Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Open Doors UK "offends" hyper-fragile Muslims

Recently, Open Doors UK held a "Call to Prayer" day in Oxford, England. Well, then the perverbial poop hit the fan as the Muslims in the Muslim Education Centre of Oxford (Meco) "accused Witney-based Open Doors UK of preaching 'evangelical propaganda'..." See Prayers prompt religious row. Additionally see Open Doors UK and About Open Doors. Before I get into my comments, here is contact info if you find the desire to contact Open Doors UK: Open Doors UK, PO Box 6, Witney, Oxon OX29 6WG. The phone and fax from the US are: 011 44 1993 885400 and Fax, 011 44 1993 885401. E-mail is: A few sites that can give you more information include: Faith Freedom, Jihad Watch, The Religion of Peace, The Gates of Vienna and Shariah Finance Watch where you can sign up for their newsletter. Other sites are listed in my sidebar. The following information was made available by Open Doors UK:
'You will notice that in our statement, we chose our words very carefully. We deliberately did not apologise. We said, 'We regret that offence has been taken...' implying we do not change our stance. As a result of this feature, there will also be a story in the Church of England Newspaper, and we are hoping this may be picked up by the national media. The event (Call for Prayer) was very successful and we are very clear we will not be intimidated by Islam, but that we will love Muslims.'
Here are just a few things you may need to know. Non-muslims in Islamic nations are severely limited if they want to practice their religion; they cannot repair any church buildings thus these fall into disrepair over time. Muslims who leave Islam do so under the threat of death, and Christians are persecuted around the world today. Yet, as a spokesman for Open Doors UK told me today, "Jesus loves Muslims as He loves us all." Amen! Islam is not known for its tolerance of other religions. The burden is upon Meco for being so thin-skinned, leading me to believe that they have something to be nervous about and that is the truth about the oppression of Islam getting out to more people. I could find no equivalent within the Qur'an for the Christian ideals of charity to others or of the Golden Rule. Like Fox Mulder says in the X-Files, "The truth will set you free." As a friend of mine said, "Appeasement is like feeding a steak to a tiger in the hope that it will eventually become a vegetarian." One more excellent interview needs to be brought to your attention. It is an interview with Diana West who has written on the oppression of Islam to its adherents and its threat to Western Civilization. In this interview, it is clear that she has reached a cross-roads in her reasoned views: We're all children now?. The title is a bit misleading but go have a look and read. One quotation from Diana West in the interview should spark your interest: for readability, I made a few paragraph breaks.
"I have come to believe that the Western way of life - which I'll define in brief as life lived according to Judeo-Christian-evolved morality and liberty - is imperiled by the demographic spread and influence of Islamic ideology and laws. Notice I didn't say the spread of "Islamism." Or "Islamist-ism." Or "Islamofascism." Or just "Wahhabism." Or "fundamentalist militant extremism." Over the years, I have used most of these "ists" and "isms" in my column, trying them out one by one until I got to the point where I realized they were serving as a distraction, a form of verbal camouflage that turns our attention away from the ideology and laws of Islam itself. In the cause of not-giving-offense - the highest cause of Westerners-turned-multiculturalists - we have prevented ourselves from undertaking a hard-eyed appraisal of Islamic ideology as a whole, jihadism included, and engaging in a serious discussion of how to contain it."
Diana West's columns can be found here; her book, The Death of the Grown-up: How America's Arrested Development Is Bringing Down Western Civilization, can be found here. In other words, we are bringing this scourge upon ourselves. Let's see, how many Iraqis are going to be imported to the US because they helped us help them "save" their country? Along with Open Doors UK, perhaps it would be best if we pray for ourselves as well as our Muslim brothers and sisters and especially those who have found their way out of the oppression of their birth. Once born a Muslim, always a Muslim upon pain of death. Remember the Muslim man in Afghanistan who had converted to Christianity? The man we had to get out of a nation we liberated from the Taliban so that he would not be executed today for becoming a Christian. Yes, best we pray for ourselves too... Remember, the goal of Islams leaders is to stifle discussion about Islam and its ideology. What can we do? For starters, contact your Representatives and ask them to pass HR 5814. And then become informed...

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