Friday, February 29, 2008

Canadian military to be used on American soil? Treaty or Agreement

Just a question - is this "creature from some swamp" between the Bush Administration and Canada calling for the use of military troops from either nation being used on the other nation's soil an agreement like the SPP highway agreement (with no input from US) designed to slice the United States apart and put more of our lives at risk OR is it a TREATY that would require approval from our Senate and House? Is this one of those times when President Bush can just say, "Let Congress eat cake, 'cause this is a done deal. The American people can just suck it up and deal with it. Oh," chuckle, "what American people? We're all American people from the tip of South America to the Arctic. Right? Yeah, right!" Is this agreement another step in the Bush North American Union or is it a TREATY which requires our representatives to vote to approve it OR is it just something tucked into the fine print of that NAFTA treaty from hell? You know, fellas, our Founding Fathers suggested that we trade with anyone we chose. They didn't think that meant giving away the nation in the process. I doubt that they would have risked their lives if they could have foreseen the "crimes" being perpetrated against the American people and our US Constitution. Would they have bothered? When he spoke of NAFTA, Ross Periot (Perot?) called it with that "great sucking sound" and Pat Buchanan has called it too. I think, unless there is a turn around, historians will note that The United States of America lasted about 200 years as a democratic republic then we turned soft as a nation what with the Clinton era of "political correctness", NAFTA, and other such momentous turning points. No, I'm not blaming "it all" on Clinton. President George W. Bush has been a very busy little bee as well protecting Iraqi borders and letting ours fold. I do think, however, that we can go farther back to FDR and the Great Depression when somehow through true hardship, we lost our way. We can also look to the damage done by the Immigration Act of 1965, designed to undermine the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and weaken the opportunity of black Americans. But the ideal is what it is; the shift from individual responsibility to everything being a "right" not a priviledge softened us up. I still have faith in us - the American people - but we'll have to work much harder than we can imagine to save our nation for all of us... We'll have to see that many of our "divisions" are man-made; that we have much more in common than the few minor things that separate us; that some leaders, elected or self-proclaimed, feed on and propogate our differences and flourish on us tearing ourselves apart, figuratively, in little "hurt feelings" dust-ups. We're better than that and we'll have to do the work to prove it; it is within us to be able to do. I don't want to count us out yet, do you?

Canadian troops to operate on US soil?

Well, the Posse Comitatus law remains but the end run circumventing that law is spectacular and perhaps treasonous: US and Canada agree to use each others troops on the other's soil. Here's the link with a H/T to Blue Collar Republican: Canada, US to use troops on each other's soil in civil emergencies. Emergencies can be defined in many ways... How's that for betrayal in spades? It just keeps getting clearer and clearer - it doesn't matter who we have as president, the American people are being shafted six ways to Sunday. Just get those DVDs and the snacks and chill out. We can't even use US troops on US soil to defend our borders. Our government will not defend us from Mexican military incursions, drug cartels, or smugglers of human traffic. Hey, maybe we can use Canadian troops to protect us against the drug cartels and smugglers and other folks invading our nation. Hmmm.... No, I doubt that defending the American people is the purpose of the agreement. This move is so transparently a move to defend the "government" from the American people that it makes me ill. And I promise you, the move is "bipartisan" - once the "jackboots" clamp down upon us, no political party will lift them. I just can't believe this new assault upon the United States of America. Of course, it will make the North American Union easier to impose. How much longer until January 20th, 2009? Or does it matter? If this report and agreement between the Canadian and US governments is true, then it will be the first time since the American Revolutionary War that military troops from foreign governments will be stationed on our soil taking up arms against the American people with the exception of the War of 1812. And this time ostensibly the Canadian military will be called in for civil emergencies. I would suspect more for civil disturbances, we will after all be a nation of many diverse cultures and many languages with different standards, some more easily prone to violence and revolution. Our American Marines - God Bless them - have said continuously that they will not fire upon American citizens. Perhaps foreign troops will have no such moral dilemma. Nikita Kruschev said they would bury us from within. I wonder if they dreamed it would be so easy or carried out by our own "elected" administration. Where do we turn now, we, people of the land of the free and the home of the brave! My God, to be destroyed by our own leaders - how bold they are and how confident and how so blatantly betray our trust and set the stage in phases for our destruction... Of course, we are taught that we are "one nation under God with liberty and justice for all" so maybe "man" won't have the last word after all...

Waco - Least we forget! April 19, 1993

Waco, Texas, February 28, 1993: the siege begins. I do not agree with the characterizations of Bush or Ashcroft in a linked post but I do agree that our government has gone far afield and has - through continued acts of violation of oaths of office and violence - used techniques upon the American people that the government would never use to defend those same Americans from the invasion we are now experiencing. See the Minuteman data and tell me that we are not a nation under siege, aided by "backroom" deals between Mexico and Canada to bring us to our knees. A people left defenseless... And so were the Branch Davidians who should have been safe in their home on private property in Waco, Texas but they were set afire and murdered by members of the government of the United States of America. I love my country and our people but we seem betrayed at every turn. These betrayals must stop. But how? Blue Collar Republican as a blog has been very good to me and I want to return the favor by linking to two posts and one link found at their blog today. The first post is BATF - February 28, 1993. We must always remember that it was under the watch of Bill Clinton and Janet Reno that 74 American men, women, and children were burned to death or otherwise killed. How horrifying for the women and children especially to see the forces of the United States marshalled against them and they with no place to go. The second post is and it contains detailed references as well as the characterizations of Bush and Ashcroft that I do not share. The second post from Blue Collar Republican is Jesus loves you in which the writer points to the incompatibility of Islam and Liberty, if we need more examples. In Waco as well as Ruby Ridge, American citizens were attacked by their own government; average citizens, citizens with no power, living their lives. But the Clinton years were years of turmoil including the kidnapping of Elian Gonzales, as you recall. But would these same tactics be used against an Islamist training camp in up-state New York? Of course not. Of all of the "1984" tactics and of all of the "clamping down" that has occurred since 9/11, due to advancing technology and citizen tolerance, the American people are under surveillance in malls, on highways, through a myriad of methods, least of which is the IRS and yet illegals are encouraged to flood our nation, to rape and kill at will, and to do much more. Where are the environmental folks screaming about the desecration of our deserts? And then there was the Oklahoma City bombing, tragic to be sure. But when have you last seen any convicted felon, Timothy McVeigh as an example, so quickly hustled off to execution? But Waco stands out; the children cry out; and the women try in vain to save them; the men are powerless before the siege. I wonder for my country - soon to be lost perhaps not with a bang but with a whimper; I wonder at the choices we have for president this year, all in lock-step with the "one world government" concept. I do question that a kangaroo rat and its nesting family has more rights and protections than an American citizen, certainly more than the men, women, and children at Waco. I worry that our federal government, both Congress and the Administrations, are planning the biggest power grab (universal health care) since Social Security numbers began to be issued, a power grab that will further enslave us and get more of us into computer databases. And then I wonder, why is it that our government seems to fear us, we the people, much more than it fears illegals who will have no qualm about bringing that same government down. To me, we are importing Islamists and folks from third-world nations who understand bloody revolution and riots, not democratic republics. President Bush says essentially "democracies don't attack each other." Maybe but what happens to the democracies when they import "cultures" so antithetical to their own that they risk being attacked from within? Got any Roman Senators we can ask? I wonder and I worry for our children and grandchildren and I question why it seems that our government wants to destroy and undermine the principles upon which our nation was founded - the paramount principle being: Liberty! I was wrong. We are not defenseless. Canadian troops will now be used on our soil! What the hell is going on, folks?

