Saturday, December 08, 2007

Does Islam nurture thin-skinned males?

Does Islam nurture thin-skinned males? Well, it would seem so. Today, Victor Davis Hanson has an excellent, must-read commentary, Teddy Bears' Nonpicnic. In the commentary, Hanson says it all with "Here we go again." Yawn... Yes, thousands of sword-wielding Sudanese "men" or anatomically "males", took to the streets to demand the head of a 54 year old female teacher from England. Okay, so she's female and an infidel to boot. And, in my judgement, certainly of questionable sense - not because she let her students name a teddy bear, Muhammad, after one of their fellow students - but because she has placed herself among violent men who exhibit the egocentricity of adolescents. I say again, anyone naming their sons "Muhammed" must clearly be in violation of personifying the great, off-with-their-heads, prophet, pbuh. Now, really - stereotypes develop over time and usually due to repeated behavior. Draw a cartoon - off with your head or "let's kill a saintly nun in Somalia". Seems like a whole lot of immaturity going on if Muslim men in Sudan are so threatened that an aging, not too bright female must be beheaded in order to "defend" the prophet, pbuh. Good god! It looks like, from the pictures of the men massed in the streets screaming for the English teacher's head, that there are not enough women alive to release the pent-up and repressed drives of those men. Hanson points out that "few (Muslims), though, ever explain why it is that Muslims - not Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, or atheists - are in the global news threatening to kill someone over a toy or a cartoon or an opera." Good question? Hanson further asks the most important question. "What would stop this unhealthy teddy bear syndrome?" He gives four strong answers. I'll add a few more: no special treatment for Muslims in any Western nation; no hours when public swimming pools are closed to all but women as a submission to Sharia Law; no burquas in the United States; screaming our "freedom of speech" to the skies and boycotting companies such as the ones who pulled their advertising from the Michael Savage show; and I say let the Middle Eastern potentates choke on their oil. We have ANWAR; we have oil off our coast that China is happily stealing with drilling from Cuba; and we should end Middle Eastern students (men) from coming to our universities from Saudi Arabia, learning Western ways to better know our weaknesses; and we should end all immigration from Islamic nations until we can have as many Christian churches in Saudi Arabia as the 2,300 mosques that are here - many funded by Saudi Arabia with money we pay for oil. Talk about sharpening the knife for your enemy! Read the Twenty-Year Plan: Islam Targets America, print it out, and paste it to your fridge. It is plain madness to invite into our nation an ideology that enslaves women and states with clarity that the goal of Islam is to overthrow our nation and its freedoms, all to be replaced with Sharia Law. See Islam's purpose in the United States.
“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.”
Make the naming of teddy bears safe again! Or stop naming kids "Mohammed"; at the very least that seems a violation of Sharia Law. What more interesting way to "personify" the prophet - give him human form or likeness - than to name a human child after him? I'm just an infidel so how could I understand... But stereotypes are developed over time due to behavior and right now Muslim men in Sudan acting out like unruly teenagers are giving someone a bad name... Of course, if one insists that Islam is a "religion" from the child of Haggar, then the behavior is explained in the Holy Bible. No need to look further... Based upon observed behavior - the beheading of Nick Berg is one example; the threatened execution of Nazanin for another - Islam does not seem to be good for one's health. [Nazanin was not executed for defending herself when attacked by three brave Muslim men.]


Blogger Dr.D said...

Thin skinned or is it thick headed? Either way, it seems pretty clear from repeated demonstrations that vast portions of Izlam are totally irrational. And yet, maybe this is not altogether bad. Consider this side of it.

For those currently outside of Izlam, the demonstrations of idiocy are certainly not anything that are likely to persuade a thinking person to want to convert to Izlam. We do have some Westerners that are converting to Izlam, usually, they say, because they are attracted to its rigor. If they will examine the behavior of its adherents, they will have to do some serious thinking about why they want to join such an irrational group.

From the American perspective, we need to eliminate all muzlims from America. They must all be deported because they are all agents of a political movement that seeks to overthrow our government. Izlam is not just a religion; it is also a political movement, perhaps even more than it is a religion. We never hesitated to outlaw communists and we must not be reluctant to outlaw muzlims either.

If we are going to outlaw muzlims and deport them, it goes without saying that we totally end all muzlims coming into this country for whatever reason. This means no muslim students coming in for college, no muzlims for oil business, no muzzies for whatever. They have to stay out totally.

It is inappropriate, I think, in speaking of big Mo, to use the acronym pbuh (peace be upon him) after each reference to big Mo. All I want is lots and lots of sand upon him and peace upon America. Peace for America does not come from pbuh.

We need to stop the flow of Muzlim money into the US. This seems to be one of our biggest problems. Some of it is going into the construction of mosques where overthrow of our government is preached. In addition, we evidently have too many of our own people who are willing to sell us out for cash, something the muzlim oil countries have lots of. We need to make it a major crime to accept muzlim bribes and we need to prosecute this to the max. There is evidence that this is the reason that our government is doing so many of the asinine thing that it is doing today with respect to the arab world; too many of our government leaders are on the arab payroll in one way or another. This is treason and it must be treated as such (recall that the penalty for treason is death, not a slap on the wrist).

8:26 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Dr. D - please rest easy with "pbuh".

4:47 AM  
Blogger Dr.D said...

Beach Girl, are you making fun of me?

3:51 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Dr., I am absolutely NOT making fun of you! Many of us use pbuh in, how should I say it, jest. We make acronyms out of everything... I just haven't had time to come up with other words for pbuh. One blogger calls himself, Profitsbeard.

7:50 AM  

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