamic terrorists that they do not deserve to be in the White House. The very idea that they will allow legislation enhancing our ability to "hear" communication between terrorists run out on February is reprehensible. Whose side are they on? Certainly they do not support our military and refuse to give our military praise for such dedication and success. 3) It would be nice to see the President veto something coming out of Congress. Too bad he didn't use the pen on the Republican Congress when they were adding earmarks like drunken Mexican drivers killing us on US highways. My Left Coast Operative informs that it has gotten so dangerous in Southern California now that it is no small matter. Our lives are in danger. 4) I'm just a sceptic on national security/homeland security when Americans are inhibited by regulations and illegals get a pass every which way. What is the most oft-repeated, meaningless phrase coming out of politicians today: "Moving forward..." So far the Democrats want to end the Bush Tax Cuts - hitting those of us in the middle class HARD. They want to MANDATE that everyone purchase health insurance. And, most likely will legalize the illegals. Americans need education on economics. We need our money to put in our pockets and we need to be able to save. As long as Congress confiscates our money, we Americans cannot save; we cannot reduce our personal debt; we cannot provide for our children; we cannot be responsible for ourselves. And let's end the inheritance tax! And on allowing younger workers to put a percentage of their "social security" tax into a private account. Here's the point. Having some of those funds in a private account will enable you to leave that money to your dependents, your wife, your children. We need to free up money for the growth of personal accounts. I'm going to have to look at the Republican candidates more closely. I watched Senator Clinton tonight and she is not the person for these times. And then if Clinton wins the primary as is pretty well fixed it seems and then asks Obama to be her Vice President to win back the black vote she and her husband trashed in South Carolina - well then we'll know the drama was all "theatre." That would be very sad for Obama. Would he be strong enough to say no? Foreign workers can come to the US legally to work but NOT be paid with citizenship! On building the fence, no money from me to any candidates anymore, just money to the Minutemen and we'll build our own darn fence...

Lionheart - England, how you persecute your son!

In a recent post, America, Should I stay or should I go?, Lionheart spoke of the flames that engulf England and yet the Crown stays mute. England, where is your Queen? Why does she not step forth and say, "No more! My subjects, my people, will be tormented no longer! If there must be a war, a religious war - in order to maintain our heritage, culture, and freedoms - then let us have it now! Religious wars are hardly new to England and the war that is being waged against native English citizens on our soil is becoming more brazen by the day - aided and abetted by the government which itself will be swamped if conditions are allowed to continue. I, Queen Elizabeth II, will not allow my people to be persecuted, not on my watch. I stand with the Kings and Queens of England! I am England and England shall not fail." I know, pure fiction but what a relief it would be to see Queen Elizabeth II march into Parliment and demand that the nation be protected from the tyranny of Sharia Law. Or maybe, the Queen simply does not know that She, HRH, will no longer reign... The Crown, the history of Britian, will fall not with a bang but with a whisper, a puff of smoke...It may well happen sooner than one thinks. God Bless England!

Friday, January 25, 2008

McCain vs Ms. Hillary: hold your nose! Not this time!

I say the footage today of Mrs. McCain, John McCain's mother, holding her nose and expressing the conviction that Republicans and conservatives who distrust her son will just be stuck with him and will have to hold their noses and vote for him anyway... Well, not exactly... I plan to vote in the 2008 election. Will I vote for a presidential candidate? I don't know. Like the Dem Donkeys have taken the black vote for granted, the Republican king-maker elites have taken the middle-class conservatives for granted. They scoff at the "religious" right and don't even court their vote because those folks are taken for granted. Blacks - according the the left elite have been bought and paid for - again - and confined to the plantation as defined by the Socialist Democrats. Well, we, none of us have to follow lock-step and pull the lever the Massa demands. I'll vote in November 2008 but not necessarily for any presidential candidate. There are Congressional elections, Senatorial elections in some states, and plenty of local government folks to vote for. So, let's get out and vote but a "none of the above" may end up being our best choice for president in 2008. I cannot vote for Hillary under any circumstances. I am hoping her cunning, duplicity, and disregard for all those black voters will finally be seen in full light. I cannot vote for McCain - he of Amnesty, of finance campaign reform stripping us of freedom of speech, his "gang of 14", and his vote AGAINST the tax cuts of President Bush. Let's not hold our nose this time. Let's vote for the best candidate for America, not for the one we feel will cause the less harm, the one we consider less dangerous to our nation. And if that is the only choice we have, write in "none of the above." Hillary is an empty pant suit devoid of conscience and Barry has no chance in hell of getting the nomination 'cause he just doesn't know his place in the Democrat Party. Rosa Parks may have tasted the water at the fountain but - to the Clintons - Barry belongs at the back of the bus. Do you think HIllary is going to let another man get anything over on her? Not likely. I think Barry is sincere for a politician and believes; but I cannot imagine Hillary allowing Barry to get close to the nomination. So, we'll see how things go in South Carolina tomorrow. The Clintons have already let it be known that the blacks will vote for Barry, and therefore Clinton has written off South Carolina - it's a racist thing, don't ya know - insulting black Americans to the core implying that blacks are the real racists and will only vote for a black man - 1/2 white I might mention... The Clintons have no shame; you vote for them at your peril and ultimately at the peril of the United States. God bless America and watch over us and the souls of the 50 million pre-borns we have murdered. I wonder how politics would look today if we had those Americans with us today. Since 1973, we, a nation built on the sanctity of life, have murdered nearly 50 million pre-born American citizens - that is just 5 million or so less than the entire population of England. I wonder what the illegal immigration situation would look like if we had those 50 MILLION Americans with us today filling the vacuum their deaths has created. We have pentence to do; looks like some of that pentence may come down to a contest between McCain vs Hillary. But like the addict, how far down do we have to go to "reach our bottom" and pull ourselves back to a nation of morals and respect for each other. How can one respect one's neighbor when one can so easily kill their own pre-born children? We've slipped a long way, baby! But McCain will rectify that with AMNESTY for all...and his side-kick Lindsay Graham will be there helping him along. Just a reminder: Graham is up for re-election to the Senate this November. If you've lost your job to an illegal in South Carolina, than Lindsay. He's acting like McCain's twin, joined at the hip. To Barry, good luck in South Carolina! You'll get plenty of votes from white folks too. So, go gettem and don't let the clintons draw you off message...