Rick Roberts - "I want my country back" & "The Angry White Man"

Here's to the angry white man who may hold this year's election in the palm of his hand...whoo-hoo and a strong "ooh rah". No feminist here, American men, and you know it too. I'm with you...the men on the border and the men and women defending our nation. I was a little down when I began this post but things have picked up with a look at Rick Roberts blog and two of his posts. Enjoy... It seems that Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul or perhaps Ralph Nader are the only choices we have for president of the United States - the only ones who may defend our borders and our national sovereignty. It may already be too late in the day to "save" the United States what with the open borders and the reportedly 4 billion dollars the Bush Administration has given to Mexico to defend its southern border. That figure was discussed recently on the Rick Roberts radio show out in the San Diego area. Here's a post/rant Rick did, I want my country back. Take a look or a listen...anyone feel the same way? If you like the rant, send it around the web - that's what Rick said we can do, so off we go... And one more, The Angry White Man. For me, it's really simple. The "white" man gets blamed for everything that is "not politically acceptable" in the world - in the entire freaking world - so he might as well work up a bit of anger too, right?

CFR "picks" Barry, Hillary, or John

Which presidential candidate will be our new president and have to hide his/her membership in the Council on Foreign Relations? Obama, Clinton, and McCain are all members as have been many presidents before them since the beginning of the CFR in the 1920's. As I understand it, the main function of the CFR is the unification of the world community under "one world government". For more discription of the function of the CFR see the following and especially the second comment, Obama and the CFR. We, the American people, are supposed to be so well-informed and yet I contend that we know or are allowed to know so very little. Well, the deck is stacked this year better than it has been before perhaps with all candidates for "one world government" ending borders and national sovereignty. Not to mention the end to democracy or democratic republics. Power is an interesting thing, especially once it gets hold like an untreatable virus. Election 2008 - You decide! Don't bet on it... From what I could tell, only Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul are not members of the CFR. Could one characterize the CFR as anti-American? That one you can decide... But I wonder what happens when CFR meets CAIR and the Islamic Jihad. Stay tuned; we'll probably find out. Oh, sorry. We already know what with Saudi building mosques across America as fast as they can or is that just a step toward diluting all cultures and making us easier pickin's?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Obama to rid world of nuclear weapons!

A third-world America coming to a city near you. Hop on over to Crusader Rabbit for a view from You-Tube and Obama's plans for our military defense: Obama's plan to castrate America Well, there it is. No defense in space. Next time a degrading satellite is ready to drop on your head, don't call President Obama! And let's just scrap those missiles we have. Heck, just sell 'em to the jihadists and they won't have to work with North Korea. Me thinks Barry's lack of experience is showing... And let's go back and renew those SALT talks with Russia (and include China) so we can all get rid of all nuclear weapons. Now, that is naive...folks. Really naive. I'll bet Mad Jad and the short guy from North Korea are laughing their little selves silly. What was that word? Oh, yes - gravitas! OMG, too funny...

Boycott Berkeley - Semper Fi

From My Flanders Fields, The Berkeley Boycott links to Flopping Aces and includes other links to posts supporting a boycott of Berkeley, CA and its businesses, suppliers, and such. It is about time for Americans across the nation to stand up to the thankless men and women of the City Council of Berkeley representative of many of the citizens of Berkeley, CA. Let them hide behind their freedoms brought to them through the courage and honor of our Marines and members of our other service branches. Enough is enough! Marines are our "front guard"; the men and women who take the front line and take the beaches first. They deserve our loyalty and our devotion. Let's just avoid Berkeley, the University of California at Berkeley, and everything else there. If Berkeley is a "sanctuary city", let's also take away any and all federal tax dollars that are sent there. In the meantime, to our Marines - God bless you! Thank you for your service to our nation and more personally, your duty and honor and courage in protecting each of us. Thank you.

Best Conservative Blogs on the Internet

One can never tell what one will find when one goes to Sitemeter and checks on referrals. What a treat, especially on an over-cast, dreary day at the coast to find Conservative Beach Girl listed among other conservative blogs in Best Conservative Blogs on the Internet. Thank you for the mention and for the icon, especially making it easy for those of us who are and shall probably remain novices when it comes to moving icons around.

The Gates of Vienna - A Dose of Reality

The Baron has done it again with a dose of reality in his post, The Merry Minuet. The Baron takes us through the realities of life: that no people is indigenous; all people have won or gained their lands through battles, intrigues, political alliances, and such. I'll toss in that the Holy Bible is replete with annotations of slavery - I toss that in because I am getting sick and tired of American Blacks, generally speaking, seeming to believe that they have the sole claim to having been "slaves" when it just ain't so. I have linked to the post at the Gates of Vienna that seemed to set off the fire-storm. My short assessment: We. in what is called the Western Civilization, had better stand together NOW or surely we will hang or be beheaded separately.

Atlas Shrugs and Political Pistachio expose Barack and Hillary

Listed at Dumb Ox, Atlas Shrugs exposes Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Islamification of the West. I may have the title wrong but the content and intent is right. Check at Political Pistachio for comments.

