Friday, April 06, 2007

Slow Bleed - Are American citizens killed by illegal aliens within levels of acceptable collateral damage to US "leaders"?

We need to stop illegal immigration and we need to stop it NOW. Two more deaths were caused by an illegal alien from Mexico driving drunk in Virginia Beach, that to my knowledge is now a de facto "sanctuary" city. There is a Mexican Consulate in Virginia Beach which was a shocker to me. Two young women were recently murdered on the highway by an illegal alien driving drunk. He has a record. It seems to me now that our "law makers" and "elected" leaders at every level have simply decided that our sons and daughters, our mothers and our fathers, our sisters and our brothers are being killed on our highways at levels the "leaders" consider acceptable levels of "collateral damage." The number is significant only to the parents and family who must bury and mourn the death of innocents. We see and hear the toll of soldiers killed in Iraq rising to over 3,000. I mourn all American life lost on foreign soil. But to allow our citizens to have to face the loss of sons and daughters to drunk illegal aliens, unlicensed, uninsured, ILLEGAL = already breaking our laws is unacceptable and untenable. Tonight, I watched the Mayor of Virginia Beach in a taped segment claim no accountability for the deaths of the two young women just recently killed on the Mayor's streets - streets she is sworn to keep safe. I saw the police chief say something about the police not being responsible. Well, who the hell is responsible for keeping us safe? On the O'Reilly Factor, I watched Jerry Rivers, Geraldo Rivera - whom I used to like - take the side of the poor illegal who killed these two young women. Shame on him! Earl Pitts said this, Lord knows I wish I had, "Wake up, America!" I say, wake up, your citizens are being killed in your streets by gangs from El Salvador, by drunk illegal aliens mostly from Mexico. I even read recently that the "drinking and driving" was a "cultural" thing so now the poor illegal is the "fr...king" victim of his culture. Your elderly are not even safe in their homes along the southern border. When are you going to demand that your city officials protect you? The story we get is - it is a "federal" problem; the federal folks say, "We can't deport them all." Whose problem is it when you are raped, mugged, beaten, killed on the highway? I'm sick of seeing innocent Americans being killed or maimed for life by these criminals and people who spit on our laws. Then they get to stick our heads farther into the manure when a judge lets them sue our Border Patrol. How do we demand that our elected officials become accountable? Vote them out or recall them. Vote them OUT of office! I say RECALL the Honorable Mayor of Virginia Beach. Not one more citizen of Virginia Beach should fall victim to the illegals the honorable mayor has allowed to over-run, or so it seems, the city she is sworn to protect. We have terrorism in Virginia Beach and throughout our nation - it is the slow bleed of the thousands of Americans who are killed or maimed EVERY day by illegal aliens - driving drunk, robbing, raping, murdering by other means. Remember, everyday that our borders are not secured, everyday that illegals are allowed to remain in our nation, you are being knowingly put at risk by your government. Seems only the Mayor and City Council of Hazleton, PA are fighting for their citizens. I don't have the answers but I don't want to have to bury a loved one because our elected "leaders" acted like "co-conspirators" or at best the "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" monkeys they seem to be "role-modeling." They may not have driven the car or shot the gun or raped the girl or woman but they knew the chances of the acts happening. Does that make our leaders complicit? Probably not in a court of law but in the higher court of morality and integrity, not to mention Honor, you betcha! Whose son, daughter, mother, father, sister, brother will be next to fall prey to illegal aliens? [I have seen estimates that at least 20 American citizens are killed every day by illegal aliens? Is that fast enough for ya, oh, wise leaders? Or is that "collateral damage" something you can live with?]


Anonymous Joyce Gordon said...

Thank you for writing about this incident. I live in Oregon and I am afraid to drive Intestate 5 through Woodburn, Oregon because of the number of illegal aliens living there. So, I ask...are WE going to march on May 1 with our signs and our demands to get the illegal aliens out of our country...are we willing to gather on May 1st?

9:46 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you! Tell me more about the May 1st March. I can get it out in the blogosphere as best I can.

11:33 PM  
Anonymous scooterfox said...

Thank you for writing about this incident. I live in Austin, Tx and I am afraid to drive near UT or through downtown because of the number of drunk, perfectly legal Americans driving there. So, I ask...are WE going to come to our senses and stop fear-mongering and fight the real problem: drunk driving, or march on May 1 with our signs and our demands to get the illegal aliens out of our country just like the Germans did in the '30s with the Jews?

