Monday, November 19, 2007

Pardon Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean

This is the era of presidential "Signing Statements" that let the president essentially 'veto' legislation even as his signs it into law. This is the era when America's Marines are jailed and persecuted for doing their jobs. And... This is the upside-down era when American Border Patrol Agents with Hispanic surnames such as Ramos and Compean can expect to be defiled by our adminstration for what - doing their job. And when illegal alien drug smuggler and human trafficer, Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila is granted imunity to testify AGAINST our Border Patrol agents who are trying to protect our nation. All three have Hispanic surnames. But what is the difference? The difference is simple, Aldrete-Davila serves the purpose of Congress and the Bush Administration because he uses our OPEN BORDERS to advance his crimes. He is a favored "Hispanic" while American citizens of Hispanic descent doing their jobs are NOT favored. Ramos and Compean must be pardoned, if not by President 'Bush - which seems unlikely given his stance on NAFTA and the ending of American sovereignty - then the next president. Hillary has experience with the pardoning of felons; perhaps she can see her way clear to pardon men - American citizens - doing their jobs in our employ and risking their lives to do it. Please, for decency and for the rule of law, pardon Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean. They are Americans fighting along our border. They are our first line of defense...


Blogger Rich said...

This is an absolute disgrace and one of the main reasons I have left the Republican Party. I am so angry at Bush for this it makes my blood boil! I wrote about this months ago and reading it again; let me tell you,time has not eased my anger. Our President's goal of open borders sickens me to think of the impact that policy will have on my children's future. My only regret is that Davila was not killed in the exchange. Thank you for the reminder... I think...

6:44 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Rich, please don't leave the Republican Party. I am boiling angry at President Bush as well regarding the North American Union upon which we will never be allowed to vote and the open borders. I wonder if our elected leaders will recognize the destruction they have brought upon their own nation or if they'll even care.

Sometimes, lately, I just want to sit back and see how much damage the Democrats will do once in total power again and then I think of my children and the American children to come of all ethnicities.

President Bush has done much good and also much to disappoint. The only thing I can say about him and the open borders and destruction of our national sovereignty is that he never promised to stop the illegal immigration. He took an oath to defend the nation and we see how that's working in terms of open borders, etc. You've heard it all and said it all before.

So, in a year, we'll have a new president-elect. Let's see how the real campaign goes. It would be nice if Edwards, Obama, and the boys could knock Mrs. Clinton out of the box but President Bill Clinton built a mean machine. For all of his flaws, I'd rather have him as president again than have her - Lord forgive me but it is true. He's a known; she is known and her flaws will be overlooked in favor of her anatomy. We'll see...

1:09 AM  

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