Democrats: The Anti-American Americans

I have just finished reading an interview between Rush Limbaugh and Kenneth Timmerman, the author of Shadow Warriors: The Untold Story of Traitors, Saboteurs, and the Party of Surrender. From my perspective, the "economy" is being used as a distraction right now to cover two or three issues of paramount importance to this Election of 2008. Arguably, our nation, our sovereignty, and our very existence as a nation of free people hangs in the balance. Issues: national security, illegal immigration, and Islamic terrorists. Who wants to return to the days when "terrorists" are simply treated like your garden variety of criminal? While the Democrat candidates promise you and me all sorts of "hand-outs" designed to cut our hands off/our freedom of independence, the media is moving the story to the "economy" which has been pretty darn good. Not our fault some folks made some bad financial mistakes and sold their souls to the "mortgage devil." And if you are complaining about the prices of gasoline, ask your compassionate Democrat congressmen why we aren't drilling in ANWAR. Three issues the Democrats cannot stand tall on are 1) National Defense/Security, 2) the fight against Illegal Immigration, and 3) the very real and up-close and personal dangers to our country threatened by Islamists whether they are in $3,000.00 Armani suits or ski-masks sawing off the heads of bound Americans. Of course, the Democrats can't stand tall on getting educational vouchers to moms and dads whose children (mostly poor kids of all ethnic groups) are being held back in failing schools thanks to the NEA and the Department of Education as well as Democrat Senators. You have the right to kill your unborn child but, once born, you sure as heck don't have the right to get that same child a good education through vouchers. Nope, you had the kid; so suffer. No American Dream for the kid unto whom life was given. Timmerman, whose book I'm on the way to purchase, points out that, in so many words, the Bush Administration never had a chance due in part to the folks in "Congress, Clinton hold-overs in the CIA, the State Department, and even the Pentagon." I know the message of "hope" sounds great but we cannot give ourselves over to the control of the United Nations; we must take back our educational system and rip it out of the hands of the federal government; we must fight for our freedoms and for our independence from the chains of "government handouts" (which amount to robbing one family to pay for the poor decisions of another family). Think about that if you are living off of "handouts" designed to keep you down. When you see a family doing moderately well, making sacrifices, and such, thank them for supporting you, for the free medical care you get, and for the food you eat. We are Americans; as such, we can help each other "up" to stand on our own two feet; but we must stop chaining our citizens through "hand outs" on one side and "higher taxes" on the other. I am told that Democrats will sweep into the White House, gain seats in the House and the Senate. All I can say to that is "God help us!" At the very least, we need "gridlock" - please don't be charmed by the promises of the Piped Piper leading us over the cliff that will lead to a sharp slide into Socialism/encroaching Communism. We, the American people, are greater than that. Even many of the illegal aliens from Mexico - the folks making $50,000 a year doing jobs Americans won't do - are conservatives in their hearts and souls. They don't seem to know it but they are. Their work ethic proves it. We are Americans; we deserve better than the North American Union, better than NAFTA, better than the Super Highway (SPP) that will cut our nation apart, better than the government dictate to purchase "MANDATED" health insurance. You can choose death for your unborn child but you have no right to choose "health insurance." You can choose death for your unborn child but you cannot choose to keep your nation whole with a "universal" language, English, that ensures mobility and access to the American Dream. And the last issue not making the pages of the media is the war brought to our shores by the Islamists. When have you heard of the thousands of Islamic Centers or Islamist Mosques being built here, funded by Saudi Arabia? And where in the pages of the ever-caring news media are the stories of the encroaching Sharia Law, the foot-washing stations on the campus of "publicly" funded universities such as the University of Michigan? And the student expelled for wearing a crucifix to school? The Muslim taxi drivers rebelling under the guidance of the Muslim Brotherhood's front groups? We overlook that Obama is a Muslim by birth; we overlook that he and his wife attend a "separatist" black church; we overlook that to Islamists, Barry is an apostate. We overlook that Democrats are appeasers and we readily forget that appeasement has ALWAYS led to war. You ready for that war with Iran? When Mad Jad of Iran looks into his "looking glass" to conjure up the answer to the question, "Who is the weakest of them all?" Which faces do you think he sees swimming in the glass? And have you forgotten the cheering in the Arab street when the Democrats "won" the Congress in 2006? It sickens me that Democrat Socialist leaders in the United States stand with the Islamic terrorists against American citizens. But I am one small voice. According to Timmerman, we have a "shadow" government bent and intent on undermining our government, our nation, our sovereignty and we are paying their salaries. Note: Regarding comments made about the "shadow" government, they are not directed at our men and women who work as "human resources" in our intelligence community risking their lives for us. No, the "Traitors, Saboteurs, and the Party of Surrender" are folks who know who they are - the bureaucrats and the elected people such as "Pelosi, Jane Harman, and Rockefeller" as cited by Timmerman in the Limbaugh interview. (Limbaugh Letter, February 2008, p.8) Additionally, Timmerman stated in the interview, "If Americans are so unlucky as to elect a Democrat President in 2008, we will shortly be at war with Iran." (Limbaugh Letter, February 2008, p. 10). Then watch what happens to the value of your 401K. Some commentators have stated that they would rather see the "trouble" happen on a Democrat president's watch. I can't say that. Our nation and we the people deserve a fighting chance. The way things are looking right now, that fighting chance could be slipping away. Again, is freedom just too hard to maintain? Did our Founding Fathers have too much confidence in us, their progeny? Can we so easily let "freedom" slip through our fingers? My friends tell me all is lost and I am foolish to have confidence in Americans but I do have that confidence. I do believe we have it in us to rise and fight socialism, Communism-lite! And even if our swooning, weeping youth - lacking any education in the horrors of socialism, fascism, communism - faint and vote for "charm" and "hope", I still have confidence that life - though a harsh teacher - will bring them through. Several years ago, when stopping at my local 7-11 for my coffee fix on the way to work, one of the clerks said to me, "I sure wish I had a Ph.D. and people would call me 'doc', too." My comment to him was "wishing and hoping" had nothing to do with earning a Ph.D. "Wishing and hoping" have nothing to do with maintaining our freedoms either. But do we have the courage to vote against "government handouts" and for personal freedom and independence? Many young men and women serve our nation in the field of battle, in the covert operations, in the computer rooms of agencies searching for terrorist communications. They serve us with their time, with their lives, and with their hearts; with their commitment to "duty, honor, country." God bless them; may we not fail them...

Democrats: A Woman's Right to Choose? Neyet!

I had thought of calling this post, "Democrats: The Anti-American Americans" because that is what they are, the most liberal socialists among them, not the folks like me and you who send their loved ones off to war and who work and pay their taxes in "hopes" that integrity exists in our elected leaders. As a conservative, I am so outraged at the Democrat candidates for the presidency and their duplicity. I am saddened by our seeming gullibility when the little "girls" are seen with tears washing over their faces as they nearly swoon in orgasmic-like proxism of elation at Barry's feet. No accident they are placed prominently behind him on the platform. Universal Health Care - the greatest corporate "give-away" ever from politicians to the insurance industry. How? Easy. And from Democrats, no less. See MA requires health care to get a better idea of federal interference into issues best handled by the respective states. The idea seems to come from the same idea that requires that one have insurance on one's car. Hmm... Here's your average woman who for whatever reason does not use birth control, and sha-sham, gets pregnant. Touted by the likes of Barbara Boxer, this pregnant woman - having no responsibility for her pregnancy - is given the "right" to kill her unborn child (not unwanted turnip or unwanted sequoia tree growing in her womb, but a human child). This pregnant woman has the "RIGHT TO CHOOSE." Yes, indeedy! But not when it comes to "universally mandated" health care coverage. In the Democrats' greatest corporate give-away ever, this same pregnant woman will be forced, MANDATED upon penalty of fine, to purchase insurance as dictated by the government. No "right to choose" there, folks. It ain't called "DICTATORSHIP" for nothing, folks. No freedom of choice for this woman and no freedom of choice for the rest of us either. Oh, the government will take money from working families to off-set some of the cost up to 2,500 dollars but YOU WILL HAVE TO BUY THE GOVERNMENT-DICTATED insurance, like it or not. And that is a boon to insurance companies. And just as our children are caught in failing schools, we will be caught in failing "universal health care" all designed to lower our standard of living. All designed to move us inexorably into the status of third-world nations, all designed to ration out the actual health care you receive. You can choose to kill your baby but you will, by God, buy that health care. A vote for Democrat Socialists (all too cowardly to call it like it is) is a vote for NO freedom, NO choice. A vote for Democrat Socialists and Democrat Separatists is a vote for slavery, for even more government control, and for dwindling individual rights and personal choice and opportunity or chance. Please, don't "buy" the Democrat "give-aways." Please, don't sell your Soul to the evil that is Socialism/Communism. Oh, how smoothly the chains of government control are slipped like silk around our necks and turn to soaked raw-hide drying in the sun as the life is strangled out of us, one drop of blood, sweat, tears, and hope at a time. Please, for the love of your children, "Wake up!" The money taken from the middle class today will be taken from your children tomorrow...

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Obama and Miss Hillary also ran!

I am in major disagreement with my Left Coast Operative as he thinks Hillary is an "also ran" and is over. I don't think so. Hillary has salivated for the presidency for years now and she means to have it. She'll get the nomination through the super delegates if she's got dirt on those folks and she probably has. I heard the funniest thing on Rush's show yesterday when he said that Bill wasn't being used to best advantage on his wife's behalf in this campaign and that what Hillary needed to put her campaign on track was for word to break that Bill was having an affair with someone, anyone. On the Obama front, I'm no fan of Michelle Obama especially after I heard her say very early on that everyone knows that a black man can't go out to get gas at night because the country is so racist. Well, she's right about racist but it ain't the white folk keeping Obama down; they are voting for him in droves. The racism today is overtly directed at those same white folks. So, will Hillary "get" the Democrat nomination? Yep! But if you want real Socialism in a hurry and not incrementally, Obama's your man! Keep in mind, Socialism robs the soul and annihilates the individual and his ability to reach his dreams unless, of course, his dreams are of living on government's two fish a day and legally stealing money from the folks who work. Americans are generous but remember, a hand out is far different from a hand up!

Eagle Pass to Hazleton, PA: "Sodomize you and your citizens too!"

