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Beach Girl's Thank you!

Allow me a few words of appreciation for all of you who have been visitors/readers since I began this blog on July 4, 2006. A friend introduced me to Sitemeter in August 2006 and I signed up around August 11, so I have a few days to go before a year anniversary with Sitemeter. With 590 posts - some well-received, some not - and 365 days plus or minus a few for the 2 and 1/2 months I was sick in January, February, part of March 2007, it has been a great year for me sharing views with you. Blog-hopping to Finland then down to Australia and over to India. And let's not forget the Far East, my friends in Italy who re-introduced me to Oriana Fallaci who sadly departed this world on September 15, 2006, or friends right here at home in the United States. You lift my spirits. Mike Jericho told me early-on that blogging could be a demanding endeavor and he is right. But to know that we are a group of people across the globe who are now "friends" is remarkable to me. We don't all agree, but we are still free to have our blogs and to share our views. Right, wrong, or in the middle. Thank you for your readership, for your repeat visits, and for linking to Conservative Beach Girl.

Three gals from Qatar - Arab Princesses?

Isn't this "I'm Muslim and I'm so special and better than you" getting a bit boring? The gals from Qatar and the "flying clerics?" All getting really, really boring or are these folks just acting like bores? Ill-mannered at the least. When I was in Japan, I took my shoes off when I entered someone's home. Well, that is the Japanese custom. When you are on an airplane, the pilot is the captain; he is the boss; he is in charge. He does not have to accommodate you. You have to accommodate him. Let's remember it wasn't Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, or Jewish folks who blew up the Twin Towers and flew into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. We cannot afford to play appeasers to any one who - even by association - represents folks who want to kill us. And don't tell me those little girls and their "male" relatives didn't see an opportunity and exploit it. Arab princesses they may be but ladies, well, not if behavior has anything to do with it. Yes, fly the friendly Sharia skies... I say, don't give in one damn inch.

Beach Burst - 7/31/07 - Sharia advances & more

Koran abuse draws hate-crime charge reported by Audrey Hudson. Well, folks, now we have it. Sharia Law becoming institutionalized in the United States. Trashing a book is not abuse, any book. It might be vandalism but a "hate-crime'? Killing and raping women, not to mention stoning them to death, in honour killings - now that's "abuse." Look, someone pisses in a jar, puts a crucifix in the urine upside down, and it's friggin' art. Slinging dung on a painting of Mary and the Baby Jesus is art; tossing a book in a toilet is a "hate-crime." Let me guess, the guy stole the Koran, right? Well, what if he had bought the Koran, with his own money? Tossing it in the toilet then, is that a hate-crime? We need a bit of a reality check - and quick! If the guy stole the book, okay, that's a misdemeanor theft. But a felony! Hmm... Anyone been prosecuted lately for destroying the Holy Bible? Well, that would be justified and certainly not a hate-crime, right? ~~~~~~~~~~~ Good and bad news by Frank Gaffney, Jr has good news: over objections of pro-terrorist liberal leftists in US Senate and House, John Doe legislation to protect American citizens from 'flying imam' lawsuits passed...read the rest about Muslim Brotherhood (banned in Egypt) front group that threatened to sue airline passengers...Read the bad news too where tax dollars are being used to fund an Islamist school in New York. It'll frost you from your nose to your toes. ~~~~~~~~~~~ U.S. parks official OKs Flight 93 memorial (could not find the link) I thought we'd gotten rid of the "Islamic terrorist" geometric elements in the design. You recall, the design that showed the star and crescent in the blazing color of red foliage when the leaves turn in the fall. No? Why do we honor Islamic terrorists? ~~~~~~~~~~~~ No booby prizes in this campaign by Wesley Pruden - the "take no prisoners" writer for the Washington Times speaks out about Hillary's cleavage prank. Why should anyone care? A little lace is one thing. Cleavage on the Senate floor is something else and speaks more about Hillary's platform than it does about her critics. Truth is, she can't survive the "no holds barred", rough-and-tumble of an election campaign among the men so she shows cleavage! But really, why should anyone care? What is her age exactly? Ya can't win wars with cleavage. And what will the mullahs say about this prank? That's right. She wouldn't even be allowed out of the house without a male relative at her side, much less showing cleavage on the Senate floor. What a putz! ~~~~~~~~~~~ Dhimmitude by any name: U.S. offers arms to Arab allies to help secure Iraq What are we thinking? What Arab allies? ~~~~~~~~~~~ Mexico wants border fence plan altered by Mark Stevenson. Has anyone taken a look at the mess the current "migratory" wild-life is leaving across our deserts? "Mexico is calling on the United States to alter a plan to expand border fences designed to stem illegal immigration, saying the barriers would threaten migratory species accustomed to roaming freely across the frontier." How can Mexican officials even say this with a straight face?

Islamophobia - great post at Yid with Lid

Often we are called all sorts of things when we discuss Islam: racist (can't be true here as many ethnic groups follow Islam); islamophobic (can't be true because "phobia" suggests a fear; and I don't equate prudence with "fear"); and whatever the slam of the day is to shut you or me up. Well, over at Yid with Lid there is a good post, A Proud Islamophobic. The post centers on the genius of coining the term, "islamophobic" or "islamophobia." As we know, the term is to stifle conversation; in other words, censorship. Why? Is it that Islam, in theocratic practice, cannot stand up to scrutiny in the light of day? I do not think fear enters into the issue. It is prudent to regard practitioners of Islam who make no secret of their desire to destroy our Western Culture and to kill us in the process as a threat. Some folks may be afraid of rats; if we lived in plague-infested nations, it would be prudent to "fear" rats. Anyone in Western Civilization who does not recognize the threat that Islamic Imperialism poses as a theocratic ideology with no tolerance for anyone or anything is living in denial, a denial that is getting some of us killed.

Murder in East Ocean View in Norfolk, Virginia

A H/T to Sniper at Interesting... for his post on July 30, 2007. Seems a number of people were attacked and one left for dead by 6 whack-jobs, one named Ahmed. As Sniper points out, this case of terrorism (I'd say making people strip, then killing one is terrorism) was not covered by the Mainstream Media. Sniper gives a link to one writer who covered the story in the Hampton Roads area.

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Michael Vick - gone to the dogs?

In Co-defendant blames Vick for dogfights, Mr. Vick states, " "It's a crisis situation for me, but I'm gonna get through it." Well, yes, of course, Michael Vick will get through this "crisis", undoubtedly he will fare much better than the dogs did. He has talent; he has money; and he has power. None of which the dogs had - at least not enough to keep them alive. Certainly, Michael Vick is innocent until proved guilty. In an editorial on Sunday, July 29, 2007 in the Washington Times, L. Brent Bozell III, wrote in Model Athletes off the teams?, "just maybe some people in the world of sports are finally going to clean up this sorry spectacle...." My humble suggestion: NO felons should be allowed in the NFL, the NBA, or any other alphabet-sports league. Felons are no role models for our children. Every game we attend finances these felons. [I'm not suggesting Michael Vick is a felon. Not at the moment. Maybe he had no knowledge at all of what his property was used for and maybe soon pigs will fly business class on British Airways and really offend some folks-who-shall-not-be-named. Whoops, my error, pigs do fly 'cause we're all just dirty kuffars. Back to...] Can't we man our teams with non-criminals? Is that too much to ask?

It's in the Koran and the Wahhabi / Saudi Watch

Well, not known for being politically correct, I thought you might enjoy a cute little song to start your day. Let's lighten up just a bit with It's in the Koran. It will get your toes tappin'. But just in case we have to be "dead" serious 100% of the time - which I know we do, there's: a new (to me) source of info about the influence of Saudi Arabia and the spread of Wahhabism which can be found at Wahaudi - the Wahhabi/Saudi Watch. We will and are beating back the Islamist threat for world domination. We are just slower on the up-take and are still naive enough to believe that everyone in the world sees "peace, love, and harmony" the way Michael Jackson recounts in his songs. We will either fully engage or the Islamists will see us as continuing to be weak and will push us until we have no choice but to dig in our heels and beat the tar out of them. Ya can't negotiate with camel spiders. Ask our men in Iraq...

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Arab Princesses better than the rest of us?

Are the Arab princesses that were kicked off the British Airways flight better than the rest of us? Of course. They are followers of Islam; we are dirty kuffars! Dung, dirt. You know the rest. I say "three cheers" for British Airways! All passengers deserve respect but all passengers have to follow the same "rules". When reading Arab princesses kicked off British Airways, I found it curious that Qatar has a consulate in Milan, Italy????? But to the bigger question, with all those oil dollars, can't Emirs build shopping "centers" for the ladies so that they don't have to fly to Milan and inconvenience the rest of us? Shame on the Emirs! Shame on the ladies for once again showing the tolerance of Islam. No, the rest of us simply won't bow or submit to your plans to dominate us. To the British Airways pilot - if you get tossed into a "diverstiy" training and re-education camp, just keep that smile behind your face! I'm hoping British Airways stands with you although I hear they have apologized. For what? I'm sure the Emir could buy or owns his own plane. Give me a break! I'm really sure that non-related males on that plane had little or no interest in the Arab ladies and simply wanted to reach the destination they'd paid good money to reach. To the little princesses, when in Rome, you have to follow Roman law, at least until we all surrender to the intolerant racism that seems to define Islam.

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Weapons to Saudi Arabia - well, why not?

