Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Do Black Americans support Obama's racist Dept. of Justice?

Do black Americans support Obama's racist Department of Justice?  Difficult to say definitively but as a guess, probably.

With the mind-warping indoctrination of "political correctness", another word for censorship or "shut whitey up" and the insidiousness of multiculturalism where we are indoctrinated with the idea that all cultures are morally equal or that moral equivalency prevails and "honor" killings of innocent women and young teen-age daughters is condoned and encouraged in some cultures and is simply hunky-dory.

Americans seem to have lost their own moral compass.

But I wonder why black Americans who can be counted on with over-whelming consistency to vote for black-skinned candidates, many with socialist or tribal views, don't seem to appreciate that by doing so they are taking the possibility of attaining the American dream right out of the mouths of their very own children.

It is laughable when the NAACP or other such black groups whine that a white-skinned politician won't bother to come and speak to them.  Why in the world should that politician waste time and resources trying to talk sense to a group of folks whose near majority across the electorate will vote for the slave-masters who work through legislation to keep black Americans down on the plantation and indebted to their Democrat slave-masters.

Just watch and see what happens as the Hispanic population becomes an even larger voting block - why do you think most Democrat politicians are pushing for amnesty?  To help some poor Mexican, illegal immigrant down on his luck after having broken our laws?  No, not a chance.  It is to weaken the voting block of black Americans and increase the Hispanic voting block making the black American voting block less and less significant.

It is estimated that the black American population will remain about 13% of the American population for decades to come.  The Hispanic voting block will become larger and larger thus supplanting and shifting the voting block power black Americans used to have and transferring this voting power to Hispanic voters and yes, strangely enough toward the non-Hispanic white voting block.

With the exception of some regional voting power, black Americans as a voting block will grow less and less significant.  That will be interesting to watch.

And with black Americans demonstrating racism as a group, not as individuals, do you think they will be any thing but used by the Hispanic leaders?

When black Americans in the Obama racist Department of Justice decide to enforce voting rights laws and civil rights laws with a clear bias against white people, doesn't that behavior demonstrate that they just as easily become biased against Hispanic people when that group takes on more power as a voting block?

I learned all I needed to know about the "law and justice" attitudes of the black American population at large when I saw black Americans shouting and rejoicing that O.J. Simpson was accquitted in the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.   Their national behavior that O.J. Simpson had beaten "the man" by getting off with those murders told me that all black criminals needed to be tried by black attorneys, with black judges, and all black juries - and then lets see what happens when these folks release horrible criminals back on the street - the condition should be that the criminals would be restricted to black communities.  How long would it be before the folks living in those communities were screaming for justice?

If it it true that 91% of black American voters vote for black candidates, usually liberal and usually against many laws that would help the black community, then why should conservative, non-Hispanic white candidates waste any time on trying to get their vote.

We are all played by the political elites but it seems our black American voters are an especially easy mark for politicians with black skin.

I don't care whom someone votes for or how a group is played;  I just wish no one who robs money through entitlement programs and does not pay into our tax system was allowed to vote.  Our founders were specific that the folks who could vote were people who had paid into the government through taxes of some sort and they had a vested interest  in how their money was spent.  As it stands now, politicians buy votes through giving away our tax dollars and that is "legislated" stealing.

We need a poll tax and we need some kind of political IQ test to see if voters even know the names of their Senators and Representative at a minimum.  We need to change the voting age to 25 and even though I am female, I don't think women should be allowed to vote at least not until they have paid taxes, passed a political text of some kind demonstrating that they know how our government works or is supposed to work, and are not on welfare.

It is disappointing to see how racist black American voters are generally speaking based upon group voting trends.  Do they think Hispanic voters give a rat's behind about black Americans having their current racial advantages?  Don't worry about non-Hispanic white voters, they are of little significance to politicians in the long run.  Watch the "civil rights" change when Hispanic voters become the largest voting block.

I realize some of my comments about black American voters are generalizations and do not apply individually but 91% voting record rather speaks for itself.

If black Americans support Obama's racist Department of Justice, remember the laws that seem to favor you today can and will be changed tomorrow to buy another voting block...


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