Texas cities oppose border fence, by Jerry Seper. Well, fine. To the mayor of Eagle Pass, how about forking over the money and sending a few dozen of your police and emergency services folks up to Hazleton, PA to help out the citizens there who are being over-run with crime by illegals and are watching the depletion of their city services. This illegal alien "thing" isn't about you and your fine little 45,000 citizen town where everyone just gets along. It is about the rest of us getting screwed, blued, dyed, and tattooed by illegals from everywhere using up our services, demanding that we have people who speak 200 different languages in our hospitals and police departments, killing us on the highways through drunk driving fatalities, and committing crimes in our once-safe neighborhoods. And, oh, by the way: we are supposed to be a nation of laws. What do you think would be happening to 12 - 20,000,000 Americans if we were invading Mexico? We won't be gettin' no stinkin' services, hombre. We'd be in Mexican jails, held hostage, and our relatives in the US would be going broke trying to get us out of Mexico, stupido. We are either a nation of laws or we aren't! If we aren't, then let's just shut down the FBI, DEA, ATF, TSA, and all the rest of the alphabet agencies who have files out the gazoo on all law-abiding citizens but don't seem to be able to find an illegal working right in our airports or sweeping their hallowed halls.

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Saturday, February 16, 2008

FISA, National Security. and Mexican Trucking

FISA considered enough to maintain national security, here. National security, maybe, but the government has given up defending national sovereignty and is certainly not fighting the drug cartels threatening our southern border region. Even worse, our government is embarked upon a "trial" program that currently allows Mexican truckers carte blanc with open access to our highways. Right now; not coming soon; right here, right now. It's almost funny - all the to do about warrants for intercepting communications traffic of terrorists that travels over networks across the nation when terrorists are pouring into our nation on a daily basis. And the program in effect NOW, Bumpy ride in court for trucking program, places the Bush Administration in violation of laws passed by Congress to curtail the program. So what else is new? If our government is not putting us in jeopardy one way, it is risking our lives and jobs in another way. Thank you Clinton and NAFTA...thank you, Bush Administration for continuing this insanity. Bush Legacy - destruction of The United States of America's sovereignty. Our government has got its head so far up its back-side and certainly has its wires crossed when it comes to protecting our nation from invasion, from loss of jobs, and from letting drug cartel violence spill across our borders. Thanks! Our tax dollars at work. Nikita Kruschev said we'd fall from within; he didn't say our own government would pull the plug on us... Do you ever feel like we're "circling the drain" due to the lunacy of our leadership? I do and there is no where to turn. With the exception of Huckabee, every presidential candidate is for open borders. And our citizens and our brave Border Patrol along with others are being led to the slaughter - thanks to Vicente, George, and Paul.

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Hillary - get a new wardrobe! Fast!

Dear Hillary, While you are shaking up your campaign, go one step farther and get rid of your wardrobe guru. The earth tones of Al Gore's day don't play well for you. Here are a few suggestions. 1) get rid of that near "baby poop" burnt yellow pantsuit, And burn or toss away any and all pantsuits that are any shade of "brown" with that greenish under shell. Brown is bad, bad, bad for you. So is that greenish shell. ***2) the turquoise ear rings and the matching necklace are GOOD, brings out your eyes and compliments your skin tones. So keep that set. 3) set the 15 mm pearls aside and go for a double strand of 7 mm pearls with soft pink imperial ear rings, again 7-8 mm. Strands of pearls should come down to just above you cleavage and should drape softly, just winking out, not overpowering. The ultimate power dressing is balanced by the feminine counter-themes. 4) go for navy blue suits and white shirts whose cuffs fall 1 inch below the jacket sleeves. You can use soft powder blue shirts/blouses with open collars and the pearls inside on your skin or tucked under the collar of the blouse. NO ruffles, please. And NO pastels. 5) additionally a soft tan (camel pale) suit with a burgundy blouse or navy blue silk blouse, same pearls, would be softening as well as matching skirts for all suits I'm suggesting. And two-inch heel good quality pumps with narrow heels - not your grandmother's thick heels. Gotta go for feminine in power suits. 6) I know the Mao jackets are comfortable but let's can them for a while - they are not flattering, rather boxy and that is not the power look that would be flattering. 7) go for basics: soft camel suit with soft ecru silk blouse or optional navy blouse or burgundy blouse. Good navy blue set, good soft grey suits with off-white or pale silk grey blouses. Remember, the two strands of pearls are your "tie" but with a softer look. Minimize the pantsuits. 8) One suit that really worked was the one with the black lace/pasely (sp) sort of pattern over the grayish background. Now that did work, and you wore it at an acceptance speech - I think for New Hampshire. Subtle is key. Those ecru linen or light wool suits with soft, gentle skirts. PLEASE get rid of your wardrobe guru and skim that old book, Dress for Success. Your wardrobe needs to soften up so that the power suits are off-set by the two strands of pearls that are small, 7 but no more than 7.5 to 8 mm. The size your average American woman can afford. Open-throated silk blouses, double strands of pearls peeking around, and good pumps, Keep the great turquoise jewelry set you wear with that soft lemon suit - that works - really is good but the "man-thing" look in brown and baby poop burnt yellow are anything but flattering. The kindest thing to say for them is that they are "off-putting." The greatest change you could make for your success is to move toward subtle suits. Skim "Dress for Success" and use what suits you but minimize the pantsuits and bring out the soft, subtle suits with soft flowing skirts, just below the knee. We gotta cover our knees. One under-rated and under-stated part of the female "power" attire deals with lingerie. Here it is all feminine, all the time with deep lace half-slips and deep lace camisoles that would allow just a hint of lace to show rarely, just as the lace on the half-slip would show ever so subtly upon occassion. The lingerie gives a woman all the "feminine" strength she needs when it is covered by the subtle power suits others expect. It is more of a psychological "advantage" than the "hit 'em on the head", "I am woman hear me roar" approach. "I am woman, all woman, who walks firmly and wears expensive lace under-garments." Our version of walk softly and carry a big stick. Here it is in a nutshell - wear the power suits, leave the power ties by the way-side, and emphasize the feminine side with the small pearls that middle-class ladies could and would wear, and the lace you'd be the only one to know about. Dressing as I suggest softens your "threat" and could soften the genuine dislike that many folks have for you because of your perceived stridency while at the same time giving you confidence. Dressing as you are now tells me you don't have anyone helping you in that department. But the make-up is good lately. And of course, leave the silk dresses at home. I'm a conservative, professional woman and although I strongly disagree with you from an ideological perspective, I can't stand to see you being harmed by your wardrobe. Whoever is selecting your clothes is not your friend. Just give these suggestions a try for a week or so. See what happens with a softer yet power-suited Hillary as the primary candidate. You can play the subtle charm, confident in softened power suits and you don't have to use "affectation" to pull it off. The beauty of the power dressing comes not from its boulding-over "man power" rules but rather from the softer, subtle power dressing of successful women. Right now, your pantsuits are playing to your insecurity - the dressing like a man thing. Power dressing for a woman is built on the foundation of subtle, non-threatening suits (with skirts and expensive pumps) and jewelry that is not over the top. Stick to basics in your power suits so that you will be comfortable and your message can be re-inforced by the confidence of the subtle power suit. All of this is designed to get attention off of your suits and onto your message. I'm a conservative but as a professional woman, I really feel a responsibility to come forward and at least mention this seemingly insignificant part of your campaign because I feel it is much more important than one would guess. Mountains of consulting dollars are spent for just these type of suggestions. Naturally, I don't want you to win the presidency but I don't want to see you fail because someone dressed you in a "baby poop" burnt yellow suit with black necklace and ear rings like some figure who got lost on the way to a Halloween bash.

Hillary, the Democrat nominee for 2008!

Okay, now my fellow political junkies - how many of you think Hillary will "get" the nomination as the Democrat candidate for president? Regardless of the number of delegates Obama gets in the primary? And is Obama "winning" all of these states because Hillary has conceded them? On purpose to pump up the black vote? Strange things are going on... It is difficult to believe that someone who has craved the presidency and the power as long as Hillary has will let it slip through her fingers especially with the machine she and Bill have. And then, if Hillary does not get the nomination, is skunked, and turned on by everyone she and Bill have controlled for so long - how long will she be able to keep her Senate seat? Somehow, I don't think New Yorkers will hang on to her if she "trashes" Obama or if she is kicked to the curb at the Democrat Convention. If "rats are jumping off the sinking ship" that goes a long way to demonstrate that Hillary is simply not "liked" but rather has been feared. Still and all, if I were Obama, I would not be counting those delegates before they hatch. Me thinks Miss Hillary and beleaguered Bill have more than a few tricks left up their sleeves. And an Obama-Hillary ticket! Forget about it...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Gridlock is what I want!