Clintons double-team Obama

I don't think the Clintons are "mean-spirited"; I think they are ruthless predators. Yesterday Rush Limbaugh mentioned an article posted on the American Thinker, Hillary and Bill Use Alinsky Tactics to Bring Down Obama, by Kyle-Anne Shiver. Excellent article and it gets to the underlying ruthless strategy the Clintons are using now against Obama and have used during Bill's White House romps to polarize Americans against each other. If you recall, we were coming out of the more acrimonious clashes instituted by the "race-baiters" and we were all getting along pretty well until Bill Clinton ginned up his Civil Rights Commission leadership and announced that we, the nation, needed an open discussion about "race." Then out popped "political correctness" and we were hit with a double-whammy which ensured that we could not have open discussions about any issues germaine to we Americans because "political correctness" ensured that someone would be "offended" somehow. Talk about skinning us and setting every nerve a-tingle. And remember who was behind the "high tech lynching" of Justice Clarence Thomas - the left. With "political correctness", our freedom of speech was hijacked, my friends; all of us with our tongues cut-out, powerless to even address issues we all need to resolve as AMERICANS. The Clintons follow the Commandments of Saul Alinsky for destroying "their" enemies which just happen to be all of us but right now their energy is focused on destroying Barack Obama and they are being successful because they are pulling him off-message every time he responds to them. To Barack, if ridicule works for them, don't respond to their attacks. Just smile and say, "Well, that's just Hill and Bill - the bullies in the playground - at it again." We all know what he'll mean. If you have the time, please go to The American Thinker and take a look at Kyle-Anne Shiver's recent articles on the Clintons. Also see the late Barbara Olson's book, Hell to Pay. Folks, we really don't need them in the White House again, ever. Our nation can't survive much more polarizing. These folks are ruthless, power-centered, humanoids - there is no "soul" there; only the blinding obsession for POWER.


Coconut Commando is back!

Just a note. Coconut Commando is back and blogging again.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Luis Aguilar, Jr - Betrayed at the border

This is the subject that makes my blood boil, that makes me sorry I don't have the power to impeach every elected official starting at the TOP who has signed on to NAFTA and has opened our borders - then left our brave border patrol as well as citizens out-manned and out-gunned. Jerry Seper is on top of this in his article, Border agent killers still being sought. My heart-felt gratitude and prayers go out to Agent Aguilar's wife, children and family. If our elected leaders had not failed you and all Americans, Agent Aguilar would not have died. But thanks to our shameless "elected" leaders, MS-13 is strong and growing in the United States. We have had beheadings by these folks in Northern Virginia. We are having drug wars on our borders that spill into our cities putting us all at risk. American citizens come under attack and American citizens throughout the nation must become ever more wary when driving on the highways. Like Geraldo Rivera pointed out, Mexican men drink a lot and drive. It is just a cultural thing. I say, Bull-sh_t! Tell it to the parents who lost their daughters in Virginia Beach. Soon Mexican truckers will have open access to our highways across the nation and our lives will be in constant danger. God help us! No one else will or is. OUR government is aiding and abetting the destruction of our nation and of our safety. Our borders are open! We know terrorists have easy access. Homeland Security has spawned a "cottage industry" of security consulting firms. OUR government is allowing drug cartels to battle it out along our border and, in my opinion, setting the stage for Columbian-style loss of part of our nation to drug cartels. I am so beyond outraged at our troops being forced to protect Iraqis and being forced to leave us nearly undefended, I could scream. What is our military for if not to DEFEND our borders? Democratize the world, NOT! Michael Chertoff is quoted, "I am outraged by this tragic loss," he said. "The American public stands with the men and women of the Border Patrol, and I am deeply grateful for their heroic service." Yes, we Americans do stand with our Border Patrol - it is shameless that our "leaders" do not. May "those leaders" from the top down who have overseen the destruction of our jobs - those working away at the North American Union ID cards, the super highway, and all else that will divide this nation, literally disecting us like a medical examiner has done to Heath Ledger in an autopsy that will never allow us to be joined fully again, robbing people of their family homes, ranches, farms, even towns! Cutting swaths across our great nation and establishing Kansas City as the first (only check point) controlled by MEXICO! Damn them all! They are working mightily to turn us into a third world nation with the corruption Mexico is so famous for finding its way into our cities; the patron system of servitude - you know the litany. We have enough corruption and crime; it seems interesting that our "leaders" seem compelled to import more. I have no issue with men and women who follow our laws, get on the list, learn English, and enter our nation legally (not on H1-B visas - a different issue) with proof of work and a sponsor to ensure that they can support themselves. At one time, it meant something to be an American citizen. To me, it still does. To be honest, though, don't try to immigrate here if you are well-educated, fluent in English, and can support yourself. I grieve for the family of Agent Aguilar as I grieve for the families of Agents Ramos and Compean - all betrayed by the government. Perhaps the "government" has forgotten that these brave agents do not serve the "government". These brave men and women, just as our military men and women, serve to protect their fellow Americans; they serve to protect me and you, and those who can no longer protect themselves. The "government" cuts their checks but we pay the salaries and these brave men and women protect us - they do it for precious little and they do it with bravery and sacrifice. We can never repay them. And if they do a really good job, OUR government puts them in jail. Go figure? To these brave men and women who risk their lives to protect mine and yours, thank you. Words cannot express the debt and the gratitude and the high esteem in which you are held by Americans such as myself. Thank you and God bless you! YOU are the men and women who help keep America free and you, not the "elected" betrayers of our trust, are the ones to whom the honor belongs. Again, thank you. To our Border Patrol - who needs a name change to American Defense Force or National Defense Forces at the very least - we little guys with no power or clout need you... To the CHP in California also, thank you! For any supporting data, see Minutemen.

