Thursday, February 28, 2008

Democrats: A Woman's Right to Choose? Neyet!

I had thought of calling this post, "Democrats: The Anti-American Americans" because that is what they are, the most liberal socialists among them, not the folks like me and you who send their loved ones off to war and who work and pay their taxes in "hopes" that integrity exists in our elected leaders. As a conservative, I am so outraged at the Democrat candidates for the presidency and their duplicity. I am saddened by our seeming gullibility when the little "girls" are seen with tears washing over their faces as they nearly swoon in orgasmic-like proxism of elation at Barry's feet. No accident they are placed prominently behind him on the platform. Universal Health Care - the greatest corporate "give-away" ever from politicians to the insurance industry. How? Easy. And from Democrats, no less. See MA requires health care to get a better idea of federal interference into issues best handled by the respective states. The idea seems to come from the same idea that requires that one have insurance on one's car. Hmm... Here's your average woman who for whatever reason does not use birth control, and sha-sham, gets pregnant. Touted by the likes of Barbara Boxer, this pregnant woman - having no responsibility for her pregnancy - is given the "right" to kill her unborn child (not unwanted turnip or unwanted sequoia tree growing in her womb, but a human child). This pregnant woman has the "RIGHT TO CHOOSE." Yes, indeedy! But not when it comes to "universally mandated" health care coverage. In the Democrats' greatest corporate give-away ever, this same pregnant woman will be forced, MANDATED upon penalty of fine, to purchase insurance as dictated by the government. No "right to choose" there, folks. It ain't called "DICTATORSHIP" for nothing, folks. No freedom of choice for this woman and no freedom of choice for the rest of us either. Oh, the government will take money from working families to off-set some of the cost up to 2,500 dollars but YOU WILL HAVE TO BUY THE GOVERNMENT-DICTATED insurance, like it or not. And that is a boon to insurance companies. And just as our children are caught in failing schools, we will be caught in failing "universal health care" all designed to lower our standard of living. All designed to move us inexorably into the status of third-world nations, all designed to ration out the actual health care you receive. You can choose to kill your baby but you will, by God, buy that health care. A vote for Democrat Socialists (all too cowardly to call it like it is) is a vote for NO freedom, NO choice. A vote for Democrat Socialists and Democrat Separatists is a vote for slavery, for even more government control, and for dwindling individual rights and personal choice and opportunity or chance. Please, don't "buy" the Democrat "give-aways." Please, don't sell your Soul to the evil that is Socialism/Communism. Oh, how smoothly the chains of government control are slipped like silk around our necks and turn to soaked raw-hide drying in the sun as the life is strangled out of us, one drop of blood, sweat, tears, and hope at a time. Please, for the love of your children, "Wake up!" The money taken from the middle class today will be taken from your children tomorrow...

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