Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lionheart: Oh, England, where is your Good Queen Bess?

I have been clicking around the internet today checking in here and there among my friends - not reaching nearly as many as I want to reach - but I found that Lionheart, our friend in England, is posting well and I thought I'd bring a few of his recent posts to your attention. Like Mikko in Finland, Lionheart came under similar attack in England. Stealing from Christians Maddie slur by British Moslem Ex-MI6 boss on 42-day detention The term a friend of mine at the Center for Vigilant Freedom or CFV used for the "Mad Hatter world" in which we find ourselves is "cognitive dissonance" where nothing makes sense; a world in which our leaders seem mindless to the threat we face and, with the exception of President George W. Bush, are fearful to mention the threat of Islamic terrorists and thugs even if the leaders do admit to the existence of the threat behind closed doors. It is a world where one has to wonder just how many of us have to be slaughtered before some brave soul with the brains and the power will rise up and say, "Enough is enough!" The Danes, God bless 'em, are trying. But England, our dear England, our brothers and sisters across the pond, are under overt attack and they have no Good Queen Bess of yester-year to come to their defense and rid their land of the threat. There is no King and Queen of Spain to beat back the advancing march of Islamic Imperialism. This wave of attack encroaching upon Christendom has no leader to thwart to advance of tyranny. And even if we have military leaders who know of the threat, we have no one who will step forward and say, "Let's put an end to this threat one terrorist at a time if that's what it takes. Hunt them down and end this." No, instead, the response is the Treaty of Lisbon and the Mediterranean Union. My God - has greed become so debilitating that it has turned once fine minds to mush? Can anyone say, "Neville Chamberlain?" This is just one way the advance is taking place in America: Medical Dawa in Dayton or just zakat?. I urge you to read the posts at the Center for Vigilant Freedom blog and become informed.

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Hillary and her lapel pin

Someone tell Hillary to start wearing a good looking American flag lapel pin. It'll look good and, I hate to say it, but she is looking good lately. I know I wrote that I'd never vote for her and now I'm not saying I'm changing my mind, but I don't think I'll say "never" again anytime soon. Hillary is looking better, isn't she? Sure she has a truck-load of negatives as pointed out by Ann Coulter, You don't need to be a weatherman to know which candidate blows, but Hillary is standing tall. Message to Hillary: "Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT offer to debate with Obama again. You don't need to. He's fast becoming the weaker candidate no matter what the poles say and after his "guns and God" remarks, I'd bet money that there are a few folks in those earlier state primaries who would change their votes." Did anyone notice in his remarks denouncing Jeremiah Wright yesterday that Obama did not use that condescending, slow-preacher drawn-out drawl. No, he spoke like his actually graduated from those fine universities he attended. Now, that was a change I could believe in...

Obama's neighbors and friends

I was letting my fingers do the walking through a few commentaries and found two to share with you. These are rich and they are important. And although they don't do it, I'll ask the question: should Obama get a free pass on judgments in character matters BECAUSE he has black skin? The answer is no. He who would be president of the United States must walk the gauntlet all others have walked - bloodied and unbowed - before him. Affirmative action does not reach as far as the presidency... By Ann Coulter: You don't need to be a weatherman to know which candidate blows By Charles Krauthammer: The Distractions of Obama's Character Should Obama not be crowned the president, his wife will say, "The ugly white man did it." But she will be wrong; she will have no farther to look for the cause of his defeat than to herself, to Jeremiah Wright, to William Ayers, and to Tony Rezko along with Louis Farrakhan and most prominently, she must face the ugly truth that his defeat will have been brought about by Obama himself. It is time for white Americans to get over the spoons full of "white guilt" that have been the gruel served cold to us since our infancy for acts of slavery perpetrated upon black Africans by Muslims, black African chieftains, Dutch slave traders and others. America ended slavery in the South in the 1860s. Over 500,000 of us died in a matter of States' Rights on trade couched as a "war against slavery", another lie. However, no black person in America today has been a slave and no white American has owned a black slave. More white Americans are living in poverty than black Americans and black Americans have more opportunities than any other Americans living today. Black Americans who fixate on Black Liberation Theology - racist by any standard as is Kwanzaa - simply perpetuate the ideas of separatism and entrench black racism. [No comments about the black experience in mean old America today in 2008 will be published. I'm sick of listening to that "dead horse" that is poisoning our youth.] No, if Obama is defeated in his campaign for the presidency, he must understand that the "buck stops" with him and his words and actions. White America has bent over backwards to give him the presidency, and I mean "give." It's time for him to earn the presidency the hard way and it's time for us to clean our guns and get back to our Bible study. If he is elected president of the United States, then the pressure will be on to see if he can stand the heat in the crucible of that office. We already know he will set out the welcome mat for the very Islamic terrorists who continue to kill across the globe today. If Dems want to get behind a cause, why not put "global warming" on the back burner, and fight Islamic terrorism instead of putting on a silk scarf as Nancy Pelosi did and sitting down to tea? It is one thing to sit down to talk with people with whom you can reason; it is a fool's errand to sit down with folks who really, really want to kill you and say so...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama needs to ignore Wright; America needs gridlock