10:51 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Scooterfox, thank you for your comments. I've posted your comments here. I trust you will allow us to disagree on your last sentence. There is no way to equate our nation with Hitler and his treatment of the Jews when we have cities going bankrupt due to the drain on all of their resources by illegal aliens. Illegal aliens get health care only Americans can dream about. They get social security and much more so no, my sympathy does not rest with any illegal aliens in this nation regardless of their nation of origin.

Let's agree to disagree on that point. And drunk driving is a problem but the illegal aliens here are doing far more damage than just the numbers of Americans they are killing on our highways. We can have legal immigrants come to our nation to assimilate and become Americans.

The situation with illegal aliens is way beyond out of control. I stand by my call for their deportation and their "anchor" babies with them. Will be posting on the 14 Amendment soon.

To me, no free education for illegals in our already failing schools, no medical/hospital care, no safety in "sanctuary cities". They have broken our laws, they are destroying our parks and rivers and streams, they are marching in our streets telling us to go to hell and burning our flag while they hold their Mexican flag high.

No sympathy from me. Deport them ALL even if it takes one person at a time.

Hitler and the Nazis - no. There is no shame in wanting to defend one's nation and its sovereignty.

Hitler used the Jewish people as scapegoats. The Jewish folks were not invading Germany by the millions bringing their diseases, their poverty and crime with them. Our situation is all together different.

How dare anyone equate us to Hitler and the Jews? The illegals are bleeding us to death, on the roads and by draining our resources. And our government is allowing it to happen. Actually encouraging it.

Thanks for stopping by.

12:22 PM  
Blogger coconut commando said...

“Collateral Damage” is a convenient term that politicians will use when they look at a piece of paper with statistics on it. It only ceases to be “Collateral Damage” when it’s one of their husbands, wives, or children that are under the tires of a car driven by a drunk illegal. Then they become champions to that cause when before they were condemning others of trying to nip the problem in the bud. Convenience politics is what this issue will become.

7:42 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Commando, if you haven't seen the video of Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera, please check my post right above this one. I'm sure there are links all over the net.

Good to hear from you with your level voice. I just sent a package to "my soldier" - books, under armor, socks that absorb sweat - a knife sharpening kit although I don't if he needs any of these things. I just like to be able to be a small part.

Met a young veteran a few days ago - he had lost both legs near Falluja (sp). He's starting a business to help veterans adjust. He's 22 years old and movie-star handsome.

Have a safe Easter!

10:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


12:21 AM  
Anonymous Bianca said...

First of all, I am very sorry that this happenned and that the driver was illegal AND hispanic, but it also hurts me very much that because of their actions, ALL hispanics have to pay for their stupid actions. We are not all the same.
" The Jewish folks were not invading Germany by the millions bringing their diseases, their poverty and crime with them. Our situation is all together different."

To that: we're not bringing in diseases and poverty. That is very ignorant of you to say. Poverty, diseases, and especially crime already existed here! I understand your anger against Mexicans and Hispanics in general, but you're being VERY IGNORANT. And we are NOT "bleeding you to death and draining your resources"

or have you not noticed that white people kill white people everyday, as well as bblack people killing blacks and vise versa?? I mean we're all humans, and people in general make stupid decisions everyday no matter where they're from!

2:45 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Bianca - I fully agree with you that I get into trouble when I make "general" comments and I assure you my attitudes toward Hispanics are by no means "general". I find the contributions to our nation of all of us who have come here legally - some sitting in Ellis Island for 3 months - and who have worked to build our nation commendable. So, I apologize for the generalization but the truth is that illegals from 26 different nations, about 50% from Mexico, are bringing in diseases we have eliminated and the "drunk drivers" and the growing gangs such as MS-13 are intolerable. I know MS-13 is not from Mexico. So, I am not ignorant, just sad that all Hispanics are being painted by the broad brush but it is within the Hispanic community that we find La Raza.

We will get this all settled out. I just find that Hispanics are very hardworking people with very religious values and there are legal ways to enter our nation and become a part of the nation. One strength is for us to maintain our common language. That is fast disappearing and when our common language goes, so goes our cohesion - then we are easy pickings for any enemies aligned against us.

You are absolutely right that people in general make stupid decisions everyday no matter where they are from.

10:48 AM  

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