Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Oprah Winfrey: true colors coming through

It is time for American women of all political perspectives to boycott Oprah Winfrey. Read more at Political Pistachio by Douglas Gibbs: Racist Oprah Winfrey pays price for saying no to Sarah Palin. Oprah's true colors are shining through and they are "true", Democrat Socialist Blue. She has had Barack Obama on her show. She touts her stand for the advancement of women but she needs to be more clear; that is she is for the advancement of liberal, socialist women not all American women. I can't go so far as to call her "racist" since I have been called that so often just because I believe in equality of opportunity not assurance of outcome no matter the cost to more qualified Americans simply because of skin color or gender. Yes, Oprah is Obama's girl, lock, stock, and barrel. She's in his camp as an Obama groupie. Why? Because Obama is of "mixed race" identifying himself as "black" or because he has political qualifications the rest of us have yet to learn about? Bad move, Oprah. Dissing another woman 'cause she's - ummm - white, a conservative governor who - like Nancy Pelosi - chose to have her children. Don't conservatives have "choice" too? H/T to Political Pistachio... Rosie O'Donnell dissed Tom Selleck and look where it got her. Essentially on the career train to no where... Oprah is showing the height of hypocracy. You may want to re-think those subscriptions, gals, and ask yourselves if Oprah would have had Hillary Clinton on her show if Hillary had been selected as Barry's VP pick? Oprah has more money than God so she won't be hurt by any turn-down of magazine sales or fewer viewers of her show but she may need to learn that her audience is made up of women all across the nation, not just liberal, socialist women... Best for celebrities who count on all of us for their success to stay out of politics, at least maybe they should re-think using the celebrity we gave them against us... How many celebrities who had good careers can you name who lost their serious star-power when they started trashing those of us in "fly-over" country, the ones who used to go to their movies? I'll bet you can name a few.


Blogger Dr.D said...

I am dumbfounded that you posted again! I thought you were gone forever!

5:59 PM  
Blogger Rich said...

Nothing but a gas bag who got lucky by being a woman...a black woman.

12:07 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Dr. D - I love blogging. Just had a few distractions that hit me pretty hard. We all have them from time to time and, although painful, they are a part of life. I just simply did not have the energy to being posting. I hope you are happy to have me back working my way to posting again.

Rich, I'm going to be giving some urls about Ms. Winfrey's sponsors so maybe we can teach her that we - the people - made her a celebrity and gave her her wealth. Although she worked hard, no doubt, we paid the freight. What the people giveth, the people can taketh away...

12:12 PM  
Blogger Dr.D said...

I am indeed glad to see you back. I just thought you had abandoned the position and left forever.

Please post a note if you are having problems so that we can add you to the prayer list.

1:37 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Dr. D - thank you. I can always use prayer. A young friend took her own life and left twin toddler girls. Also lost a good friend who had been on the wagon for 2 1/2 years back to alcohol. Rather put me at a low ebb. The young mom was my neighbor for nearly two years and I never knew the problems she had. It all got to be too much for her, I suppose.

I don't want to use her name as you can appreciate but you could put her daughters on your prayer list for a bit - just call them C's girls.

Thank you...

2:36 PM  

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