Tuesday, September 30, 2008

HR 3997: How the Dems cooked your goose!

I have to share this with you. It is House Committee hearings back in 2004 with the esteemed Maxine Waters, among others, saying there are no problems at Fannie Mae. This found at Liberally Conservative. How Democrats cooked your Fannie You'll love it and you'll love Liberally Conservative's blog. He is a class act and he speaks from Chicago itself. Larger version here and here. And then a fun one: Community Reinvestment Act/Cartoon.

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Obama and the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977

I don't have the capability to do the research but I would like someone with the resources to find out if Obama was a "community organizer" during the 1990s when Clinton revised the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977? The Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 was revised under Bill Clinton such that banks HAD to make "risky loans." Like the "affirmative actions" quotas we have all grown to know and love, under Bill Clinton, banks had to be able to prove by numbers that they were giving loans to any and all minorities especially. Some, not all, of these loans were done without any credit history at all. Also, and Chicago was mentioned in one resource, it may be that "community organizers" also received "pay" for bringing in folks and small businesses to get what amounted to "risky loans" so that banks could prove that they were meeting their quotas. Someone please check on this and give me the links if you can find them. Thank you. Remember - what Obama and the Democrats promise to give to you has to come out of someone elses pocket. That is not fair. Let's not be so easily bought by any of our leaders. Remember, there is no "free lunch." What you or I are bought with today will be paid for by our children or grandchildren. ~~~~~~~ Well, it looks as though "ask and you will receive" paid off tonight. No sooner did I post this question than my "prayer" was answered at the Glenn Beck TV show and later on Hannity and Colmes. Obama is associated with ACORN - the ones who have been in trouble for "voter fraud" stuff. Seems Mr. Obama was hired to teach legal ways to intimidate banks into loaning more home mortgages to folks with "risky" credit. And ACORN did get hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government to do their "work". My, what a gravy train for some "community organizers!"

HR 3997 and Henny Penny - The sky is falling; the sky is falling!

Yes, Henny Penny - disguised as Nancy Pelosi - clucked and flitted and fluttered, "The sky is falling. The sky is falling." And the profit takers sold high and the market dropped. But, the market is up 400 points today. AND the sky hasn't fallen. Look, friends, you haven't lost money unless you sold low. Just hold on... For fun and information, please go to Glenn Beck and click on Politics. You'll find many interviews and commentaries such as the following: Interview: Bush on the Economic "crisis" If you scroll to the end of the interview, you will find an interview with Newt Gingrich on why Henry Paulson should be fired. I agree - Paulson should be "outta there." But then perhaps so should Ben Bernanke. Greenspan is already gone, thank God. Now, Paulson should go and then perhaps to Jail with no Bail. Americans want to see the people who profitted from Fanny Mae in jail. I know that would cost Obama his head financial advisor but again, "affirmative action" appointments are not a "get out of jail free" card. Paulson and the Fed let Lehman Brothers fail as they bailed out AIG. Why? Because Goldman and Sachs (Paulson was a former CEO) had a 20 million or 20 billion exposure if AIG failed and the current CEO of Goldman and Sachs was the only "private citizen" in the Fed's meeting. Can anyone say "conflict of interest?" So Paulson kicked Lehman Brothers (and American citizens to the curb) and bailed out his good buddy from Goldman and Sachs. Hmmm... When one looks at the three pages sent to Congress by the President and Paulson, thing Hillary's Health Care on steroids. It all stinks and Nancy Pelosi knows it. That's why she wanted 100 Republican votes in the "yes" column so she could share the blame. I spoke directly with my Congressman today - face to face, and she did not vote for HR 3997. She said it was terrible. Also, Wall Street doesn't want legislation. What they want can be done by President Bush and SEC Chairman Chris Cox. They want: 1) a letter from Cox ending the use of the "mark to market" procedure and 2) lending regulations so that businesses are not punished if they only lend to people who can demonstrate that they might be able to pay their loans back. What a concept...

HR 3997 and Carter's Community Reinvestment Act of 1977

Here is a good resource for HR 3997 (H/T) to Taylor Norrish at ztay with a good link from Taylor Norrish: Govit.com is another good resource for HR 3997. It's got some good info, and you can vote on the bill, and send your vote to Congress. http://www.govit.com/HR_3997/Emergency_economic_stabilization_act_of_2008_-BD_Allow_the_gov/Comments Sound off! One more... Please take a look at the Housing and Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 at wikipedia: Community Reinvestment Act and Housing and Community Development Act of 1977 - Title VIII (Community Reinvestment. The wikipedia reference is short but it gives the history of the legislation from 1977 with changes made by George H. W. Bush, by Bill Clinton - when community organizers got involved and it appears that some folks made money by signing folks up for home mortgage loans, and by George W. Bush. There are very good articles listed in the references. So, our leaders as well as we - though more indirectly - have certainly been aware of this "train wreck" waiting to happen. PLEASE - at least read the wikipedia reference which is the first "Community Reinvestment Act" that I reference. I have to ask how community organizers - especially some referenced in Chicago - may or may not have been involved in signing up folks for "risky loans." ACORN, for example, got 760 million dollars under the act...

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Monday, September 29, 2008

McCain - Come on, baby, light that fire!

Senator McCain - I believe your heart is in the right place BUT please - light that fire in your soul. Let us see the passion, the fire, the strength and passion it takes in the gut to fly a jet off the deck of an aircraft carrier, the fire in the soul that gives you the courage to land on a little speck of metal bobbing in an open sea. Get the passion and command into your voice. The presidency is yours to win. Sarah Palin has the fire but she can't carry it all by herself... We have to feel the passion in you and we have to see and feel the passion that you showed in your acceptance speech at the Republican Convention. A commander can exhibit that "fire" and still show authority. We're trying to do our part but you have to make us see that fire, that patriotism, that "country first". See it, not hear it in a soft, honorable Senatorial voice. As an example, just think "Harry Reid" and do the opposite...

Treasury Secretary Paulson is still employed because...

The New York Times has reported the following sentence from the original proposal in, A Bailout Above the Law, which would give the Secretary of the Treasury unlimited power - even more than the president on financial matters:
“Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agency,” the original draft of the proposed bill says. And with those words, the Treasury secretary — whoever that may be in a few months — will be with vested with perhaps the most incredible powers ever bestowed on one person over the economic and financial life of the nation. It is the financial equivalent of the Patriot Act.
Our nation can't have this kind of arrogance and tyranny foisted upon us. One thing is certain - we need a few days so that Republicans can work to get more free market measures into the bill. Additionally, people who know have said that SEC Chairman Cox could relieve some of the financial pressure by changing the "mark to market" accounting feature. With the stroke of a pen, no bills needed. So, why hasn't he acted? Because there is more to this than meets the eye. A bill of $636 billion dollars was passed just a few days ago. We Americans have to be on guard; the future of our children and grandchildren is being mortgaged - recklessly. But 95 Democrats and 133 Republicans stood firm against socialism. Reportedly, close friends of Ms. Pelosi and Democrat subcommittee chairmen voted against the bill so I'd say 228 Congressmen put partisanship aside and did vote for their constituents and for the nation. We need a refined initiative/bill and perhaps the next day or so will give Congress the time to improve the bill. Excessive government spending and Freddie and Fannie not receiving oversight by Barnie Frank and company have led to this mess. And please, for the love of God, lets take "political correctness" for the purpose of buying votes out of the lending business.

Bailout: you, me, and gridlock too!

If you are like me, you have worked all of your life - sometimes for low income, sometimes for higher. Unlike some folks, I never worked for "welfare-state" agencies - like Congress which has gone to a full-time "job", no more citizen-statesmen who have real jobs. I am far from a Socialist. I am a conservative who has differed with the current administration on more than one issue but ALL of us with IRAs, 401ks, pension plans, or any variation of retirement plans that we are building - All of us have an interest in loaning our own money to ourselves. The problem is that the Treasury will simply print more money and thereby devalue whatever remains of the value of our dollars. We are Americans and we need to give serious thought to getting rid of any Congressmen/Senators who have been there for more than 12 to 45 million years. You know what I mean. I am not for set "term-limits" because we have term limits right now. It is called "voting". But if a person supported Jimmy Carter's Community Reinvestment Act, it is time for them to go. Hit - reinvestment in our community, investment in education, etc are code for "redistribution of wealth" and higher taxes. Mr. Obama will increase our taxes - why? Because with a Socialist Democrat Congress, he'll do whatever he wants to do. Tax and spend, spend, spend. In the interest of full disclosure, the reckless abandon of Congress up until 2006 - spending like drunken Democrats - is the reason we kicked them into the minority. Now, we need to bring the Republicans back...at least in the House. Gridlock! Whoo hoo! Save America through gridlock!

