Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Did Geraldo Rivera really defend drunk driving illegal alien killers and slam all Southern men in stereotypical racist fashion?

I have a simple question, "Did Geraldo Rivera really defend drunk driving illegal alien killers and slam all Southern men in stereotypical racist fashion by calling them "Bubba?" Or did I hear that wrong? Surely, it is only white folks from the south who are your traditional "racists". No one else in the United States can be racists, right? Wrongo, John-boy! I think Geraldo missed a chance to get all of the Northeastern and West Coast Liberal venom out with a good old, all-encompassing statement such as, "if the drunk driver had been a Christian cross-wearing guy named Bubba", then Geraldo could have hit all of the "nails" on the head, on the coffin, or more appropriate to the season, he could have driven all the nails deep into the hands and feet of the Cross, and spit out all the hatred toward we Christian Southerners, much like the Southerners he so widely praised on his trips to Iraq to applaud our military forces. He could have done it all in one fell-swoop, hitting all the bases, er, nails. Geraldo Rivera? Racist or just "wet behind the ears in a naive sort of way"? Let me get to why I now see Geraldo as stereotypically racist. When he and Bill O'Reilly were having their verbal slug fest, Geraldo tipped his hand when he said (I paraphrase here), famously, Bill, if the drunk driver's name had been Bubba, we wouldn't be hearing about this. But because he's a poor Mexican lad here illegally with a tad of an alcohol problem.....blah, blah, blah, paraphrase... Why do all Yankees think all of our men in the South are named "Bubba?" Or is that Yankee-code for white-skinned, knuckle-dragging, cross-wearing, tattoo-sporting louts? This covert, wink-wink, racism by our betters under the all-encompassing "Bubba" is getting tiresome. Don't you think? Why haven't the PC police shut Geraldo down? And what does this say about Geraldo's "real" attitude toward all those fine Southern men he was glad-handing and praising on his visits to see our military men and women in Iraq? Seems like Geraldo's is a hand of hollow praise when he defends illegal alien drunk drivers here at home and slaps soldiers on the back out in the field. Just could be that one of those young teenage girls killed in Virginia Beach by that illegal alien was the sweetheart of one of our brave soldiers. What say you to that young soldier then, Geraldo?


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