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Hillary, Barry, and John: Mandated health insurance

Well, I did it. I actually watched the "debate" the other night between Hill and Barry with the "white guy" being allowed to speak only upon occasion and when he raised his hand. It's the back of the bus for Edwards and ain't all the left liberals glad. Serves the plantation owner right, by golly There is so much fun involved in the democrat side of this primary that it is worth watching. Barry all but uses the "L" word for liar when addressing Bill and the Missus. Well, Barry is right - better right than white. And the Clintons - God bless 'em - are tied up in knots 'cause they started this political correctness thang and it is coming 'round the corner to bite 'em in the ass. Boy howdy, what fun. But on this "universal" health care thing. Think of it as another way to 1) get everyone ID'd, DNA's and 2) as a way to subsidize insurance companies. Here's the deal. You get health care BUT you are mandated by government to purchase that health care. Think of it as the big government insurance company pay-off. I wonder how many insurance companies are funding these folks... Read that again: you will be MANDATED (ordered) by government to buy the health care. Now everyone knows that many young folks just don't see the need to have health care. Except for catastrophic coverage, why should they? In Massachusetts, as I understand it, right now there is MANDATED purchase of health care otherwise, you are fined. Folks are paying the fines because the mandated coverage is too expensive and they don't want it. Beware the Democrat (far-left) bearing gifts such as "universal" health care. Everything about you will end up in a government database (I know that is happening now as I type) but their "gifts" come with costs: loss of independence, loss of freedom, loss of the right to say NO, in otherwords, loss of being an American, only the right to be a slave, shackled by the insidious chains of government just there to "hep" you...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Hillary Clinton in Vegas: "No woman is illegal."

Now, that takes the cake and spells out the policies of Mrs. Bill Clinton campaigning in Vegas regarding her view of illegal immigration. She's for it, yes, indeedy! See No woman is illegal. So, driver's licenses for all! SSI benefits for all. If you can walk, crawl, or drive into the United States of America, you are free to rape our social services, close down our taxpayer-funded hospitals, and being an illegal alien, with no regard or respect for our laws, is A-okay for "She who would be Queen!" Talk about pandering... It is true I have as much regard for Hillary Clinton as she has for me as a conservative woman but I still have a family, believe in strong families, and believe in our U.S. Constitution as being the law of the land. Not Sharia Law, not Islam, and not Hillary Clinton. But I'm a legal American citizen and I'll only be allowed to vote once. But "No woman is illegal" - good grief! Makes ya want to go screaming for the hills. On a calmer note, is that a "sexist" comment by "She who would be Queen?"

Fred Thompson - Keep 'em on the ropes!

Last night, Fred Thompson FINALLY spoke out and, thank God, didn't do it with this simpy voice used by so many RINO Republicans, liberals, and Socialist Democrats, especially. Harry Reid is a model for the "soft spoken" politician who you just know is getting ready to slide in the stelleto (sp). FINALLY - Fred Thompson spoke out when he remarked in so many words (paraphrasing here) that former Arkansas governor (do we need another president from Arkansas) Huckabee was a cliche of conservative heresies, including supporting taxpayer-funded programs for illegal immigrants {added by moi, the folks raping our social services we paid for}, a national ban against smoking (good grief - how many lawyers will be put out of work if tobacco companies can't sell cigarettes here?), opposition to vouchers or school choice for minorities and poor whites locked into failing schools, and liberal economic policies. (Taken from the Washington Post, page A9, "GOP Hopefuls Debate as First Southern Primary Draws Near"} The best quotation, "So much for states' rights," an animated Thompson said. "So much for individualism." Sadly, I worked in a company where we had what we called "appearance-based" working. That's what socialism is all about which is why it does not work, period. But rugged that's the ticket. Go, Fred, go! Get the lead out and start cracking. As America's DA on Law & Order, you are known across America as a straight shooter. Nobody can touch you...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

UK Blogger, Lionheart; footage on Obama; and more

Today, I want to direct you to two blogs: Crusader Rabbit and Blue Collar Republicans. Both have extraordinary information we need to see and read. About Lionheart, KG at Crusader Rabbit offers Time to roll, people. After reading this one, just go to the current articles and scroll down to see the young woman covered in burqua from head to toe. Not what we what or need in America, England, or Austrailia. How's Japan doing with its radical Muslim population, by the way? Blue Collar Republicans offer the following in their Blog Burst - January 10, 2008, under War Stuff, Atlas Shrugs video on Obama.

The Curious Election of 2008

The election this year is curious to me because - at this point - I see candidates that are second or third tier in both parties. Please tell me how in the world Hill or Obama are really the "best" the Democrats have to offer our nation. And of the Republicans at the top - so far - where are the conservatives? Where are the strong voices of the conservatives staving off socialism? Who voted for universal perscription drug coverage? Nearly everyone in Congress and still the Democrats "won". In New Hampshire, a liberal won the Republican delegates, an open-border, citizenship to illegals, large-government liberal. I can't toss support to Senator McCain because, except for the surge in Iraq, he has been on the liberal side of every domestic issue facing you and me as American citizens. Can I vote for Hill or Obama? Of course not... Can I vote for McCain? I'd rather not say but it is sad in a grand nation such as ours that our best and brightest simply do not take up the banner and run for the presidency. It speaks ill of us when we are given the choice of voting for the person we consider the "least" dangerous to the nation. With the House and Senate in the hands of the Democrats, I have to vote for the Republican candidate and pray for gridlock. So, some reading for the day: S.C., Michigan last stand for Republicans Michelle Malkin comes through with 'Comeback' contretemps [I simply cannot vote for Hill Clinton. Women of America, please understand - "Hillary is not your friend." She is not a "damsel in distress". She creates the distress. Before you vote for her, please consider her cold, calculating manipulation - calling us (the American people) sexists BEFORE the vote in N.H. Calling us backward if we don't vote for HER. She has subjugated herself and her daughter to the humiliation of a pandering, philandering husband from whom you wouldn't even buy a used car under normal circumstances.] Ladies, on abortion, don't worry. Any woman in America who wants to abort her child will still be able to do it, no matter who becomes the president. And Hill pleads for "our" children. Good grief! Larry Elder writes Obama surge creates problems for Jesse and Al. Well, yes. Can't use the "race baiting" or "race bribe card" if a black wins the nomination. Gosh and by-golly! When watching Hill, it's like watching her walk through a house of distorted mirrors. Now you see "mean" Hillary! Whoops! No, she's teary Hillary, the victim of those mean men. No, she's poised Hillary! But Steve chapman makes it clear in The Latest Version of Hillary Clinton. What we see is not what she is. There is no "she" there; well there is but most likely not a pretty sight. Like Bill Clinton, she is who she needs to be more than any other candidate this year. But unlike Bill, she may be more dangerous for our nation while not being nearly as charming as she leads us into Socialism, Communism without the gun to your head; socialism because we can be bought. After all, all of our taxes are going to folks who don't do anything except "collect a check." Why shouldn't we get some of our own money back? Right? Beware the hand of the damsel who feeds you... This is a curious election season to me. Very curious... Well, let's see what the next primaries and caukye bring.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Obama and Clinton "tie" in New Hampshire

