Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ann Coulter on Kwanzaa

Oh how the mighty have fallen for their own yarns...and roped in the rest of us. The following editorial was found at Mr. Minority in his Opinions of the Day - 1/3/2008. The editorial is by Ann Coulter, Kwanzaa - Holiday from the FBI. "Holiday from the FBI" does not mean time off from the FBI; it means a holiday courtesy of the FBI. Read the editorial and see how we are all duped none more than the "founder" of the made-up holiday of Kwanzaa. I read someplace that one could search Africa high and low and never meet anyone who had a clue what kwanzaa is. It is certainly not a holiday from Africa; it is a holiday made up by an American of African ancestry. And the saddest dupe of all, after our brothers and sisters who believe kwanzaa is an authentic "religious" holiday, our President Bush - when he's not busy bowing to CAIR; he's busy extolling the virtures of a made-up, non-inclusive "holiday" based on the violent and exclusive heads of the snake of the SLA. Remember Patty Hearst? Thanks to Mr. Minority...


Blogger Dr.D said...

I read Ann Coulter's original article. This is so sad really, that people are so stupid and so desperate for something, anything non-Christian, to celebrate at this time of the year that they will fall for this foolishness. And even worse, when the hoax is fully revealed and documented, they persist in it! Sad, sad, sad. What does this say about the intelligence of these poor souls? Nothing good, that's for certain.

10:27 PM  

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