Bailout Crisis - Jimmy Carter's Legacy

Jimmy Carter has done so much to further free-enterprise and he has left quite a legacy against tyranny. Regarding the current "housing" and economic "crisis", we have only to look to Community Reinvestment Act of 1977. You can simply search for Community Reinvestment Program/Act of 1977 and here are two links: Community Reinvestment Act and Housing and Community Development Act of 1977 - Title VIII (Community Reinvestment. And we have the fall of the Shah of Iran leading to Ayatollah Khomeini and eventually Mad Jad. And who could forget the Panama Canal? So, here is the beginning of the "crisis" we face today... One other thing about Nancy's rant - she intends to regulate CEO compensation (this from the richest person in Congress - either house). Hey, if the Socialists can regulate the compensation of a CEO, why not regulate all salaries? Socialism is a slippery slope. "Rebuilding the infra-structure of America" the people of the world tell Nancy is the most important thing that must be done. Well, lower the 35% tax rate on business and industry and put it more like the 11% of Ireland. Businesses would come flooding back into the United States. Liberal Socialists simply do not understand economics. They understand money and spending it as long as it is yours and mine. I think Nancy was just too tired really to have given her rant... If we need any other example of why we need to put our Republicans back in the House, today demonstrated that need. Yep, Nancy's little rant cost her the passage of the bill...and 94 Democrats voted AGAINST the bill too. Let's take a breath, step back, and see if we can get a better bill.

Bailout - H.R. 3997 rejected! Well, not yet...

A few minutes ago, I spoke with an economist friend. He said all of this started under Jimmy Carter in 1977. I didn't feel like getting too much into it because I have been watching the Congress in session all morning. I did find the "Amendment to the Senate Amendment to H.R. 3997 linked here... which I found at the Democratic Underground site. A letter from the Congressional Budget Office is also linked here. Thomas (The Library of Congress) has interesting information. It seems H.R. 3997 is a bill introduced by Charlie Rangel back in 2007 dealing with amending the IRS code of 1986 "to provide tax relief and protections for military personnel, and for other purposes." H.R. 3997 "will be used as the vehicle for the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008." Chavez smelled "sulfur" when our President spoke at the UN last year. Even with all of the hard work that many Congressmen did with this bill which was sprung on them by the White House, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the Fed Chairman, the House Chamber must reek of "Socialism". I agree that we law-abiding, hardworking citizens should not be punished due to the greed of money-manager manipulators but this current "crisis" was a long time coming. And I believe it is patently unfair to give "bad loans" to anyone when the lending person knows the person getting the loan is bound to default, to give out loans with no credit history of successfully repaying loans. That is theft and it further disenfranchises and kicks down many people who otherwise are hardworking. There is plenty of blame but there are people involved who I don't think set out to default. The vote was just completed: 205 (yes) to 228 (no), 1 Republican not voting. The bill was defeated and with Democrats in the majority, Democrats as well as Republicans voted for the defeat of the bill. Congressional roll call votes can be found here. Here's about how the vote went - Yes = 205 (140 Dems/65 Republicans); No = 228 (approx 94 Dems/134 Republicans) So the NO votes were split about 50-50 between the Dems and the Republicans. (I know I'm off a few numbers with the "No" vote but the www.house.gov site is being swamped so I'll have to wait to find out how the Congressmen voted.) Very intersting vote... I wonder that so many Congressmen of both parties bucked their respective leadership. For one thing, the bill/amendment actually was cobbled together and the urgency to "cram the bill through" so rapidly was itself interesting. As I mentioned, this "crisis" has been building for a long time. Well, with 95% of all Americans of all ethnicities paying our mortgages each and every month like clock-work, one may have to wonder why the rush all of a sudden? Whatever the reasons, 228 Democrats and Republicans said, "Let's take a step back and look at this thing." Hmmm... No one can say this was not a bi-partisan vote for both the Yes and No votes. For me this is good news because those Democrats bucked their leadership for some reason - their constituents maybe. There will probably be another vote and more folks may go along with the wishes of the House Leadership but one thing's for certain - those 228 Congressmen can say they are against the growing march toward Socialism - or at least such overt Socialism. Very interesting... But the vote has not been closed; it is still open, here as DOW tumbles to 10,639.67. I guess some big money men are angry that the bill, as yet, has not passed. Now the "horse trading" has begun in the closets of the House... I recommend this site and also Drudge. If or when such a bill is passed, it will be better than what was put before the Congress today. The Republicans did not cause this bill to fail. Ms. Pelosi's rant before the vote - spilling her guts and spewing forth partisan hatred - just got the better of her. She may not be the Speaker in the next Congress... Yes, of course, it's all the Republicans' fault going back to 2004 when the Republicans in Congress began warning of impending crisis...

Bailout and the 2008 Election

Socialism / Nationalization fails every time! Remember that. Socialism stifles our spirits and breaks our will to work and/or to be exceptional. Socialism teaches men to do as little as they can to get by in the workplace... Now, I have trust in the American people - if we are informed. The more we demand that the government "do" for us, the weaker we become individually and the more the government controls us. Every facet of our lives. Did you know that if you want stay in a motel when you are traveling and you want to pay your bill in cash, you must let them make a copy of your driver's license! Why? Federal law. Now we have an important election coming up and it is important for many reasons - not because of "skin color" or "gender." It is important because it will speak loudly about we, the people. Do we want a Socialist/Marxist society? One in which the working class FINALLY figures out that whether they do a good job at work or not, it doesn't matter. Do we want to continue "loans to anyone" who cannot prove that they are a good credit risk? Because of "political correctness"? Or can this financial "crisis" be a turning point where we, the people, return to common sense and demand it of our elected leaders? I assure you, regardless of our financial situation when this "crisis" is averted, they'll still get their salaries and their benefits as well as their automatic pay increase. AND, if we do not re-elect some of them, THEY'LL STILL get their pay and benefits for life. Now, that may be "law" but that is criminal. The North American Union is fact; we cannot stop it as things stand now. There are ways to stop it but only the Texans and maybe the folks in New Mexico and Arizona have the grit to do what needs to be done. Socialism is getting more pervasive and that WE CAN CHANGE! At the very least, we need some serious gridlock in DC. We cannot afford, our children cannot afford, this long slow - Batan march - into Socialism. And Obama along with Harry Reid and Madame Speaker "I'm only two heartbeats away from the presidency" Pelosi (the richest woman, if not richest person in either branch of Congress) are chomping to bury our independence and the fire that beats in the American heart. This election is not about you as Obama said, but it is up to us. Freedom or Socialism? You decide... Is Freedom just to hard a task anymore or do we have the "fire in our souls" to stand up and fight for freedom - RIGHT HERE AT HOME where it is most threatened? You won't find freedom in "government handouts"...

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bailout - Birth of the United Socialist States of America?

I have to wonder why - if the financial situation is so dire that a bill must be passed and passed now - we don't see anyone jumping out of the windows of some of the financial houses on Wall Street like we did during Oct. 13, 1929. I have say I'd like to see some folks going to jail and the "leaders" of the House and Senate Banking/Finance Committees who failed totally in their Congressional oversight in jailhouse orange or pink if they went to prison in Arizona. This is the biggest such "bailout" we are told. Perhaps, it is the biggest "buy out" or "sell out" of the "free market/capitalism" which has driven the engine of American success. In a Socialist nation, you can forget the "American Dream" because that dream could end tomorrow morning. Who got us into this "mess?" The president - hardly. President Clinton and his signing of the deregulation legislation? Not by himself... Greed! Yes, but there is another side to that "greed" and that side is the push by Socialists to end our capitalist system. The idea of CEOs getting such incredibly high "golden parachutes" not to mention salaries is remarkable but look at the money our pro-athletes get, for what? Our Democrats have been itching to get controls on what corporations pay their CEOs (smacks of jealousy, eh?) and Maxine Waters did let it slip that she wants to "nationalize" our gas/oil companies. Yes, the Socialists are smelling blood in the water and they are circling for the kill... But first, I want to see if I can find a shoebox and then I want to see some folks go to jail...now....This "crisis" didn't happen overnight. We have had "affirmative action" lending; we have had lending to illegal aliens; and we wonder that there is a problem. No president in the last 4 has defended our nation from an invasion of illegals. Drug cartels are growing their drugs in our national parks - today. And now, we are being threatened with the "financial collapse" of our economy - act now, or else... Don't be fooled by the Socialist Democrats. Our president has sold us to foreign debt. Our Congress is now buying our market. I'm not smart enough to know all of the intricacies involved but I know if I ran my household like our Congress runs our finances, I'd be on the street. Don't forget - Congress, not the President - controls the budget - the taxing and spending. And if you don't think your taxes will increase with a Democrat socialist president, there are probably parcels of swamp still waiting for you to buy... Perhaps I need to be a bit more patient, a little less cynical, and give our well-meaning Congressmen a chance to do their job. Thank God, a few Republicans in the House have and are taking a look at this measure.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Presidential Debate - Where was Judge Judy?