setting aside the "popular" vote which Hill won by approximately 6,840 votes - that is not a win. The win is in delegates and both Barack and Hill earned 9 delegates each. Not a win; a tie in New Hampshire with 11 more precincts to weigh in. Rather like our Electoral College - which Demos will try to destroy - states send delegates to the national conventions and Barack will have 9 from New Hampshire, just like Hill will. Yes, Ms. Hill earned or was awarded 9 delegates but so was Obama - that's a tie in my estimation... Not a smashing "comeback" victory for anyone. Obama has every reason to be in good spirits. Now to take South Carolina.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Obama vs Clinton: what a squeaker!

Well, Hill got 39% of the vote and Barack got 37%. Let's stop calling Americans racists, okay! Barack storms Iowa and stomps Ms. Hill then comes within striking distance of Hill in New Hampshire. Really very close call there. 6,000 votes is close...but she did "win" New Hampshire. Team Clinton has already said they will come in second in South Carolina so let's see what "fly-over" country has to say about this presidential stuff. McCain, Mr. Amnesty himself, takes New Hampshire. No surprise really but good for him. And speaking of "amnesty", Huckabee has said what everyone else seems afraid to say as reported here saying he wants to defy "birthright" citizenship to children born to illegals. It's about time. Duh! So, pandering - yes, no! Or maybe he is trying to get votes of Americans... Pandering to Americans, that would be a nice change after we've been screaming our heads off about illegals. And President Bush, God bless 'im, goes zipping off to Israel thumbing his nose at, well... Hmm... The ayatollah in Iran must not be very happy with that - the president of the Great Satan right in his front yard and VP Cheney at home with his finger on the trigger, hopefully! What a fine day...

UK Blogger, Lionheart fighting powerful mob...

The following is a comment from Uspace about Lionheart and goes a long way to explain the forces (mob and money) lined up against him. Things are never what they seem to be, are they? From Uspace: Keep in mind, the evil forces are after Lionheart because he helped the cops put a drug dealer in prison, then the gang started sending him death threats and then the cops wouldn't help him. Local bloggers blogging locally all over the world generally are going to face much more danger because they will always be in their foe's backyard reporting on everything they do and driving them mad for revenge. He's not just writing about Islam encroaching on Europe and the UK. He's writing about what a very wealthy and well connected Pakistani Muslim organized crime family is doing in Luton. Pakistani Muslim 'Mafia', the Mob. We can't stop, WE MUST NOT STOP fighting for Free Speech and Justice! We will fight for Lionheart!

Cal Thomas column: Segregation: Muslim Style

Well, England is in a bind and that is re-inforced by Cal Thomas in his column, Segregation: Muslim Style. Hat/tip to Mr. Minority at Opinions of the Day - 1/8. The UK blogger, Lionheart, is not the only one sitting on a "ticking" clock, and being abandoned by his national leaders.

Hillary insults American people with a sob

The more I have thought of Hillary's "boohoo" moment, the more I see the insult directed at you and me. The implication is that if we do not vote for her, then we are voting for the country to go "backward." Well, no. We just may see her as the one who is wrong and not us. I see Hillary as a threat to our nation. Why? Because of her very real socialist agenda. Socialism is un-American, period. No matter how far we have gone down that path, there are plenty of American citizens, hardworking men and women who have not bought into socialism. I'll put my hope in them. Well, good luck to all you voters in New Hampshire. Get out and vote. My Left Coast Operative asked me a few moments ago how would I vote in New Hampshire today - would I vote for Fred Thompson or cross-over and vote against Hillary. Tough question, really tough. We have women in America who could be president; being president does not require abrasiveness. It requires fortitude and a good spirit of heart. As President Bush said, the responsibility really "hits you" when you walk into the Oval Office. And then we need to save Hillary from what must be painful memories of the White House and especially memories from the occurrences in the president's private study off of the Oval Office as reported from the Ken Starr report. Good luck there, New Hampshire folks...

Britain to Lionheart: no freedom of speech here!

