Friday, September 26, 2008

Bailout - US Government, not US Realtors!

The United States government should not turn "we, the people" into the United States of Realtors. We should "loan" money to these financial institutions at reasonable interest rates and let them "work their way out" of the mess they have created. The United States government should keep itself out of any further "social engineering" and not demand that financial lending companies "loan to anyone who they know cannot pay the loan back." Part of our capitalist system is based on "free enterprise", a "free market" which means an open market without government interference. What has been going on at the behest of our Congress over the past 14 years or so has been interference / tinkering with sound lending practices. Many people are part of that "free market" system through their 401Ks offered through the companies for whom the people work. Now, Congress wants us to buy "bad paper" which we wouldn't do... So, lend the "failing companies" the money. Charge realistic interest rates. Demand that loans are no longer given to folks or to businesses that simply do not have the credit history that would demonstrate that they could in any way repay their loans. That is foolish, bad business, and SOCIALISM writ large. See where it got us. Thanks, Congress... Keep the American people from buying "bad paper" which none of us would knowingly do. We aren't that stupid and any of us who have home mortgages and work hard have had to develop the credit inorder to be able to get the home loans in the first place. We had to meet criterion or standards before any bank would loan us money. Lastly, let's break up the monopolies that Congress has created. Banks should do bank stuff; stock brokerage houses should do stock stuff. Merging these functions was clearly a very "bad" deal for the American people. I have just one tiny question here. Constitutionally, is it even "legal" for this kind of machinations under the US Constitution? I'm talking about from the beginning? Encouraging "social engineering" that opened the door for greed and bad financial practices. Doesn't the Federal Government have limited powers? Or do they just screw us any which way they can under the "commerce clause." I don't think that is what the Founders had in mind...

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Blogger Dr.D said...

You say that we should lend the money to these "failing companies." But the truth is, they are not credit worthy, so you are asking us, the American people, to do exactly what the banks have been doing for the last 20 years, namely making bad loans. How does this solve anything at all?

If we are to make the loans you describe, I think that there need to be criminal penalties for the executive officers of those companies receiving the loans if they fail to pay them back on schedule. There needs to be strict control of the company's ability to pay high salaries to executives until such time as the loans are repaid. Too many big shots will see this as just another opportunity to rip the American people off.

You asked if this was Constitutional. Surely you were joking! Of course it is not. We have not had Constitutional government in ages. Our federal government abandoned the Constitution many years ago when it became just too inconvenient and restrictive for their taste. What we have is nothing at all like what the Founding Fathers haad in mind!

12:22 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Dr. D - you know I was "joking." I think the "bad" lenders should be in jail and some in Congress along with them. I'd rather give loans than "handouts" with no accountability.

Many of the people involved and certainly those in Congress that encouraged "affirmative action" loans disgust me. If you don't mind, I'll add some of your comment or all of it in another post. Needs to be read by more people.

12:26 PM  

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