I watched the "presidential" debate last night and with Obama raising his hand to interrupt Senator McCain and grimacing like a petulant child, I had to wonder where Judge Judy was saying, "He's speaking. Put your hand down." Didn't Obama remind you of the defendants on Judge Judy? I thought Senator McCain did very well and was gentleman enough not to point out to the Community Organizer Obama, that he, McCain, actually has served the nation in the Armed Forces and is indeed a veteran himself - a sacrifice Obama has never made. Further, McCain did not mention that he was painfully aware of torture, having been a POW under the most heinous North Vietnamese. Next debate, let's have Judge Judy preside so that the kid will keep his hand down and perhaps not call Senator McCain a liar when Obama's record speaks for itself regarding his lack of judgement and "integrity" in associations. Anyone who is a parishoner of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. for twenty years and can say with a straight face that he never heard Wright's anti-white, anti-American, anti-Jewish diatribes, and rabid racist rants has to be stretching the truth especially since Obama has pointed out more that once that he even took Wright's CDs and/or tapes with him for inspiration... And worse, he subjected his family to that nonsense. Of course, I believe those are the views of his spouse and that is very troublesome. Remember, she condoned her girls being subjected to that racism too...

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bailouts - Dr. D speaks

Here is a response from Dr.D. to one of my posts. He has great points that need to be in any "plan" that is enacted:
"You say that we should lend the money to these "failing companies." But the truth is, they are not credit worthy, so you are asking us, the American people, to do exactly what the banks have been doing for the last 20 years, namely making bad loans. How does this solve anything at all? If we are to make the loans you describe, I think that there need to be criminal penalties for the executive officers of those companies receiving the loans if they fail to pay them back on schedule. There needs to be strict control of the company's ability to pay high salaries to executives until such time as the loans are repaid. Too many big shots will see this as just another opportunity to rip the American people off. You asked if this was Constitutional. Surely you were joking! Of course, it is not. We have not had Constitutional government in ages. Our federal government abandoned the Constitution many years ago when it became just too inconvenient and restrictive for their taste. What we have is nothing at all like what the Founding Fathers had in mind!"
Couldn't have said it better myself. Of course I was joking! But not about this: How about "jail with no bail" to the executive officers... But one more thing, Letter to Sen. Mitch McConnell I have been calling and e-mailing my Congressman and Senators. I'm sick of "throwing" money at failing enterprises such as our government educational system without strict penalties for "failure". If anything proves we need less Socialism and more "free market" Capitalism, this bank/lending debacle proves it in Aces. How does loaning the money make it better? Loaning it with strict penalties, jail-time, and NO golden parachutes to the execs is better than "giving" the money to them. I don't trust the Treasury Secretary, the Federal Reserve, or any one in the Democrat Leadership on this issue. So "strict control" over any money loaned is essential. That and ending "affirmative action" lending, period. As far as I am personally concerned, I'd never run my household finances like the "loons" have set up and established the monopolies and the combinations of tasks - banking, home mortgages, brokerage houses - within institutions. The "bundling" that has led to this mess is the cross-inbreeding of tasks under several financial institutions. Down the road, we should dissolve the "monopolies" we have established under legislation/deregulation legislation passed by Congress and signed into law or continued by several respective presidents. Nobody is squeaky "clean" on this one up until now but some folks better start washing their hands with anti-monopoly soap PDQ. One more quotation from Rich: "Beach Girl: Catching up on all of your recent posts; right on! This entire fiasco is a distraction to what is so obvious to me, government precedent to run our economy. We have heard Senator Boxer say she would take over the oil companies when they were making too much money. Now they want to take over Wall Street when they are losing money. These politicians want the keys to the "capitalist treasury". Imagine if they could get their hands on a vehicle to make money instead of graveling to the taxpayers all the time. Nirvana! Not one democratic leader beleives in our system. They want to over throw it any way they can. They are all corrupt and need to be changed; now! Term limits by force of the vote on November 4th. I am sick of these idiots. Frank and Dodd should be investigated at a minimum. The entire congress most likely will be tied to the dirty political money of Wall Street. It is time for a real change. If not now, when?" I concur - Barney Frank and Chris Dodd need to investigated at the least however, with Czarina Pelosi in control of the government - no chance of that.

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Bailout - Letter to Sen. Mitch McConnell

The Honorable Senator McConnell, Senator, I have just sent you an e-mail suggesting that "we, the people" loan the money to the institutions that have failed us and that we STOP the "socialist social engineering" so encouraged by Democrats. (The loan idea is from Newt Gingrich but I like it.) I pay my bills each and every month and I had to prove that I could repay my mortgage before a lending institution would loan to me. Why were other people given loans with no credit - that were denied me? Just a note from one member of "we, the people", I do not trust the Chairman of the Federal Reserve or the Treasury Secretary. And I trust the Democrat Congress even less. They've put us in this mess - with help from the "spending happy" Republicans before 2006, and now, besides planning to raise our taxes, the Dems insult us and want to force us to "buy" bad paper. Well, I don't want to "buy" bad paper. 1) loan these institutions money 2) sit on them like "ducks on June bugs" 3) end "socialist social engineering"/"affirmative action" loans to "risky" folks or businesses, All of us should be treated fairly when it comes to meeting standards for acquiring home mortgages - right? 4) keep US government OUT of the real estate business. and protect the value of my home and other assets. My goodness, I should not have to pay for every darn mess the Congress gets us into and pay their salaries too. Talk about "golden parachutes". That's another fraud perpetrated against us. Go to Congress for two years; get fired/not re-elected and whata ya get - salary and benefits for life. Thank you.

Bailout - US Government, not US Realtors!

The United States government should not turn "we, the people" into the United States of Realtors. We should "loan" money to these financial institutions at reasonable interest rates and let them "work their way out" of the mess they have created. The United States government should keep itself out of any further "social engineering" and not demand that financial lending companies "loan to anyone who they know cannot pay the loan back." Part of our capitalist system is based on "free enterprise", a "free market" which means an open market without government interference. What has been going on at the behest of our Congress over the past 14 years or so has been interference / tinkering with sound lending practices. Many people are part of that "free market" system through their 401Ks offered through the companies for whom the people work. Now, Congress wants us to buy "bad paper" which we wouldn't do... So, lend the "failing companies" the money. Charge realistic interest rates. Demand that loans are no longer given to folks or to businesses that simply do not have the credit history that would demonstrate that they could in any way repay their loans. That is foolish, bad business, and SOCIALISM writ large. See where it got us. Thanks, Congress... Keep the American people from buying "bad paper" which none of us would knowingly do. We aren't that stupid and any of us who have home mortgages and work hard have had to develop the credit inorder to be able to get the home loans in the first place. We had to meet criterion or standards before any bank would loan us money. Lastly, let's break up the monopolies that Congress has created. Banks should do bank stuff; stock brokerage houses should do stock stuff. Merging these functions was clearly a very "bad" deal for the American people. I have just one tiny question here. Constitutionally, is it even "legal" for this kind of machinations under the US Constitution? I'm talking about from the beginning? Encouraging "social engineering" that opened the door for greed and bad financial practices. Doesn't the Federal Government have limited powers? Or do they just screw us any which way they can under the "commerce clause." I don't think that is what the Founders had in mind...