From the land that ended Feudalism and ended the slave trade (by British ships - slavery still goes on in Muslim lands), we now see repression and opression of the native-born Brits who are trying to defend their nation from the eventual overthrow by Islamist fundamentalists. In the US we are already beginning to see "honor" killings from the "religion of peace" and even some Muslims are trying to reform what stands between them and a civilized relationship with the West. We are caving in with "foot washing" stations at the University of Virginia, for God's sake. Try to find a Christian reading room. It is a "public" university after all - why the foot washing stations paid for with tax dollars? I digress but the insidious insertion of Sharia Law into our culture is well underway.] The following is from Najistani about what is happening in England right now regarding the impending imprisonment of a UK blogger, Lionheart. I have not completed the links but will try to do so as quickly as I can. Most can be found here. [Uspace may have a chance to help me with those. Will be done soon. The articles are found in today's and yesterday's British newspapers.] Try this for some good links, here. And from Patrick O'Flynn, We must STOP militant Islam eroding Britain from the Daily Express. Several thoughts before Najistani's remarks: Britain has joined the EU - a very bad move for the survival of Britain; and the UN has just passed an "anti-defamation of Islam" resolution. That is bad for all of us as the UN's goal is to override our national sovereignty and our leaders may be asleep at the switch totally. In America, we do revere our freedom of religion but that extends to freedom to worship as you please, not freedom ot overthrow our government and replace our laws with Sharia. With Islam, as I understand it, the separation between "church and state" does not exist. It also points to the United States to quash the North American Union and give our support to nations and groups of nations who support our principles enshrined in our Bill of Rights. How prescient was George Orwell anyway? Oceania, Europa, and Eurasia... Now to Najistani's comments and links: ~~~~~ Wow! The British MSM really have woken up and are beginning to reflect the national mood Here are five newspaper excerpts from today's Islamophobia Watch in addition to yesterday's Hard-hitting Daily Express article: Daily Mail, Britain's 'no-go' zones? Sun Daily Telegraph 1, Multiculturalism breeding intolerance Daily Telegraph 2 Sunday Telegraph The £64000 question is how do we turn this tide of revulsion against the Death-cult into poliitical action? Is it too late? These parasites have wormed their way into every aspect of national life and are producing poisons which are killing the Body Politic. And they are still entering at the rate of several hundred every day, and swarming and breeding like maggots when they get here. Meanwhile the political parties dare not admit that there is a problem - partly because they are chasing the 'Muslim Vote' - and partly because to stop the influx would be to acknowledge that Muslims are bad for the country (to put it mildly), and thus admit that they have allowed a major national disaster to occur on their watch. The first rule of finding yourself in a hole is to stop digging. But the mainstream parties won't even do that. Four actions are needed to save Britain. (1) Immediate end to Muslim immigration. (2) Immediate deportation of all illegals. (3) Removal of children from Muslim parents where abuse is possible (physical abuse such as FGM and mental abuse such as hate-cult indocrination) (4) Internment of all illegals or potential terrorists who can't be deported. To our American cousins I would say it isn't too late for you, but if you do nothing for another five years you'll be in the same state as Britain. You must stop importing terrorists now! ~~~~~ Najistani, our southern border is wide open and Hugo Chavez is even training Iranian terrorists as we speak. And our politicians pander for votes. We need statesmen. Sorry there seem to be no Winston Churchills available to save us. But we must believe a man of courage and will is getting ready to step in... Note: please go to the linked post for links to Najistani's linked aarticles. Thank you.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Fred Thompson - Where are you? On The Factor, tonight...

Call to Fred Thompson! Where are you? Get to slugging! We need a statesman who understands the threat we face from Islamofascism and everyone is afraid to say where and what the threat is. Where are you? Speak now or no one will even notice when you drift away... On The Factor tonight...h/t to East TN Fred Head and also JB at JB's Corner, Fred to be on O'Reilly Factor tonight. Go, Fred, go!

Hillary and the Boohoo moment!

Well, tomorrow New Hampshire! Hillary simply cannot win - literally and/or figuratively! She is not about "change" except for moving change from your pocket to someone else's and for that I say, if you want to pay more in taxes, by all means, please "belly up to the bar" and toss in a few more thousand bucks. But for me, anyone who does not work and has not worked and has not contributed to the public coffers should NOT be allowed to vote on how my tax dollars are spent. Hillary and her "soft side" of tears this morning... Good gracious! Can you imagine Lady Margaret Thatcher sniveling during a shortened presidential primary campaign? Or Queen Elizabeth I getting teary when she rode out to be with her troops to meet the Spanish Armada should they have landed? Hillary's whining because she may see the country going backward - to what, the Clinton years? And crying, sniff-sniff, that all she can do is make her case and then it is up to the people to decide. Well, that's magnanimous. Hillary is spinning a loss already... maybe yes, maybe no. We have seen her "Howard Dean" moment! Not a shriek but only a simper... Wouldn't this be great if this is the end of the Clintons on the world scene. She says the campaign is not easy, how easy does she think the presidency would be? I have read that our enemies/terrorists and terrorist-supporting nations cheered when the Demos took the House and Senate in 2006. Yep, that's what we need, a president supported by Islamic terrorist-sponsoring governments and, of course, the esteemed EU. And Billy-Bob Ambassador-to-the-World - well, she would have to keep him out of the White House, right? It is sad to see a grown woman, the heir to the thrown, sob even before the second state vote has occurred. I have to say I don't think the men who "pick" the president have annointed Hillary and the Clinton machine may not be able to buy her the White House. Let's keep in mind that her "35 years of experience" include her beginning days as a young lawyer working for the Democrats preparing for the impeachment of Richard Nixon. Yes, she has experience of a sort but I have to wonder if she could make it on her own had she stood up for women abused by philandering husbands and divorced Clinton. Or is she, sadly, the prime example that "feminism" is and has been a sham? That a woman, regardless of her hardwork and experience, can only make it if a powerful man says she can? Hillary says she is tired; let's give her a rest and color her gone...

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Muslims against Sharia: a response to ponder