Watching Senator Obama "denounce" Jeremiah Wright, Jr. is rather painful, especially after Mr. Wright has already set the stage that politicians say whatever they have to say to be elected, thereby, implying that Senator Obama will be dishonest in whatever he says regarding Wright's recent ranting. What a cheap shot by Wright! Setting Obama up to be telling lies before he even responds regardless of what Obama says. Wow... With friends like Wright, a most trusted spiritual advisor, Obama needs no enemies. I don't think there is any reason to waste time trying to "understand" Jeremiah Wright. Wright makes himself perfectly clear. Senator Obama just simply needs to ignore Wright for the gnat that he is and get on with his campaign and stop letting Wright bait him. The blood-letting has been done. Senator Obama just needs to step away and get on with his campaign, not let Wright get under his skin. Obama does not need to answer, defend, or denounce Wright; Wright is a capable zealot with a following, maybe a Farrakhan-wanna-be, and let's face it, no matter what you think of Louis Farrakhan, he is a charismatic speaker and, for better or worse, there is no one else like him. On Obama's run for the Democrat nomination and eventual presidency - who knows what will happen. I don't know; I do know that should Obama not "win" the presidency, neither he nor his wife should blame white Americans. If they want to blame anything, blame the racism preached by Wright who says his message is the message preached across America throughout black churches. I will not believe that - tell me I'm wrong. Tell me that my neighbors do not go to Christian black churches every week and hear hatred preached toward me and my family. My church is a congregation of mixed ethnicities and I refuse to believe that Jeremiah Wright speaks for all black congregations across America. Americans of all skin colors have fought and died, bled together in defense of our people and our nation, our families. Don't tell me this loss of our blood and treasure is a sham and filled with hatred. My family has been fighting in our wars since before the American Revolution and on both sides of the "War between the States." Mr. Wright embarrasses me but he brought interesting information to the forefront. Is he right? Of course not... Perhaps Wright is aiding and abetting our enemies, the Islamic terrorists who want all of us defeated or dead? I am not a Liberal and do not support Socialism/Communism/Marxism. I am learning that Democrats do not understand economics and how increasing taxes stifle economic growth. While at some level, it is interesting to watch the Democrats duking it out, at other levels there is no fun in it when, while I don't agree with Obama on much of anything, I am sorry some things are turning out as they are. I believe America has many very capable black American who could fill the office of the presidency right now but they are conservatives and do not have the backing of the press or of the black community generally. A bit of pathos surrounds Obama's campaign beginning as it did with such lofty claims but Americans deserve leaders with more thorough vetting and with a bit more maturity. Being community organizers in the inner city in Chicago is not a place from which to launch a campaign of "experience." Being a governor of a state is more credible and seldom has a Senator become president - Kennedy, yes. But this year it seems we are left with three... Michelle, if your man does not "win" the White House, it will be because of his exclusive Black Liberation Theology and his Socialist designs on "changing" our nation into a Marxist government. It will not be white racism that keeps Obama out of the White House. White people, generally, seem to want him in the White House to get it over with, to break that "barrier", to see how much he can screw things up, or not, just like any other president of recent decades. If he does well, good for us; if not, he'll go down like General Dinkins in New York, as an experiment that failed and real managers will have to move in and clean up the mess. Nobody will believe this but if Obama does become the next president, I don't want him to fail in terms of really be totally incompetent. I want him to see the overwhelming responsibility and weight of the office and realize that we are living in very dangerous times. How our next president handles Islamic terrorists and terrorist supporting nations could well end Western Civilization as we have known it. But then Mrs. Obama seems to want to do that when she cautions black Americans NOT to join the middle class, etc. If Obama should become the next president, I don't want him to fail in the larger scheme of the safety and security of our nation but I don't want us to become Marxist either - so, we have to focus on electing conservative Representatives and Senators to off-set the agenda most liberal Senator in our history.