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain suspends his campaign?

While Harry Reid says for Obama and McCain to stay on the campaign trail and stay out of Washington, D.C., we - as Americans - need to realize that McCain is still a Senator and has a responsibility to his constitutents and to his position as a Senator. Period. Obama can remain on the campaign trail because that is where he has been during most of his "time" as a Senator unless he was voting as the most Liberal Socialist in the Senate. And Harry Reid is pathetic. And don't be fooled - Obama will increase our taxes regardless of how much money is spent shoring up our economy... Remember "broadly shared prosperity" is Liberal Democrat code for re-distribution of wealth, ie, Socialism. It means taking earnings from hard workers and giving that success to people who make their living at the expense of working Americans.

Obama playing the "race" card? Republicans aren't!

Now, I'll be the first to admit that Obama is of "mixed race" - a white man passing for a black man. Why? 'Cause it "wins" him more votes. Some Liberal Socialists/Marxists Democrats are shameless. Seriously, when he spoke that "they're gonna tell you I'm different; they're gonna try to scare you; say I've got a funny name; and did they mention, I'm black..." "I don't look like all the other presidents on the dollar bills..." How stupid and racists! He doesn't get it. If he does not win this election, it will not be because of his skin color. It will be because he's using the same old political play book and setting the stage for his defeat and - worse - setting the stage so that it will be your racism, your lack of enlightenment, yada, yada, that did not enable him to win. Well, I've got news. Not every "white" guy who ran for president won either, bozo! No, it will be his ideas that will lead to his defeat if he does not win in November! God help us and save us from the first US president who is running to be "president of the world." His support of affirmative action/institutionalized racism and discrimination; his taxing madness; and this "universal, affordable" health care. That means you have to pay for it - okay! But maybe those folks "clinging to their religion and their guns" may not care about his skin color, I don't, but will rather look at his ultra-liberalism. See The Conservative Guy for a link to Obama's voting record. Don't fall for his "race card" game! He's either a man ready for the job or he isn't. As Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said - it's not the color of a man's skin but the content of his character... You decide - November 4th!

Ahmadinejad supports Obama for president!

Word just in: Iranians want an Obama presidency. Obama presidency may change attitudes in Tehran. Wow! What is it about these terrorists, domestic or foreign? They love Obama... Would you like that on your resume? And - it was only a month or so ago, that "Citizen of the World" Obama was receiving support from Europeans who also want Obama to be the next president of the United States. Hmmm... If I had any doubt about not voting for Obama, the news from Europe and Iran seal the deal for me. As my mother told me from long ago, Russian leader Kruchev said he would not work with the US if Nixon were elected. Scary stuff! Generally, Americans don't like foreign leaders telling us for whom we should vote - right? A vote from Ahmadinejad should mean more votes for John McCain and Sarah Palin! Now that would be a cute political ad showing Ayers - our domestic terrorists - with his Islamic name and Mad Jad supporting Obama.

Ahmadinejad speaks: "Move the UN out of US!"

Yippee! At last something - we can agree upon BUT I like Ambassador John Bolton's suggest too. Let's add a little icing to the cake for the "going away party." From Ambassador Bolton: US contributions/dues payments to the UN must be "voluntary." We can do that anyway - we've been behind in our $800 million or so "contributions" from time to time so let's just send 'em a note and say from now on our contributions are voluntary. Unless you work for the NEA or another union, your contributions to political candidates are voluntary. Why not take the same approach toward the thugs in the UN? The Saudis can make up the difference just from money they get from us for oil, by golly...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Deregulation at FauxNews

Deregulation Circa 1999 is an article written in 1999. I cannot begin to understand all of the complexities of our economy but this article is a good one which includes information about acts passed after the failure of the stock market in 1929. H/T to FauxNews. Subsequent legislation is also mentioned. No matter which "side" we are on in the current "crisis", a bit of historical perspective can help us all understand better how we got where we are today. There was a time when we had anti-trust laws, when we had laws that kept huge mergers across financial institutions from occurring. Well, now all we have are huge monopolies - what is it now, only 5 publishing conglomerates under 5 communications corporations, just to mention one area? There is a reason monopolies are not good for our economy...they eliminate competition and they eliminate the opportunity for the true sharing of ideas across our society. A H/T to Eternity Road for: Fascism at Work, Hold onto your Wallet!. Additionally, a H/T to The Conservative Guy for: Here is how we got into this financial mess - smoking gun! from the NYT 1999 by Steven A. Holmes.

Ahmadinejad at the UN - 2008

Mad Jad preaches at the UN General Assembly: and what would Ahmadinejad say to Obama's criticism of people "clinging to their religion and guns?" Seems Obama would not be held in high esteem by Mad Jad... Ahmadinejad's speech in summary: bow to the theocracy of Islam under the direction of Iran. Mad Jad preaches the glory of Islam and "obeisance/submission to Allah - the one true god" as the only way for the people of the world to find freedom and happiness. With a straight face, he points out that terrorism has spread... So here's the deal: bend to Allah or pay the price! Can you imagine the psychopathic madness of shrieks and gnashing of teeth along with breast-beating and the doning of sack-cloth that would be coming from a frothing American press if our president would speak before the UN about Christianity and the Trinity (one God in three forms: the God-the Father, God - the Son, God - the Holy Spirit)? And that all mankind must bow to God? But on one issue, I agree with MJ - we should get the UN out of the United States and we should stop giving financial support to that growing body of Islamic Republics - republics that enslave women, that punish people who follow Christianity and who support Israel... It is interesting that leaders of Islam - given the directive/forgiveness of lieing to infidels to advance Islam - do not hide their contempt for us, their intolerance, and their intent to dominate the world. Mad Jad is a man on a mission - to bring the people of the world to their knees in submission to Islamic tyranny so that the world may have "peace." No, Obama may be willing to speak to Ahmadinejad with no conditions but Obama best know that Ahmadinejad most assuredly "clings to religion and guns..." Hmmm...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Economy and the Mortgage "Crisis"

Just a few comments - one woman's opinion - the Congress of the United States, under the Liberal Socialist Democrats, passed laws/regulations that demanded that banks and mortgage lenders HAD to lend money for mortgages to a percentage of clients who everyone, including the "client", knew could not and would not be able to sustain payment on the mortgage. Mortgages would be "foreclosed" and people with already bad credit would find their "credit" getting worse. This was all very "politically PC" designed to buy votes. Banks and mortgage lenders typically do not lend money to folks who cannot sustain the payments. Period. So now, it is time to pay the piper and guess who will get to pay the billions to "buy up" this bad debt. We - the Americans who actually pay taxes and who actually pay their own debts - will now pay for the debts made to folks who could not pay their debts. Well, that makes me feel warm and fuzzy... Screwed again. It's like what we are paying for Section 8 housing: the rent is subsidized by US; the landscaping companies are paid for by US; the office manager is paid for by US; the appliances are bought by US.... Ever wonder why you have to go into debt to paint your home, to upgrade your appliances.... Well, forget about buying that new car your family needs. You can't afford it because a commission MAY be set up that will guarantee that will ensure that risky practices by lending institutions will be underwritten by US. Yup! Hold tight to the money you have 'cause we really have become our "brothers' keeper", literally... You try and get a home mortgage and see if you can get a loan/mortgage for a $300,000.00 home on your $35,000 salary... This crisis belongs right at the feet of Representatives and Senators who voted for regulations that demanded that lenders lend money to high-risk clients. One woman's opinion....but now we know why government should not be involved in "free enterprise" such as Fannie and Freddie - failure was only a matter of time...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Obama and his foreign policy guru!