Well, why not? Just did a quick search on "Weapons to Saudi Arabia." Remarkable. Best source is GlobalSecurity. Also searched 'Wahhabi mosques in America.' Since and during the 1970s and 1980s, Saudi funds have built 57% of the mosques built in the United States, Saudi Funds Extremism in U.S., also reported in New York Times, 10/23/2001, so this is old news but... Saudi Arabia practices and spreads Wahhabism, arguably the most radical and dangerous/virulent form of Islam, which teaches isolation from the community (host) around its practioners. No assimilation here! From the same source, an estimated 25% of Muslims in the United States are Wahhabis. Conservatively, that is 25% of 7,000,000 people or 1.75 million people. Can we afford that? Well, I suppose the State Department believes so. We buy their oil; they fund the institution of Sharia Law in our country; then we get a few petro dollars back by selling them weapons, keeping perhaps a few Americans employed. Or do we contract out weapons manufacturing too? Wait! I read that Dubai was buying or bought one of our military-associated companies in the US. Wonderful! Get out the straight jackets and the butterfly nets. Hurry, please!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Is Connecticut a safe haven for felons, illegals, and more?

A comment from Frank Hilliard at the anti-islamic alliance regarding the heinous crime committed by paroled felons in Cheshire, Connecticut:
This dreadful crime is a lesson to everyone who thinks they can rely exclusively on the police to protect them. A security doorstop, internal security gate and a handgun are the keys to thwarting a serious home invasion. Americans generally, unlike Canadians, recognize that evil exists in the world and that individuals have to take steps to protect themselves. Sadly the Petits did not do so. We mourn for them; but we should also look to our own actions. Feeling bad isn't enough.
And to my point: Is Connecticut a state where law-abiding citizens are safe? No! But Connecticut does seem safe for felons, for illegal aliens getting their ID cards, and for land developers who "scratch" someone's back so that private property is condemned to be sold to developers, to private business to increase the tax base. Thank you, US Supreme Court. Several stories about Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her daughters, Hayley (17) and Michaela (11) can be found here and here. In the latter story, a family member asks, "How could a God allow something like this to happen?" Well, God didn't allow it. We did by suffering bottom-feeding as well as liberal scum lawyers and "let's give world peace a chance" judges and parole boards who, to me, are culpable. We too are culpable for tolerating such people who bastardize and corrupt our system of justice. Look no farther than the "mad" lawyers in the Senate, the Congress, the judicial system all the way down to your local courts who coddle and hand-hold such scum as the career criminals who brutalized this mother and her daughters. In this case, they are called "home invaders." Rather benign term! At the higher levels of the food-chain, our Senate and Congress coddle illegals and terrorists. For how and why crime pays in Connecticut, just review the info that has been released on Komisarjevsky and Hayes, here. On Oct. 10, 2002, Komisarjevsky (age 26) was sentenced to three years in prison. On December 20, 2002, he was sentenced on 12 burglary charges. Had he served the 9 years he was sentenced to serve in 2002, where would he have been on July 23, 2007? In JAIL, that's where! On October 1, 2003, Hayes (age 44), with convictions going back to 1980, was sentenced to 5 years in prison. Had he served that sentence for a burglary conviction, guess where he would have been on July 23, 2007? You guessed it! In JAIL! Charges for larceny, etc. were not prosecuted. So, in my humble opinion, Komisarjevsky and Hayes did not act alone. They had the failed judicial system of Connecticut helping them and every judge or parole board member who let them off has blood on their hands. Every last one of you! My suggestion, prosecute the parole boards and the judges who invited these scum to prey on unsuspecting citizens of Connecticut. And Gov. Rell - yes, an investigation, not just a review, is warranted into what is apparently easy parole in Connecticut. Citizens in Connecticut are not safe but neither are the rest of us - abandoned and betrayed by the "open-borders" crowd and the liberal left who unleash such criminals upon us. I don't know when we'll get out of the "criminals can be reformed" stage but clearly this liberal disease is killing us. A word of appreciation is in order to the police who work against such odds and who bring in the evidence only to see it "kicked to the curb" in defense of the criminal scum. And when the parole board claims to be unaware of the criminal history and behavior of these two slugs; I wonder how that can be when in America today the government has info on law-abiding citizens even down to our bra size. Good grief! Lotta buck passing goin' on in Connecticut. At least maybe the buck stops with the governor. In an update, here, Farr said "he reviewed the two suspects' case files over the past two days, and it appears their release on parole was "appropriate" based on the available evidence." I guess the evidence did not include the charges that were dropped against them over the course of their criminal careers. For myself, I can see the brutalization and murders of these three innocent women placed at the door-step of all of the leftists in this nation who are soft on crime. How many of us have died due to their malfeasance? How many of us remain at risk? And by the way, here's a thought for the Connecticut legislature: How about no parole, period; and three strikes and you are out - as in out of the public and behind bars forever. Three more brutal and senseless deaths of innocent women at the hands of a failed judicial system. Feeling safer now? Note: Don't look for too much coverage on this heinous crime. The victims were white women and the killers were white men. And, as I understand it, to Shepard Smith, the women were just abused.

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Cheshire, Connecticut - Jennifer, Hayley, and Michaela Petit

Today, at 11:00AM, a public service will be held for Mrs. Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her daughters, Hayley and Michaela. More will be written but for the moment, may God give the family strength and may Dr. William Petit somehow find the strength to get through the next few horrible days. His torment will never be over. For the moment, to focus on the family alone, may they find comfort in each other and God's strength to see them through. See Capital felony charges filed. H/T to Michael Savage for the story, here.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

al-Qaeda, Hamas, and Termite Control

We can use all the fancy terms we want such as "violent Islamist extremists", or "Islamic terrorists", or "terrorists" in accordance with Gordon Brown's tough stand, or "Muslim terrorists". Point is they are termites gnawing away at our culture, our secular rule of law just as termites gnaw at the foundation and structure of your home. Now, tell me - truthfully - would you even consider "negotiating" with the termites? Even once. No, you'd call your Termite Control folks and zap the little bastards! You'd breathe a sigh of relief and have your home re-treated on schedule. Well, al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Jamaat ul-Fuqra, and all of the rest - let's toss in MS-13 too - are the termites of our time. They are more dangerous than Hitler - I said dangerous, not more brutal - Hitler wore a uniform and so did his SS. We had an enemy we could see. The Islamic terrorists are cowards and are surrogate or proxy fighters for all nations in the Middle East who cannot take us on full-force with an army. The Muslim terrorists fight for themselves, for Saudi Arabia busily setting up Wahhabi mosques and recruiting Islamofacists from within our prisons, for Iran, for Syria. You don't negotiate with termites; you kill them! You cannot 'reason' with Muslim terrorists; so what is left? Call out termite control or better yet, call out our very own Tony Soprano! And give Musharraf ALL the help he needs. NO place on the planet should be safe for Muslim terrorists. Other terrorists, we can handle them next but let's wipe out the Muslim terrorists first and pronto. We will not win this war if we use "civilized" means. Simply won't happen... Why? Because to Muslim terrorist termites, "civilized" means equal weakness and just encourage them to gnaw away. How many people do they have to kill to convince you that they are not "civilized"? And whose parent or child must fall to them next - these termites we treat as deserving of the protections of the laws they spit on.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

France - Letter to our American Friends; and We're just Dirty Kuffars!

I was innocently looking around for the video of the favorite, no lyrics song (?), Dirty Kuffars, and I found this letter from a Frence site: Letter to our American friends. The letter is a good summary of why Western nations in Europe are going belly-up! The Dirty Kuffar video has been removed from internet - at least I could not find it, certainly not in a form I could play. The lyrics are catchy - "The one George Bush; he's a dirty kuffar...." and on it goes just with names such as Tony Blair, Ronald Reagan, and others. Essentially the "song" is about what the Muslim Islamists are going to do to us. And of course, we're just dirty kuffars (infidels). Ah, the sweetness of songs coming from the "religion of peace". It warms the heart. And we allow these 7th century throwbacks into our Western nations - why? Oh, I know. So they can live off of our welfare system. Or so they can add FTEs or full-time equivalent students at our best universities. How silly of me! The islamists would be crushed like bugs in their native lands so they come to Western nations where they can plot and scheme to kill us! Lovely! Take our leaders off Prozac before it is way too late. [No disrespect to honest Prozac users intended.] H/T to Discerning Texan, Victory! Dems cave, re-add John Do Amendment, July 25, 2007 post. Oh, just read that the John Doe provisions have been added back into the Homeland Security Bill. Will someone be so kind as to tell me the number of the bill - exactly? Thank you...

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MS-13, guns-for-hire to unite across America

MS-13 gang seeks to unite nation-wide. Well, why not? And a big "thank you" to the Open Borders crowd! Just think, you could have given these murderous thugs citizenship too. Hell, you probably do... Where is our very own Mafia when we need to call out the really big guns to squash these vermin? To protect us when our "agencies" certainly cannot. Rules of engagement, you know. Keep the border open so more Americans can be murdered, robbed, and raped.

God help the Brits and other terrorist-related stories

May God help the Brits! Taking a trick out of the US play book for ensured agency inefficiency, Gordon Brown has announced that he will be combining the Border and Immigration Agency with the Revenue and Customs and UKVisas agencies. UK to Get Border Police and here at Brown creates united force to police border. In the latter account, the "embarkation controls, abolished nearly 10 years ago, will be restored."... Brown also emphasised the importance of winning "hearts and minds" in the Muslim community... From the Scotsman, Air chiefs alerted to terrorists 'dry runs' - this in the United States where our Leftist congress and Senate want the flying imams to be able to sue passengers who point out "terrorist-like" behavior aboard airlines. My God, the leftists want to kill us all. Ah, maybe that's why they like the Islamists so well or is it simply that protecting American passengers from lawsuits would cut into the money lawyers could get out of them? Yep, what we want is happy lawyers, happy Islamists, and traumatized airline passengers. Then in Pakistan, Musharraf is having his hands full: Rockets kill 10 in northwest Pakistan. Are our leaders completely daft?

