Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Obama and the DOW

Looks as though the DOW wasn't all that happy today going way down!
But I found something fun, uplifting actually.  
First, Michelle Obama held the Lincoln Inaugural Bible for President Barack Obama today. That's good on many levels not the least of which is that Lincoln was a Republican president who freed the slaves below the Mason-Dixon line, not up North, ya'll. 
But then I read a few news articles around and about and guess what they are calling President Obama?  Amazing - this by Yankees - Bam!  No joke.  Bam to do this;  Bam to do that...
Does that mean they are just giving President Obama a new 'nickname?'  Or is Bam short for Bambi - as in 'deer in the headlights?"
Never know what these news paper folks are up to so I just accept Bam as the new slang term now being used to refer to our President Obama.  How crass! 
Here's the long and short of it.  Capitalism is so close to over at the moment in the United States that you'd be hard-pressed to find it.  How many "institutions" have been nationalized through these "loans" and "bailouts?" 
Don't even try to count them.  Socialism will not work, that is why China of all places is even tickling its toes in the waters of "capitalism."  The last single most important bastion of liberty in the United States - private property in the form of home-ownership was struck down by the Supreme Court in Kelo v New London, Connecticut.  Our homes are not ours and they are not safely protected any longer by our US Constitution.  The "takings clause" has been shredded.  Home ownership being sacrosanct to personal freedom and liberty was the bedrock of the American Dream, of free enterprise and of capitalism.  It is no more; not really.
I wrote earlier that the DOW would speak about our recent election and it seems to be going "dark."  Of course, the DOW does go up and down in cycles.  
I still believe in the American people as the creators of their destiny - not government.  To me, all we can do individually is our best to protect our families and whatever assets we have to sustain us with our reliance upon God.  Who knows!  Maybe a day will come when you can have a manger scene in front of a fire house once again in peace and love...  Emmanuel....
If we have learned nothing else, we must learn that we cannot put our "faith, destiny, and hope" in the hands of politicians...

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President and Mrs. George W. Bush - homeward bound

Just a note to President and First Lady George W. Bush.  Have a good fight home.  I have no doubt - absolutely, positively - NO DOUBT that the happiest people getting out of D.C. are President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush.  I'm with you.
I saw President Bush's last address the other night, January 15th.  Lord, he looks relieved and well he should be too.
I have disagreed with President Bush on many issues but I believe he did the best he could given all the circumstances and especially all the circumstances we will never know.
God speed and good health to you and First Lady Laura Bush...  Get out of D.C. as fast as you can...you've put up with enough of that "new tone."

Obama - 44th President of the United States

A brief congratulations to Chief Justice Roberts on his "first" swearing-in ceremony of a president of the United States, this day, Tuesday, January 2oth, 2009.
And congratulations to President and Mrs. Barack Hussein Obama for what is a magnificent day for them, their daughters, and their many supporters throughout the United States and the world.  The Middle Eastern supporters should be relieved for now they have a US president who is clearly willing to "talk" with them, a trait they value only in so far as it allows them more time to regroup.
I do wish our new President well.  He will not receive anything like the daily, hourly, castigation that President George W. Bush received from the unrelenting and disgusting TV and print media.  They all have too much of themselves invested in President Obama to allow one hint of truth or failure to be passed on to us, We the People.  Obama, now president, is their man - or so they think.
I wish our new President well for us, but Leon Penetta (sp) as head of the CIA - Good gawd 'amighty!  That can't be true?
Tonight and this week will host parties and celebrations throughout Washington, D.C.  We have Pelosi who has already thrown down the gauntlet in her own sweet powerful way protecting her turf - see the Drudge Report today.
President Obama has many challenges ahead of him and bloggers have a few more things to write before our freedom of speech is taken away.  Talk radio could be on its way out with the "Fairness Doctrine" and the masterful liberal talk radio guy - Franken - may, God forbid, be going into the Senate.  Not a bad place for a washed-up radio guy when you consider all the "air time" he'll get on the floor of the Senate and not be held legally responsible for a word he says there amongst the "greatest deliberative body in the world."  Please....
I do hope that Mrs. First Lady Obama will have more to be proud of her country for now but time will tell.  Rumor has it that she's gonna get a salary!  What?  Certainly that can't be true.  Being First Lady is not an elected office and it's not an "appointed" office.  It's no office at all although we do pay for her to have a staff/personnel, etc.
Well, tonight's a big time.  I missed the inauguration.  Just slipped my mind;  I was watching the Second Series of "Bones."  Oh, well...did catch the inauguration/swearing-in on YouTube.
I'm just looking forward to Jeremiah Wright, Jr. coming back as the President's spiritual advisor;  Tony Rezko getting a pardon;  and all that other yummy stuff like State Department things, CIA leaks, and leaks from the Chief of Staff.  I do wish President Obama well but here's one example of things to come.
A family member paid an electrical utility bill for the month before last month - 89.00.  This next bill - where hardly any electricity is used, appliances are unplugged when not in use, heat never over 60 degrees in the house - bill was 177.00.   Can hardly wait to see what next month's bill will be. 
And the government's new spending on programs (read higher taxes) hasn't even started yet.   Are we in trouble, yet?
Happy Inauguration Day!  Another bloodless change of government/power.  Don't be fooled.  The blood will come from your pocketbook, from your sweat and tears.  And when you cannot buy needed food and such for your family, will you please for one minute don't blame conservatives...
In fairness, I must acknowledge that Obama still has to get his foot in the door of power for us to see what's gonna happen.  And I must give full credit to the power/ruthless power of San Fran Nan (Pelosi - speaker of the house).  We'll have to see how the honeymoon goes between that wonderful duo of Pelosi and Reid with combined with the Executive.  Three could get a bit crowded when it comes to power.
The very best we can hope and pray for is "fewer" bills passed.  Also, that the analysts who have warned us of terrorist attacks on American soil within 6 months of President Obama's inauguration.  Don't you just loath the CYA folks who warn us and then, if we are hit, will stand back and say - wringing their hands of course - "We told you so; we told you so!"  What are we supposed to do, haul our Howitzers (sp) out of the basement and defend ourselves?
Well, President Obama has the power now and will receive briefings often - please not from Leon - so He will keep us safe without taking more of our freedoms...  Of course.  The Islamic terrorists waited nearly 9 months after President Bush's inauguration to take down the - well, you know what they did.
But, again, we have three branches of government.  No one branch is in this alone and remember what many failed to remember under Bush, the Legislative Branch, specifically the House of Representatives SPENDS our tax dollars.
Well, keep your head down, your hearts open, and listen to talk radio and conservative columnists for as long as they have the freedom to speak...
And watch out for the North American Union or the dissolution of the US according the Russian analyst...  Our government is working on the NAU, weakening the dollar helps, and I'm not sure who's working on the latter.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Obama set to bind US economy in chains

