Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Obama: Election is all about you! Does this insult voters?

In a shining distraction to the American people, Obama recently said, "The election isn't about me. It's never been about me. This election is about you...It's always been about you." Really? Interesting turn of phrase: this election has never been about me; it's about you... Interesting reverse psychology. I had that theory pulled on me one time along with 20 or so other teachers in Japan at a DOD school. We were all Masters Degree + folks and the principal was not up to the job. Soooo...he decided to have someone come down from Tokyo to give us a survey-kind of assessment, ostensibly so that we could assess his strengths and weaknesses to "help him" improve. Well, not so fast. When the results were in, the admin person from Tokyo returned to explain the "findings" to us. The principal also participated and he interpreted the assessment for us. Essentially, WE were the ones who had problems. It was our expectations of his role in supporting us, yada, yada, yada that were the problem. So, because we didn't "agree" with him or see him as outstanding, it was we who were inept. He only lasted that one school year because we weren't having any of it. Period. When I heard Obama's statement from his very own mouth, I thought "here we go again." How so? Underlying Obama's assertion is the "hidden" message, the innuendo. It goes like this. If the American people do NOT elect Obama, they are racists by definition; they are backward and unenlightened. After all, the world - 22 countries at least - want Obama to be our next president. Perhaps they think they'll get more money our of your pocket; perhaps they think he'll be soft on terrorists and nations such as Iran that support terrorists. Perhaps Obama will try "talking diplomacy" and foolishly try to "reason" with terrorists - after all he's great buds with our American terrorist couple - but failing that, he'll try to talk them to death. Don't be fooled. This election is not about us, not in the way he means; it is about ideas and American values and freedoms as enshrined in our US Constitution, not citizen of the world values. Do we elect a president who will continue the march of our nation into the chains of Socialist tyranny? Who will continue the loss of our freedoms in exchange for a creeping governmental bureaucracy that will control us from cradle-to-grave? We must defend our individual - not group - liberties and responsibilities. Afterall, group identity politics allows the individual to shirk his individual responsibilities to his fellow citizens by allowing him to hide behind the skirts of the "group." The Democrat mantra is "shared prosperity." To be clear, "shared prosperity" is code for Socialist Marxism which takes from those who work and gives to those who don't - those hiding behind the identity of the "group." If Americans do not vote for Obama, it will be because we know an empty suit when we see it/hear it regardless of how smooth and mesmerizing it may appear on a manikin. Don't vote for Obama due to an illusionary "guilt trip" also implied in his statement. Don't fall for his insult. If he is not elected, he has set the stage that will enable Michelle to continue seeing us as a "mean country" and enable him to say, "See, the American people aren't ready for a black man to be president." He'll use that to deny to himself that skin color was not and is not the issues. Ideas and ideology are. One example: How in the world is he going to "give" a $1,000.00 tax cut to everyone when 50% or so of working families do not pay federal taxes now? They get refunds for taxes withheld. So who will be giving up $1,000.00 of their hard earned income to "give" to that 50%. If Obama is elected - God forbid - he'll pat us on the head like a patronizing parent and say, "You're good little boys and girls. I knew you would do it and now I'm gonna raise your taxes..." Remeber, EVERY federal program amounts to theft or stealing from hardworking American families to give handouts to those who don't work. This election will be won or lost on ideas and a demonstrated pattern of behavior. As an aside, how comfortable would you be with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr with his racist, anti-American diatribe being the spiritual advisor in an Obama Administration? Or a hate-filled priest? Or a terrorist such as Bill Ayers being appointed as Secretary of Education? Think it can't happen? Whomever Obama "kicks to the curb" today for political expediency can be publically re-instated in a heartbeat. This election is not about race or gender; it is about the strength of the American people to take control and to stand up for freedoms or to choose weakness and opt out by selecting growing Socialism. Once we give away our freedoms for handouts, we'll NEVER get our freedoms back. Let's asssert our combined American heritage of rugged individualism, hardwork, and personal achievement. That's in our blood and it is that which moves us forward as Americans; Americans who go to work, build America, overcome adversity, and generate the power that lights up that shining city on a hill that sends a beacon of freedom and light into the face of tyranny and oppression. You cannot pursue happiness or maintain your own fiscal good health when your labor is taxed to pay for the expenses of other citizens - not those in true need but those who WANT. When your lawn cannot be maintained, when you cannot paint your own home, when you cannot buy appliances because you are paying for the maintenance of others, when money you have earned is "stolen" from you by politicians promising handouts to non-productive citizens and these same citizens vote for the government theft, you have to stand up and say, "Enough!" Enough to government ear-marks; to entitlements! Where did that come from anyway? As Americans we are "entitled" only to life, liberty, and our own honest pursuit of happinesss not at the expense of others... We are Americans! Let's act like it...


Blogger KG said...

"This election is not about race or gender; it is about the strength of the American people to take control and to stand up for freedoms or to choose weakness and opt out by selecting growing Socialism. Once we give away our freedoms for handouts, we'll NEVER get our freedoms back."
Living as I do in a socialist country, I'd like to see that engraved above the entranceway of every school and government department.
I'll borrow that quote and put it up at Crusader Rabbit, Beach. :-)

11:06 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

KG, please use anywhere you feel it will be helpful. If you post at A Western Heart, please use there too.

Thank you, Beachie

2:29 PM  
Blogger satori said...

I dont quite get it. It seems you talk about freedoms alot. freedom from socialism, freedom from the evil grip of islam, freedom from being guilted into voting for a black man just because hes black, etc etc. Did the republican Bush administration help us expand our freedom or did it infringe upon our freedom? Did it make government smaller or has government gotten bigger? Last time i checked our deficit is bigger than ever and our spending hasnt decreased at all. I respect your right to voice your views and appreciate you taking the time to post them for others to read but i just dont quite get the logic behind some of it, and would really enjoy you enlightening me. thanks in advance

4:59 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Satori - I have been disappointed by some efforts of the Bush Administration. I am opposed to "nation building" and to trying to spread democracy - which we don't have ourselves because it is based upon majority rule - never a good thing.

I believe Bush infringed upon our freedoms and is very intent on the North American Union - SSP highway coming up through Mexico. The Republican Congress was punished in 2006 for sending budgets that have put our grandchildren in hock.

I don't get the logic behind some it either but then I don't get the logic of our government now allowing drug cartels to actually grow drugs in our national forests. We are putting more and more Americans in jeopardy and the drug cartels are taking over parts of our nation just as part of Columbia has been taken over.

We need grown-ups not chained to political correctness and the censorship of "multiculturalism" which excuses all cultures as morally equivalent.

I'm not sure with the raging migraine that I can be much help today but I will add that I voted for President Bush twice. I should have voted for Kerry - not that I am not a conservative but rather that gridlock really helps the American people.

I think the American people, generally speaking, find it hard to stand up for freedom and are finding it easier to sell out for a hand out.

I will support Sarah Palin for vice president because I believe she brings common sense with a touch of fearlessness. What't the worst that can happen...she goes back to being a hockey mom and the gov. of Alaska. The best that can happen is that she is groomed for the presidency and she will bring a Margaret Thatcher-like level headedness to the White House.

I do not think we should entangle ourselves in trying to make democracies out of countries that follow Sharia Law. I'll write more on this later.

Sorry I am not as clear as I should be for space is simply a factor.

Thank you for your questions. Don't let up on me if you feel I need to be more clear.

Have a good weekend. Some of the "logic" comes from years of study of geopolitics (person interest, not academic) and my interest in the fact that we are living history even as I write.

Take care...

12:47 PM  

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