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US business forced to accommodate Muslims? Why?

US to accommodate Muslims; Egypt turns woman over to violent Muslim family! Darn, reminds me of Nancy in a head-scarf! Anyone think our leaders are high on some illegal drug, in addition to whiffing a bit too much of the "power" drug? Does anyone see the conflict between these two stories: (aside from the fact that any accommodation to Islam is designed to ruin our capitalist society and its productivity) Egypt: Police release convert from Islam to Christianity to her violent Muslim family and Muslim workers in Nebraska meatpacking plant complain of religious harassment. What? In Egypt, a nation to which we give tax dollars (?), a woman cannot change her religion if she is born Muslim and she cannot marry a Christian. But in America, our businesses and industry must change to accommodate the regulated "prayer" times of a "religion"? Give me a break! Unless, of course, we are going to add prayer rooms for our various religions and maybe add a confessional with the requisite priest. Out of curiosity, what kind of "cult practice" accommodation did Henry Ford make when he imported Muslims to work in his automobile factories??? Not many, I'd wager. If we are forced to accommodate Muslims and their oh-so-sacred prayer times, why not accommodate their honour killings and their directive to kill non-Muslims? How can we possibly convict someone of killing non-Muslims when he is just following the dictates of Mohammed? Allah's peace be upon him, naturally. My curtsy to submission with my sweet southern fingers crossed behind my back. Am I being uncharacteristically sarcastic? You betcha! I love the "I'm a victim defense." And "Allah made me do it" is even better! Recommendation to businesses that want to stay productive, if you must hire Muslims, get them to sign agreement that they will work just like everyone else, the same hours as everyone else, and will not cry like babies that they are being discriminated against. When a business hires a worker, that business does not hire that person's "cult". Nor is a business discriminating against someone on "religious" grounds if the business wants to be productive. This is just another ploy to make Muslims superior to non-Muslims in the workplace. Any such accommodations must not be done. Such accommodations just further the cause of Islamists in their goal to convert our nation, if not us, to Sharia Law. Here's what a commenter said about that:
If there was one message I would like to get over to my fellow Kuffars (Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus, Confucians, Secularists ) is that Islam is Deception. Taqiyya is at the very foundation of the 'cult'. I do not use the word 'religion' because islam has none of the attributes of a religion. A true religion brings out the best in people. Islam does the opposite. Mohammed said 'War is deception', and islam has been at war (deceiving) the civilised world since its beginning....here.
Taqiyya is deception which is permissible for the Muslim to engage in when dealing with the Kuffars. Sorry to paint with such a broad brush but that is what the Qur'an dictates, is it not?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Stoning young girls - 7th Century Middle East or London 2007?

I suppose stoning young girls to death for loving a boy of the wrong religion is the norm in the Middle East. However, I would have thought that the Kurds had moved a bit beyond that sort of "entertainment." From Tundra Tabloid, we have The Death of Du'a Khalil Aswad. The pictures are not for the faint at heart. And we support beings who do this to their young girls; the young women who are the promise of their future. How outrageous and tragic. Our tax dollars at work - supporting men who treat women so brutally and with such cruelty. I would send condolences to Du'a's family but then did they object to her brutal murder, stoned to death in the street in broad daylight? Or was their honour "restored" by her fragile body twisted in death. Such trash and we support it... Spare me the "it's a cultural" thing garbage. And if one believes this culture is "morally" equivalent to our, get real. Or get a non-liberal leftist shrink. Really, how sexually repressed must these men be to stone a young girl to death because she was in love? To me, no cultural or religious excuse is acceptable. The men who stoned Du'a are ruthless deviants. Murderers plain and simple. They deserve death, not a cozy cell. How about just strapping them to a chair and pulling out their fingernails then turning them over to the women to deal with. I would suspect the women could deal with them quite nicely as long as the women's identities were secret. Yes, we have brutal killings in the United States but I don't think the killings are state-sanctioned. We are dealing with pathologically deviant animals and our policy needs to reflect that. Show no mercy to such scum. Or rather, show them the mercy they showed to Du'a. H/T to Tundra Tabloid.

Always on Watch - Call to counter-jihadists!

If you are not familiar with Vigilant Freedom now would be a good time to introduce yourself. Latest: Attention, Counter-jihadists!. Also, We are all John Doe and how the Democrats want to make all airline passengers vulnerable to law suits from the Islamists among us. I cannot believe that all Muslims wish to do us harm. I must believe that many Muslims want to live in peace in a democratic republic. I pray they find their voice and, as anti-jihadist Muslims, are not finding themselves censored by the so-called Mainstream Media.

Western lemmings following PC Pied Piper over the cliff!

We are living in a world gone mad. At least many of the leaders seem to have gone stark, raving mad and of those, most should be committed to mental institutions, not elected to positions of power. Certainly the "international courts" should be banned followed closely by pulling the "life-support" of the United Nations, the EU, and the North American Union. At least someone read his Orwell and Huxley to bring us to heel. We seem to have people/judges and globalists signing on to the EU (e-ewe: nations of sheep), the NAU, and the UN's Human Rights Act that "subverts the rule of law itself." Londonistan, pg. 30, all certifiable, indeed. Michael Savage wrote a book, Liberalism is a mental disorder. How right he is! And that was before the madness of the PC garrote had tightened at our throats as it has today. When a dog gets into the chicken coop and has his way with the chickens, his muzzle covered in feathers and dripping with blood, we shoot him. He is a further danger, and like any rabid animal, he can no longer live in "civilized" society. We don't shoot him because we are discriminating against "dogs" or because we don't like his breed or his coat. We shoot him because he is mad and has proved himself to be a lethal danger. In America today, a person who is tested HIV-positive is treated as "special" with all sorts of laws protecting the person - I believe not even his wife can be told of the danger to her very life. Pedophiles are given sentences with no jail time and may be inconvenienced with having to see a parole officer from time to time; but otherwise, they are unleashed upon an innocent society to commit unthinkable autrocities. (Search Jessica Lunsford) Illegal aliens are allowed to remain in a nation and kill over 45,000 citizens since 9/11/2001; or better yet, join up with fellow terrorists - and the best the elected or appointed leaders can say is "I have a gut feeling" or "I can't enforce our laws" and by the way, "let's have amnesty all around." Subhuman life forms such as the filth that killed Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, see story here or here or the heinous acts of a family against their beautiful daughter, Banaz Mahoud, here are actually treated as "civilized" human beings. And for some unquestionable data reporting and analysis, see Murder Rates in Britain and Have you a daughter?. Yes, I am suggesting Jeffersonian law - a killer is convicted on Thursday and hanged on Friday. Not too difficult a concept all leading to a speedy trial and a swift implementation of sentence. Western society has become infected with a multicultural bacterial infection which if left untreated makes the "host" vulnerable to the PC virus which at the moment is rivaling the Flu Pandemic of 1918 as the greatest killer of mankind. The one sure way to end malaria is the use of DDT. Can't use it. Millions suffer and who knows how many die from malaria - PC inflicted suffering and death. So very humane. How can we stand ourselves amidst such insanity? For an excellent post with links to audio from the Neal Boortz show, see Miscellany. And for a further voice of where we stand now, see How Empires End. I could, of course, direct you to any posts at the Gates of Vienna if you want a reality check. The situation we now find ourselves in tops the charts of world-wide conflagration inflicted by politicians whose brains have turned to PC pudding. Why on earth would a sane society be so stupid as to allow people who make no secret of wanting to kill us and destroy our way of life into our very midst, into our nations at all? For any reason! Clearly, the PC pudding-heads are more concerned about epithets being hurled upon them like the excrement thrown at our guards at GITMO than they are about the safety of their own citizens. Drum roll, please! She's just a "racist", an islamophobe, anti-this or anti-that. Well, yes. I am certainly anti-stupidity. Several stories have prompted my rant: that of Nazanin in Iran; that of Banaz Mahoud in England; and the heinous atrocities inflicted upon Charlene Downes also in England. It is one thing for "morally" equivalent societies to accommodate each other when living together in peace. We see daily manifestations that the teachings of Islam - clearly a societal and political ideology based on condemning the rest of us to death - do not lead to "morally" equivalent societies living peacefully together. Quite the opposite. Simply stated, Christians, Jews, Hindus, and other followers of religions of today have advanced way beyond the mental pathologies of honour killings or serving victims up as shish kebabs. On that alone, one could rest one's case that there is not much "peace" or "humanity" in the "religion of peace." Why are Western societies allowing the foxes into the hen house? What will it take to restore common sense, a sense of national pride and the will to survive, a desire to protect our citizens? Yes, sorrowfully, Banaz Mahoud would have met the same fate in an islamic 7th century tribe but her blood would not be on the hands of her British "protectors." The very ones who according to Melanie Phillips in Londonistan (pages 48-51) have made accommodation with violent Islamic terrorists within their nation. Sort of a "You can set up shop here from which to wage international jihad. Just don't attack us. Please..." How silly and irresponsible! We see how well that's working for them and for us. Thanks, Britain's leaders! Has our State Department declared England to be on the "travel at your own risk" destination list yet? When Britain was great and she "ruled" the world, she instituted parliamentary laws as well as secular laws of a civilized citizenry wherever she went. Today, she has a powerless Queen and she cannot keep her own citizens safe. To ensure their on-going terror, she continues with insane asylum laws and refuses to deport the violent Islamic terrorists among her population. Even worse, many of the leaders of terrorism live off the English tax payers money and self-induced separatism flourishes. It must be said that Britain has been only an example here. All Western nations - if any can be called that today - have fallen under the suffocating and self-annihilating veil of political correctness which stands reason as well as open discussion on its head. Also, Western nations are succumbing to the evil spawn of politically correct liberalism as manifested through "international courts." How long will innocent citizens be subjected to the insanity? How long must they endure loud speakers warning them that un-attended luggage may include a bomb? To enter Busch Gardens one has to submit to a fingerprint scan and have purses including small cosmetics bags searched. To me, the violent Islamic terrorists have won with every purse that is searched and every little wheel-chaired, blue-haired lady is subjected to indignities. We have to bring back sanity and that does not mean providing foot-washing stations for "religious" practice. That nonsense is succumbing inch-by-inch to Islamic tyranny. And what cataclysmic event will lift the virus that mortally threatens the Western world? Yes, we are so civilized and we have freedom of religion. But "honour killings" do not speak to a situation in which "morally" equivalent societies are trying to live together peacefully. We cannot allow our "freedoms" to be used to bury us! We must maintain our freedoms but people who are our avowed killers do not deserve to be treated civilly, unless of course the desire is to ride the world of civilization and introduce a "new" dark age. We have lost our common sense and have entered what appears to be a cultural "death wish" because we - as nations - simply find denial a more palatable dish than reality. Don't worry! Reality will bring our leaders to their senses soon enough. When that occurs, I don't want the PC hypocrites shedding crocodile tears or saying, "we told you we had a gut feeling...see." So just like the jihadists who must tell us three times, we have been warned. How Empires End is worth your time as are the other links in this post. How will history record the fall of the West? Depends on who writes it... I say Western Civilization does not need to fall; it needs to wake up; it needs to shake off the veil of PC; and defend itself. We can still survive; we just need to call this "war on terror" what it is: a "holy war" declared against the West by the leaders of Islam. Did the leaders hijack the ideology or did the ideology hijack the leaders seeking power? What will it matter when dhimmis falls under the sting of the "religious police" with the crack of a whip upon the back of the legs? We are not dealing with "moral" equivalence here...

