Thursday, February 28, 2008

Democrats: The Anti-American Americans

I have just finished reading an interview between Rush Limbaugh and Kenneth Timmerman, the author of Shadow Warriors: The Untold Story of Traitors, Saboteurs, and the Party of Surrender. From my perspective, the "economy" is being used as a distraction right now to cover two or three issues of paramount importance to this Election of 2008. Arguably, our nation, our sovereignty, and our very existence as a nation of free people hangs in the balance. Issues: national security, illegal immigration, and Islamic terrorists. Who wants to return to the days when "terrorists" are simply treated like your garden variety of criminal? While the Democrat candidates promise you and me all sorts of "hand-outs" designed to cut our hands off/our freedom of independence, the media is moving the story to the "economy" which has been pretty darn good. Not our fault some folks made some bad financial mistakes and sold their souls to the "mortgage devil." And if you are complaining about the prices of gasoline, ask your compassionate Democrat congressmen why we aren't drilling in ANWAR. Three issues the Democrats cannot stand tall on are 1) National Defense/Security, 2) the fight against Illegal Immigration, and 3) the very real and up-close and personal dangers to our country threatened by Islamists whether they are in $3,000.00 Armani suits or ski-masks sawing off the heads of bound Americans. Of course, the Democrats can't stand tall on getting educational vouchers to moms and dads whose children (mostly poor kids of all ethnic groups) are being held back in failing schools thanks to the NEA and the Department of Education as well as Democrat Senators. You have the right to kill your unborn child but, once born, you sure as heck don't have the right to get that same child a good education through vouchers. Nope, you had the kid; so suffer. No American Dream for the kid unto whom life was given. Timmerman, whose book I'm on the way to purchase, points out that, in so many words, the Bush Administration never had a chance due in part to the folks in "Congress, Clinton hold-overs in the CIA, the State Department, and even the Pentagon." I know the message of "hope" sounds great but we cannot give ourselves over to the control of the United Nations; we must take back our educational system and rip it out of the hands of the federal government; we must fight for our freedoms and for our independence from the chains of "government handouts" (which amount to robbing one family to pay for the poor decisions of another family). Think about that if you are living off of "handouts" designed to keep you down. When you see a family doing moderately well, making sacrifices, and such, thank them for supporting you, for the free medical care you get, and for the food you eat. We are Americans; as such, we can help each other "up" to stand on our own two feet; but we must stop chaining our citizens through "hand outs" on one side and "higher taxes" on the other. I am told that Democrats will sweep into the White House, gain seats in the House and the Senate. All I can say to that is "God help us!" At the very least, we need "gridlock" - please don't be charmed by the promises of the Piped Piper leading us over the cliff that will lead to a sharp slide into Socialism/encroaching Communism. We, the American people, are greater than that. Even many of the illegal aliens from Mexico - the folks making $50,000 a year doing jobs Americans won't do - are conservatives in their hearts and souls. They don't seem to know it but they are. Their work ethic proves it. We are Americans; we deserve better than the North American Union, better than NAFTA, better than the Super Highway (SPP) that will cut our nation apart, better than the government dictate to purchase "MANDATED" health insurance. You can choose death for your unborn child but you have no right to choose "health insurance." You can choose death for your unborn child but you cannot choose to keep your nation whole with a "universal" language, English, that ensures mobility and access to the American Dream. And the last issue not making the pages of the media is the war brought to our shores by the Islamists. When have you heard of the thousands of Islamic Centers or Islamist Mosques being built here, funded by Saudi Arabia? And where in the pages of the ever-caring news media are the stories of the encroaching Sharia Law, the foot-washing stations on the campus of "publicly" funded universities such as the University of Michigan? And the student expelled for wearing a crucifix to school? The Muslim taxi drivers rebelling under the guidance of the Muslim Brotherhood's front groups? We overlook that Obama is a Muslim by birth; we overlook that he and his wife attend a "separatist" black church; we overlook that to Islamists, Barry is an apostate. We overlook that Democrats are appeasers and we readily forget that appeasement has ALWAYS led to war. You ready for that war with Iran? When Mad Jad of Iran looks into his "looking glass" to conjure up the answer to the question, "Who is the weakest of them all?" Which faces do you think he sees swimming in the glass? And have you forgotten the cheering in the Arab street when the Democrats "won" the Congress in 2006? It sickens me that Democrat Socialist leaders in the United States stand with the Islamic terrorists against American citizens. But I am one small voice. According to Timmerman, we have a "shadow" government bent and intent on undermining our government, our nation, our sovereignty and we are paying their salaries. Note: Regarding comments made about the "shadow" government, they are not directed at our men and women who work as "human resources" in our intelligence community risking their lives for us. No, the "Traitors, Saboteurs, and the Party of Surrender" are folks who know who they are - the bureaucrats and the elected people such as "Pelosi, Jane Harman, and Rockefeller" as cited by Timmerman in the Limbaugh interview. (Limbaugh Letter, February 2008, p.8) Additionally, Timmerman stated in the interview, "If Americans are so unlucky as to elect a Democrat President in 2008, we will shortly be at war with Iran." (Limbaugh Letter, February 2008, p. 10). Then watch what happens to the value of your 401K. Some commentators have stated that they would rather see the "trouble" happen on a Democrat president's watch. I can't say that. Our nation and we the people deserve a fighting chance. The way things are looking right now, that fighting chance could be slipping away. Again, is freedom just too hard to maintain? Did our Founding Fathers have too much confidence in us, their progeny? Can we so easily let "freedom" slip through our fingers? My friends tell me all is lost and I am foolish to have confidence in Americans but I do have that confidence. I do believe we have it in us to rise and fight socialism, Communism-lite! And even if our swooning, weeping youth - lacking any education in the horrors of socialism, fascism, communism - faint and vote for "charm" and "hope", I still have confidence that life - though a harsh teacher - will bring them through. Several years ago, when stopping at my local 7-11 for my coffee fix on the way to work, one of the clerks said to me, "I sure wish I had a Ph.D. and people would call me 'doc', too." My comment to him was "wishing and hoping" had nothing to do with earning a Ph.D. "Wishing and hoping" have nothing to do with maintaining our freedoms either. But do we have the courage to vote against "government handouts" and for personal freedom and independence? Many young men and women serve our nation in the field of battle, in the covert operations, in the computer rooms of agencies searching for terrorist communications. They serve us with their time, with their lives, and with their hearts; with their commitment to "duty, honor, country." God bless them; may we not fail them...


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