Thursday, January 03, 2008

John Bolton - Surrender is not an Option and Election 2008

I have just completed reading two books over this Holiday Season. One, by John Bolton, Surrender is not an Option; the second, My Grandfather's Son, by Associate Justice Clarence Thomas. I recommend both books. In Surrender is not an Option, John Bolton does not disappoint; if anything, his words based upon his experience will infuriate. He addresses the UN, the EU and the interesting point that England and France are part of the Permanent Five on the Security Council but both have given up national sovereignty for the EU, thus giving the EU more "say" on the Security Council, more "veto" votes. One could argue that the EU undermines the intent of the United Nations' Charter and one could further argue that the North American Union will further weaken United States of America's influence while doing nothing to lower our "assessed" monetary contribution. Bolton suggests "voluntary" payment of such assessments and to that I say, good idea! Let's do the same with our taxes. Pay the assessed taxes on a voluntary basis - if we see our money supporting people who abuse the system; cut them off...; Although not specifically referencing Election 2008, Ambassador Bolton writes these words on page 407, "As a career Foreign Service officer once said, if the American people knew how we formulated policy, they would be after us with pitchforks." Well, don't be blinded by the politicians of the liberal left seeking the presidency or by those on the right who tout "the new world order and globlization. What the left cannot get through legislation, they get through activist liberal judges; what they cannot get through activist judges, they will get through the UN one incremental step at a time undermining our Constitution and our Bill of Rights, starting with "grabbing" your handguns - how? By making the Constitution of the United States "bow" to the dictates of the EU through the UN, by eroding our national sovereignty. The United Nations is NOT our friend; with a few exceptions, the nations there are not our friends; and they seek to destroy us through one treaty, one accord, or another. Our Election 2008 does not end at our shores; the results can further chart our destruction right here at Turtle Bay in New York City. America, the United States of America, does not need any terrorists even half as determined at the nations of the UN aligned against us. Between the Executive Orders of the Clinton years, the Signing Statements of the Bush 43 years, and the various anti-Americanism as well as anti-Semiticism of the UN historically - we'll need a sharp "America-first" president to protect us from the machinations of many UN members. As an aside, we may want to recommend that the EU, formulated as it is as a "nation", have only one seat on the Security Council. Hey, they wanted the EU - the European Union - they've got it. Read John Bolton's book, Surrender is not an Option, from the beginning. It'll make you disgusted; even more so when it dawns on you how little he was really able to tell us - the American people - in those 456 pages.


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