The following is a comment left in response to my post about the "honor" killings that occurred recently in North Texas when a Muslim father - in US since 1980's - murdered his two daughters for dating non-Muslim Texans. For one, knowing Texans as I do, they are bound to be good guys and know how to treat ladies. But to the point. As I frequently do, I am posting the comment from Muslims Against Sharia because in my heart I would hope that they are true in their statements. I have just read too much in the Koran regarding "infidels" and treatment thereof and thus can only be but so trusting. So... Before that comment, let me share this information with you about the research of Ellen R. Sheeley, "honor" killings. Ms. Sheeley left a comment at my post on Lionheart and I want to extend her the courtesy of referring to her and her work here. ~~~~~ "Most of the Western Muslim establishment is comprised of Islamist groups claiming to be moderates. True moderate Muslims reject Islamic supremacy and Sharia; embrace religious equality and democracy. What is a moderate Muslim? According to a dictionary, a moderate is a person who is opposed to radical or extreme views or measures, especially in politics or religion. Yet, majority of the public seem to be struggling with the definition of a moderate Muslim. Perhaps we can make this task easier by defining a radical Muslim and then defining the moderate as an opposite of the radical. Muslims Against Sharia compiled a list of issues that differentiate moderate Muslims from Islamic radicals. Hopefully you can help us grow this list. 2008/01/what-is-moderate-muslim.html Poll: Who is a moderate Muslim? 2008/01/poll-who-is-moderate-muslim.html ~~~~~ I would like to believe that moderate Muslims "embrace religious equality and democracy." To be candid, it is difficult and I believe it is untrue regarding Muslims in Western nations such as England, France, Italy. I do have Dr. Jasser's site linked at my blog in the interest of "fairness" and availability and I have no doubt of his personal sincerity. How can a person be a practicing Muslim and be against Sharia since in Islam all facets are intertwined and interlocking with no exits for moderates? And if one uses the term "moderate", that can be confusing within our Western Civilization because we use the word "moderate" referring to political perspectives. And further, I find that the Protestant sects are not at war against each other. Our religious sects have matured in terms of "living and let live" and allowing freedom of religion but the rub comes with Islam in that Islam is a political ideology that cannot be changed and does not condone tolerance of others and freedom of religion. According to an Islamist leader cited here, Islam is in America only to replace our government and to install Islam as the dominant (aka only) religion. Maybe Muslims against Sharia can be more vocal but fighting the money machine of Saudi Arabia is daughting... And unlike Christianity and the New Testament, I have not read verses in the Quran extolling believers to befriend and love "kuffars". I realize much more is at play in Iraq and Afghanistan but when the folks there voted for Sharia Law, I felt it was time to leave. When the Afghans were set to execute a former Muslim man who had converted to Christianity and we had to save him, it was time to leave there too. No American soldier or Marine should face battle on lands where the people are so intolerant that a follower of our nation's predominant faith would be executed. But as I said, I know there is much more going on and that is why we are in the region. We have interests there way beyond "oil". Who knows? The day may even come when we are called upon to get Russia's "fat out of the fire" again. As I recall, Russia is expected to become an Islamic Republic during this century... Hmmm... Maybe they shouldn't have murdered the Czar after all...

UK Blogger, Lionheart, may face imprisonment?

A UK blogger, Lionheart, may face imprisonment for critizing the actions of Islamists. Mind you, the Islamists make their violent intent against we kuffars known in many ways from words to bombs; yet, it is Lionheart who is singled out for creating "racial hatred". Keep in mind also that the bloggers who critize Islam and its ways as demonstrated by the "honor killing" of two daughters by their father in North Texas recently are not calling for violence or harm toward innocent Muslim men, women, and children. We are defending our nation and our citizens from the threats shouted in mosques and carried out against our citizens; the attack on the Jewish ladies in Oregon not too long ago comes to mind. But read the post and the links, and decide for yourselves how much danger our liberties are in. I can understand that Muslims are in trouble for critizing Islam as the Koran tells them they cannot do that but we infidels don't adhere to the Koran or is this just another incremental step to bring us to heel and make us conform to Sharia Law? From Faultline USA, Today it is me; but tomorrow it is you From Lionheart, May be arrested for critizing Islam. From Lionheart, Support from America From Cranmer, UN Resolution on defamation of Islam From Cranmer, British Blogger to be arrested? And then there is House Resolution 288, passed by our Congress to stop "bigotry" or criticism of Islam. How is it bigotry to criticize a "political ideology" that stresses that non-Muslims are not to be taken a friends, they are to be lied to in order to advance Islam, and they are to be warned three times before being killed by terrorists. Also that all religions other than Islam (the religious hat side) are not religions but followers are to be taxed when on the other hand, Christianity says "love thy neighbor" and so... We are not calling for harm to come to innocent Muslim men, women, and children but rather many of us have written that we fear for them as well should the terrorists attack us again. There are Muslims who call for reform in Islam but when they make that call known, they become apostates - themselves now open to attack from Islamic fundamentalists. If you haven't read Citizen Warrior's critique, you really need to read it to understand that Islam cannot be reformed and that we have no means to defend ourselves except through words that expose the very real threat aligned against our freedoms and liberties as well as our lives. Only words...

Friday, January 04, 2008

Islam's culture of hatred on display in US: Honor Killing in North Texas

The following post is from A Keyboard and a .45, Honor Killing in North Texas. See Blue Collar Republican, Blog Burst - January 4, 2008. We must end the importation of such horror to the United States - a horror embedded into the tenets of a "religion" that exhorts a father to kill his daughters for dating non-Muslims. We are breeding hatred against us within our own nation; we are importing hatred against us under the guise of "multiculturalism"; we are allowing such hatred into our nation, and we have to stop - it's called survival of our culture and our heritage for decency and integrity. Can anyone read the story of the Muslim father murdering his two daughters and see any American decency and integrity there? We are taught to love and cherish our children and our sons are taught to protect their sisters, not kill them... Read the post; it will make you sick and it will teach you more about Islam's hatred than you want to know. Even at the same time, the United Nations tells us not to criticize Islam... We have to get a handle on this insanity, folks, or it will get a handle on us... It is not hatred to call for the protection of our nation, our culture, our heritage. Islam is not compatible with our Western Civilization and the Islamists say so themselves. Read the Koran, read their words, and tell me I'm wrong... And stop to put flowers on the graves of these two young women killed by their own father, such is the insanity we are dealing with and the destruction we are bringing upon ourselves. As the blogger said if a Muslim father will kill his own daughters, what's to keep him from killing the non-Muslims they were dating? Good question. Where is the outrage from CAIR and from "moderate" Muslims? Another good question... The answer - there can be no outrage against the father because he only did what the Koran told him to do! So, the case could be made in our "multicultural" fairyland that he is not guilty of murder; Sharia Law is above the laws of the United States and therefore, he is not subject to our secular laws. In an Islamic nation, he's "home free", so why is he here? Because the goal is to place us under Sharia Law. We are becoming a very sick society. What will it take to make us well? What will it take to give us a solid pride in our heritage that says a father does not murder his daughters? What will it take to bring back shame and to restore our courage and pride? Are we fighting in Iraq to bring such horrors as "honor killings" to our own lands? If so, then I say, let's fight the terrorists here and be done with them and their ilk.

