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The Lighthouse - Laurels for Journalistic Courage!

From Cassandra at The Lighthouse, we have the first of what may become many, if Western Civilization is to be saved, Laurels for Journalist Courage.
It therefore stands out like a honest newspaper in Oceania when a bread-and-butter news site like the Irish Independent is publishing a reality-based report on the encroaching Islamization that is taking the West by stealth. In the article, "Forget lily-livered liberalism, time to take stand and say we don't want Muslim immigrants", the Independent is indeed doing just that - Hat tip Foehammer's Anvil Therefore belatedly (the article is dated 17th July) these pages are awarding the first "Lighthouse Laurels for Journalistic Courage" to the "Independent" of Ireland!
Bravo to the Independent and to Kevin Myers. Here is the beginning of his commentary:
LET me ask you something. Is it a rational decision for a secular-Christian society to admit thousands of Muslims into its midst? Comparable movements of Christians into Muslim societies are not permitted, so what essential, non-negotiable, mutually respected right is involved? The question is especially apposite, because we now know the consequences for every single European society which has admitted large numbers of Muslims: social alienation, religious antagonism and outright terrorism. We know this. We all know it. And yet we continue to allow Muslim immigration. Why? What do we gain from it?
I am adding the news source to my list. Years back I read a great book, How the Irish Saved Civilization!, full title: How the Irish Saved Civilization: The Untold Story of Ireland's Heroic Role from the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe. Maybe they will do it again. Someone has to! Do you of Western Civilization and Culture want to see the star and crescent atop Notre Dame, or Westminster Abbey in shambles? Not on our watch...unless WE let it happen. As the new Pope Benedict asked, where is the reciprocity? Where are the Christian churches being built in Saudi Arabia. As I said in so many words but not as bravely as Kevin Myers, We do not need Muslim immigration into Western nations. We do not need to import terrorism and, while I would not suggest that all Iraqis are "terrorists", they did vote for Sharia Law to be the "Law of the Land" in Iraq. Their choice for Iraq; not my choice for America. I am just as opposed to that as I am to the North American Union and from where I sit, I can't figure out why we are importing "a revolutionary" culture from the South and "Islamic Imperialism" from around the world that has at the very least condoned over 9,000 acts of terrorism world-wide since September 11, 2001. It makes no sense. But then that is the ploy perhaps of the Globalists and the Far-Liberal Left - to throw everything off-balance so that nothing makes sense; the importation of more "diverse" factions; there is no ordered world; all mores are equivalent; and when we scream for common sense, they slap us with more restrictions and turn around and say, "You wanted more security...but we'll take your freedoms for it and we'll saddle you with taxes to enslave you. And we'll increase our dependency-based voter block to ensure our own supremacy." My question is who will be left when the dust settles after the imported "diverse warring factions" have started to claim territory in a serious way right here in the USA? And what will be left of our U.S. Constitution once the "hate-speech" and "hate-crimes" folks finish chipping away at it? I don't see how our "secular laws" can hold us together much longer, frankly - not with the seeming racism of groups such as La Raza on one side and perhaps the litigious CAIR on the other calling itself the Muslim civil-rights group. I just don't know when or what will be the catalyst that will bring this "gathering storm" to the fore. Do you?

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Blogger A Jacksonian said...

Yes, more than you feel the winds of the oncoming storm. The winds were first felt last year, quiet in the tree tops... if one stopped and listened the far distant sound of roaring wind could be heard, a storm long brewing given cause when the Nation abandoned principles for realism and that meant not learning from our past. We now learn what those first waverings from upholding liberty bring us, and we shall pay the toll for our misguidance away from principles. Now these things have grown and we dare not call them by their name, as that would make us realize how to address those seeking ill fortune for the Nation.

Now we feel the wind warned about from centuries ago and this house divided against itself will not stand save by grasping the tree of liberty and realizing its dread payment. We have wandered and disregarded those that founded this Nation and their warnings. That ill wind we hear reminds us nothings is foreordained save that we make it ourselves to do what is right. And still we dither as the gates shut behind us and we have entered that future of our own creation and find it ill to us.

We can march through Hell using the ever fixed beacon star of liberty as our guide, and realize that we have lost sight of it before and have strayed from its true path. We can heed the warnings of those that made this Nation and embrace destiny to remember why we are here. We can do much.

If we dare.

Our enemies do dare and it is only those that take up their hand to make history that get to write it.

The storm comes, the hot wind blows and the path is into the wind towards liberty. It is not ordained that we win, and only we can choose to fight for if we don't then we shall lose and our history will then be written by others.

5:05 PM  
Blogger kipwatson said...

Ha ha -- it's funny you mention the Irish and the Muslims in the same post, because they're a good historical match!

I mean, sure the Irish once had a great culture for their time -- but that was 50 generations ago! Before the time of Mohammed; as long before the golden age of Baghdad as that period is from our time.

For most of the 19th, too much of the 20th centuries and for the centuries prior, the main characteristics of the Irish were they were criminals; barbaric, lawless, violent, ignorant, illiterate, unhygenic savages; and, latterly, terrorists at a per-population rate about 500 times worse than the Muslims (and I say that without exaggeration).

How long we English had to endure such treacherous and benighted neighbours! But, oh my, they will counter with plenty of excuses -- excuses eerily similar to those the terrorist sympathisers employ!

Even now, look into almost any member of a 'white Australian' criminal gang and you will find a heritage that is Italian, east European or _Irish_.

By comparison with the Irish of recent history, the Muslims -- of whom some are terrorists and their supporters, but very many more are computer programmers, scientists and professionals here in the West -- are a race of angels!

But you know what -- they (the Irish) got over it! We didn't need to ban them, expel them or nuke them (although I have no doubt at least two of those policies were occasionally suggested).

And if even the Irish can join the modern world, the Muslims will have no problem.

Kill the terrorists and the rest of the puzzle will fall into place.

3:00 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

And how many of the Irish were doctors?

7:55 AM  
Blogger S said...

That article from the Irish Independent is one of the best, clearest statements to come down the pike in a long time. If there can be more like that in major venues, there is hope. Time will tell, but I thought that this was encouraging.

5:37 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Yes, this one needs to go in favorites as well. Excellent article from the Independent.

2:01 PM  

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