The safest course for Americans this election is to work to get and sustain as many conservatives as possible in the House and the Senate. That's one. The second thing is to work to get the Republican candidate elected. The most important thing is to get gridlock. That way little gets done, regardless of who sits in the White House, except perhaps enforcing laws on the books. We can demand that. Gridlock is the safest course for America for the next four years! We've had the first 6 years of Bush II signing all the appropriations bills the Republican Congress sent him - and the last 2 years with amnesty, et al. For President Bush, it has been perfect and it has drilled a hole through fiscal conservatives regardless of "party." The second two years are perfect too because of Congressional willingness under Democrat control to erase our border. Given the serious and dangerous swing left our nation will take under Obama or Hillary, slightly less so perhaps with McCain, gridlock is looking better every day. So, GRIDLOCK is what I want and I'll vote any way I have to to get it.

Clinton - LBJ on steroids?

It seems that Hilllary Clinton's running partner in the Whitewater Congressional Hearings with the billing records and such, Maggie Williams is back to pick up the pieces of a failing campaign. Much as she did in the removal of boxes of records from the office of Vince Foster after his untimely death, I mean suicide, at Fort Marcy Park (yeah, right), Ms. Maggie is there to sweep up the mess swirling around Miss Hillary who must be about to implode right about now. I'll bet Hill could make an IED look like a firecracker. If you recall the Congressional Hearings of the Clinton years, Maggie and Hillary are the ladies who brought new meaning to the term, "short-term memory loss," with all of their "I can't recall." "I have no recollection of that." And remember those 1,500 FBI files? And that Craig Livingston fella that no one could "recall" hiring? The Clintons are LBJ on steroids. No, it's not the message; it's not the ads; it's the candidate. And no one can fix that...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Gene Nichol resigns as president of William and Mary

Interesting what one unassuming brass cross can do. No wonder it was necessary to first put it in a closet and then under plexiglass. The fear that the power of one small cross seems to generate in the hearts of free-for-all, no values folks is amazing in and of itself. I just learned that Gene Nichol has resigned his position as president of The College of William and Mary. Good for him! He will continue to work a The College as a Professor of Law. Several references are here: William and Mary president resigns in disgrace from Michelle Malkin; here. Search on Wren Cross, Nichol, and you will find more. But for those shocked at the resignation, be mindful, that Mr. Nichol created his own crucible and he tore the student body and alumni apart. That is not the work of a "great" man. ~~~~~~~~ Here is a comment I received today from Chris which speaks in support of Mr. Nichol: As an alumnus (twice, once for graduate work and once for undergraduate) and speaking from the perspective of an individual who has worked with two president's of our fine university, I am forced to disagree with your comments. While I do not approve the manner in which President Nichol enacted his changes in the policy of the Wren Chapel, I do approve of the spirit in which they were enacted. I think it is important to remember several things in regards to this issue: 1. The "Wren Cross" is not a piece of history. It is a recent addition to the chapel, donated from a nearby church (of which I was a member). The "historical precedent" argument put forth by so many is entirely false. 2. The cross was easily accessible by any wishing to use it, more so than it is now following the committee's choice of displaying it off to the side in a case. 3. Though a very important historical building, the chapel is also a currently functioning portion of a state academic institution; the very same institution that educated many of our nation's early leaders. These men went on to espouse ideas of separation of church and state, and Gene Nichol has acted accordingly. On the note of the Sex Worker's Art Show, I am proud of Gene Nichol's restraint on this issue. He does not personally approve of the show (nor do I, or many students). The decision to bring the show to campus (twice) was made by the student assembly. The SA controls the student fee money and spends it on behalf of the students. While it may have been in President Nichol's power to prevent the show from coming to campus, to do so would contradict the spirit in which the SA was founded. If you don't like the Sex Worker's Art Show, talk to Zach Pilchen or Ryan Scofield or any SA Senator. Do not blame President Nichol for following a system of student freedom upon which our university is now based, and for which many students fought. As I have said, I worked with President Nichol personally, though briefly, and I am deeply troubled our loss. More troubling are alumni such as yourself who do not have the mental acuity (or have not taken the time to employ that acuity) to fully examine this issue, and who instead resort to inaccurate media reports. It is a dark day in the history of our beloved alma mater. The loud, angry minority has struck a deep and hard blow against the virtues that our institution represents. ~~~~~~~~ The following is my reply, keeping in mind that I did not know that Nichol had resigned when I responded to Chris. 11:28 AM Beach Girl said... Chris, thank you for your excellent points. I have to say that I was in very good company in our efforts. The good news is that we all love our alma mater. I believe The College of William and Mary can weather the storm. Among those virtues our institution represents is the virtue held within the freedom to disagree with each other. From my position, Nichol initiated a "crisis" which need not have ever been. It was the "crisis" that he generated that was designed to strike at our virtues and indeed he was successful. Nichol started the "crisis" then stepped back to do the classic liberal or even more extreme ploy of creating a "committee" to solve the "crisis" he generated. Classic far-left liberal methodology in addition to ripping away at tradition. If one is to be troubled, perhaps one should look to the "sex shows" permitted on campus. From your approval of such use of student fees, you seem to imply that any such degrading shows the leaders of the student group want to advance using fees from "all" students is acceptable - regardless of the offense it might cause to other students. Not so... The College of William and Mary at one time had a good name for honor and integrity married to good taste and class. And in this age of "sensitivity" to the female gender, it seems blatantly sexist and degrading for the students to condone such exploitation. But then that's just one doctor's opinion. I believe the discussions, the debate in the Wren Chapel, the raising of issues among the students, the alumni, and others was healthy for the students. The bonds of attachment we have as graduates from The College of William and Mary surpass the fleeting hubris of man. It is such an honor to have graduated from The College and to be in such good company. Again, thank you for your comments. We can both be assured that our college will survive and flourish. ~~~~~~~~~ The students, faculty, and alumni - all of whom engaged in debates and in disagreement or as well as agreement with Nichol's assault on so many of our American strengths - all can be proud that freedom and heritage won. WE all did what our professors have taught us to do: exercise our rights to debate, to disagree, and to remain students and graduates of The College of William and Mary bound by tradition and honor.

Hillary following Rudy campaign model? To defeat?

For clarity - Hillary's camp is sounding more like Rudy all the time, "We'll take the big states, Ohio, PA, and Texas. Obama won the states with high concentrations of black folks" ya da, ya da, ya da. Folks, the black folks are supporting Barry as well they should if they are into more government handouts and more "enslavement" to the government, BUT black folks are not the ones racking up the numbers for Obama. A large number of white folks are voting for him too. Who do you think black leaders worked with to put Doug Wilder into the Governor's Mansion in Virginia? Purple aliens from Mars! But Hillary best not depend on Hispanic voters in Texas to "give" her the state. Texans, generally, are conservative, hard-working, law-abiding folks who do not gravitate to the slavery of the welfare state. It is demeaning and insulting to Texans. In addition, Hispanics along with other Texans are not all that supportive of aborting/killing their pre-born children. And since, based on how she is running her campaign on low expectations, her campaign seems to think that 90% of the American population is made up of black racists who wouldn't vote for a white woman, she'd better start spinning for losses in PA and Ohio too. From the beginning Hillary's folks ran the spin of low expectations: it'll be tough in Alabama because of the black vote, tough in Virginia and Maryland because of the black vote. My American black brothers and sisters, are you finally beginning to see the white Democrat leadership for what it is - pandering and keeping you down, destroying black families through government handouts? Forcing black and white children to attend failing schools because the Democrat machine opposes vouchers for your children and is under the control of the NEA. I'm sick of it and my skin designator is non-Hispanic white. Don't you know that many white voters are "marching" to the polls with you and they are not all Democrats. One more request - black men and women are fighting in Iraq as well as part of our all volunteer military. Can you please consider voting for John McCain, a man who does not want to see our troops brought home in defeat? Black people I know have strong conservative principles and values. They seek strong families; they are proud and do not deserve the ill treatment served up by democrats who would keep you as well as the rest of us dependent upon government. All of us who pay taxes are "the government" and under the Democrats, there is no chance at the American dream; there is only subsistance living and cradle-to-grave control of our every move. Please give this election some serious thought. We need freedom; all of us do. We are Americans; let's not sell out the future of our children, let's not give up our freedoms for a loaf of bread and a few dollars from "the man", regardless of "his" skin color or gender.