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Democrats: thank Heaven for elitist Dems!

Yes, thank Heaven for elitist Dems! Seriously, I appreciate them in that they have one thing in common with the jihadists. They have no problem letting us know how they feel about the average, hardworking American of any political persuasion - they look down upon us. In fairness, some Republican leaders feel the same way... Obama infamously remarks that we backward folk "cling to our guns and to religion" in our frustration. Well, no. We cling to our guns for protection and to our religion because our religion is the "rock" upon which we find our way. I want to write a post on the various examples of how the elitists among the Democrat Party as well as the Republican Party look down upon us, the little people, but alas the flu and sinus infections just won't let me get the post written. I rather agree with Ann Coulter when she commented last night on Hannity and Colmes that we have Hillary, Obama, and McCain and she doesn't think any of them can get elected. I haven't figured out how to bring this about yet but if you have any ideas, get the word out to the folks who can get the word out. Here's the plan: without the hassel of a third party - we have the Dems, the Republicans, the Libertarians, Nader's group - we have enough parties. We, as a people, need to somehow decide on a person, Ron Paul, Huckabee, Thompson, Romney, Bob Barr, a conservative Democrat - someone who will not be the candidate of the Dems or Pubs and WRITE-IN that person's name on election day - all across America. A good 50% of the base of the Democrat and Republican Parties are disenfranchized (sp) - hey, they need us but would just as soon we went away. We don't need a third-party Ross Perot split sort of thing out in the open. But somehow, osmosis, somehow, we Americans need to put our differences aside and do what is right for OUR nation and write-in ONE agreed upon candidate. Sure, we won't agree with the person on everything - I'm not for open borders but the borders are open essentially. We all know the parties take their respective base for granted - right? Well, we need to change that without any fanfare. Together as Americans we need to set aside our individual interests (our representatives can fight out those things in Congress) and vote for America and our nation's future. We need to write-in a candidate and tell both parties this is OUR nation, not their playground. How can we get this done? How can we Americans take our nation back? We can disagree; we can bicker; but we can also stand together for the greater good, can't we? On 9/11, the Islamic terrorists didn't care about ethnicity, religious beliefs, or anything else about the 3,000 America citizens they murdered. But we stood together and rose from the ashes. We need to do that again this November...

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Planned Parenthood and the killing of minority pre-borns

