Tuesday, April 10, 2007

When will Virginia Beach Mayor be recalled? Never!

You think Virginia Beach Mayor Meyera Obendorf will be recalled? Virginia Beach does seem to be sliding into a de facto sanctuary city for anyone illegal and the more illegal drunk driver aliens the better. Not a chance of her recall but we can live in hopes. Recalling Virginia Beach Mayor Meyera Obendorf is the call to action coming from Bill O'Reilly as well as from my readers. You heard the "recall" sounded here first however: Slow Bleed - Are American citizens killed by illegal aliens within levels of acceptable collateral damage to US "leaders"? But let's not single Meyera out as the only Mayor to be recalled. Look in your own states; check the stats; see for yourself how many of your fellow citizens' deaths are just treated as "collateral damage" in the slow bleed of the undeclared war of Mexico and America's elected officials against American Citizens all across the nation. Can anyone say North Carolina, California just to name two? Alas, perhaps the Chief of Police Jake Jacocks, Jr. and the City Manager in Virginia Beach could be recalled too and together they could hold the doors open - as gentlemen are wont to do for ladies - for Mereya as they all make their none-too-soon exit from the lives of Virginia Beach citizens - all of whom are put at risk due to the policies of the Mayor's fair de facto sanctuary city. [I have to go a little easier on the City Manager because that person is "hired" by the Mayor and the City Council to do their bidding.] Canadians, give a little more thought and consider making other plans for your summer beach vacation. Many fine beaches line our East Coast shoreline. Try the Eastern Shore and its beaches. If Virginia Beach officials won't protect their own citizens, how much do you think they want from you other than money? How safe are you in the hands of such caring officials? One parent of the two slaughtered young Virginia Beach teenage girls pled with folks to NOT make these deaths political. The deaths are not being made political; not by the people. The deaths are made political from failure of the politicians to act. Here is an additional comment - the Hitler thing again - a reader contributed in response to my Slow Bleed post: Slow Bleed - Are American citizens killed by illegal aliens within levels of acceptable collateral damage to US "leaders"? scooterfox said... Thank you for writing about this incident. I live in Austin, Tx and I am afraid to drive near UT or through downtown because of the number of drunk, perfectly legal Americans driving there. So, I ask...are WE going to come to our senses and stop fear-mongering and fight the real problem: drunk driving, or march on May 1 with our signs and our demands to get the illegal aliens out of our country just like the Germans did in the '30s with the Jews? 10:51 AM Beach Girl said... Scooterfox, thank you for your comments. I've posted your comments here. I trust you will allow us to disagree on your last sentence. There is no way to equate our nation with Hitler and his treatment of the Jews when we have cities going bankrupt due to the drain on all of their resources by illegal aliens. Illegal aliens get health care Americans can only dream about. Illegal aliens use our Emergency Rooms like their own private primary care clinics and WE are expected, forced to have interpreters there for them. They get social security or other forms of assistance such as Aid to Dependent Children and much more; so no, my sympathy does not rest with any illegal aliens in this nation regardless of their nation of origin. Let's agree to disagree on that point comparing us with Hitler, thank you. And drunk driving is a problem but the illegal aliens here are doing far more damage in excess of the numbers of Americans they are killing or maiming on our highways. We can and do have legal immigrants come to our nation to assimilate, to learn to speak English, and become Americans. The hoards that are coming now spit on our laws, march in our streets stopping traffic waving their Mexican flags and telling us to "go to hell", have no desire to assimilate, refuse to learn our language - so deport them. The situation with illegal aliens is way beyond out of control. I stand by my call for their deportation and their "anchor" babies with them. Will be posting on the 14 Amendment soon.
The Beach Girl decrees: Although I will post later on Amendment 14 passed in 1868 to give citizenship to slaves who were freed and who came under the jurisdiction of the United States of America, this amendment was never intended to be an "anchor baby" keys-to-the-welfare-dole loop hole that it has become and that is literally a sieve that is bleeding our resources dry. In every "civilized" and "un-civilized" as well, and every not totally mad nation on the planet bent on its own destruction, when a baby is born to parents there illegally, or even legally in the case of US Service men's families, the baby may have that nation's citizenship choice when reaching say the age of 18, but BEFORE that babe in arms reaches the age of majority, said baby is returned to the home nation of his parents when they are deported because "THE PARENTS ARE NOT SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION" of the United States of America. They are Mexican nationals actually subject to the laws of Mexico whatever those are. Toss the anchor babies back with mommy and daddy; the anchor babies are too tiny to swim in our nation on their own. When they have reached the age of majority in the nation of their parents birth, then and only then the "anchor baby" can make the choice to become a Citizen of The United States of America BUT mommy and daddy can't come unless they file for legal residency, and follow our rules and procedures. Any questions? To me, no free education for illegals in our already failing schools, no medical/hospital care, no safety in "sanctuary cities". They have broken our laws, they are destroying our parks and rivers and streams, they are marching in our streets telling us to go to hell and burning our flag while they hold their Mexican flag high.
No sympathy from me. Deport them ALL even if it takes one person at a time. There is no shame in wanting to defend one's nation and its sovereignty. The Jewish folks were not invading Germany by the millions bringing their diseases, their poverty and crime with them. Our situation is all together different. How dare anyone equate us to Hitler and the Jews? The illegals are bleeding us to death, on the roads and by draining our resources. And our government is allowing it to happen. Actually encouraging it. 12:22 PM Boots-on-the-ground said... “Collateral Damage” is a convenient term that politicians will use when they look at a piece of paper with statistics on it. It only ceases to be “Collateral Damage” when it’s one of their husbands, wives, or children that are under the tires of a car driven by a drunk illegal. Then they become champions to that cause when before they were condemning others of trying to nip the problem in the bud. Convenience politics is what this issue will become. 7:42 PM Anonymous said... RECALL VIRGINIA BEACH MAYOR!! NOW!! 12:21 AM Beach Girl adds: Another "victim" class is born out of their own culture: I have read that Mexican men think it is macho to drive drunk and that driving drunk is part of their "culture." Coming to work in our sweat shops? Are you crazy? Why do you lower yourselves to be used as indentured servants, akin to slaves? Your girls and young women raped and sold into prostitution as in a valley in California where the prostitutes - girls as young as 13 - are bussed in on Thursdays and Saturdays? Have you, as Mexican men no pride in the nation of your birth? Or do you just want to import your cock-fights, your pit bull dog fights, the so-called second class status of women, and all that corruption to The United States? And where do you get the money to pay the coyotes? In your own nation, get the proper paper work, file for legal status, and wait your turn. To my Mexican neighbors in Mexico, come here to learn our language, to be my legal resident neighbor, to become a fellow citizen! America welcomes you! I fear that the way of the journey you have chosen now leads to things none of us can foresee! And there may well be sadness in that.


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