This from the Weekly Standard, Obama's Foreign Policy Mentor by way of the Center for Security Policy. If you scroll down at the Center for Security Policy, you will find a list for excellent articles. We need to become informed and becoming informed is up to us. And one more good read that is uplifting from Right Wing Dog, Obama fails in judgement test, McCain surges ahead. If Obama is elected president, we're all gonna feel the pain and as Right Wing Dog points out, Obama is not the man for the job. Personally, I think Obama is led around by his wife so much so that he chose the "good old boys" club for his VP pick. Maybe Michelle will cost Obama the election - giving her yet again one more reason to "hate" or "not be proud" of the country that has given her opportunities for so much. I wonder if Michelle has ever taken responsibility for her own "failures" or if she has gone through life blaming them on white folks? If Obama is not elected, I'll predict that we'll have an American of Hispanic descent become president because these folks are hardworking and generally don't view having children as being "punished with a baby." And they are considered of European heritage... Hmmm...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Government beatdown of the "middle class"

H/T to Eternity Road for Fascism at Work, Hold on to Your Wallet! for an excellent post on the current "bailouts" that we - the people - are being forced to pay. Just think of it as a "transfer of wealth" and another TAX, TAX, TAX under another name. And one could also wonder if these "bailouts" are really something more and that is building monopolies that will further limit our choices for investments. Hmmm.... The US gov gets ALL of our financial records from various companies now. How much easier if the gov could just deal with a few companies. I don't see "conspiracies" around every corner but when our House of Representatives in the name of "affirmative action" home buying forces - through legislation - lending companies to lend to folks with no ability to repay loans, our government is lighting the fuse for an eventual "self-initiated" crisis. Will, congress lit the fuse and just waited for the emplosion. I have long believed that the "powers that be" are happy with the American people being able to buy a few cars each and a middle class home as well as a TV in every room BUT that they also like to be able to slap us down upon occasion and let us know who is really in charge and control of our lives. We've simply been too prosperous and our Congress and Senate are gonna make us pay for being "uppity." But hold on to your stock and your 401K programs. We'll get through this again. It is just a disappointment when your own government is putting the screws to you and punishing your hard work...

Obama and his litany of lies

H/T to Shallow Hal at Savage Politics for two posts delineating the "fabrications" of Barack Obama. One, The Truth VS Barack Obama (full version) and the second, The Truth VS. Barack Obama just add more fuel to the notion of the empty suit. Most politicians change their minds from time to time depending on changing conditions and circumstances. But what a litany of lies Shallow Hal has amassed for our review. The list is worth your time to review.

Voter Registration Drives within communities - Alert!

It is important for all of us who are eligible to vote and part of that process includes registering to vote. I was in a City Committee meeting a week or so ago and we were alerted to the possibility of people going around in communities signing folks up to vote. As a precaution, if you have not registered to vote, please consider going to your local registrar's office to register. Some people who are "registering" people to vote do not have any ID with them and yet, being trusting, we may tend to give them all sorts of personal information about ourselves such as our Social Security number. Please be cautious! Register to vote but make sure you know to whom you are giving information about yourself.

McCain-Palin: American heroes!

I watched some of the interview Greta had with Todd Palin. What a representative of an American man who is all man! We need a woman as Vice President who has a man like that standing behind her. I think it outstanding that McCain selected a brave woman as his VP pick. Not only does he show his own security with himself as a man; he is also thinking about our nation by having a woman he can groom for the presidency in 2012. Whoo hoo! This is a ticket I can stand behind. Obama - probably at the urging of his wife - kicked Hillary and 18 million voters to the curb. McCain uplifted women all across America and, thank God, he didn't select a Senator...

Obama: pathway toward treason?

Liberal elite Democrats are the masters of bait and switch. Right now they are breast-beating about the economy and especially about the mortgage crisis which THEY CREATED through their policies that demanded that banks, etc. extend loans to people who could not pay the loans back. And we, the All-American suckers, are gonna get the short end of the stick AGAIN...and like. And then I heard that Mr. Obama - while visiting in Iraq - suggested that the Iraqi government not encourage decreases in American troop levels UNTIL Obama got into the White House??? Is that treasonous, bordering upon treasonous behavior? I don't know... Is that true? Is that treasonous? I don't know. But you have to know that the Democrats are jumping with joy that - thanks to the dumbing down of our educational system - many Americans don't know the damage Democrat policies have done and will continue to do. Why do we lower taxes? To help the "rich"? No, we lower taxes so that folks will have more money to spend and help our economy; we lower capital gains taxes so that people won't be punished for buying and selling stock. And while I'm at it - you know those "evil" corporations the Democrats want to punish? Well, where do you think the money in your 401K is invested? Whom do Democrats always want to punish? Successful, hardworking middle class Americans... Why? To make as many of us dependent upon them and large government as possible. A vote for Obama is a vote for higher taxes on you and on your children. God help us!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oriana Fallaci: Islams attack on America

A few days ago, Americans paid tribute to the fallen victims on September 11th, seven years since 9/11/2001 when over 3,000 people, some American citizens and some not, were murdered by what we call "radical Islamists" following the teachings of Muhammed as directed in the Qur'an. These zealots flew airliners into the Twin Towers, into the Pentagon, and into a field in PA. The destruction they caused, not only in loss of life, but in the lives left to suffer the loss of loved ones, is incalcuable. On September 15, 2006, the world lost the voice of Oriana Fallaci. Back in 2006 friend of mine, Robinik, asked me along with some other bloggers to write a tribute to her. And so I did in Oriana Fallaci - Fire in the Soul. Soon the anniversary of the passing of Oriana Fallaci will be upon us once again and the woman who fought fascism from the age of 12 will be back in our memory. Exiled from her native Italy and very ill in New York City, she was - at long last - able to return to a clinic in Florence where she passed away on the soil of her home. If you have not read The Rage and The Pride, then you owe it to yourself to do so. You will scream; you will cry; and, if you are an American, you will feel at once shamed and chastened that one who has seen so much and done so much - while living here in exile - screamed out at Islamic Terrorism perpetrated in her adopted town of Manhattan. New York City. What will make you feel shame and your cheeks burn with embarrassment is her clear-eyed understanding of the threat we face. Here is just a bit from the cover of book:
"With her rigorous logic, lucidity of mind, she defends our culture and blames what she calls our blindness, our deafness, our masochism, the conformism and the arrogance of the Politically Correct."
This short piece is a tribute to Oriana Fallaci and a call to Diana West to please "become the voice of Oriana Fallaci" in our time to speak truth to the oppression of Islam, to raise the courage to do even more and relentlessly shout into the face of our labotomized culture before more of us must die on the flames stoked by Islam. One more quotation from an interview with Diana West has a fitting place here in my tribute to Oriana Fallaci: One more excellent interview needs to be brought to your attention. It is an interview with Diana West who has written on the oppression of Islam to its adherents and its threat to Western Civilization. In this interview, it is clear that she has reached a cross-roads in her reasoned views: We're all children now?. The title is a bit misleading but go have a look and read. One quotation from Diana West in the interview should spark your interest: for readability, I made a few paragraph breaks.
"I have come to believe that the Western way of life - which I'll define in brief as life lived according to Judeo-Christian-evolved morality and liberty - is imperiled by the demographic spread and influence of Islamic ideology and laws. Notice I didn't say the spread of "Islamism." Or "Islamist-ism." Or "Islamofascism." Or just "Wahhabism." Or "fundamentalist militant extremism." Over the years, I have used most of these "ists" and "isms" in my column, trying them out one by one until I got to the point where I realized they were serving as a distraction, a form of verbal camouflage that turns our attention away from the ideology and laws of Islam itself. In the cause of not-giving-offense - the highest cause of Westerners-turned-multiculturalists - we have prevented ourselves from undertaking a hard-eyed appraisal of Islamic ideology as a whole, jihadism included, and engaging in a serious discussion of how to contain it."
Diana West's columns can be found here; her book, The Death of the Grown-up: How America's Arrested Development Is Bringing Down Western Civilization, can be found here. In other words, we are bringing this scourge upon ourselves. related post To Oriana Fallaci, a great woman who spent her life fighting fascism and oppression and who knew with clear-eyed reason the threat of Islam and was not afraid to call it the threat it is to Western Civilization, to the great and brave Oriana Fallaci - rest in peace! Thank you for speaking out about America and the greatness we have in us if only we will rise to the treat and take the measures that must be taken to save our Western culture and freedoms and to, as Diana West states, "contain the threat." And what measures should we take? One is to identily Islam as a political ideology dressed up as a religion. The tenets of our "freedom of religion" do not extend a group which desires world domination and is using our "freedom of religion" to work to impose its rules upon the rest of us, thereby relegating our Christian denominations to second-class position. We need to be on the alert and we need to be strong enough to act. Reading Oriana Fallaci's work will give us a view of the greatness that is America. We need to start there...and we need to face the fact that protecting ourselves and our cultural heritage is not a bad thing; it is the ONLY thing when dealing with a world-wide ideology that seeks world domination. To Oriana Fallaci, we owe a debt of gratitude for screaming out in defiant rage at the insanity of the 9/11 bombings and for calling us to action to recognize the threat and addressing it, not capitualing with our tails between our legs like confused puppies who have been smacked once too often on the nose by political correctnss which stifles our freedom of speech and robs us of our survival reason and logic.