HMS Clinton beached on Potomac! Onward to Texas!

Yes, the good ship, HMS Clinton smashed right up onto the narrow beach of the Potomac. I wonder when Barry began to believe, for real, that he could possibly get the nomination for the Democrat Party. I skimmed an article in the Washington Times dealing with Barry's clean sweep and learned a bit more about the "super delegates." The king-makers as it were. Seems that what I thought was true is true - that the candidates chalk up regular delegates through the primary and then, if they want to do so, the "super delegates" can say x-nay to the choice of the people and vote for the other candidate. I know this is a very simplistic rendition of what appears to be a very complex process. So, my question is: If Barry wins a bunch more delegates and Hillary continues to founder on the shoals of near-failure, could the "super delegates" throw the candidacy to Hillary at the convention regardless of the general delegate vote? If the answer to my first question is "yes," then would that action create a "revolution" across the nation within the Democrat Party? Could some of the answer be here?

Conservatives: Fight extreme liberal fascism/socialism!

The following is a comment I received from a kind reader named Danny Vice: ~~~~~ Conservatives are beginning to amaze me in their inability to see what's really at stake here. This election is about more than McCain and his inability to follow conservative principals. How is handing the whole country over to far left liberals a suitable alternative to McCain? What principal is that? There is a serious difference between McCain and a pure-bread liberal who is bent on destroying ALL conservative values permanently. Today’s liberal is not like the Bill Clinton’s Presidency. It’s moved radically left... Clinton is now considered a moderated, and loosing it’s power because it’s not radically liberal enough. The Democratic candidate that is surging now, Obama, is bottom of the barrel liberal. He is about to take power, unless conservatives stop fighting and get serious. This would give liberals what they will treat as a clear sign from America that is it ready to move sharply to the left. Not slightly to the left. Cherry picking our candidate is exactly what got us INTO this mess, and if conservatives aren’t careful, they will allow our country spiral out of control. There is no such thing as a quick recovery from 4 years of radical liberalism unchecked. We may be facing what will take years and years of damage to undo. What’s more, there’s no guarantee that it WILL be undone. Have conservatives completely forgotten Roe v. Wade and other extremely important issues? Questioning McCain was right and highly useful for a time and a season. Many of us wish we had acted sooner to support Romney or Huck.... But staying home on election day allows liberals a pass to capture all THREE branches of Government. Our kids deserve better out of us. I'm not asking anyone to sacrifice their own belief or convictions, but we have a serious problem here that requires that we do everything we can to minimize the damage this election can cause to our society. I’d rather have 50% of McCains ear, than 0% of a liberal's ear. Give it some thought, friends. Danny Vice ~~~~~ Danny's got a good point. Our kids deserve better than Democrat Socialist control of our nation and, by the way, we deserve better too...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Obama takin' Miss Hillary for a good run!

The Democrat primary is like watching "Driving Miss Daisy" only Hillary's in harness and Obama is in the driver's seat. Can't you just see her clippity-clopping along with a jaunty pink daisy bouncing in rhythm on the top of her straw hat? Well, it seems like Maine adds icing to the cake for this weekend as Barry leads Hillary with 1134 to 1131 delegates. Now, I know that is a squeaker but Barry's giving the ole girl a run for her money and her machine. On Hannity and Colmes, Dick Morris accused the ole gal of money laundering- she didn't have the 5 mil to add to her campaign for February. Seems that money may have come for her faithful hubby - who no doubt can't continue to dodge too many more crystal ashtrays. I am hardly privy to the inner workings of Democrat campaigns. I do know they pay their "volunteers" unlike the Republicans where the volunteers really are volunteers; however, it seems like Barry is gettin' a bit uppity and really leading the girl around the track, putting her through her paces. Notice that he is the one saying that they were friends when the campaign began and they will be friends when the campaign ends. Not if you win, Barry. Hillary has been a woman-scorned, never a pretty sight; and if you take away her big, fat "golden gloves" reward of the White House for putting up with Billy-Bob and all his philandering, don't be under the illusion that "ya'll will still be friends." I don't adhere to any brand of socialism - I think it demeans all of us as individuals and it also restricts us in too many ways to count here. And I certainly don't know what is going on between Barry and Hillary but it is up-lifting to hear Obama speak as a uniter. Who would believe those words if they came from Hillary's mouth? Not me... Barry seems to have the conviction of the young in that he believes what he is saying or he is certainly able to make us all believe that he believes what he is saying. Hillary may "beat" Barry in Texas, the Mexican vote will go to her; but Ohio and PA will be tough. Maybe Barry is breaking the machine. Maybe so. I cannot vote for any form of socialism - at least not that I know about; and I cannot support amnesty for folks who break our laws - but I would love to see two steamy brokered conventions. Americans have gotten soft, really soft. Our politics from the beginning has been rough and tumble, mud-slinging and dirty. We need the rough and tumble; not the whimpy voices of those such as Harry Reid. Roll up your sleeves, Americans. Make the politicians work for our trust. This Tuesday - Maryland, DC, and Virginia are going to have a go at this primary thing. Let's get out and vote. And then, in November, regardless of who the candidates are at the top of the ticket, remember there are Congressmen and Senators on those tickets, there are local issues on those tickets. Get out and vote! Don't give the presidency to anyone by default - by not showing up. Gridlock protects our liberties! Vote for your Congressman and Senators in November! And don't hold your nose! The only way to hold the president back regardless of who it might be is to vote for strong, principled, conservative Congressmen. On Tuesday, let's put our foot to the pedal and go to the polls. Let's be Americans...strong, independent, free individuals who deserve much better than we have been getting.

Bishop of Cantebury calling for Sharia Law in England?

I'll say it again. The Western world has gone nuts, bonkers, crazy - PC means "prostration to the caliphate"... Seems like the Archbishop of Cantebury is calling for Sharia Law to be accepted in the UK to get along with Muslims. Hmm... Are the links within these posts really true or just a hoax? I wasn't the only one, thank God and Britain adopting Sharia Law?. My guess true - England is gone; its conversion to Islam only a matter of time. Here's the deal. In Western nations there should be no burkas allowed, no face coverings, no head scarfs, no foot washing stations (really disciminates against genuine religions that adhere to the separation of church and state/secular laws that govern a civilized society. No honor killings unless treated as murders under criminal law; no Sharia banking. In essence, no invasion of the culture by Islamic law. In the United States, we have laws to which we much all adhere, unless of course one is an illegal alien then no laws apply seemingly. We must end the Islamist's recruiting in our prisons and we must end any and all discrimination of women within the Muslim community. Women in America are not second class citizens; they are not enslaved as a general rule; and women can have jobs, bank accounts, freedoms unheard of for women in Islamic dominated nations. On England, sad all those folks lost their lives on those pilgrimages to the Holy Land just to have the culture they were proud of turn itself on its heels and bow to Islamic demands. And so England steps from the stage of greatness not with a bang but with the swish of a burka...

