Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hillary following Rudy campaign model? To defeat?

For clarity - Hillary's camp is sounding more like Rudy all the time, "We'll take the big states, Ohio, PA, and Texas. Obama won the states with high concentrations of black folks" ya da, ya da, ya da. Folks, the black folks are supporting Barry as well they should if they are into more government handouts and more "enslavement" to the government, BUT black folks are not the ones racking up the numbers for Obama. A large number of white folks are voting for him too. Who do you think black leaders worked with to put Doug Wilder into the Governor's Mansion in Virginia? Purple aliens from Mars! But Hillary best not depend on Hispanic voters in Texas to "give" her the state. Texans, generally, are conservative, hard-working, law-abiding folks who do not gravitate to the slavery of the welfare state. It is demeaning and insulting to Texans. In addition, Hispanics along with other Texans are not all that supportive of aborting/killing their pre-born children. And since, based on how she is running her campaign on low expectations, her campaign seems to think that 90% of the American population is made up of black racists who wouldn't vote for a white woman, she'd better start spinning for losses in PA and Ohio too. From the beginning Hillary's folks ran the spin of low expectations: it'll be tough in Alabama because of the black vote, tough in Virginia and Maryland because of the black vote. My American black brothers and sisters, are you finally beginning to see the white Democrat leadership for what it is - pandering and keeping you down, destroying black families through government handouts? Forcing black and white children to attend failing schools because the Democrat machine opposes vouchers for your children and is under the control of the NEA. I'm sick of it and my skin designator is non-Hispanic white. Don't you know that many white voters are "marching" to the polls with you and they are not all Democrats. One more request - black men and women are fighting in Iraq as well as part of our all volunteer military. Can you please consider voting for John McCain, a man who does not want to see our troops brought home in defeat? Black people I know have strong conservative principles and values. They seek strong families; they are proud and do not deserve the ill treatment served up by democrats who would keep you as well as the rest of us dependent upon government. All of us who pay taxes are "the government" and under the Democrats, there is no chance at the American dream; there is only subsistance living and cradle-to-grave control of our every move. Please give this election some serious thought. We need freedom; all of us do. We are Americans; let's not sell out the future of our children, let's not give up our freedoms for a loaf of bread and a few dollars from "the man", regardless of "his" skin color or gender.


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