Well, it is no secret that Obama, President-elect Obama, is the student of Saul Alinsky and has done a fine job as a community agitator during his early days learning to be a "black" American in Chicago. Now, Obama has put the final touches on the Soviet Socialist Cake by naming Mrs. Browner as his "Kyoto Accords Czar". Americans must somehow get themselves prepared for regulation upon regulation that will line the pockets of some (read Al Gore) and force the rest of us to bend to the heavy hand of a Socialist at the head of our Green Economy. You thought the dollar had lost some value lately? Ha! Browner has solid Socialist creds, like many of Obama's appointments, as does Obama himself only his are probably stronger 'cause he has the little woman at home, telling us that we will have "to tighten" our belts - everyone must sacrifice for the good of all. Um humm.... I know, I know, I wrote that he should be given a chance and I think that seeing the people he is naming to cabinet positions and to other "tzarista" roles gives us a good idea that the Socialist International are having a hoot of a good time as the American people are forced into socialism. Of course, that may not last long if we believe the Russian KGB analyst who promises that America will be no more in 2010. You know, it just makes a lady want to swear like a hearty sailor on shore leave. The US has about two more years to exist, according to the analyst; and by the way, we'll be so green by that time that no one would be stupid enough to want our economy anyway except that it would resemble what "they" are used to - regulations, regulations, regulations. When this happens, I predict that the American worker will learn the fine art of "appearance-based work performance". In this process, I hope that Americans will work to decrease their personal debt. We have to have the money to pay for flushing our now-non-working toilets, courtesy of Al Gore - you know the ones we are now regulated to buy and have to flush twice to get them to work. Where do these people like Gore come from, defunct Russia of the past? I'm reading an interesting book at the moment, Alexandra II, the Last Great Tzar. If you can find it, read it and you'll see how domestic terrorism worked in Russia to bring about "socialism" which of course had to be outdone by Communism. From what I'm reading the "terrorism" led to heavy restrictions on the population, to fear, to "telling" or informing on family and neighbors, and to general rule by the hard-handed fist of government - knowing everything about the people. Each time "we the people" give up our freedoms in the US for the "promise" of security - we have neither. When a president promising a "new day", a new order, has been elected, we can see in his appointments what that "new world order" will be. God bless America and the American people. Must go now and help our capitalist economy as long as it lasts and as long as I can contribute. I didn't really wish us this before but "Happy New Year" to us all. We can fight a lot of tyranny with a sense of humor and the comforting knowledge that everything about us is on the internet - even up to and including pictures of our homes by address and goodness knows what else. Well, maybe all that computer-accessible info will minimize the need for us to inform on each other. :) We must be ever-vigilant and remember who and what the enemies of our nation and our way of life are... And we must continue to "live our way of life": God, family, country, job...

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