Virginia Conservatives -Please vote Tuesday

Activitists may stay home, not support McCain. Not a good idea... Well, please don't stay home. That ensures the nomination of Barry or HIll and Hill is the most dangerous person to run for the White House in my life time. HIllary will rob you of your freedom and your individuality. Don't fall for her hype. Huckabee himself cannot get the 1191 delegates he needs but if we keep giving him delegates and Romney should happen to ask his 289 delegates to support Huckabee - we might just have a chance at a brokered convention with none of the current candidates stepping up to the plate. Conservatives need that out and out battle for our nation, for our principles, and for individualism and freedom. Our motto is "The land of the free and the hone of the brave!" We're still the land of the brave but when is the last time you considered yourself free? Between Huckabee and Romney, they could have enough votes to deny McCain the nomination on the first round of voting at the convention. I don't doubt that McCain may well be the nomination but it would be nice to send him a message in the remaining primaries that he is weaker than he thinks. I feel the same about Barry and Hill - I'd like to see a brokered convention for the Dems too. And I for one don't want to see a Bush or Clinton on the ticket for either party. Besides, in a brokered convention with the smoky back rooms, et al, one can never tell who'll walk out the nominee. We Americans could use a real knock-down, dragged out slug-fest. We are worth it; it's time the parties stopped taking us for granted... .

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Can Hill foot the bill and buy the White House?

In an interesting article in the New York Times, it was suggested that Mrs. Clinton will lend more of her "hard earned" millions to her financially sagging campaign war chest. Seems that Obama is beating the socks off her in campaign contributions. To me, the good news is that the heir apparent has to slug it out a bit longer to reach the required number of delegates. "Obama, watch your back, buddy! The claws are coming out even if you and Hill are friends in the Senate." But there was another bit of data mentioned on the evening of Super Tuesday and in the New York Times article regarding the racism among Hispanics fondly called Latinos and among black Americans. Seems Latinos are not voting for Obama to any degree and black Americans are casting their votes for the first 1/2 white-1/2 black candidate. They'll vote for that "one drop of non-white blood" in a heartbeat. But, white folks - the so-called racists - are voting with ease for Obama across the United States - maybe not as much as they did in Iowa but still in respectable numbers for being such "racists." Let's put that issue to bed. White people are voting for Obama - all ages and all three genders - so let's put that old canard to bed. Seems the racism tag belongs on some other hues - as even Hillary's campaign alluded, she'd lose in Alabama and other more highly "black" states. And indeed, she did. Again, further good news - Hillary is gonna have to fight a bit longer. She won't be able to hold out. She paid off Bill's little piccadillo to the tune of $900,000. Will she be willing to fork out many millions for the White House? Time will tell.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Najistani: Freedom of Speech - Use it or lose it!

From Najistani: FREE SPEECH - USE IT OR LOSE IT! WHY WE SHOULD INSULT ISLAM EVERY DAY Here's an excellent article by the courageous Maryam Namazie on why it is our inalienable right to insult, satirize and ridicule Islam - with its perverted prophet, its brothel-keeper-in-the-sky bogeyman moon-god, and its one billion brain-dead stone-age memoid followers - and to offend them just as much as we like. We should set numerous precedents by exercising this right as often and as vigorously as possible. USE IT OR LOSE IT! The thought-police would love to gag us. From "Since religion is divinely ordained, it follows that any real or imputed questioning, criticising or transgressing will lead to blasphemy, apostasy or some form of ‘corruption’. Of course it doesn’t matter so much if you live in a place where religion is to a large extent a private matter. But if you don’t, then a lot of things become ‘crimes’ punishable by death. One of many examples is the outrageous death sentence imposed by an Islamic court in Afghanistan on Parwiz Kambakhsh, the 23 year old journalist and student, for downloading and distributing an article criticising women’s status under Islam. Many have rightly come to his defence and must keep the pressure on. But to defend Parwiz by saying he did not ‘intend’ to blaspheme misses the entire point. This is exactly what the likes of the Muslim Council of Britain say in order to conceal the responsibility of their political Islamic movement. For example, the MCB ‘greeted’ the release of Gillian Gibbons (the British schoolteacher who was imprisoned in Sudan for allowing her 7 year old students to name their class teddy bear Mohammad) by saying she had not ‘intended to deliberately insult the Islamic faith.’ What they are basically saying is that victims and their ‘intentions’ are to blame for the injustices and barbarity of Islamic law. Moreover, they are implying that if someone knew they were blaspheming, or if their actions or statements were so clearly blasphemous that they should have known better, then the death penalty or calls for their death are permissible - or at the very least understandable. The smokescreen of ‘intent’ aims to conceal the real issue at hand, which is Islam in power, so their movement can go about its business as usual, so it can continue to hold millions of resisting people hostage to medievalism enshrined in constitutions and legal codes and enforced by religious and morality police, the militia, Sharia courts and the state. Any life saved is despite Islamic law and because of a vast left, secular and humanist opposition movement in the Middle East and elsewhere, which refuses to kneel. Clearly, when religion equals power, millions have no freedoms or rights worthy of 21 century humanity. And until it is pushed back, our loved ones - like Parwiz, or the two sisters, Zohreh and Azar, who have hours ago been convicted of death by stoning by the Islamic supreme court in Iran for ‘adultery’ - will face a torturous death. But not if we can help it. Join a demonstration to demand the freedom of Parwiz Kambakhsh on Friday, February 8, 2008, 12.00 to 2.00 pm at the Afghanistan Embassy, 31 Princes Gate, London, SW7 organised by the Iranian Secular Society and endorsed by the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain. You can also send letters of protest to Afghan officials by going to: To defend Zohreh and Azar and oppose stoning and the death penalty, go to:

Americans want Socialism? Not freedom!

Super Tuesday in a nutshell: liberal - Hillary; more liberal - McCain; most liberal - Barry! Liberals liberals everywhere and narry a one can think beyond the visions of sugar plum fairies dancing in their heads as these three would hasten us on our way to ever more socialism and government control over our lives. And Socialism is what the American people seem to want. Maybe they don't know what it is and they think there is a Sugar Daddy in Washington who can kiss their skinned knee, make the boo-boo better, and all their personal responsibility will go away. And everyone will get 'universal' health care while government will start limiting health care to good old gramps - the operable word being "old" and hence of no further value - think Terri Shiavo. It was a good night for the liberals with McCain, Hillary, and Barry in a three-way race for President of the Socialist Union of North America. As I heard on Rush's show today, as stated by a lady caller, "Benedict Arnold was a war hero too until he became a traitor!" ~~~~~ I have to say that I've had to rethink a bit regarding the overwhelming votes for John McCain. Are Americans voting for "socialism" when they vote for him or are they voting for VICTORY for our battle-hardened soldiers, Marines, sailors, and airmen and their families? I detest liberal socialism which to me borders on communism. I detest the cameras on every corner, the fingerprints taken to cash a check, the "strip-searches" at our airports, the proposed DNA on our driver's licenses, and even the possibility of GPS tracking devices implanted at birth. You think that can't happen? One of the family pets has that little code chip under the skin of his back. So maybe Americans voting for McCain are not voting for Socialism. Maybe they are tired of liberals casting aspersions upon our troops. I believe the people voting for either democrat is voting for Socialism and is willing to give up any and all personal "freedom", ass over teacup, to avoid responsibility for his/her actions, choices, and behavior. Taking money from me because I sacrificed and saved to give to someone who frittered away his time is theft, is un-American, and needs to stop. It won't if Barry or Hillary get the White House and name justices to the Supreme Court who will gladly take away your private property. It is my understanding that the Governor of Texas has already made it clear that the SSP/highway carving up America WILL BE BUILT and the hell with us and our property that will be confiscated to do it. We have to support the Republican candidate or it's "bye, bye Miss American pie", for real this time...