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Oprah and her sponsors

Here's a h/t to Sooshi Soo for listing Oprah's sponsors, here. And here's another one, The Roast of Oprah Winfrey. From Sooshi Soo - some of Oprah's sponsors are: Lowes, Chase, Visa, Wachovia, Frontline, Murad, Clinique, Philosophy, Pella, Pfizer, Bali, Disney/Universal and Target. Okay, boys and girls, we can do the rest. Oprah is a big girl and she tackled the Texas Ranchers but she has now offended and insulted ALL American women - liberal and conservative alike. When she insults one of us for our achievement, she insults us all. When she touts her stance for women, she needs a disclaimer that her stance is ONLY for women who agree with her. So, tune her out, turn her off, and do like Sooshi Soo suggests, use your time more wisely. We don't need Oprah; she needed us and now she has kicked us to the curb. Celebrities such as Michael Phelps and others should consider not being guests on her show. They don't need her either. Like many celebrities, Oprah seems to have forgotten that it is we - the people - who have made her a celebrity. Those checks she gets through direct deposit are from money we paid to her sponsors. Her beautiful homes and furnishings are from us. I don't begrudge her her accomplishment but she sure begrudges Sarah Palin her hard work and earnest effort. Oprah won't ever be a governor of a State. We are the women viewers who "butter her bread" and I think it is time to stop. I say we can shop at Home Depot; who needs Target? Remember the dust-up with Target over them not allowing their employees to say "Merry Christmas" a year or so ago? Well, last Christmas, I went into the local Target and had to laugh at all the Merry Christmas signs hanging from the ceiling. So, when our money "walks", they hear our "talk." Let's send Oprah's sponsors a message too...and let's do it now - just in time for Christmas. And if you really want to read a bit about how huge Oprah's enterprises are take a look at Harpo, Inc and Sony Pictures Television and their plans. The Oprah magazine, 'O', is published by Harpo Print, LLC and Hearst Magazines. Harpo Films, Inc. produces feature films under the "Oprah Winfrey Presents" headline. And The Oprah Winfrey Network is set to be launched in 2009. How do we find all of the sponsors? Short of getting a prospectus, I don't know but one way is to see who advertizes on her TV show. We can find out all of them but the list provided by Sooshi Soo is a GOOD start. Some sponsors of Oprah sweepstakes, here. They include: Murad, Wachovia, Chase, Visa, Playtex, Dove, Bali, Frontline, eLearners, Shutterfly, Target, GE Cafe, Lowe's.


Obama and the Woods Fund of Chicago

H/T to Blue Collar Republican. This is one we all need to "hear" about the work Obama did with Bill Ayers, our domestic terrorist, on the board of the Woods Fund of Chicago which received approximately 100 million dollars through "grants" and matching funds. More stuff Obama wants censored or removed from public access. Listen to the interview and you'll be glad you did. Obama representatives were invited to participate and declined.

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HR 5814, The Free Speech Protection Act

Alert! I have not checked the status yet but we need to contact our Representatives and ask them to pass HR 5814, The Free Speech Protection Act. Yep, world courts - pawns of leaders of Islam - are at it again. HR 5814 is designed to: "Our bill bars U.S. courts from enforcing libel judgments issued in foreign courts against U.S. residents, if the speech would not be libelous under American law..." Of course, I believe John Conyers is working to hinder our free speech when it comes to discussions about Islam but we'll have to wait and see how his House Resolution goes. Our freedom of speech as well as our freedom of religion is under attack in the most insidious ways.

Michelle Obama and her Ivy League Education?

A H/T to No Apology for a review of Michelle's thesis and a few comments about affirmative action which has clearly robbed one young Princeton undergraduate of a "quality" education. Michelle Obama's Princeton Undergraduate Thesis. I wonder why her professors didn't have the courage or the concern to help her out and really provide her with the education she deserved instead of going about it all in half-measures. Don't get me wrong. I am not opposed to equal opportunity. What frosts me - beyond reason - is the condescension with which academic elites treat "affirmative action" students. You have taken in unqualified students. Teach them and do it right. No wonder Michelle's bitter. She's smart enough to know she was robbed, right? Sold short? This makes me sick. If that makes me a "racist", so be it. My question is could her bitterness cost Obama the election? Could be...

Open Doors UK "offends" hyper-fragile Muslims

Recently, Open Doors UK held a "Call to Prayer" day in Oxford, England. Well, then the perverbial poop hit the fan as the Muslims in the Muslim Education Centre of Oxford (Meco) "accused Witney-based Open Doors UK of preaching 'evangelical propaganda'..." See Prayers prompt religious row. Additionally see Open Doors UK and About Open Doors. Before I get into my comments, here is contact info if you find the desire to contact Open Doors UK: Open Doors UK, PO Box 6, Witney, Oxon OX29 6WG. The phone and fax from the US are: 011 44 1993 885400 and Fax, 011 44 1993 885401. E-mail is: info@opendoorsuk.org A few sites that can give you more information include: Faith Freedom, Jihad Watch, The Religion of Peace, The Gates of Vienna and Shariah Finance Watch where you can sign up for their newsletter. Other sites are listed in my sidebar. The following information was made available by Open Doors UK:
'You will notice that in our statement, we chose our words very carefully. We deliberately did not apologise. We said, 'We regret that offence has been taken...' implying we do not change our stance. As a result of this feature, there will also be a story in the Church of England Newspaper, and we are hoping this may be picked up by the national media. The event (Call for Prayer) was very successful and we are very clear we will not be intimidated by Islam, but that we will love Muslims.'
Here are just a few things you may need to know. Non-muslims in Islamic nations are severely limited if they want to practice their religion; they cannot repair any church buildings thus these fall into disrepair over time. Muslims who leave Islam do so under the threat of death, and Christians are persecuted around the world today. Yet, as a spokesman for Open Doors UK told me today, "Jesus loves Muslims as He loves us all." Amen! Islam is not known for its tolerance of other religions. The burden is upon Meco for being so thin-skinned, leading me to believe that they have something to be nervous about and that is the truth about the oppression of Islam getting out to more people. I could find no equivalent within the Qur'an for the Christian ideals of charity to others or of the Golden Rule. Like Fox Mulder says in the X-Files, "The truth will set you free." As a friend of mine said, "Appeasement is like feeding a steak to a tiger in the hope that it will eventually become a vegetarian." One more excellent interview needs to be brought to your attention. It is an interview with Diana West who has written on the oppression of Islam to its adherents and its threat to Western Civilization. In this interview, it is clear that she has reached a cross-roads in her reasoned views: We're all children now?. The title is a bit misleading but go have a look and read. One quotation from Diana West in the interview should spark your interest: for readability, I made a few paragraph breaks.
"I have come to believe that the Western way of life - which I'll define in brief as life lived according to Judeo-Christian-evolved morality and liberty - is imperiled by the demographic spread and influence of Islamic ideology and laws. Notice I didn't say the spread of "Islamism." Or "Islamist-ism." Or "Islamofascism." Or just "Wahhabism." Or "fundamentalist militant extremism." Over the years, I have used most of these "ists" and "isms" in my column, trying them out one by one until I got to the point where I realized they were serving as a distraction, a form of verbal camouflage that turns our attention away from the ideology and laws of Islam itself. In the cause of not-giving-offense - the highest cause of Westerners-turned-multiculturalists - we have prevented ourselves from undertaking a hard-eyed appraisal of Islamic ideology as a whole, jihadism included, and engaging in a serious discussion of how to contain it."
Diana West's columns can be found here; her book, The Death of the Grown-up: How America's Arrested Development Is Bringing Down Western Civilization, can be found here. In other words, we are bringing this scourge upon ourselves. Let's see, how many Iraqis are going to be imported to the US because they helped us help them "save" their country? Along with Open Doors UK, perhaps it would be best if we pray for ourselves as well as our Muslim brothers and sisters and especially those who have found their way out of the oppression of their birth. Once born a Muslim, always a Muslim upon pain of death. Remember the Muslim man in Afghanistan who had converted to Christianity? The man we had to get out of a nation we liberated from the Taliban so that he would not be executed today for becoming a Christian. Yes, best we pray for ourselves too... Remember, the goal of Islams leaders is to stifle discussion about Islam and its ideology. What can we do? For starters, contact your Representatives and ask them to pass HR 5814. And then become informed...