Britain's "religion of peace" garrotted own daughter

The story of Banaz Mahmod is not new in Merry Ole England these days. And with the insane asylum laws the story of the young woman brutally raped, tortured, garrotted, forced to have cruel and degrading sex acts, and finally stomped to death will certainly not be the last such tragedy. And this by her father, family, and friends. Oh, England - what is becoming of you and us for that matter to let such brutal people into your midst? You cannot control them, you certainly cannot get them to live by your laws when their imams tell them just to give lip-service to co-existing, and even worse they are given the "keys to the kingdom" because they are not white-skinned. The link is 'Honour Killing' family get life sentence. Please go to the story and see the beautiful young woman living in a "civilized" nation who when asking the police for help was turned away. Banaz Mahmod, 20 years old, feared for her life and who was it who killed her: the ones who should have protected her: her own father; her uncle Ari. Other men were involved. Briefly from the news story:
Banaz Mahmod was strangled because her family disapproved of her relationship with her boyfriend. Hama and three other men who have left the country killed her during two hours of torture at her home. She was raped and subjected to degrading sex acts before succumbing to an agonising death. The murder was ordered by her Iraqi Kurd father and uncle after her affair with fellow Kurd Rahmat Sulemani, 29, was discovered. The Common Serjeant of London, Judge Brian Barker, said: "This was a barbaric and callous crime. You are hard and unswerving men to whom apparently the respect from the community is more important that your own flesh and blood." Banaz was garrotted for five minutes but took half an hour to die as Hama stamped on her neck to "let her soul out".
Yes, the barbaric "religion of peace", the political ideology that wants to turn England into an islamic republic under Sharia Law where children are taught to strap on suicide-bombs and young women are raped and brutalized by their own family - the men in the family who above all people on earth the young women should be able to turn to for protection. What shame is upon such a senseless and brutal pathology! And this is the "peaceful" religion about which our president speaks. If this is what they do to their own daughters, can we expect any reason or negotiations - seriously now! Would you?

US tax dollars pay to force-feed terrorists at GITMO

Let me get this right. Our tax dollars are paying to have terrorists at GITMO who want to kill us force fed. Some of the violent Islamic terrorists "caught on the battle field" and housed at GITMO have been on hunger strike for some time. No doubt to protest the gourmet meals that are flown in for them. How outrageous! This story in from Ben Fox of the AP: Guantanamo hunger strikers stay defiant. Yes, defiant until they get their "Happy Meals". Good gawd a'mighty! Let the "evil doers" starve to death. That was good enough for the innocent Terri Shiavo. We allowed her to be starved and dehydrated. Ah, but then she wasn't a "terrorist minority"; she was a defenseless woman. Seems the lucky devils are protesting their "open-ended confinement" which seems to me a matter they should take up with bin Laden. He started this and they were caught fighting us. POWs are usually kept until "hostilities" are over and that won't happen for some time it seems. "...An Associated Press investigation reveals the most complete picture yet of a test of wills that's taking place out of public view and shows no sign of ending, despite international outrage." What outrage? That they are imprisoned or that we are feeding them. Of the hunger strikers, three are Saudi Arabians; one US educated Saudi engineer who says "he was proud to fight the U.S...." So much for our fine educational opportunities being thrown away on such swine. Further, "Guantanamo officials who deal directly with the strikers — and cannot be identified under military rules — cast doubt on their commitment. They say some were coerced by other detainees to stop eating and others eat McDonald's Happy Meals or Subway sandwiches provided by interrogators when they think other detainees won't find out." And still, "Health experts unaffiliated with the military say there are no nutritional consequences from long-term tube feeding, that with proper care it can be done safely. Psychological and physical harm, however, are a real possibility." Now, that's a lark. These jerks want to kill us and that's not a possibility; it is a fact. And behaving like the real psychopaths these terrorists are "Prisoners have sporadically refused to eat at Guantanamo since shortly after they began arriving in January 2002. Detainees also show defiance by banging on their cell doors in concert for extended periods or hurling their bodily excretions at guards." I'll bet it is a real joy to serve at GITMO with the animals our military are guarding to keep these terrorists from killing us. "Among opponents" (to us keeping these example of scum alive) "were the International Committee of the Red Cross and Physicians for Human Rights. "We believe the will of the detainee must be respected," Red Cross spokesman Simon Schorno said. Amen, brother Simon, I'm with you. Respect the will of the detainees and let 'em starve. We seem to forget they want to kill us. Any one remember the rusty sword used by the brave Islamic terrorist to saw off the head of screaming Nick Berg? We are too civilized by half.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Musharraf, "Where is Jimmy Carter when I need him?"

Well, I'm certain Musharraf would not be calling for any help from Jimmy Carter. We know how that story ended in Iran. Good old Jimmy! A Shah's best friend and the a good guy all around for the violent fundamentalist Islamic terrorists. Well, if not "a good guy all around", at least a wee helper. Can anyone spell Panama Canal? And how many days did the terrorist, Mad Jad, hold those Americans? Just read a short blurb in the National Review. All right, now you know. I'm conservative. The issue is dated July 30, 2007. The blurb is in "The Week" and pertains to the Red Mosque in Islamabad, Pakistan. As we know, the fellows leading the mosque and the two schools were preaching overthrow of the government. Their purpose being to "install a Taliban-type regime, by force if necessary." No surprise here. But has Musharraf waited too long to take on the violent Islamic extremists? Nope - my money is on Musharraf. Best of all there ain't no Jimmy to "help" him. ...either Musharraf "allows the Islamists to take over or to overpower them." The stakes are high. Musharraf will hold the Islamists back; he knows the danger and the threat even if our "open borders" destroyers of American sovereignty don't. If Musharraf fails, we won't be talking about an Islamic state trying to get nuclear weapons. Pakistan has them. Then it's beans and rice all 'round. But like Musharraf, our government is getting dangerously close to internal striff by allowing and encouraging Saudi-funded mosques and Islamist training schools to flourish right here in America. And all in the name of a "religion" which is a political ideology dressed in skirts. We shut down the Holy Land Foundation for a few years but then they were "only helpin' the poor and all." Wake up America! Disclaimer: not all Muslims are terrorists; but ALL terrorists are Muslims. Hmmm....

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Musharraf waging war against extremists

Here are two articles on Musharraf's "war on Muslim terrorists". Pakistan's Musharraf vows war on militants, rules out emergency Musharraf serious about fighting terrorism: US

Gates of Vienna - Baron locked out! Is Blogger having technical difficulties?