Hillary Clinton to win, place, or show

Last night, had we been at a horse race, Hillary would have been the horse who "also ran" and showed up but no more. Give us a neigh and chomp that carrot, sister! She did, after all, tell people in Iowa to look at her teeth. I thought that was pretty funny and actually good for her - way out of character; not bad really, but... Can Mrs. Bill Clinton "win" in New Hampshire and in other states? Probably but that is not certain. If she does not do well in New Hampshire, you'll see fleas jumping off her as quick as you can say "scat cat." I think that would be fun too... What we saw was a man (Mr. Obama is no Justice Clarence Thomas.) take 38% of the caucus vote in a very white state. That is interesting, is it not? Have we come a long way, baby, or do we just dislike Mrs. Bill Clinton? Or is it something more? Hillary is not change; Hillary personifies socialism and she personifies the continuation of "politics as usual" with open borders, much higher taxes soaking the middle-class which many politicians seem to abhor - how uppity of us to become middle-class and less dependent upon them! Hillary personifies the continuation of the Bush-Clinton cabal. Keep in mind, my only major "bone to pick" with President Bush, aside from his kowtowing to CAIR and giving credibility to kwanzaa for God's sake, is that he has violated his oath of office regarding the invasion from Mexico. But back to the Hill... I have long maintained that Hillary (Mrs. Bill Clinton) cannot withstand a long primary season and to prove me right, this one has been shortened. She doesn't have much farther to go. But Mrs. Clinton promises socialism of a scale we cannot even imagine: managed health care for all which means minimal health care for everyone and especially for our elderly - why keep them alive anyway as a drain on the nation's resources? Right? That's what the numbers-crunchers will think. We need the resources for the illegal aliens from Mexico. [We are so "collectively" stupid it is mind-numbing at times.] But managed health care means rationed health care and we know that does not work. Period... Will Mrs. Clinton be the Democrat candidate for president? Maybe - she has the money to stomp Barack into the dirt and that she will do when she feels threatened enough. For all of his upper-middle class white background, he's still uppity to the Clinton Campaign. One good thing for him is that he is not a FOB which could go a long way to save him, literally. But then, there's a little meeting on Monday that may turn out to be fun. See commentary: Cal Thomas' Meeting of Minds and also Wesley Pruden's A little Smoke today. Maybe the boys are gonna get out the cigars and the bourbon and do a little "smoke-filled" room negotiating. Could be that is long overdue... About damn time, I say. We'll know if "Bloomberg for President" bumper stickers suddenly become available. Let's face it; Mike Bloomberg doesn't even need to raise 0.10 cents to run a campaign. Fred Thompson hasn't taken off; Rudy really won't sell in "fly-over" country 'cause we just don't care that he made New York City safer for New Yorkers. Let's pray for those smoke-filled rooms; let's pray for a statesman or two; and let's pray that a dark horse - stallion with tail and mane flying - will come from behind and save us from this charade. We need some guts and bluster; some good old-fashioned American "take the gloves off" slugging for the presidency. We are worth it... And while I'm at it, Time Magazine selected Putin as the man of the year saying that as Russia goes so goes the rest of the world. Well, that means totalitarianism, folks, and Mrs. Bill Clinton will tighten the chains of slavery around our necks.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa Caucus: Who cares?

Well, it looks like Obama has won the Iowa Caucus on the Socialist Democrat side and Huckabee has "won" the Republican side but it's a long, long way to Tiporaree (sp), right? There was a time I didn't care much about which "party" won the 2008 presidential election. I considered that both or either would give our nation and its sovereignty away. And then I read John Bolton's book, Surrender is not an option. It matters who wins the presidency - it matters a great deal. I'm not sure that the party matters but the person certainly does so I guess that means the party label matters too. Conventional wisdom says that the Socialist Democrats will win and sweep us more into the clutches of socialism: socialized this and socialized that. Conventional wisdom has been wrong before. We - or some of us - thought a black man regardless of former fame would be convicted of killing two white people when DNA said only 1 in 1 trillion people could have committed the heinous murders. We were wrong; we know a murderer walks free. Conventional wisdom can be wrong again and a man putting America FIRST can win the presidency. We, the people, just need to hear that man speak out for our nation, not for special interest groups. We need honesty and statesmanship. Maybe we won't recognize it; maybe we'll turn our back on that honesty; but we need to hear it and we need it now...

Ann Coulter on Kwanzaa

Oh how the mighty have fallen for their own yarns...and roped in the rest of us. The following editorial was found at Mr. Minority in his Opinions of the Day - 1/3/2008. The editorial is by Ann Coulter, Kwanzaa - Holiday from the FBI. "Holiday from the FBI" does not mean time off from the FBI; it means a holiday courtesy of the FBI. Read the editorial and see how we are all duped none more than the "founder" of the made-up holiday of Kwanzaa. I read someplace that one could search Africa high and low and never meet anyone who had a clue what kwanzaa is. It is certainly not a holiday from Africa; it is a holiday made up by an American of African ancestry. And the saddest dupe of all, after our brothers and sisters who believe kwanzaa is an authentic "religious" holiday, our President Bush - when he's not busy bowing to CAIR; he's busy extolling the virtures of a made-up, non-inclusive "holiday" based on the violent and exclusive heads of the snake of the SLA. Remember Patty Hearst? Thanks to Mr. Minority...

