Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rumored: Jackasses need old white guy on 2012 presidential ticket? What?

According to Toby Harnden of the UK Telegraph blogs, the jackasses, burros, or donkies need an old white guy on their election ticket for 2012.

Well, hold on a minute, if Barack runs for president again, that will put two white guys on the ticket and I thought white guys were out of fashion. I know, Barack is mixed race, 1/2 or maybe more white and we see how that's working for us, not because of his skin color but because he has no, zip, nada business experience. With Barack and Biden on the Dems ticket in 2012, that's just too many white folks of the Socialist Marxist ultra-liberal left persuasion, at least it's two too many for me.

I want a Hispanic with no dilemma of ethnic schizophrenia or identify crisis going on. I don't think Biden is confused about his ethnicity but these days one can never tell.

Joe Biden blurts out that he will be Barack Obama's 2012 running mate...

Why not a white woman like Hillary Clinton. She doesn't seem to have any identity crisis going on regarding her ethnicity.  And chatting with Eleanor Roosevelt wasn't such a bad thing during Bill's wanderlust.   Oh, I forgot. Hillary is way to smart to jump into that brier patch with those yokels.

Obama may approve China buying up rights to drill for oil in 600,000 of land in Texas. Sounds good, China owns us anyway and our folks can't drill for oil, our oil, any place but China can drill off of Cuba, off of Hugo's dictatorship, who knows where else. Of course, they own the Panama Canal so shipping won't be a problem.

Why in the world would Obama drag out an old white man to be his running in 2012? Obama's solidly replaced Jimmy Carter as the worst president in the recorded history of the world and he did it without much help from his VP so let's leave old white men alone for a while.


Maybe Barack can't find any other white guys to play with. Maybe prospective playmates such as Bloomberg of NYC are too busy dictating how much salt kids can have in "Happy Meals." Or ordering how much fruit and lettuce and vegetables have to be part of those "Happy Meals..." [Oh, Kudos to McD's for playing hard ball in the sand box about this health care stuff... Who will stand up for the rest of us when the death panels start drawing numbers out of the hopper?]

Talk about getting rid of the middle class. Whoopsie!

If we can just find enough wine, cheese, crackers, and beer, all of this political junk may get to be a little funny like a comedy of errors or "Saturday Night Don't we wish we were funny" for crying out loud.

Don't take the job if it is offered, Joe. The White House will just be lining up to "blame it all on you" the only old white guy in sight. I know you are the smiling buffoon of the DC circuit but even you should have your limits.  You seem like a likable enough fellow but haven't you lowered your standards enough?

Run away, Joe!  Run the other way.  Run, Joe, Run!  RUN away as far and as fast as your little legs can get you.  

Actually, I'd like to see Hillary Clinton run at the top of the Democrat ticket in 2012.  She might have a good chance at winning.  And we need Bill back in the White House getting the interns on roller-skates and letting Madame President throw all the crystal ashtrays she wants to throw.

We need the sparkle and twinkle of the Clintons;  and maybe they can return some of our White House furniture those movers may have removed by accident.


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