Monday, February 04, 2008

Super Tuesday - Vote for your nation, the USA

Go to MinutemanHQ and take a look at the Border Operations. In one sector, over 30,000 illegal aliens were sighted. Approximately 13,000 were apprehended and these were from 26 nations. America, the United States of America, is under attack - no two ways about it. What do you want? A lawless nation made up of lawless people with no loyalty to anyone but themselves willing to take your hard-earned money and transfer it into their pocket or a nation of people who respect each other and obey the laws... When all is said and done, the American people tend to get the government they "want". Do you want government intrusion and control of every facet of your life or do you want freedom and responsibility? The choice is yours...

Sunday, February 03, 2008

England pays Muslim men for multiple wives and off-spring

Dymnpha does it again in Right hand has no idea what left foot is doing. When you read Mark Steyn's America Alone and learn about the demographic shifts taking place in Europe, you know seismic changes are occurring. But that England is hastening its own demise is astounding. Muslim men are encouraged to marry many wives out of England than bring the wives to England where the "welfare" flows freely aiding and abetting polygamy which - oh by the way - happens to be against the law in England for non-Muslim men. The world is upside down and backwards and we have all lost our sense and balance; have lost our moral compass; and are heading for the clift like lemmings. And Big Mo will be there with sword in hand to relieve us of the burden of our empty heads.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Muslim woman suing over headscarf in London

I can hear the violins of sorrow and whining playing now that a Muslim woman has had her feelings hurt because she was refused a job because of her headscarf. My, my, what thin skins we have when we choose not to conform to the country in which we live. No, we'd rather change that country to conform to the restrictive slavery of Islam. Let me put it this way. In America, I wouldn't hire anyone who had nose or eyebrow piercings. And I wouldn't be too happy to hire anyone with six piercings on each earlob. Hey, a person can have all the piercings they want at any location of their body that they want but they would not work for me. From Najistani: Litigation Jihad in Londonistan: SUFFER DHIMMITUDE IN SILENCE AND PAY THE JIZYA, OR ELSE! A Muslim woman suing a salon owner for refusing her a hairdressing job because of her headscarf has more than doubled her claim for damages, after allegedly receiving hate mail. Bushra Noah, 19, from Acton, claims Sarah Desrosiers, who runs the Wedge salon in King's Cross, behaved in a "high-handed, malicious, insulting or oppressive manner" by discussing the case in public. She claims this caused media intrusion in her life, harassment and hate mail, and left her feeling "awkward and embarrassed". As a result, Ms Noah, who is suing Ms Desrosiers for religious discrimination, has now raised her claim for damages from just over £15,000 to more than £35,000. Read the rest at here

Friday, February 01, 2008

Obama and Clinton: no free lunch!

In the following article, Obama touts war position, Hillary Clinton counters that Obama's "health care plan" leaves out millions of Americans. I have a question. If a woman has the "right" to kill her unborn child, why can't she have the same right NOT to buy government-mandated health insurance? And if she does not want to buy insurance of any kind or government-ordered health insurance, why do we have to pay for her care if she gets sick or injured? Beware of the liberal bearing "gifts", folks! Be afraid, be very afraid! It is your freedoms you are placing in their hands - make no mistake. For every "gift" you receive from my tax dollars, the chain tightens around your neck and the noose tightens around mine. As someone once said, "There is no free lunch!" And certainly no free lunch under Socialist Democrats. Sorry, except for illegal aliens. I could be wrong but I hear that they'll be getting that "tax" rebate too. If so, then don't we know who the illegals are? I mean, we're gonna mail the checks somewhere. MG, we are colossally stupid...or at least our "elected" leaders think we are...If we elect a liberal president, then I'll sadly be proved right that Americans have come to see freedom as just to hard and we've gone soft...and like Great Britain, we'll go the way of other once-great civilizations and leave the stage with a sign...because it is only Americans who can defeat this great nation. As Nikita Krushchev famously said, "We will bury you from within." It is only Americans following the Piped Piper of Socialism who can bring us down along with NAFTA and the superhighway ripping across our guts, drawing and quartering our great land, pulling us to shreds. Once this happens, our nation will be nearly impossible to put together again.

Sayed Pervez, Afghani man sentenced to death for reading about women's rights!

To try to save Sayed Pervez, E-Petition ~~~~~~~~~~ Do you remember Nazanin? Sayed Pervez needs our help, fast... The Afghani government refuses to act and defers to the Islamic "religious" dictators. When the Afghanis voted for Sharia Law, my personal take was American forces should pull out and let these folks have at it with the Taliban and others. Why? Because our men and women are fighting for a freedom these Muslims do not want and will not fight for themselves. Same may hold true for Iraq. Those purple ink-stained fingers held up so proudly by the women are the same fingers who condemn those very women to the slavery of Sharia Law. So here's a question. Should we have left Iraq and let the warring factions weakened each other and then gone back in to mop up the mess? People under Sharia Law, read Islam, do not have freedoms as the Western mind definds freedoms. For the Western mind, freedoms (even if you are a hard-core socialist you want freedom to dominate the rest of us and control our every action, hence you are so in bed with the Islamists - the only difference is who pulls our strings, who is the puppeteer?) seem inherent - as our United States Constitution states, we are endowed by our Creator with unalienable RIGHTS - the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Well, the socialists have worked mightily to dilute the right to life, and watch what happens if you choose not to wear a seat-belt. On "pursuit of happiness", they have morphed this into "equality of outcome" punishing the ones who work hard. Sharia Law is endemic to Islamic republics; but if CAIR gets its warped way, we'll all be bowing to Mecca or paying a religious tax to support Islam. I think Thomas Jefferson had something to say about that as well as sending Marines to the "shores of Tripoli." Now, Sayed Pervez is sentenced to DEATH for printing out an article on the internet about women's rights. Seems the mullahs should be going after the Islamic fundamentalists who wrote the article, not the young man who printed it off the internet. Please read below and go to the website to sign the E-Petition to save this young man who, like so many of us, believed that Afghanistan had been liberated and was moving into the 21st Century. ~~~~~~ From Najistani: Afghan man needs our help. He faces imminent execution for reading about womens rights - rights that are in clear violation of the great crusading, marauding, sword-killing Prophet of "Pieces". E-PETITION Sentenced to death: Afghan who dared to read about women's rights From Afghan sentenced to death who dared to read about women's rights. A young man, a student of journalism, is sentenced to death by an Islamic court for downloading a report from the internet. The sentence is then upheld by the country's rulers. This is Afghanistan – not in Taliban times but six years after "liberation" and under the democratic rule of the West's ally Hamid Karzai. The fate of Sayed Pervez Kambaksh has led to domestic and international protests, and deepening concern about erosion of civil liberties in Afghanistan. He was accused of blasphemy after he downloaded a report from a Farsi website which stated that Muslim fundamentalists who claimed the Koran justified the oppression of women had misrepresented the views of the prophet Mohamed. ... How you can save Pervez Sayed Pervez Kambaksh's imminent execution is an affront to civilised values. It is not, however, a foregone conclusion. If enough international pressure is brought to bear on President Karzai's government, his sentence may yet be overturned. Add your weight to the campaign by urging the Foreign Office to demand that his life be spared. Sign our e-petition at E-Petition ~~~~~~~~~ On misrepresenting the views of "he who shall not be named", perhaps one needs to ask the women whose husbands beat them in accordance with the direction of the Koran... And we have American men and women being maimed and killed fighting for a freedom the Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan do not want? The Muslims who do want freedoms cannot even discuss the most wretched aspects of "he who shall not be named." Good grief! Seems the Islamic leaders - much like the leaders of the Catholic church of the 1300s - have much to fear and much to suppress to hold onto their power.

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