Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Black-White relations on skids with Obama in White House?

href="">Voters are much less optimistic about black-white relations!  Really...

Anyone who thought that Mr. Obama would be their panacea for a cure-all for whatever problems they think exist are certainly politically naive.

And on the issue of Black-White race relations...  Come on, give me a break.  When we are left alone we are just fine.  Or so it seems to me, from a generalized point of view.

How can we have good "race" relations when our president clearly supports and encourages a anti-white racist view when it comes to law enforcement such as civil rights and voter intimidation?  A racist or what appears to be an anti-white, racist Department of Justice under Mr. Obama's leadership certainly doesn't bode well for white or non-Hispanic white Americans.  Any white or non-Hispanic white American who believes he or she will qualify for minority assistance and equality under the law of a seemingly racist Department of Justice is in la, la land.

Didn't you know, Civil Rights laws and Voting Rights protections do not apply to white-skinned Americans or so it seems.  No you folks can be intimidated by black panther thugs at a voting precinct, denied access and have not one DOJ lawyer protect your equal access.

I worked at a voting precinct inside on a recent election day.  I was there to ensure that folks didn't vote more than once, etc.  The precinct was predominately comprised of black voters.  One voter was screaming and hollering that they didn't have enough voting stations in that voting place and the whites down the way at another voting place had more voting stations.  That was a blatant lie.  I knew that because I voted at the other precinct.  This man was trying to vote in the morning when the polls had opened and everyone was trying to vote before going to work - so of course it was crowded.

Another man had to wait to vote because records showed that he had voted "absentee" ballot.  Fortunately the folks who keep the records were able to find his "absentee" ballot.  It seems his mother had filled out an "absentee" ballot that had been sent to his house.  Of course, that was fraud but once the folks in charge got that straightened out, he voted.  I don't know what happened to the "absentee" ballot his mother had used, signed his name on, and mailed in.  This was a good experience because he had brought his son, about 10 or 12 years old, to see how voting takes place and we all saw how orderly it was.  He was able to vote and all was well with the world.

Funny thing was that there were at least 1/2 a dozen lawyers there to ensure that black voters were able to vote and were not intimidated or kept from voting.  As an observer, I had a chance to watch the very pious and pompous attorneys strutting around ensuring that no black voter was kept from voting.

No one was there to defend the voting rights of the little old white ladies with their walkers and canes making their way through the early crush of people.  But the folks who ran the voting precinct were efficient and ready for all eventualities.

At another precinct in another part of the state one of my family members was not allowed to vote because of not being registered in that precinct - that denial of the right to vote is illegal in our state and the ballot should have been taken, the paperwork filled out, and then the city's registrar would have counted the vote and verified that the person was indeed registered to vote in that city.

It makes me sick when politicians work to pit us against each other.  Life is hard enough and God knows the Islamic terrorists don't care which ones of us that they kill so we should stand together and not allow our politicians to divide us.

Can you imagine what would have happened if a few white folks in neo-nazi gear tried to run off a few black voters through verbal intimidation and threatening with a night-stick?  Those folks would never see daylight again but the black panthers seem to get gold stars from Mr. Obama's minions which of course encourages them in future intimidation tactics.

Maybe there is not equality before the law under Mr. Obama's Department of Justice.  We'll just have to wait and see perhaps...

As the nation becomes more Hispanic, I would suspect the Hispanic voting block will become more powerful and black voting blocks which are rather isolated or restricted when you look at maps of voting districts will become less powerful or have less clout with politicians and only have voting power in some limited local areas.

If you look up the Hispanic Caucus, the Black Caucus, and the Progressive Stalinist Caucus in Congress, you can get an idea how the chips will fall as Hispanic voting blocks become more powerful.

We know the non-Hispanic white voting blocks are decreasing in size and birth rates decrease in that category and older non-Hispanic white voters die off.

That's what ticks me off about this dieing stuff - you don't get to see how trends change and mutate.  And the political warfare between Hispanic voting blocks and black voting blocks will be interesting.  I can be wrong on this of course but I have read that the black population will hold at about 13% of the total population for some long time with the Hispanic population growing from a variety of reasons.  The white population is becoming more and more insignificant by the day, from my perspective, so it should all be interesting.

I'm rather glad to see the seemingly racist, anti-white internal policies of the Department of Justice being brought into the light concerning voter rights and such.  I'm rather sick of being taught that only non-Hispanic white folks are racists.  There's plenty of room for that appellation across our multi-racial groups and it is a glorious thing to see.  So suck it up and let's see if lady justice can be color blind and ensure equality before the law for white folks too...  Excuse me, we don't have "white" folks any more;  they are now non-Hispanic white folks.  Maybe we don't have black folks anymore either;  maybe they will become non-Hispanic black folks.   Check out the CIA World Fact book...

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