If you go over to Gates of Vienna, here, you will see a notice across the Gates of Vienna graphic. If you contact the Blogger help url, click on "Blogger down". This gives you a screen where you can leave a message. Blogger seems to have identified Gates as a "spam" blog???? More information is at Gates of Vienna blocked by Blogger posted by R. Hartman. Neither the Baron nor Dymnpha can access their site to post. Please send note to Blogger to clarify the integrity of the Gates of Vienna. Thank you.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

M. Zuhdi Jasser on Glenn Beck; Muslims and media need to face the violence in Islam

With the case against the Holy Land Foundation opeing in Dallas, we have an excellent opinion piece from, Rod Dreher: It's time Muslims, media confront violence in Islam. Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser is mentioned as a brave, courageous man who speaks out against the violence in Islam. I also want to mention that Dr. Jasser will be interviewed on the Glenn Beck show tonight - 9:00 to 10:00 EST. I'm going to try to watch because I want to hear Muslim voices raised against the Islamist fundamentalists whether they be Wahhabi, Sunni, or Shiite - they all want to destroy our freedoms and establish an Islamic state in the United States. Even the head of CAIR makes no secret of his desire to have Sharia Law established in the United States, shredding once and for all our US Constitution. Of course, how that would play out when up against the International Courts of the "new world order" is anyone's guess. But America has not had a president since Ronald Reagan who has believed in the sovereignty of the United States and the right of our laws to be "our laws" without us bending a knee to the International Courts, as we bow to the North American Union and genuflect to the EU. Dr. Jasser's web-site is American Islamic Forum for Democracy. I encourage my readers/friends to sign-up to receive e-mail info from Dr. Jasser's Forum.

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USA being colonized by Mexico and Islamic Republics

Yesterday, in "Inside the Beltway", John McCaslin has an accurate and telling comment on recent remarks by Representative Ted Poe of Texas in Colony of Mexico. Regarding illegal aliens from Mexico, "They pledge allegiance to another flag, many to the Mexican flag, not to the American flag. And that is the current problem with many illegals in this nation; they want to be colonists, not citizens," Mr. Poe remarked. From Inside the Beltway, "The congressman...said illegal aliens accept all the benefits from the United States but "they refuse to learn the language, they refuse to assimilate, and most importantly, they refuse to be loyal to this nation." And we - our government - gives illegal aliens and their extended families our hard-earned money when we in the middle class can hardly support ourselves. How suicidal is that? We don't need "suicide bombers"; we seem capable of commiting suicide all by ourselves. Representative Poe did not include the Muslim colonization but that is occurring as well with Muslims in America being taught not to assimilate. Where is our common sense? We must have lost it when "Alice in the Looking Glass" took a bite of the mushroom...

Sunni extremists slaughter Shiites in Northern Iraq

Officials report massacre in Diyala. In the report, Shiite villagers were massacred by Sunni extremists. With all due respect, what we are seeing in Iraq and globally including in the United States is the extremists of Islam, both Sunnis and Shiites - let's say Saudi Arabia and Iran - duking it out for world domination. Don't give me the song and dance that Islam is a "religion of peace" or that we need to pull out of Iraq. Like it or not, beat him up or not, President Bush is right in saying that he wants to take the "battle" to Muslim terrorists. That is what he has done and must keep doing so that they focus on destroying each other. Although our Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, has all but promised us an al-Qaeda attack on American soil this summer, many terrorists are congregating in Iraq and fighting each other there. Terrorist threat against U.S. said serious, well now, that rather let's our leaders off the hook, right? I know courageous American men and women are working behind the scenes to counter the jihadists, the Muslim terrorists, attacks, so I do not speak to disparage them. Rather, I speak to our leaders who are not fulfilling their duties to close our borders, deport people from "terrorist-sponoring" nations, including folks here on H1-B visas from Saudi Arabia. Still and all, with no direction about how we average Americans can help, that "gut feeling" still makes me feel warm and fuzzy. You too, I'll bet. Of course, the threat is serious. Other than further restrict Americans with Read ID cards, why doesn't our government go after the real "threats" and leave us alone? Stop the immigration for any reason of anyone from terrorist-supporting nations - should that include Great Britain as well?

Daniel Pipes: our confused leaders flailing in the face of Islamist extremism

If you are unfamiliar with the work of Daniel Pipes, I strongly recommend that you take a look at the following posts: When Conservatives Argue about Islam Shoeless George Bush [Discusses Islam] Salman Rushdie and British Backbone Another blog which is dedicated to informing the public about the very real encroachment of Islamist extremism upon these our United States and free democratic republics around the world may find postings such as the one linked below enlightening: Bush Administration & Muslim Brotherhood together at last.... Interesting that our agencies who are tasked with "connecting the dots" on terrorism are opposed to this move of appeasement with the Muslim Brotherhood. Wonder why? The posts at Vigilant Freedom/910 Group Blog are international in scope and worth your time. Please take a look and add both Daniel Pipes and Vigilant Freedom to your routine "blog" readings.

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America and Iraq - we must finish the job!

