Wednesday, February 13, 2008

HMS Clinton beached on Potomac! Onward to Texas!

Yes, the good ship, HMS Clinton smashed right up onto the narrow beach of the Potomac. I wonder when Barry began to believe, for real, that he could possibly get the nomination for the Democrat Party. I skimmed an article in the Washington Times dealing with Barry's clean sweep and learned a bit more about the "super delegates." The king-makers as it were. Seems that what I thought was true is true - that the candidates chalk up regular delegates through the primary and then, if they want to do so, the "super delegates" can say x-nay to the choice of the people and vote for the other candidate. I know this is a very simplistic rendition of what appears to be a very complex process. So, my question is: If Barry wins a bunch more delegates and Hillary continues to founder on the shoals of near-failure, could the "super delegates" throw the candidacy to Hillary at the convention regardless of the general delegate vote? If the answer to my first question is "yes," then would that action create a "revolution" across the nation within the Democrat Party? Could some of the answer be here?


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