Friday, September 26, 2008

Bailout - Letter to Sen. Mitch McConnell

The Honorable Senator McConnell, Senator, I have just sent you an e-mail suggesting that "we, the people" loan the money to the institutions that have failed us and that we STOP the "socialist social engineering" so encouraged by Democrats. (The loan idea is from Newt Gingrich but I like it.) I pay my bills each and every month and I had to prove that I could repay my mortgage before a lending institution would loan to me. Why were other people given loans with no credit - that were denied me? Just a note from one member of "we, the people", I do not trust the Chairman of the Federal Reserve or the Treasury Secretary. And I trust the Democrat Congress even less. They've put us in this mess - with help from the "spending happy" Republicans before 2006, and now, besides planning to raise our taxes, the Dems insult us and want to force us to "buy" bad paper. Well, I don't want to "buy" bad paper. 1) loan these institutions money 2) sit on them like "ducks on June bugs" 3) end "socialist social engineering"/"affirmative action" loans to "risky" folks or businesses, All of us should be treated fairly when it comes to meeting standards for acquiring home mortgages - right? 4) keep US government OUT of the real estate business. and protect the value of my home and other assets. My goodness, I should not have to pay for every darn mess the Congress gets us into and pay their salaries too. Talk about "golden parachutes". That's another fraud perpetrated against us. Go to Congress for two years; get fired/not re-elected and whata ya get - salary and benefits for life. Thank you.


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