Friday, March 21, 2008

Keep eye on Treaty of Lisbon

What you say does the sale of snuff and a little tussle about that between the 30,000 folks in the Aland Islands and Finland then scoping to the broader EU/European Union have to do with the United States, Canada, and the most corrupt government on earth, Mexico? Well, everything, especially when you toss in the disgusting United Nations and consider the developing North American Union. You see, everyone wants to control you and me and everything we "can do" from breathing to sleeping to selling snuff, to duck hunting, and to populating our respective nations with cultures so foreign to us as to destroy our United States Constitution, the rule of United States law WITHIN our borders, and make our US Supreme Court a "mock" court and each and everyone of our STATEs just another tax collector with no legislative power or responsibilities at all. Certainly no accountability to us - we the people. No, we need to keep an eye on the Treaty of Lisbon - I recommend adding it to your Google News Alert list - and we need to watch as nations say goodbye to any semblance of responsibility to their people. An example is insurance. The farther away the receiver of the "insurance benefit" gets from the giant bureaucracy that controls the benefit, the more layers of stops to keep you away from receiving responsible treatment, etc. Aland Islands to "snuff" Treaty of Lisbon And additionally, it looks like Ireland (God bless 'em) will vote NO on the Treaty of Lisbon, A NO vote will keep us strong. Most of the discussion centers around national sovereignty (sound familiar). The difference is that our NAFTA is seen as an "agreement" and not a "treaty" and the North American Union is proceeding at a pace with no votes from American citizens at all. Have you had a chance to vote on the North American Union? No, and don't look for that to ever happen! Several European nations are fighting hard now that they are seeing the effects of their wide-open borders, the Islamification of their nations, and the EU is not looking all that good. We, on the other hand, have been duped. Our leaders saw the mistakes of the EU and it will be a freezing cold day in Hell before we'll ever get to say a work about the North American Union. We'll just have to suck it up, learn Spanish, and continue to watch our dollar fall - one point to keep in mind is that, like our willingness to give up our freedoms for "the illusion of security" and our willingness to accept whatever our government shovels at us in the way of "amnesty" - yes, like McCain says, "They're all God's children" including the terrorists flooding across our borders who want to kill us - the falling dollar could be used to make us "call" for a more stable "Amero". Oh, how the mighty fall when they let others control their sovereignty and their destiny. ~~~~~ I'm not certain if this is the UN document that has destroyed European nations or not. Please advise which UN document has opened the EU nations to having to let anyone - except white folks from the United States - migrate into their nations:Universal Declaration on Human Rights. By the way, if you are a "white" European trying to escape the Islamic invasion by migrating into the United States, good luck with that. I could be wrong but I don't think "white" Europeans are welcome in the United States - not anymore and not if you speak English and would not be a financial burden upon America's social services network.

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Blogger Flanders Fields said...

Beach Girl, You have a good post and it is correct. The people are all trying to find a way to escape individually, but this is a universal net which is being thrown around the white Western peoples.

Europeans have been conditioned to think in terms of that atrocious UDH. It is nothing but an empty shell full of words, just as the UN is. The UN, the EU and any documents pertaining to them are invalid for any who love freedom.

We are in for some rough times in the future and we should be careful not to become led into a trap of killing each other at a time when it is clear that others are intent on having that happen. Too many remain willfully ignorant about the agenda and choose to remain that way. Others search for answers but don't have the confidence to see what is happening and believe what is obvious to see.

11:44 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Flanders, I posted your comment - it needs to be said again and again and again...

12:05 PM  

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