Ban presses U.S. to use 'caution' in leaving Iraq, by Betsy Pisik, published July 17, 2007. Well, this is one time I agree with aspects of what U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has suggested regarding our withdrawal from Iraq. To be blunt, Americans want "victory"; we want our military men and women to come home a "heroes" from Iraq. It is not a matter of whether the policies of President George W. Bush "fail or succeed" as is the battle cry of the "politicians to the bone" and not a Statesman among them unless one looks to Senator Dorgan of North Dakota. The Demon-crats see a Bush policy success as their failure and our troops be damned - by them. I just want us to get the sectarian groups killing each other while we "protect" the Iraqis right there in Iraq until the dust settles. Of course, keep going after al-Qaeda and the Saudi fighters and Iranian military that have interjected themselves into the battle and who make up the predominance of "insurgents" in Iraq. Let's let our troops do their job; let them come home victors with "ticker-tape" parades. Just for a few months, let's ban together as Americans and demand that the Senate act like Statesmen at least. From Pisik's news article: ~~~~~~~~~
NEW YORK — U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urged U.S. policy-makers yesterday to exercise "great caution" in considering any rapid withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Iraq. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has warned that Iraq might fall into chaos if U.S. troops withdraw too quickly. "It is not my place to inject myself into this discussion taking place between the American people, government and Congress," said Mr. Ban, who was expected to repeat the message during meetings on Capitol Hill today. "But I'd like to tell you that a great caution should be taken for the sake of the Iraqi people," he said at a U.N. press conference. "Any abrupt withdrawal or decision may lead to a further deterioration." Mr. Ban's visit to Washington comes as Congress debates a number of measures aimed at forcing the Bush administration to begin winding down its troop involvement in Iraq. Senate Democratic leaders said yesterday they are close to securing enough Republican support to pass a measure calling for a troop withdrawal to begin by the end of the year. Other international critics of the war are also warning that a premature U.S. departure from Iraq could have devastating consequences. "I hated the Iraq war, [but] a hasty withdrawal would be dangerous for Iraq, for the region and for U.S. interests," International Crisis Group analyst Joost Hiltermann said in Washington yesterday. He argued in favor of a regional approach to Iraq's problems. Several Arab diplomats and leaders of relief agencies also have warned that Iraq would devolve into chaos with massive casualties if the American troops left too soon. Mr. Ban also meets today with President Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who are expected to ask the secretary-general to beef up the U.N. presence in Iraq. They would like the world body to do more to address the country's humanitarian needs and to support its fragile government. Mr. Ban said he also plans to brief the Americans on a U.N. timetable for installing a hybrid African-international peacekeeping force in Darfur, a priority for both the international organization and the Bush administration... African soldiers are expected to form the bulk of the Darfur force, but Western technical, logistical and financial support will be necessary to get the effort off the ground. Mr. Ban said the U.S. contribution "would be immensely important," but declined to be more specific about U.S. involvement.
~~~~~~~~~~ Give our military what they need to do the job; step back and let them do their jobs without all the sophomoric ploys the Senate and House are engaged in. They are not the Commander-in-Chief. Just for once during this long war, let the Commander-in-Chief and our Generals do their jobs. On Darfur, America must absolutely keep our forces out of the engagement.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Britains need to vote on participation in the EU

From the Telegraph, Let the English people decide, a request is going out to allow the British people to vote on a referendum regarding the EU. ~~~~~~~~~~ EU petition: Let the people decide Posted at: 17:20 We believe that the EU Reform Treaty will make significant changes to the way in which Britain is governed, permanently alienating powers from Westminster to Brussels, notably through: - A European Head of State - An EU diplomatic corps and foreign minister - A common system of criminal justice and a European Public Prosecutor - The abolition of 40 national vetoes - Bestowing on the EU the ‘legal personality’ and treaty-making powers of a sovereign state - Reducing Britain’s voting strength in Council of Ministers meetings by 30 per cent All three parties promised a referendum on such changes at the 2005 general election. We believe that they should stand by their manifesto commitments, and that the Reform Treaty should come into effect only following approval in a national referendum. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you have a comment to make, please go to the link. The British people need to be allowed to vote and to have a voice in their destiny as a nation or see their nation go by the wayside. I have left a comment because we need England as an ally and the EU is designed to end all of that as well as the nation-state as we know it.

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President Nicolas Sarkozy - a man for our times?

President Nicolas Sarkozy - a man for our times? I know hope is for "suckers" but I must admit that I hope Sarkozy is the man to pull Europe back from the growing slid into Islamic Republics. The news from Holland is not good as pointed out by R. Hartman in Bad news from Holland where officials seem to know little about Islam and its political ideology. Merv brings us, Just war against Islamist terrorist in which we
"look at the way Arabs are being killed by al-Qaeda in the Anbar province of Iraq or at the murders of barbers in Basra, or the decision by an Iranian court to order a 43-year-old woman named Mokarrameh Ebrahimi to be stoned to death for adultery, which Amnesty International says 'beggars belief'... Brutality has come to signify purity of faith among the followers of radicalised sects just as it did for the mass murderers of the Khmer Rouge...."
On top of this we have 4,000 al Qaeda trainees sent to UK from Prairie Pundit. The West and Western Civilization need a man for our time, a man who will defend our culture and preserve our way of life. Of course, we must do our part by becoming informed and by informing our politicians. But today, by chance, I came across President Sarkozy's recent speech at Epinal, France on July 12, 2007. I was unable to take notes quickly enough but here is some of what he said - paraphrased, naturally - please forgive errors.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy spoke of accountability in government as well as accountability of the French people themselves. He encouraged all citizens to assume the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in a secular society. Essentially, people who do not support the secularism that is France - should not remain there. The French are one people under secular law.
To me, Nicolas Sarkozy is the hope of France, the hope of Europe, and perhaps the hope of Western Civilization, a man who can focus our attention and our goals of maintaining our democratic republics in the face of the relentless and ruthless push of Islamic fundamentalism which is seeking world domination through terrorism, through extortion, through law suits, and through any and all forms of intimidation available. See Twenty-Year Plan: Islam Targets America. But Sarkozy sits there in France with the largest international training site for terrorists right across the channel in Great Britain, flourishing in London itself. Back to his points - paraphrased and subtle -
if one wants an Islamic Europe, more specifically, an Islamic France, their energies are wasted, they should go back to and modernize Islamic republics to move into the 21st Century moving them from barbarism to civility - freeing women from slavery, freeing "dhimmis" from the brutality of the Islamic regime or they should mire Islam's followers further into the mire of the past. The case can be made that Muslims who want freedom should stay in their countries and work for that goal. Wisely, he stated that there would be no amnesties coming from his office. He pointed out the importance of discussing issues including the issue of the judiciary and its move to take over or usurp legislative power or responsibilities. He is clearly not in favor of judges taking power over legislative authority. "I want open dialogue on issues. We should never fear debate."
Perhaps, he hasn't yet had Islamists push for "hate speech" laws as they are in the United States that would end debate. He stressed, "The goal of my effort is that we have new values toward work." He seems very much opposed to the capital-killing taxes on people who work while those taxes provide support to people who don't contribute and don't work. He ended with "Long live the Republic. Long live France!" Will Nicholas Sarkozy be the Winston Churchill of our times? I don't know. All I know is that we need Western leaders who see the threat and deal with it, not turn their toes up and assume room temperature. So, "Long live the Republic. Long live France!" To Nicholas Sarkozy - good luck and godspeed. We may all be depending on you and your efforts to set things aright in your "secular" society and in doing so, set an example for other Western European leaders to follow. First, the EU needs to be weakened along with the weakening of international judges usurping the will of any given nation's citizens. Then onward to liberty!

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In Iraq with Saudi friends, America doesn't need enemies?

From Jihad Watch, we have Saudi jihadists now make up half the foreign fighters in Iraq. Really, with Saudi Arabia as our friend, the United States doesn't need any enemies. We're not even talking about the Wahhabi mosques sprouting across our nation like dandelions - a weed - pounding hatred into the followers.
"Saudis' role in Iraq insurgency outlined," by Ned Parker for the Los Angeles Times (thanks to Hot Air): BAGHDAD — ...the largest number of foreign fighters and suicide bombers in Iraq come from a third neighbor, Saudi Arabia, according to a senior U.S. military officer and Iraqi lawmakers. About 45% of all foreign militants targeting U.S. troops and Iraqi civilians and security forces are from Saudi Arabia; 15% are from Syria and Lebanon; and 10% are from North Africa, according to official U.S. military figures made available to The Times by the senior officer. Nearly half of the 135 foreigners in U.S. detention facilities in Iraq are Saudis, he said. Fighters from Saudi Arabia are thought to have carried out more suicide bombings than those of any other nationality, said the senior U.S. officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the subject's sensitivity. It is apparently the first time a U.S. official has given such a breakdown on the role played by Saudi nationals in Iraq's Sunni Arab insurgency. He said 50% of all Saudi fighters in Iraq come here as suicide bombers. In the last six months, such bombings have killed or injured 4,000 Iraqis.... Askari also alleged that imams at Saudi mosques call for jihad, or holy war, against Iraq's Shiites and that the government had funded groups causing unrest in Iraq's largely Shiite south. Sunni extremists regard Shiites as unbelievers.
Well, the good news is that we infidels are not considered the only "unbelievers". Whew! It was lonely at the top. Now, if we could just figure out how to let the various "unbelievers" duke it out and then move in to help the "democratic republic" oriented folks that are left, well, that would be a plan... Transporting the latter folks to the United States is not the answer. Can anyone spell ANWR for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? I'd like to see Saudi oil dry up and/or see those Mercedes coughing dust in the desert.

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Islam's Twenty Year Plan: Bump in the road! Could be!

Just in from Najistani based on Despite Plots, Britons see Peaceful Islam. Well, not exactly... ~~~~~~~ Najistani said... The word is getting through - here's a new slant on the recent "religion of peace" spin-doctoring.
"The survey found that young people are the group most likely to see Islam as a violent religion. Nearly 28 percent of 18-24 year olds believe Islam is fundamentally a religion of war which sits uneasily with modern Western culture compared with 17 percent of the overall population and only 13 percent of those aged 65. Less than half of all 18-24 year olds (48%) see Islam as a religion of peace, compared with 60 percent or over for every other age group, the poll found. "The trend that will alarm the Government and community groups most is that young people, who are generally more positive about spirituality, are so much more negative about Islam than the population as a whole," said Woolley."
Is this because young people are more likely to get their news and opinions from the internet than from the MSM? We can hope and keep on blogging... One thing we know for certain - the MSM is not about news; it is about advancing Liberal Leftist elitism and the voice of CAIR.

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Muslim Apocalypse - What they are plotting for you and yours!

Several posts may be of interest: Charlene Downe's Murder Trial Update and Murder Rates in Britain by Sir Henry Morgan. But in spite of growing statistics regarding the "religion of peace", incredibly, Despite Plots, Britons see Peaceful Islam. A whole lot of denial going on or maybe it just depends on what course one has for dinner. Eh! ~~~~~~~~~~~ From Najistani: MUSLIM APOCALYPSE - WHAT THEY ARE PLOTTING FOR YOU AND YOURS Was the Charlene Downes murder 'revenge' for 'humiliation'? There can never be such a thing as moderate Islam nor such a person as a moderate Muslim. Every Muslim is BY DEFINITION committed to killing, subjugating and humiliating the Kuffar (Infidel) . He may not be prepared to fight himself, nor blow himself up, but he must support those who do. This, above all, is demanded of him by the Koran. To obstruct or in any way hamper the Jihad is to betray his 'brother' Muslims and his religion. Doing so is apostasy, treason to Allah punishable by death in this world and ever-lasting hellfire in the next. It is however quite permissable to denounce terrorist attacks - this is the tactic of taqiyya (deception) to confuse the gullible infidels. It is actually a virtue for a Muslim to lie to the Infidel to further the cause of Islam. So when the next batch of Kaffirs are ripped and burned to shreds by incendiary nail bombs, just ignore the statements of Muslim leaders denouncing the terrorists as a tiny minority of extremists. They will pontificate for hours, but behind their pretensions of sympathy is a virulent psychopathic hatred of the Kuffars and an unwavering support for those Muslims who attack them. Every Muslim, and that includes doctors, is BY DEFINITION committed to killing, subjugating and humiliating the Kuffars. The foundation of the Muslim cult is an unremitting and implacable hatred of non-Muslims. The world is divided into Dar al-Islam - the realm where Islam is supreme with Kuffars as subjugated dhimmis, and Dar al-Harb - the realm of war, those lands still controlled by the Kuffars. Humiliation of Kuffars is a major objective for modern Muslims. Methods of humiliation range from rape, mutilation, castration and torture (Kris Donald), attacks on iconic cultural symbols, distributing videos of Kuffars being beheaded after pleading for their lives, and feeding the flesh of dead Kuffars to other unsuspecting Infidels (Charlene Downes). And the humilation will increase. Islam is an honor/shame culture, and Muslims feel themselves to have been shamed by the Kuffar. Muslims have a huge number of real and imagined grievances, all of which will be avenged many times over when the time comes. They resent the political power of the Kuffar. They are insulted and humiliated by cartoons of their Pedophile and by Salman Rushdie's knighthood. Muslims envy the cultural, scientific and technical superiority of the Kuffar. They especially resent the colonial period when Kuffars occupied Dar al-Islam and built railways, roads, aqueducts, colleges and hospitals in a vain attempt to bring the inhabitants out of the Stone Age. Most of all, they resent the very existence of the Kuffar as an insult to Islam, Allah and the Pedophile. Muslims are seething with barely repressed anger and the burning desire to avenge a million real and imagined insults. When Muslims finally get the power to wreak their revenge on the Kuffar, the release of pent up fury will be truly Apocalyptic - an unbelievably violent eruption of rage, rape, mutilation, torture, mass-murder and genocide which will make Attila, Gengis Khan, Hitler, Stalin and Chairman Mao seem like amateurs. ~~~~~~~ Now, the bad news for me is that I have been reading quite a bit lately on Mohammed and his political/military aims and "accomplishments" - conversion at the blade of a sword. I have also been reading of the Islamic belief that we are all born Muslims and corrupted by our parents. If it is true that we are all "born Muslims", then why in the world would our Muslim brothers and sisters want to kill us and skewer us for dinner? How can it be our fault that we were "corrupted" by our parents? Candidly, it looks like Islam could benefit from a "golden rule" of kindness instead of death or parasitic living off of taxes that are imposed upon infidels who are following a religion forced upon us by our "corrupt" parents. Seems Islam should be filled with love and compassion for we "lost" souls instead of teaching their children to kill us. Oh, so confusing.... And then, strapping bombs to their children - talk about kids having to be "over-achievers" to get parental approval. Mercy.... Simple fact is that Islam is a complete form of "totalitarianism" - a cradle to grave control that is far more a political ideology than a "religion". The Devil's greatest trick was to convince us that he doesn't exist. Islam's greatest feat is to convince us that it is a religion alone.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Update on the Charlene Downes Murder Trial

From Najistani: I'll break the link in two so the end doesn't get truncated. You'll need to cut and paste http://www.jihadwatch.org plus /dhimmiwatch/archives/017380.php BTW There has been a total MSM news blackout in Britain on the gruesome case of Charlene Downes, and very little even in the blogosphere. Maybe some of you right-wing bloggers could change that: From http://nationalistblog.blogspot.com/2007/07/charlene-downes-murder-trial-update.html that's http://nationalistblog.blogspot.com plus /2007/07/charlene-downes-murder-trial-update.html "Britain's heavily controlled Politically Correct mass media continue to ignore one of the most unpleasant cases of suspected racist murder - which probably involved gang rape as well. 14-year-old Charlene Downes (if you haven't heard) is believed by Blackpool police to have been raped, strangled and her body cut up and turned into kebabs and tile grout after her disappearance in November 2003. Two Muslim men - one a former social worker - are on trial for her murder or with assisting in the disposal of her body. The combination of murder, the appalling likelihood that scores of unwitting customers actually ate Charlene, and the unasked question as to whether this was another case involving the grooming for sex and drugs of a young white girl by a Muslim sex predator gang should have made this killing national front page news. ~~~~~~~~~ Can't believe it! Neither can I but it is true! From the Religion of Peace. And Britain won't send these murders and terrorists back to their "native" countries because why? They may receive "harsh" treatment...

Crusaders captured Jerusalem - July 15, 1099 - Happy Anniversary!

From Larwyn: Oh, happy day! It's happy anniversary jubilation all round! Yes - today is the anniversary of the date when the Crusaders captured Jerusalem in 1099. From Gateway Pundit, Summer of Sequels..new OBL Video?. And, conveniently, violent Islamic terrorists - following some principle of "integrity" only of course to keep them on the path to paradise - must warn us three times: al-Zawahiri threat. From Jules Crittenden, Qaeda said what?. From Don Surber, Let's help them die for al-Qaeda. And from American Thinkker, Jesus called it 'Israel' by James Arlandson James Arlandson. All posts are gifts from Larwyn in her tireless endeavor to keep up with what the heck is going on and passing the info on to us. The thing is: "What would Jesus do?" In the face of Islamofascism? Hard to say. He came to introduce us to the world with a golden rule. He did not come to liberate Israel from the Romans; He did not come as a secular leader nor would he have engaged in the sectarian forms of violence done in the "name of god" purely for the aggrandizement and power of men. He would probably turn His cheek once or twice but I don't believe He'd put His head on a swivel. So let's hear a good cheer for those Crusaders! Happy Anniversary! July 16, 1099 - Yeehaw! Let's kick some jihadi a__! Bring on the cowboys!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Britain's PM Brown warns against Cabinet wrecking relationship with US

Brown warns Cabinet not to wreck relationship with US may be too little, too late in a nation whose leaders cannot even say "Islamist terrorists". To heck with the speech of Douglas Alexander causing "offence in parts of the Bush administration" with his statements that "other states (nations) should abide by international rules on the use of military force, and put more effort inot building than destroying." When you, Mr. Alexander, have had to watch rescue and cadaver dogs work their way through the rubble that was the Twin Towers then speak to US about "international rules". Good gawd a'mighty! From the news article, "Ordinarily, correspondence within the Cabinet is kept secret, but Downing Street last night revealed Mr. Brown's letter describes the bond with the US as "the single most important bilateral relationship for the UK." Don't worry! Americans may think that Britain's government is putting its people at risk but here at home, we don't have to "think" it. We see it with 12-20,000,000 illegal aliens and thousands of Middle Eastern men getting college educations right here. To Britain, Americans - the citizens - will never let you down. We'd swim the pond to help keep you safe if you asked. Right now, I only ask that you "clean up" and "toss out" the Islamic terrorists in your midst sucking from the welfare trough and making plans to destroy us all. And where is there better entertainment in the entire world than to watch the PM speak/answer questions and defend positions than the English Parliment? No better TV in town. You Brits do that right! Fun and fiery! And the Back Benchers! Grand, simply grand! This is why we worry over here across the pond: Europe - The Dawn of Islamic Europe from USS Neverdock. Gird your loins and do as they scream at President Bush regarding war in Iraq, make a course correction. The civilized world needs you to do that. You are Vienna, 1683.

Update of Islam's Twenty-Year Plan targeting America

From Twenty-Year Plan: Islam Targets America, we have "Item 14. Undermine America's sense of security with misinformation of impending attacks on bridges, tunnels, water supplies, airports, apartment buildings and malls." Well, we could be in for a long-hot summer. From Jihad Watch we have, Taliban commander on video: New attack will dwarf failed U.K. attacks. I recommend reading all of the links within the post. Now here's the thing. If ABC news folks can go into terrorist training camps and interview graduates of "suicide bombers are us", why can't we do a little discrete "IED planting" ourselves embedded in the news teams? As an aside, guess who is the sponsor of HR 1592, Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Protection Act of 2007 which is now in the Senate. Yep, you guessed it, Representative John Conyers which falls nicely into the directive of "Item 1. Replace America's freedom of speech with hate crimes bills nation-wide." And guess who sponsored H.Res. 288 condemning bigotry and religious intolerance...in which Christianity and Judaism are mentioned once each and Islam is mentioned 7 times if you include Islamic? That's right, John Conyers. See H. RES. 288. The word "Muslim" is mentioned twice. Christians and Jews not at all as religious folk. Which also supports "Item 4. Nominate Muslim sympathizers to political office." Once they are in public office, keep them there. Can anyone say, "Obama"? HR 1592 supports "Item 7. Protest any time Islam is criticized or the Qur'an is analyzed in the public arena." But hey, Jesus Christ Superstar was a hit. Read the Twenty-Year plan and fill in your own list of actions that advance the goal expresssed. Note that the plan does not say, Twenty-Year Plan: Islamists Target America.

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Dancin' in the streets of Anbar - What surge isn't working?

H/T to Gateway Pundit for US/Iraqi Soldiers Dance in Streets of Anbar (Video). So which surge is not working? The video is of Marines and Iraqi soldiers celebrating the 4th of July. As an added bonus there is footage of a few IED-placing Islamist terrorists getting a jump-start on their trip to martyrdom. Who says our Marines can't dance? The Iraqis do a good job of it too. Psst, don't let the Liberal left media know you've seen this footage. They aren't about to let you see it. Let's just keep 'em in the dark where they want to keep us, like mushrooms, in the dark covered with....

Westminster Abbey and the Islamist threat

Just now, I was talking with one of my children and recalling our trip to England several years ago. I spoke of the religious wars that have plagued England over its long history - the wars between, arguably, sects of Christianity. We spoke of Salisbury Cathedral to which I had a strong affinity. And then I mentioned our midnight vigil at the Mass of the Eucharist on Christmas Eve in Westminster Abbey. As I walked down the long extension of the cross, felt the brush of the stone floors beneath the thin, soft leather soles of my low-heeled boots, I was enthralled by the Waterford crystal lamps suspended from the ceiling. I was enthralled and humbled to be in the presence of such history. To be walking where great and noble men and women of the past have walked - some to greatness and some to calamity. As an English major in undergraduate school, I had studied not only England's great writers but also her history. I was in heaven. Later I wrote of her history and traveled to her northern colony, :), Scotland, where I had the honor of walking among the ruins of St. Andrews. I hope that I will always remember the force of the wind off the North Sea upon my face on that sun-filled day. Back to Westminster... That Christmas Eve, we had walked from Buckingham Palace, where I skipped in front of the palace, to Westminster Abbey. [We took a taxi back to our hotel after Mass. But first we walked.] We waited with others near the very front of the line - in the cold - for the Abbey to open for us on our midnight vigil. Naturally, ever the tourist, I bought heather from the old women. As I entered the Abbey, just 5 people ahead of me, I was carried back in time in my soft leather boots and my near-floor length midnight-blue wool cape as I swept along the long extension of the cross to the section where Admiral Nelson and others of the Admiralty are revered. I, being the ugly American, walked to the railing in front of which Princess Diana's casket would later come to rest. I was deeply immersed in the glory that is Britain - warts and all - with her brave men and true. In many ways today, you are the 1683 Gates of Vienna - you, your nation, you native Brits, are the line in the sand; you are Haridan's wall, beyond which Islam may not pass. You have the Islamic terrorists within your walls and from within those sacred walls, they threaten all of Western Civilization. Please, protect Westminster Abbey. Please protect your values and if, as Melanie Phillips suggests, you have misplaced those values and standards that have so led you to greatness, please pull them out of the darkness from under the staircase where they have been hidden. Westminster Abbey - as a symbol, as a fact, as a culture and a civilization - must not fall...

Far-left extremists and Islamists: same goal, different method

From time to time, different editorial writers will talk about the "culture of death" when they refer to the "religion of peace". You know, the bombings, beheadings, fatwas, and such. It just occurred to me that they and the extreme far-left Liberals, internationally and some in our Senate as well are really very much aligned. They just have different means to their end. Mark Steyn, in America Alone, details how successful one group has been through delineating the declining birth rates throughout Western Civilization. Back to... Under the battle cry of "a woman's right to choose", the extreme far-left seems to want to "abort", as in exterminate, every baby that is conceived before birth. At least in Senatorial rants in support of "partial birth abortion" that seems a fair assessment. The violent, radical Islamist terrorist extremists want to "kill" the infidel. Of course, by that time, we are at least born. In any event, they both want the same thing - us dead!

Baby Troll Blog and Barry Goldwater's timeless quotation

Baby Troll Blog has a Barry Goldwater quotation that is timeless and every bit true: "Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue. Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice." Barry Goldwater Goldwater's words were true when he spoke them and they are vitally true today. Let's hope someone in power is listening and acting on those sound words. Desparate times call for "extreme" measures upon occasion. We're there and we can rid our nation of "hate-filled" imams without bothering the "moderate" Muslims who live here peacefully and don't want Sharia Law anymore than the rest of us. H/T Baby Troll...

Marxist Hillary or reformed (?) Muslim Obama

Pick your poison. Remember the first rule of order for Muslims, if they follow the Qur'an, is to lie to infidels to advance the "political" ideology and theocratic goals embodied in Islam. For a good look at some facts regarding Muslims, leaving Islam, and converting to Christianity regarding Barack Obama, see Guest Post by Cassandra: Obama. Obama was born into a Muslim family - father was Muslim and the children are reared in the father's religion. When his mother (Ann Obama) divorced his father, she later went on to marry a Muslim man from Indonesia. There is simply no way, no how, that Obama was not brought up and schooled under Islamic teachings. Islam has a "religious" component but keep in mind that Islam is the "church and the state." Read the post at Always on Watch. Forewarned is fore-armed. And we need to be warned. For more reading, see: Barack Hussein Obama, Jr.. Barack's mother was Ann Dunham Obama. Searches here are helpful as well.

Musharraf sending troops to deal with terrorists

From Alamgier Bhittani and Zulfiqar Ali, Operation likely in tribal areas: "TANK/PESHAWAR, July 12: The army started deploying troops in NWFP’s southern districts, adjoining the Waziristan region, amid reports that an operation to curb militancy and extremism was imminent...Security officials said that two army divisions were being deployed in the NWFP and tribal areas...Local Taliban expressed resentment over the troops’ redeployment in North Waziristan. They asked the government to pull troops back by July 15...Militants’ spokesman Abdullah Farhad accused the government of violating the peace agreement signed on September 5, 2006, under which it had to withdraw all troops." Perhaps we, the people, need to be paying a bit more attention to what is going on in Pakistan. Musharraf seems to be poised to go after the militant Islamic extremists - tribes in the region that borders Afghanistan - and he seems serious about it. Pakistan is a nation fighting for its survival. Some may argue in their elitist Left-Liberal way that a "military" government is bad. I say, we the US have backed the wrong folks and look what it has gotten us. Cuba comes to mind. We are backing Musharraf. Let's see how that works. Musharraf has his hands full but I think he can handle the situation. If he doesn't handle it, he'll need a very fast plane out of town. If he doesn't handle the Islamic terrorists, al-Qaeda, tribes or whatever, we'll have a bigger problem: militant, deadly Islamist terrorists with nukes surrounded by Afghanistan, Iran, India, with an assorted group of "stans" to the north. Musharraf must clean out that hornet's nest and while he's at it, clean out the radical Islamist mosques and their "training" centers as well. And he is not alone in his efforts. In America, we have this "freedom of religion" thing going for us. It means "freedom of religion"; it does not mean "freedom to spread violent Islamist ideology" among us whose followers are working to destroy us and our way of life. In the House of Representatives on Capital Hill, those boys and girls have been busy with bills such as H.R. 1592, Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Protection Act of 2007 (under the 110th Congress). The bill has been sent to the Senate. How was 9/11 for a "hate crime"?

Friday, July 13, 2007

Gordon Brown unveils plan to stop growing Islamic militancy in Britain? No!

