Thursday, January 03, 2008

Justice Clarence Thomas - My Grandfather's Son

I have just completed reading two books over this Holiday Season. One, by John Bolton, Surrender is not an Option; the second, My Grandfather's Son, by Associate Justice Clarence Thomas. I recommend both books. Justice Thomas' book is very important for understanding why Justice Thomas does not follow the "elite liberal left" white man's agenda, an agenda against which Justice Thomas and I stand in agreement. For that disavowal of "affirmative action" and preferential treatment of minorities and women - some less qualified than white male applicants, he is called an "Uncle Tom" and I am called a "racist". Both such characterizations coming from the liberal left who, while platitudes spill from their lips, castigate all who do not agree with their plantation-owner mentality that "government knows best" how to direct and control our lives and, in the process, give us only the amount of "fish" they think sufficient for a day's subsistance. These "handouts" regardless of the manner or form they take are designed for one reason, to make and keep us dependent upon government thus forcing us to give up our strongest national characteristic - self-sufficiency and the character that derives from individual liberty. Those who engaged in the "high-tech lynching" of Justice Thomas are the same small-minded men who brutalized Justice Alito. Remember them? I agree with Justice Thomas that "affirmative action" and quotas are demeaning to the men and women who have been subjected to their humiliating effects. While reading Justice Thomas' book, I could not help but recall the experiences Michael Savage has recounted that befell him when he completed his Ph.D. from UC-Berkeley. He was not hired as a professor because he was white; Justice Thomas for his own part had earned a law degree from Yale at the same time as Bill and Hill. He was to find in reverse what Michael Savage found - that his Yale law degree - when viewed by many of the white elite - was considered "given" and not earned. So, one qualified man could not get a job because he was white and one qualified man was deemed less qualified because he was black and thus considered un-qualified because of "affirmative action". Both men suffered as a result of "government" planation owners... How many of us have been tainted and don't even know that we have been held back? Allow me to mention here and recommend the works of Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and Shelby Steele. There are other writers - both black and white - who have written about the ills of affirmative action and quotas - another means to humiliate and rob a man's soul but the few listed will get you started...


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