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Obama: Election is all about you! Does this insult voters?

In a shining distraction to the American people, Obama recently said, "The election isn't about me. It's never been about me. This election is about you...It's always been about you." Really? Interesting turn of phrase: this election has never been about me; it's about you... Interesting reverse psychology. I had that theory pulled on me one time along with 20 or so other teachers in Japan at a DOD school. We were all Masters Degree + folks and the principal was not up to the job. Soooo...he decided to have someone come down from Tokyo to give us a survey-kind of assessment, ostensibly so that we could assess his strengths and weaknesses to "help him" improve. Well, not so fast. When the results were in, the admin person from Tokyo returned to explain the "findings" to us. The principal also participated and he interpreted the assessment for us. Essentially, WE were the ones who had problems. It was our expectations of his role in supporting us, yada, yada, yada that were the problem. So, because we didn't "agree" with him or see him as outstanding, it was we who were inept. He only lasted that one school year because we weren't having any of it. Period. When I heard Obama's statement from his very own mouth, I thought "here we go again." How so? Underlying Obama's assertion is the "hidden" message, the innuendo. It goes like this. If the American people do NOT elect Obama, they are racists by definition; they are backward and unenlightened. After all, the world - 22 countries at least - want Obama to be our next president. Perhaps they think they'll get more money our of your pocket; perhaps they think he'll be soft on terrorists and nations such as Iran that support terrorists. Perhaps Obama will try "talking diplomacy" and foolishly try to "reason" with terrorists - after all he's great buds with our American terrorist couple - but failing that, he'll try to talk them to death. Don't be fooled. This election is not about us, not in the way he means; it is about ideas and American values and freedoms as enshrined in our US Constitution, not citizen of the world values. Do we elect a president who will continue the march of our nation into the chains of Socialist tyranny? Who will continue the loss of our freedoms in exchange for a creeping governmental bureaucracy that will control us from cradle-to-grave? We must defend our individual - not group - liberties and responsibilities. Afterall, group identity politics allows the individual to shirk his individual responsibilities to his fellow citizens by allowing him to hide behind the skirts of the "group." The Democrat mantra is "shared prosperity." To be clear, "shared prosperity" is code for Socialist Marxism which takes from those who work and gives to those who don't - those hiding behind the identity of the "group." If Americans do not vote for Obama, it will be because we know an empty suit when we see it/hear it regardless of how smooth and mesmerizing it may appear on a manikin. Don't vote for Obama due to an illusionary "guilt trip" also implied in his statement. Don't fall for his insult. If he is not elected, he has set the stage that will enable Michelle to continue seeing us as a "mean country" and enable him to say, "See, the American people aren't ready for a black man to be president." He'll use that to deny to himself that skin color was not and is not the issues. Ideas and ideology are. One example: How in the world is he going to "give" a $1,000.00 tax cut to everyone when 50% or so of working families do not pay federal taxes now? They get refunds for taxes withheld. So who will be giving up $1,000.00 of their hard earned income to "give" to that 50%. If Obama is elected - God forbid - he'll pat us on the head like a patronizing parent and say, "You're good little boys and girls. I knew you would do it and now I'm gonna raise your taxes..." Remeber, EVERY federal program amounts to theft or stealing from hardworking American families to give handouts to those who don't work. This election will be won or lost on ideas and a demonstrated pattern of behavior. As an aside, how comfortable would you be with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr with his racist, anti-American diatribe being the spiritual advisor in an Obama Administration? Or a hate-filled priest? Or a terrorist such as Bill Ayers being appointed as Secretary of Education? Think it can't happen? Whomever Obama "kicks to the curb" today for political expediency can be publically re-instated in a heartbeat. This election is not about race or gender; it is about the strength of the American people to take control and to stand up for freedoms or to choose weakness and opt out by selecting growing Socialism. Once we give away our freedoms for handouts, we'll NEVER get our freedoms back. Let's asssert our combined American heritage of rugged individualism, hardwork, and personal achievement. That's in our blood and it is that which moves us forward as Americans; Americans who go to work, build America, overcome adversity, and generate the power that lights up that shining city on a hill that sends a beacon of freedom and light into the face of tyranny and oppression. You cannot pursue happiness or maintain your own fiscal good health when your labor is taxed to pay for the expenses of other citizens - not those in true need but those who WANT. When your lawn cannot be maintained, when you cannot paint your own home, when you cannot buy appliances because you are paying for the maintenance of others, when money you have earned is "stolen" from you by politicians promising handouts to non-productive citizens and these same citizens vote for the government theft, you have to stand up and say, "Enough!" Enough to government ear-marks; to entitlements! Where did that come from anyway? As Americans we are "entitled" only to life, liberty, and our own honest pursuit of happinesss not at the expense of others... We are Americans! Let's act like it...

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Oprah Winfrey: true colors coming through

It is time for American women of all political perspectives to boycott Oprah Winfrey. Read more at Political Pistachio by Douglas Gibbs: Racist Oprah Winfrey pays price for saying no to Sarah Palin. Oprah's true colors are shining through and they are "true", Democrat Socialist Blue. She has had Barack Obama on her show. She touts her stand for the advancement of women but she needs to be more clear; that is she is for the advancement of liberal, socialist women not all American women. I can't go so far as to call her "racist" since I have been called that so often just because I believe in equality of opportunity not assurance of outcome no matter the cost to more qualified Americans simply because of skin color or gender. Yes, Oprah is Obama's girl, lock, stock, and barrel. She's in his camp as an Obama groupie. Why? Because Obama is of "mixed race" identifying himself as "black" or because he has political qualifications the rest of us have yet to learn about? Bad move, Oprah. Dissing another woman 'cause she's - ummm - white, a conservative governor who - like Nancy Pelosi - chose to have her children. Don't conservatives have "choice" too? H/T to Political Pistachio... Rosie O'Donnell dissed Tom Selleck and look where it got her. Essentially on the career train to no where... Oprah is showing the height of hypocracy. You may want to re-think those subscriptions, gals, and ask yourselves if Oprah would have had Hillary Clinton on her show if Hillary had been selected as Barry's VP pick? Oprah has more money than God so she won't be hurt by any turn-down of magazine sales or fewer viewers of her show but she may need to learn that her audience is made up of women all across the nation, not just liberal, socialist women... Best for celebrities who count on all of us for their success to stay out of politics, at least maybe they should re-think using the celebrity we gave them against us... How many celebrities who had good careers can you name who lost their serious star-power when they started trashing those of us in "fly-over" country, the ones who used to go to their movies? I'll bet you can name a few.

McCain-Palin: Can answer that 3AM call!

I would venture to say that both McCain and Gov. Palin will be ready to take that 3AM call Hillary spoke of during her campaign and I would venture that Palin could step into the presidency in 2013 without batting an eyelash. While Obama is mocking us as "clinging to our guns and religion", I would submit that both helped us found our nation and both helped us beat back tyrants in WWI and WWII. McCain and Gov. Palin are taking the fight out west where guns and religion are part of everyday living. It's called survival. Obama says McCain just "doesn't get it." Well, I get it. Affirmative action punished white men and I think it has now long outlived its usefulness in terms of leveling the "playing field" because not any people I know got into Harvard or Princeton with below average qualifications just because of skin-color. If anything, they were denied the "education" Ms. Obama was given access to because of their skin-color or their gender. So, let's break that glass ceiling and put Sarah Palin in the White House as the Vice President of the United States of America, not because she is a female, but because she is qualified. Sarah Palin can answer that 3AM call because she's been doing that for 22 years as the mother of five children. She can answer that call because, as governor, she has sent men and women into battle. She's got experience hands down over Barry and Joe. Best they stay in the Senate where admittedly they can do a lot of damage but at least McCain will be able to veto their most damaging legislation. Sarah Palin is spunky and tough. And of course Hillary Clinton won't take her on as some Democrats want to happen. Why? Because Palin, as a governor, has executive experience that trumps Hillary's "experience" and because Palin advances Hillary's cause. Besides, Hillary may well meet Sarah head-on in presidential debates in 2012. Hillary won't give Sarah ammunition now that she can use against Hillary later. Hillary knows what the NOW gals don't seem to know - in politics, one must choose one's battles and battling Sarah Palin now is not in Hillary's best interest. Although Hillary cannot be seen to campaign for Sarah Palin, I don't think she'll overtly try to damage her either. We need McCain and Palin in the White House in 2009 and won't a campaign between Hillary and Sarah for the presidency in 2012 be rip-roaring great fun? Remember, that would most likely be Hillary's "last chance" and she'd be fighting like a mama bear defending its cubs. What politics! Hillary against a sitting Vice President. Whoo hoo! I'll pay to see that one. And you better believe, unlike President George W. Bush who didn't seem to groom anyone for the presidency, McCain will give Sarah Palin all the opportunities for experience that he can. I can hear that glass ceiling shattering now... Thanks for putting 18 million cracks in it, Hill. Now, the nation will take Sarah the rest of the way through.