On The O'Reilly Factor last night, Laura Ingraham was commenting on the slaughter of American lives that is going on "for profit" in abortion clinics and while Planned Parenthood gets over 300 million tax-payer dollars for "education", I would guess it is anyones guess on how that money is really spent. Well, it seems 1/3 of all the abortions result in the slaughter of black American babies. Since Muslim women don't have abortions traditionally and Hispanic women not so many, the rest of the babies being slaughtered are non-Hispanic white American babies. Non-Hispanic white folks are being left to become a minority by attrition and by the rising tide of illegal aliens. I gotta tell ya, black Americans, if you want to continue to have a seat at the table and stop being further marginalized by these "citizenship for illegals" folks, you may want to rethink that abortion thing and force your leaders to push for more stability in the black community as existed coming out of the Korean War. But to continue... What a blight upon our nation! How will God ever forgive us? [Some years back, I was sitting up late working and also watching the US Senate in late session with open floor debate on that heinous procedure "partial birth abortion" which in any sane society would be called infanticide, aka, murder. I listened to Babs Boxer, that creature who has never met a fetus she doesn't want eliminated like killing grubs in a garden, and then I realized tears were rolling down my face as I then listened to Rick Santorum speak in defense of our unborn Americans.] The Democrats decry the death of our military men and women one soldier at a time who have chosen to serve our great nation with honor, dignity, and yes, sometimes the ultimate sacrifice - so that men may live free. I tend to think they fight in defense of our unborn babies too. Our military men and women have more honor and dignity in their little fingers than many of these elected Democrats in Congress will ever have. But I digress... The Democrat Party is on the brink of nominating a candidate who doesn't want his "daughter punished with a baby", meaning that if she became pregnant out-of-wedlock, as a young girl/woman, he is for the aborting/killing of his own grandchild. I cannot comprehend that manner of thinking. Surely, his mother could have exercised the "killing her unborn" option. But she chose life for Barack. I wonder how many people today would say honestly, "Gee, I wish my mom had chosen abortion in my case..." But to kill or support the killing of his own grandchild - with his rising income, surely he and Michelle could find it in their hearts to ease their daughter's "punishment" and welcome their grandchild into their home as their daughter got on with her education. Amazing to me, to hear a presidential candidate say, "I wouldn't want my daughter punished with a baby." Doesn't that give you any pause for concern? And where are the black leaders marching against abortion mills where 33% of the preborn babies killed are black Americans. What kind of "audacity of hope" culture is that? In full disclosure, I don't go any easier on the non-Hispanic white women who are killing their pre-borns either. How in the world will God forgive us? Sorry, I forgot, the nanny state forgives all even if she does have to share the stage with the global warming god.

Hamas in America! Hmmm...

Last evening, I watched a few minutes of Hannity and Colmes - becoming so that I cannot even stand to look at Alan Colmes and I have never liked the "shouting over" each other but back to... Okay, I knew that Hamas has "endorsed" Barack Obama for president. What I didn't know is that the Hamas terrorist doing the endorsing was the "leader of Hamas in the United States." So, I have just a few questions: 1) what is any Hamas terrorist doing setting up shop in America? and 2) when did our freaking minds turn to mush? Was it the drugs of the 60s, or the army of rabid anti-American lawyers being vomited out of so-called liberal-left prestigious tax-payer funded colleges after several years of virulent "hate-America-first" rhetoric, or the creep of the Jimmy Carter created Department of Education into the States' domain of education that has undermined and destroyed our educational system and our future in the process? The list of character questions about Barack Obama and his lovely "affirmative action" babe helpmate grows daily but how did we get to a place when a presidential candidate would not wear an American flag lapel pin so as not to offend his Middle Eastern Islamist backers? In terms of the failure of our educational system to produce "thinking" Americans, just take a look at the folks Obama's handlers strategically place behind him at speaking engagements along the campaign trail. What flaming idiots... I have not agreed with President George W. Bush on some things but, mark my words, a day will come when we will pray to God that he was back in the White House and commanding our military.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jimmy Carter needs to have his kitchen pass revoked

Time to pull the plug on Jimma Cartar's travelin' plans or else just pull his passport and deny him entry into the United States next time he goes on his little terrorist-negotiating trips. Let him stay with his terrorist pals. Carter defied State Department suggestions and met with terrorists anyway. Now, we can't keep an American from traveling wherever he wants to go but good grief. Shouldn't we be able to shut the door when he leaves so he can't come back in? And who pays for Carter's trips anyway? Is he a lobbyist for any terrorist groups? A former president of the United States should have enough sense to stay out of sensitive situations and certainly should not consort with terrorists. But wait, maybe I'm being too hasty here. A man running for the Democrat nomination for president consorts with terrorists and is endorsed by terrorists - the same group Jimma Cartar visited, come to think of it - Hamas. And Jeremiah did let Hamas use the Trinity Church bulletin - but the Trinity Church is tax-exempt. Right? Seems these Democrats are just snug as a bug in a rug with Hamas as well as home-grown terrorists. Makes one wonder whether the terrorists are surrogates or idols. Bill Clinton did march against the Vietnam War when he was on foreign soil and as president he bombed the Christian Serbs and opened up a good back-door entry into Europe for Islamic terrorists... But then we already know Israel is in trouble with Democrats in control of the White House and Washington, DC. Makes me wonder why liberal Jewish folk just can't seem to stop voting for Democrats no matter howmany Islamic terrorists they embrace... Let's clip Jimma Cartar's wings and either keep him home or let him stay abroad. We are at war against terrorists - we are AT WAR against TERRPRISTS - and he meets with them. What's up with that? Aren't there laws against that? Oh, and Nancy Pelosi meets with them too...remember Syria... Seems those Dems can get away with any old thing but then they are dems after all and laws like sedition, aiding and abetting the enemy, and treason would only be applied to Republicans trying to save Americans from being killed by illegal aliens on American soil. Sounds like the Mad Hatter has gone over the edge...

