Friday, October 17, 2008

Obama votes for Infanticide/leaving new borns to die

Well, Obama does support the killing or rather, euphemistically speaking. allowing new borns who survived partial birth abortion to die, cold, crying, and alone. See Obama: False Prophet of Change Here is one interview with a nurse who knows all about it: new borns left to die. H/T to Liberally Conservative. According to the nurse in the video - the nurse who testified in Illinois - Barack Obama opposed the "born alive babies protection act" in THREE votes against this act. Obama voted to protect IFANTICIDE three times, leaving living babies left out to die. How difficult do you think it would be for Obama - Change You can believe in - to leave Grandma and Grandpa figuratively OUT to die as they wait in line for medical care that will never come? When the State can kill the most innocent and fragile among us without looking back, how hard will it be to deny health care to those the State deems too old or too useless to care for? If you watch this video and appreciate the full extent of the ramifications of such callous action and you watched the heinous, court-ordered murder of Terri Schiavo, how can you vote for a man with ice in his veins? The next heartbeat he stops could be yours... but it will be all nice and legal, don't ya know... Obama is no messiah...Jesus Christ must weep as He watches our great nation allow such heinous sins. But Obama voted THREE times in favor of these lonely, heartless deaths. Can you vote for that? Can you vote for a man with ice in his veins?

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