Thursday, October 21, 2010

Juan Williams canned from NPR - good for Williams; don't go back Juan

To take my lead from First Lady Obama, for the FIRST time in my adult life, I have been marginally glad that a few of my hard-earned tax dollars have gone to pay the salary of Juan Williams - one of the not worthless government employees at NPR - for speaking the truth and trying to say we need to stop choking ourselves to death on that same disgusting "political correctness."

 href="">NPR ends Juan Williams contract after Muslim remarks

Juan Williams gets fired for telling the truth - Whoops!  What neanderthals running NPR!  And now he can move on to a real news outlet at Fox News: href",0,4294425.story">Fox News offers Williams expanded role at Fox.  Well now...

Mr. Williams is absolutely correct.  We have to get beyond this "political correctness" censorship so that we can talk about these issues that face us.  When that Muslim bomber was on trial in New York and he said that the war of Islam against us, the United States, has only just begun, we have to take him seriously.

Where are the "moderate" Muslims marching against the hate that is preached in the Koran?

Are we going to have to have Muslim internment camps.  Good Lord, no.  Should we cut back on the immigration of Muslim folks, something to think about.  Where are the "moderate" Muslims.  Not following the Koran that's where.  From what I see, the so-called "moderate" Muslims are keeping a low profile and going along to get along here in America but make no mistake, there will be none of them fighting against Sharia Law taking over our secular.  They like the freedoms we have in America but because they don't speak out and because they don't let their voices be heard for moderation and for "loving thy neighbor as thyself" we only have the Koran and the actions of radical Islamic or Muslim terrorists to look to for the behavior that defines Islam.

If many are going to maintain the illusion that Islam is a religion, then they will have to accept that the "religion" of Islam has declared war against America and all Western Civilization.

It is painful to say this but the truth is that one day we will have our backs to the wall and we will have to defend our nation from militant Islam.  The followers of Islam can't have it a dozen ways:  militant Islam, radical Islam, spiritual Islam, economic Islam, Marxist Islam (aka "social justice" Islam which means redistribution of money from your pocket to someoneelses.)  Cultural Islam, family rules Islam where polygamy is the norm and wives are to be beaten and daughters killed.

Are we going to be forced to have Muslim oaths of allegiance to the United States?  Of course not because the Koran says to lie to the unbelievers to advance the goals of Islam.

The firing of Juan Williams, the token-black person of NPR, goes to show you why NO tax dollars should go to pay for that despicable Pravda-like GOVERNMENT run, operated, and controlled radio station.

So, why would any prudent American be just a bit leery of folks flaunting their belief in the "so called religion of peace"?  Calling attention to themselves and intentionally daring folks to speak about their fear such as the "flying imams?"

Same reason any person of any ethnicity or any color of skin would be a bit prudent if she were walking down a sidewalk full of youth dressed like gang-bangers, calling women and girls bitches and whores, regardless of the color of their skin.

Like Brigitte Gabriel of the American Congress for Truth said today on the Hannity show, we have to start "calling a spade a spade" and get rid of this political correctness but then I'm sure Brigitte didn't know the "calling a spade a spade" reference because she is Lebanese Christian and can't be expected to know all of our idioms.

I think Juan Williams should refuse to work for NPR.  He's much too good to be associated with those government lackeys.

There have been over 16,000 acts of terror committed by Muslim terrorists since 9/11.  Anyone would be a fool not to be aware of their surroundings when a group of folks flaunted being Muslims.  Keep in mind that followers of Islam are not any one ethnicity and they are not localized to a specific geographical region.

And maybe if Mara Liasson is lucky she can get herself canned from NPR too so they can show us who they really are in addition to intolerant, they are anti-black and anti-Semite.  Working for NPR seems like being a second-class citizen, an affirmative action job 'cause you can't do anything else.

But that is not the case with Juan Williams or Mara Liasson.  They are both capable and competent folks and Juan showed that bowing to political correctness is what NPR is all about and he also showed why we can't discuss the issues that are so important to us as a nation because of the intolerant bigots of NPR.  They are bigots because they are against you or in this case Juan Williams because he voiced a very reasonable perspective.

The next Muslim terrorist attacks and the blood of the killed and injured is on the hands of the bigots at NPR for shutting down a conversation we need to have.

And for shutting down a black American who has proved his worth as a man, an American man.

Shame on NPR...  Let's shut them down.

Not one more tax dollar to NPR.

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