National Review and Beach Girl linked together at last!

I had to do this. At last, I have been linked with the National Review as part of the right-wing noise machine. Whoo-hoo!

Monday, April 21, 2008

The 17th Amendment - Should we repeal it?

Should we repeal the 17th Amendment? Take a look at it. It is the amendment that shifted Senators from representing States, as in States' Rights, to representing the individual citizens of the states and therefore being elected by the citizens. We have the Congress/House of Representatives to represent us as individual citizens. As established, the legislatures of the respective States elected/selected the people who would serve as Senators and represent the interests of the respective State. Let's set a new tone in Washington, D.C. and take our government back by giving that government back to the States. Take a look at the U.S. Constitution. Let's start looking at repealing the 17th Amendment. What do you think?

Obama and his endorsements!

Well, the big endorsement has come in. The one we have all been waiting for, yes, that's right! Jimmy Carter's friends, the terrorists Hamas have endorsed Barack Obama - why? We need change! Change in America! All you need to know when you go to vote in the primary in PA is that Obama is endorsed by Hamas; Obama supports the terrorist, William Ayers; and Obama has supported a church for twenty years whose "pastor" has harranged against white Americans and against America as a racist nation as his congregation whoops and shouts in affirmation of the sentiment. You may vote for Obama if you like, it is still America but you will be voting for change you may not want to live with or may not be able to live with when all the shouting is done... Whew - at least Hamas is in the bag... Good job, Jimmy!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hillary, Obama, and Ayers?

Anyone wonder why Hillary Clinton is not stomping on Obama for being such a close friend of our home-grown terrorist, William Ayers? Well, could it be possible maybe that the wife of Mr. Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, a terrorist herself during those days of Pentagon bombings and such, was held in contempt of court and went to prison because she wouldn't name a fellow terrorist in the Weather Underground? Well, maybe. And how does this keep Hillary from stomping on Obama because of his connections to Ayers? Could it be that her husband pardoned that very same terrorist? Oh, what a den of thick and sticky tangled webs we have vying to lead our nation into Marxism... For more on our blind eye to the gathering storm, read Willful Blindness: Memoir of the Jihad by Andrew C. McCarthy as found at Sean Hannity. So Hillary is locked and silent. She has to let Hannity carry the water for her because her husband is up to his ears in those pardons. Both Hillary and Obama are in the cross-hairs on this terrorist connection and McCain won't touch it. Who has the spine in this election? If they won't stand up to each other on such a crucial issue, how can we rely on them to stand up to present-day, rusty sword weilding enemies in dirty nightshirts who, oh by the way, want to kill us all? Where is Mike Duncan when we need him?

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Right-wing noise machine: Whoo-hoo!