Beach Girl's Happy New Year - 2008

Happy New Year - 2008! Can you believe we actually made it to 2008? What a mess 2007 has been what with all those pesky signing statements and all that North American Union stuff! And amnesty for illegals - gives me the shivers... I just finished reading Justice Thomas' book, My Grandfather's Son. Good one! And... John Bolton's book, Surrender is not an Option! Well, surrender to what? The UN, the liberal leftist white elites, the EU, the SPP courtesy of our darling messianic president and countless others who are working double-time to strip us of our national sovereignty. We've got so many things we could surrender to it feels like we're in the spin cycle. I've been called a "racist" by liberal friends and after reading Justice Clarence Thomas's book, I feel like I'm in good company - we share a distaste for the humiliation of "affirmative action" and its attendent "quotas". He's an "Uncle Tom" and I'm "racist." Why? Well, for one thing, we both are under the illusion that all students - legal American citizens - should have access to a good education and there should be equality of opportunity, not equality of out-come. And I'm for qualified conxervative white men having as much of a chance at getting a good job as anyone else! No feminist here - no sir-ree! I was worried about us being invaded by Mexicans - and I'm still ticked off at "you know who" for guarding the borders of Iraq but not guarding our nation from invasion. Everything is so upside-down and backwards, it could make your head spin... And soon we'll have more "religious" holidays than Europe has workdays. What a jolly good time we'll have in 2008 - mui bein? [Look, I can't spell in English; don't expect my Spanish to be any better - at least not right now.] Let's have a blessed New Year and let's have fun along the way. As I have been told more than once, "Don't let the bastards get you down!" God bless us, our military men and women, and give us the energy, strength, and determination to stay on course, to fight for our U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights which will once again be under attack by, as John Bolton calls them, the High Minded who know better how we should live our lives, without God naturally. Well, I'm standing with God and saying, "Bring it on!" 'cause me and mine, (my friends across the internet/planet) we ain't givin' up or givin' in! Happy New Year - 2008!

Justice Clarence Thomas - My Grandfather's Son

I have just completed reading two books over this Holiday Season. One, by John Bolton, Surrender is not an Option; the second, My Grandfather's Son, by Associate Justice Clarence Thomas. I recommend both books. Justice Thomas' book is very important for understanding why Justice Thomas does not follow the "elite liberal left" white man's agenda, an agenda against which Justice Thomas and I stand in agreement. For that disavowal of "affirmative action" and preferential treatment of minorities and women - some less qualified than white male applicants, he is called an "Uncle Tom" and I am called a "racist". Both such characterizations coming from the liberal left who, while platitudes spill from their lips, castigate all who do not agree with their plantation-owner mentality that "government knows best" how to direct and control our lives and, in the process, give us only the amount of "fish" they think sufficient for a day's subsistance. These "handouts" regardless of the manner or form they take are designed for one reason, to make and keep us dependent upon government thus forcing us to give up our strongest national characteristic - self-sufficiency and the character that derives from individual liberty. Those who engaged in the "high-tech lynching" of Justice Thomas are the same small-minded men who brutalized Justice Alito. Remember them? I agree with Justice Thomas that "affirmative action" and quotas are demeaning to the men and women who have been subjected to their humiliating effects. While reading Justice Thomas' book, I could not help but recall the experiences Michael Savage has recounted that befell him when he completed his Ph.D. from UC-Berkeley. He was not hired as a professor because he was white; Justice Thomas for his own part had earned a law degree from Yale at the same time as Bill and Hill. He was to find in reverse what Michael Savage found - that his Yale law degree - when viewed by many of the white elite - was considered "given" and not earned. So, one qualified man could not get a job because he was white and one qualified man was deemed less qualified because he was black and thus considered un-qualified because of "affirmative action". Both men suffered as a result of "government" planation owners... How many of us have been tainted and don't even know that we have been held back? Allow me to mention here and recommend the works of Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and Shelby Steele. There are other writers - both black and white - who have written about the ills of affirmative action and quotas - another means to humiliate and rob a man's soul but the few listed will get you started...

John Bolton - Surrender is not an Option and Election 2008

I have just completed reading two books over this Holiday Season. One, by John Bolton, Surrender is not an Option; the second, My Grandfather's Son, by Associate Justice Clarence Thomas. I recommend both books. In Surrender is not an Option, John Bolton does not disappoint; if anything, his words based upon his experience will infuriate. He addresses the UN, the EU and the interesting point that England and France are part of the Permanent Five on the Security Council but both have given up national sovereignty for the EU, thus giving the EU more "say" on the Security Council, more "veto" votes. One could argue that the EU undermines the intent of the United Nations' Charter and one could further argue that the North American Union will further weaken United States of America's influence while doing nothing to lower our "assessed" monetary contribution. Bolton suggests "voluntary" payment of such assessments and to that I say, good idea! Let's do the same with our taxes. Pay the assessed taxes on a voluntary basis - if we see our money supporting people who abuse the system; cut them off...; Although not specifically referencing Election 2008, Ambassador Bolton writes these words on page 407, "As a career Foreign Service officer once said, if the American people knew how we formulated policy, they would be after us with pitchforks." Well, don't be blinded by the politicians of the liberal left seeking the presidency or by those on the right who tout "the new world order and globlization. What the left cannot get through legislation, they get through activist liberal judges; what they cannot get through activist judges, they will get through the UN one incremental step at a time undermining our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, starting with "grabbing" your handguns - how? By making the Constitution of the United States "bow" to the dictates of the EU through the UN, by eroding our national sovereignty. The United Nations is NOT our friend; with a few exceptions, the nations there are not our friends; and they seek to destroy us through one treaty, one accord, or another. Our Election 2008 does not end at our shores; the results can further chart our destruction right here at Turtle Bay in New York City. America, the United States of America, does not need any terrorists even half as determined at the nations of the UN aligned against us. Between the Executive Orders of the Clinton years, the Signing Statements of the Bush 43 years, and the various anti-Americanism as well as anti-Semiticism of the UN historically - we'll need a sharp "America-first" president to protect us from the machinations of many UN members. As an aside, we may want to recommend that the EU, formulated as it is as a "nation", have only one seat on the Security Council. Hey, they wanted the EU - the European Union - they've got it. Read John Bolton's book, Surrender is not an Option, from the beginning. It'll make you disgusted; even more so when it dawns on you how little he was really able to tell us - the American people - in those 456 pages.

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