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China owns your home!

The question is "Does China own the paper on your home?" It is looking more like it every day as you can read in the following news article: Overseas debt drives bailout of Fannie and Freddie where we - the people - get screwed by the federal government once again. I don't mind paying the mortgage for my own home. I don't mind helping out my family when they need the help but to pay the interest and principle on US mortgages owned by China is adding insult to injury. I'm calling for a boycott on all goods produced and sold in our "sweet land of liberty" that come here from China. I know it will be very hard to find anything on our shelves not "made in China" but we have to look. We have to be serious about this. I know just about everything flooding our markets has a "made in China" label on it. No wonder the Olympics were held in China. The paper on America has been sold to China. They own us - they own our economy and the leaders of that "one child" policy leading to forced abortions (which has to make them the darlings of our liberal elites) control the decisions our politicians and rulers in the executive branch make. Startling isn't it? China, more than any other nation, is pulling the strings on their puppet, the government of the United States. How did we come to such a pass? How do we get out of it? The Democrat Party's answer: higher taxes on you and me. Why? To break the back of the American people; to make us slaves to their "welfare/entitlement" state. I'm not saying the Republican Congress and our president didn't have a hand in it but the Republicans paid. We kicked them out of office in 2006 and we got Nancy Pelosi. My Lord! Let's put the Republicans back in control. Or let's put McCain-Palin in the White House. Gridlock saves the American people every time it's tried.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Federer's still the ONE! Takes 5th US Open title.

Roger Federer wins 5th straight US Open, men's singles title:US Open and see Federer rolls to his 13th major. And for your viewing pleasure... All I can say is: "He's still the one; Federer's still the one! We're still having fun 'cause Federer's still the ONE!" This year I was able to watch many of the US Open televised matches and for the first time, I saw the players and their respective march toward the title. What great tennis! We have the racket smashers; the men trying to change their game to beat worthy opponents; the heavy sweaters; the muscular dancers; and the one man who makes tennis look so easy even I could do it. Not! I was glad to see Andy Murray make his march to the finals. He did well in throwing Nadal off his game, completely. But... Roger Federer was ready. He won the title in three sets and what tennis it was. The man is the smoothest tennis player of this generation. He doesn't crash rackets into the court; he seldom screams and shouts; he just plays his game and let's his opponents "bring it" to him. The harder the opponents try; the smoother Federer seems to become. And footwork - don't even talk about it. I love to watch Roger Federer play tennis. Congratulations to Roger Federer and just think, he's only 27. Whoo hoo! He's still the one and we're still having fun...'cause Federer's still the ONE!

Sarah Palin for Vice President - Ooh rah!

Okay, McCain did the deed! He pulled a governor out of the wilds of Alaska and put her on the Republican ticket! Yippee! Sarah Palin has more executive experience than anyone on the Democrat ticket; McCain has 22 years of command in the Navy. We have a "horse race" now and it stands to be great fun. Great fun! McCain couldn't have done any more to light a fire under conservatives; under women who were sold out by the Democrats when Obama kicked them and Hillary Clinton in the teeth. I bet he's upset he selected an "old white guy" who embodies the establishment. I think Joe Biden was the best choice of the Senate white men but I'll bet Obama is grinding his teeth. McCain showed us one thing - he'll take a chance that is good for America. We women have a chance now to break that "glass ceiling"; Hillary got 18 million votes in the primary and Obama kicked them to the curb. Well, Palin is ready. Let's put Sarah Palin in the Vice Presidency. Let's give her a chance to be groomed for the presidency. Let's gear up for a good battle in 2012. Sarah Palin has been thrust upon the national stage and she's up to the task. Now, we women who give lip-service to equality have to get behind her and push her candidacy. Foreign policy training? Any one know how far Alaska is from Russia??? Just the Bearing Strait separates us. Good for McCain! Talk about going for broke! No fear here; he selected a woman as his running mate, no muss, no fuss! Done! Now, McCain is a politician willing to take a chance. This is his only chance for the presidency and he didn't play it safe; he chose a mother of five, a mayor, a governor. We women need to get behind Sarah Palin; I don't think she'll let us down. It is we - the people - who can give Sarah Palin a chance. Let's do it... McCain-Palin 2008

Pro-choice means "choice"

Rest easy, ladies! You will have the ability to abort your unborn children no matter who is in the White House. It should be a "state's rights" issue and not a federal government issue but either way, you'll be able to make that choice. No one is going to take that choice away from you. But "pro-choice" means just that - CHOICE. One can choose abstinence; one can choose birth-control that prevents pregnancies; one can choose "abortion"; and one can choose life. But abortion is killing an unborn child, not aborting cells that may grow up to be a redwood tree. I cannot speak to the choices you have had to make in your life but I ask you if you would want your daughter to "kill/abort" your grandchild? Would you want a government worker to take your daughter to get an abortion and possibly hide the abuse of your daughter through rape, incest, and thereby let a child-molester go free? Have you read the research that shows that abortions may lead to complications later on in life? For you... A vote for McCain-Palin is a vote for choice. Palin has simply chosen life. We need a woman with executive experience a heart-beat away from the presidency. Nancy Pelosi - the mother of five, I believe - chose life for her children yet a conservative woman who has chosen life is somehow castigated by the oh-so liberal women who are not for "choice" but rather "death". Don't be fooled. You will maintain your "right" to have an abortion and sometimes that is the right choice - I believe as women, we need options especially in the cases of rape and incest. Being "pro-choice" does not have to mean "death". Our US Constitution says "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." That is for all of us. To me, a nation that kills its unborn with such a cavalier attitude is one step away from deciding when a person is "too old", "too handicapped", etc and therefore no longer "valuable" to the society-at-large. We cannot let that happen. We need to take this "abortion" issue more seriously and understand that life is a sacred thing; life to our unborn - the most helpless among us - is a sacred trust. We really don't need an administration that will look at our unborn as "punishment." We have gone a long way on that road of "pro-choice"; just remember that "choice" also means the right to choose "life" for that tiny unborn who has no one else but you to protect its chance at life. Thank you for your time today. I've been away for a few weeks. It has been difficult for me to "bounce back" from the loss of my young friend who took her life and left her twin girls alone, never to know their wonderful mother.

Will Michelle Obama cost her husband the presidency?

Dinesh D'Souza wrote a great piece on Michelle Obama, Michelle Obama's Inferiority Complex. H/T to No Apology with a link to Michelle's thesis: here. A number of years ago, I traveled to the Philipines. I took a short bus-ride tour of Manilla. Michelle Obama reminds me of the tour guide we had. A young woman, very good in her rendition of the history of Manilla, was our guide and she did nothing to hide her hatred of Americans. Why does Michelle Obama remind me of that young tour guide from years gone by? Michelle Obama seems to have a deep-seated hatred of the nation that has given her so much, like the young woman who hated us for the money we have poured into the Philipines. I believe, if Obama does not win the presidency - God help us if he does - part of the reason will be that he did not select Hillary Clinton as his VP running-mate. Why not? Michelle's thorough dislike of Hillary Clinton. Funny how that hatred and prejudice could come around to bite Michelle on the butt. If Obama does not win the White House, it won't be a "racial" thing; it will be a sour-faced, anti-American wife thing. Ooh rah for John McCain. Gov. Palin can take that 3:00AM call; she's been doing that for 20 some years - a mother of five, a mayor, a governor just miles from Russian shores. Oor rah!

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