I'm so happy. I have to share. I have been linked in the same paragraph with National Review as part of the "right-wing noise machine" in Michelle Obama makes her mark by Holly Yeager. Thanks, Holly. Whoo-hoo! Conservative Beach Girl and the National Review in the same three-line paragraph! Well, we are right. Mrs. Obama is a surrogate for her husband's views and she can say the things he can't say. And she does express an air of entitlement as does he, not to mention her strong support of "change" in the form of Marxism - from each according to his means (hard work and fruits of his labor that would be you Middle America hard-working folks clinging to your guns and your religion) to each according to his need (those voting to steal money from your pocket and put it into their own). Yes, indeedy - Marx would be proud and who is that other fellow - Sol Alenski??? She did say that all you hardworking folks were just gonna have to pay for the health care of the folks who can't afford it. Aren't we doing that now??? Before we get too happy with the kool-aid Obama is feeding us, let's take a look at The Law written by Frederic Bastiat, a Frenchman, way back following French Revolutionary times. (You can print out his work and read for yourself. See how far we have moved into Socialism. Is this what we want as a nation? Where are the beacons of freedom when Socialism rules?) To paraphrase, Bastiat said any law that was passed that took from you what would ordinarily be considered a crime if an individual did it, like oh say, confiscating your wages, should be abolished otherwise an entire system of unjust laws of theft would result around which government would enslave the working class and everyone else except the very elite. Sound familiar? Obama's change is Marxism, no Bill of Rights - the "nanny" knows best! And I'm no fan of Hillary's but when he smirks at her and looks down at her, I think she ought to smack him. But on the elitist front, have you noticed his soft spoken put-downs of Ms. Hillary lately in a soft "southern" preacher sort of drawl? You know what I'm talkin' about: "She can get her licks in..." Good grief... What fun! Obama does not speak so condescendingly on the floor of the Senate. Of course he could; the other Democrats talk down to us all of the time - Harry Reid is one example. Look, Obama wants change all right but what he wants is to shred what remains of the Bill of Rights (while your cling to your guns and your religion - remember the Second Amendment ensures the First Amendment). That's the change he wants - after all, that is the change all elite liberal Democrats want: the pesky people put in their place bowing to their betters. But what a happy day! Part of the "right-wing noise machine"! Whoo-hoo!

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Travel Advisory: Americans, Canadians, Europeans

I am not an employee of the United States Federal Government. We have many fine and brave men and women both in the federal government, in local law enforcement, and in state law enforcement who are working to make the United States of America safe from the scourge that is being perpetrated against us by illegal aliens, many from that most corrupt of "nations", Mexico. I don't blame them for wanting to leave that horrendously dangerous place but the answer is not to swarm to the United States, polluting our deserts, our rivers, waterways, and such; setting up prostitution services where girls as young as 12 and 13 are bussed into valleys in Southern California to "service" the Mexican men who hide out there after working as day laborers. American people are a good and generous people but we are law-abiding. Our leaders, some in both political parties, don't care about the plight of the illegals only that the illegals get to vote and get funnelled into servitude and a "paid" form of slavery. And for their part, these illegals spit on our flag, our laws, and show contempt for our language. Arizona is beginning to turn back part of the tide. But the point of this post is about summer vacations - where we can all have fun, fun, fun traveling the open spaces of the United States and exploring many of the marvels we find here. So. stay away from "sanctuary cities" such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and even Virginia Beach. (Search on sanctuary cities to learn more) Recently both Los Angeles and, Virginia Beach lost citizens to illegal alien men driving drunk or to gang shootings by illegal aliens released from jail the day before shooting down, Youth "on track" until fatal gun fire, a young black man, senior in high school, who was an athlete being scouted by major universities. His mother, Sgt. Shaw, had to return from Kuwait where she is serving in the US military to bury her son, gunned down on the streets of Los Angeles by an illegal alien gang member, who was no stranger to the LAPD or the fine mayor who boasts of being the mayor of the largest Mexican city outside of Mexico - may he rot in Hell. Each and every year 12,000 to 13,000 Americans are killed by illegal alien drunk drivers on our highways. Where is the screaming and howling about that from Congress? No where - the hypocrites damn our President and our military leaders but even fight against measures to stem the tide of illegals flooding into our nation. See MinutemanHQ for citizen actions to work with law enforcement to do what our leaders refuse to do and comply with our laws only if we drag them kicking and screaming. We are in jeopardy and so are you if you travel along our southern border towns or visit our "sanctuary cities". Our State Department won't tell you of the danger but I'm one citizen who will. Come to America! Visit our national parks but do a little searching and find other locations besides "sanctuary cities". Also, it is my understanding that North Carolina, around Burlington is pretty much an illegal Mexican enclave. A friend of mine just returned from New York City - her report was not good. And remember, our government is opening our highways to Mexican truckers so be careful out there. We have beautiful places to visit but perhaps you should visit sooner rather than later. I travelled to England about ten years ago. Never again... I have no reason or desire to travel to the Middle East and absolutely no reason to travel to Mexico, although I would have liked to - they are coming to me and forcing their corruption and violence as well as second-class status of women upon me. I am becoming a stranger in my own land so visit our vast open regions and visit some of our beautiful small towns. And people like Bridget Bardot, in France, are being prosecuted for speaking the truth and simply for wanting their country uncorrupted and not to be turned into an Islamic republic. Prudence may suggest re-thinking visits to our "sanctuary cities" where American citizens are not safe and where the leaders of these cities spit on the citizens in favor of the illegals. You be the judge and, if you simply cannot resist San Francisco, bring plenty of latex gloves and hip boots when stepping over the folks who live on the street and urinate and defecate where you will walk... Drive carefully and plan your trip so that you reach destinations during daylight. You don't have to live in fear. I don't. But it is wise to use common sense and good planning.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Obama: The Stealth Candidate?

