Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Americans want Socialism? Not freedom!

Super Tuesday in a nutshell: liberal - Hillary; more liberal - McCain; most liberal - Barry! Liberals liberals everywhere and narry a one can think beyond the visions of sugar plum fairies dancing in their heads as these three would hasten us on our way to ever more socialism and government control over our lives. And Socialism is what the American people seem to want. Maybe they don't know what it is and they think there is a Sugar Daddy in Washington who can kiss their skinned knee, make the boo-boo better, and all their personal responsibility will go away. And everyone will get 'universal' health care while government will start limiting health care to good old gramps - the operable word being "old" and hence of no further value - think Terri Shiavo. It was a good night for the liberals with McCain, Hillary, and Barry in a three-way race for President of the Socialist Union of North America. As I heard on Rush's show today, as stated by a lady caller, "Benedict Arnold was a war hero too until he became a traitor!" ~~~~~ I have to say that I've had to rethink a bit regarding the overwhelming votes for John McCain. Are Americans voting for "socialism" when they vote for him or are they voting for VICTORY for our battle-hardened soldiers, Marines, sailors, and airmen and their families? I detest liberal socialism which to me borders on communism. I detest the cameras on every corner, the fingerprints taken to cash a check, the "strip-searches" at our airports, the proposed DNA on our driver's licenses, and even the possibility of GPS tracking devices implanted at birth. You think that can't happen? One of the family pets has that little code chip under the skin of his back. So maybe Americans voting for McCain are not voting for Socialism. Maybe they are tired of liberals casting aspersions upon our troops. I believe the people voting for either democrat is voting for Socialism and is willing to give up any and all personal "freedom", ass over teacup, to avoid responsibility for his/her actions, choices, and behavior. Taking money from me because I sacrificed and saved to give to someone who frittered away his time is theft, is un-American, and needs to stop. It won't if Barry or Hillary get the White House and name justices to the Supreme Court who will gladly take away your private property. It is my understanding that the Governor of Texas has already made it clear that the SSP/highway carving up America WILL BE BUILT and the hell with us and our property that will be confiscated to do it. We have to support the Republican candidate or it's "bye, bye Miss American pie", for real this time...


Blogger Dr.D said...

The link points to one of the most dangerous aspects of a possible McCain presidency, namely his personal instability. The President of the United States has the option to start a nuclear war at any moment, and with that sort of power in his hands, we do not want an unstable person in the office. McCain has a long record of instability, both in the Navy and since.

His record at the Naval Academy shows him near the very bottom of his class there, so he is certainly no intellectual whiz. This is a man who has never held a real job (worked outside of the government), has been unfaithful to his wife repeatedly and had notorious affairs (think Slick Willie), has pretended to be a conservative while siding with liberals on every matter of significance in living memory, and who thinks that by simply saying something over and over it becomes a fact. Is this the man we want as President? I don't think so.

5:04 PM  
Blogger ThaLunatic Daily said...

Conservatives are beginning to amaze me in their inability to see what's really at stake here. This election is about more than McCain and his inability to follow conservative principals.

How is handing the whole country over to far left liberals a suitable alternative to McCain? What principal is that?

There is a serious difference between McCain and a pure-bread liberal who is bent on destroying ALL conservative values permanently.

Today’s liberal is not like the Bill Clinton’s Presidency. It’s moved radically left... Clinton is now considered a moderated, and loosing it’s power because it’s not radically liberal enough.

The Democratic candidate that is surging now, Obama, is bottom of the barrel liberal. He is about to take power, unless conservatives stop fighting and get serious.

This would give liberals what they will treat as a clear sign from America that is it ready to move sharply to the left. Not slightly to the left.

Cherry picking our candidate is exactly what got us INTO this mess, and if conservatives aren’t careful, they will allow our country spiral out of control.

There is no such thing as a quick recovery from 4 years of radical liberalism unchecked. We may be facing what will take years and years of damage to undo. What’s more, there’s no guarantee that it WILL be undone. Have conservatives completely forgotten Roe v. Wade and other extremely important issues?

Questioning McCain was right and highly useful for a time and a season. Many of us wish we had acted sooner to support Romney or Huck.... But staying home on election day allows liberals a pass to capture all THREE branches of Government. Our kids deserve better out of us.

I'm not asking anyone to sacrifice their own belief or convictions, but we have a serious problem here that requires that we do everything we can to minimize the damage this election can cause to our society.

I’d rather have 50% of McCains ear, than 0% of a liberals ear.

Give it some thought, friends.

Danny Vice

8:13 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Danny, I'm going to post your comment. You are absolutely correct.

We made the mistake, or at least I made the mistake, of thinking McCain was "DOA" last summer. Now I see the Republican big wigs are supporting him.

I just don't know which democrat he could beat in the general election. I'd rather see him run against Hillary because we'd crawl to the polls to vote against her.

Yes, we conservatives may be close to missing the boat on this one.

11:47 AM  
Blogger Dr.D said...

Of the leading contenders at the present time, Clinton, Obama, and McCain, they are all Leftists. There is really no difference among them. Anyone who things that calling this one a Republican and that one a Democrat makes any real difference is kidding themselves. They are are all people of the far left. It will gain us nothing to "keep a Republican in the White House" if that Republican is indistinguishable from a Democrat.

In particular, this Republican RINO, McCain, is exceedingly dangerous. We would be much better off to resign ourselves to a slide to the left with a minimum of damage (and there will be real damage, but let's not have the additional kind due to a hot head in the White House).

3:15 PM  

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