~~~~~~~~~ In a surprising move of moral and national clarity, Prime Minister Gordon Brown spoke out against Islamic terrorism and violent Muslim extremist growing in England. Brown raised the chances of a victory of Western Civilization over the tyrannical war being waged by Islamism against all of the civilized world. In a few brief words, Brown raised the banner of strength in the face of Islamic Imperialism's oppressive aggression: "Terrorism and extremism has not ended in Britain...But it is our resolve that we will eliminate extremism and terrorism wherever it exists. Extremism and terrorism will be defeated in every corner of the country....We will never allow any madrassa or mosque to be used as a training ground for militants...as a military fort rather than a place of spiritual tranquility. We charge those in charge of madrassas or Islamic religious schools to eradicate hatred and violence from the minds of their students." At last, a man who is not in denial. Not bound by the insanity of Britain's asylum laws, not bound by the insanity of the EU and the UN where every transgression by a miniority immigrant is covered under the guise of "human rights." ~~~~~~~~~ OMG - I just checked my source. Musharrif said those words, just yesterday, referring to the Red Mosque, not the Green Lane Mosque. For all his strengths and weaknesses, the West may find its only hope for survival is in the hands of the President of Pakistan. My apologies to Musharraf for putting his words in Brown's mouth. There are good things to be said about a man having clarity on the steps he must take for the survival of moderate Muslims in his Islamic Republic and for his own survival as well. Let's see how he does. And what is that notion in England that the Anglican Church is the official Church of England? Look, if anyone can save Western Civilization, Britain can do it - they are not bothered by our constitution as Sir Henry Morgan assured me. See Sir Henry's post, Murder Rates, in which he does a detailed analysis of murder rates in Britain. Then get back to me on the "religion of peace." I stand with his disclaimer that all practitioners of "minority" religions in Great Britain do not buy into the murderous creed of violent Islamic terrorism or the teachings of Islamist clerical fascism. Apologies to PM Gordon Brown as well. He is just the newest eunuch to be added to the EU stable; he can't even use the words Islamic terrorism in the same sentence. Poor man; poor Britain. It's no longer "balls to the walls". Now for European leaders, it's "balls nailed to the walls."