It is difficult for me to believe that I have been away from the keyboard for so long. This flu has been worse and longer-lasting than I had anticipated. For the Obamas, I don't want to have to listen to how bad we are being shoved down our throats by Mrs. "Affirmative Action Attitude" Obama herself for four years with her anti-American, ugly attitude. She is the poster child for why affirmative action is a failure, why it is a curse to the person saddled with the knowledge that somehow they were let into the best universities in our nation because of the "color of their skin", not the quality of their work. What a burden to bear? And with Michelle Obama, it shows. She can hardly make ends meet on that 4 million dollars they made last year. Boo hoo! And her 370,000 dollar salary is provided at tax payer expense through a grant awarded through her husband's influence as a US Senator. Note to Senator Obama: Geraldine Ferraro is right. If you were a white man, three-years in office senator with very questionable associations with home-grown terrorists and a Syrian immigrant with questionable business practices, you wouldn't be anywhere close to where you are in getting the Democrat nomination. And about us "clinging to our guns and clinging to our religion", yes, you'll have to pry our guns and Bibles from our cold, dead hands. And how about those Bill of Rights? But I have a question. It is my understanding that campaign contributions over the internet are more difficult to trace. Yes? No? I wonder how much Islamist money is being funnelled into Obama's campaign. Like it or not, Obama was born a Muslim and reared as a Muslim up through the age of 10. And from what we have heard of the rantings of Jeremiah Wright, Jr., there wasn't much Christian love going on in that church of 8,000 members. America needed to know that black Americans hold the rest of us in such disdain. Thanks, Jeremiah. Tonight I heard for the first time that a leader of Hamas has even printed messages in the newsletter/bulletin put out by the church Obama attends/has attended for 20 years. So, is that church an Islamist front? What are the ties to the Nation of Islam? What agreements have been made between Louis Farrakan, Jeremiah Wright, and the leader of Libya for the "buying of the US presidency"? I think Michelle Obama has every reason to be angry. She is the product of teachings of hatred against white Americans, against our nation that has given her every opportunity, and she is the product of affirmative action. She knows or at least has to wonder how she got into Harvard and Princeton. But Obama - still no lapel pin - is a stealth candidate, make no mistake. Aside from the flu, I think I've just been depressed to look at the "presidential" field on the Democrat side and say, is this the best we can do? Give me a candidate such as Michael Steele or Ward Connerly but not a "feel good" candidate who stoops to the lowest form of insult when he slanders those of us in middle America, those fighting for this nation, those dieing so others may be free, when he says we "cling to our guns" and "to our religion" like acts of desparation when we are frustrated when we are betrayed by the nation we love. We DO NOT WANT government to solve our problems. We want government out of the way. Nope, Obama's arrogance and elitism is beginning to show and if Obama does get the Democrat nomination, his campaign may have to put Michelle in the closet if he hopes to win... Reading Terry Reed's Compromise, it will be interesting to see which candidates are left standing to run for office when all the shouting is over...

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