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Musharraf tough on terrorists; Western nations open borders and wait!

I totally accept that the Islamic terrorists from al Qaeda to any other group want to attack all of us in the West. I'll admit that I am surprised to learn that England, Britain, is the hot-bed of international terrorist organizations waging jihad across the globe. I was surprised to read an analysis of the Murder Rates of Brit natives to non-Brits in Britain, here. Excellent analysis although all readers may not agree. My knowlegde of history in India and Pakistan is woefully inept. Searching over at the World Factbook, I find that in the partitioning frenzy that accompanied Britain's withdrawal from former British Colonies, what is Pakistan today was part of India until 1947, then Bangladesh was "born" in 1971. And in 2007, Pakistan had 1/2 the population of the United States. Following the Red Mosque incident, today, the jailed cleric bother of the dead used his time at the funeral to morph into a "denunciation of the government" and called for an "Islamic revolution." President Musharraf "went on national television to vow that his government will crush extremists across the country and move strongly against religious schools like those at the Red Mosque that breed them." Musharraf has a point - have your "religious" freedom but don't abuse that "freedom" to call for "revolution". Of course, perhaps Musharraf has a closer knowledge of the Islamist threat than our Western politicans do, having survived numerous assination attacks. In the West, the United States more specifically now that Chertoff has a "gut feeling" - Lord knows that just makes me tingly with warm fuzzies at the depth of knowledge of our Homeland Security gurus - we all know what Katherine Shrader reports, Al-Qaida works to plant U.S. operatives. Well, of course they are. We have no idea how many "terrorists" are among our 12 - 20,000,000 illegal aliens. For a perspective, England's population today is approximately 60,000,000. One of points in the draft National Intelligence Estimate states: "The U.S. will face 'a persistent and evolving terrorist threat' within its borders over the next three years. The main danger comes from Islamic terrorist groups, especially al-Qaida, and is 'driven by the undimished intent to attack the homeland and a continued effort by terrorist groups to adapt and improve their capabilities.'" Wouldn't it be nice if we started going after mosques and their affiliated "schools" or Islamic centers that are funded by Saudi money to spread Wahhabism? Political Islam is NOT a religion. "Moderate" Muslims in the United States must make their voices heard. My greatest fear is that nations such as Britain may find themselves in a civil war if native Brits feel dangerously threatened and many peaceful Muslims, Hindus, and others who do want to co-exist as Brits under the flag and the secular laws of Britain will be caught up and become the real tragedy of Islamic aggression against the West. As I mention at the head of my blog, our US Constitution is not a suicide pact. Somehow, we citizens together must end this "politically correct multiculturalism" madness. People of different ethnic groups can and do live peacefully together. But they forge a unique culture. To me, it is very sad to see the unique American culture caving in upon itself just as we were really seeming to get a handle on this "unique" culture we have based on individual rights and responsibilities, not group rights at the expense of the whole. We'll prevail. Just don't know what it will take for our leaders to get kicked in the bottom with good shoe leather to get their attention. Amnesty for 12 to 20,000,000 is insanity and it is a battle we must wage every year, that's right, every single year. We have the Patriot Act and RICO statutes that could close down Islamist terrorist training centers. We have the laws to stop the funding of insurrection on our soil by Middle Eastern nation(s). I can't get a "gas credit card" unless some lady in India can get info up to and including my bra size. Following a trip to Texas, I'm probably on a "watch list" because I got horse manure on my boots and that showed up as nitrogen or a friend who takes nitroglycerin for heart problems gave me a poster which probably had "transfer" from his hands. Who knows? I know I'm in some computer database for that. Just what will it take for us to stop letting the Islamists run circles around us and tie us up in our own laws?

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