Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mikko Ellilä: Ordered to burn blog post

It seems that the lobotomized judges in Finland have ordered Mikko Ellilä to burn his "politically incorrect" blog post. At Sandt's Observations, we have the latest: Mikko Ellilä ordered to "burn" his politically incorrect blog post in which Mikko (excuse me for using the familiar given name but it seems across the internet we are or become friends and fellows at arms, so to speak) was convicted of insighting racial "tensions". We are indeed fighting in the same war, just with different tactics. In case you have missed it, it is the War for the Survival of Western Civilization. One point, from my perspective, the racial tensions are being insighted by the Islamists who are working relentlessly to alter our way of life and make us bow to them and to a politically theocratic tyranny pompously shrouded in robes with man-made religious regulations being enforced by "religious" police. Within our Western society, we have the separation of church and state; within the political ideology that is all-encompassing Islam, Islam is the state. Two links may be of interest, The Bell Curve which was recently published in the United States brought the wrath of black America down about the head and shoulders of the researchers who wrote the book. The wrath coming from the same folk who castigate "white congregations" and "white Americans" for not appreciating the black American pastor's pulpit heritage of "truth telling." Once again proving that if any person with "one drop" of black African blood in their veins says something it is the "truth" but if scientific researchers say something it is not the truth. (Note that Africans of white ancestry who have been in Africa for over 400 years do not have African credientials.) Another link is Two views on The Bell Curve. And one more: The Fall of Finland from Mikko Ellilä gets in trouble in Finland for using statistics and data to state that crime among North African Muslims and Middle Eastern Muslims is high and growing in Finland. In 1996 or so, I cannot provide the link now, I read through some FBI / Justice Department data that showed that if ALL crime commited by black Americans of African ancestry were removed from our data/statistics, America would be safer than any nation in Europe with a national crime rate of less than 5.6%. That was before the invasion from Mexico had gotten into full throttle under President George W. Bush. Think of that, a 5.6% total crime rate across the United States if ALL data for crimes commited by black Americans were removed from the statistics. But in Finland, where Mikko Ellilä was trying to sound the alarm and protect his small nation, he is convicted essentially of "hate speech" and ordered to "burn" the offending piece. Keep in mind, he had to burn the "politically incorrect" blog post; nothing about it being factually incorrect which it is not when it comes to crime and welfare usage statistics. So, he is convicted of telling the truth because the truth "hurt someone's feelings" not because the data is not the truth; these are the same someones commited to killing infidels, commited through the words of their "holy" book. Hmmm... Yet in America, anyone who is non-white or does not fit into the non-Hispanic white category can castigate white Christians with any and all vile speech up to (and including the insane accusations of that American-loving, white man loving Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.) that the government, read non-Hispanic white overlords, created the HIV-AIDs virus and spread it throughout the black American community. Of course, drug use and sharing needles and crashing in crack houses has nothing to do with spreading HIV-AIDs. Makes one wonder that some black "leaders" have made a living on creating a cult of "black victimology" in America. What does this have to do with the sentence against Mikko Ellilä? Everything. Mikko Ellilä is a white man trying to defend his nation and its culture, and trying to point to the growing and serious nature of the spread of Islamic Imperialism into Finland, I suppose through the importation of many black Muslims coming from that most civilized nation of Somalia, where terrorist training camps are being established to train, what else: terrorists. Mikko Ellilä was also simply trying to stress the rising crime rates and the drain on Finnish welfare resources. I believe he was asking for honest dialogue and for his trouble he got pillaried. He was defending his nation and its survival. But nature can be a harsh teacher to those blinded by the EU and the straight-jacket "rules" of the freedom-killer United Nations. We are an ever-shrinking world. The censorship against Mikko Ellilä should be a warning to us all. We are all one breath away from censorship - no matter where we live since the UN and the "new world order" boys and girls in the United States want to control us from cradle-to-crave. The chattering masses are becoming too much for them to handle. We will have to bow our knee to "them" or they will break us - notice the falling US dollar. In Mikko Ellilä's case, the truth hurts and slows the advance of "one world government" and thus Mikko Ellilä had to be "put in his place." Well, burn away judges in Finland, some of us printed out his work before you could censor him and whether we agree with each and every point or not, Mikko Ellilä is a patriot trying with the only means he has to defend his nation. Shame on the judges in Finland... When you are forced to put all of your women in burqas or watch your women raped and your homes robbed, who will defend Finnish culture then? You? Hardly...

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Blogger Nora said...

Oh, myyyyyyyy God. First the menaces against Kevin from the Amboy Times and now this.

I will link you afterwards... :(

8:53 AM  
Blogger Adelphi said...

CBG: "At Sandt's Observations, we have the lastest: Mikko Ellilä ordered to "burn" his politically incorrect blog post in which Mikko (excuse me for using the familiar given name but it seems across the internet we are or become friends and fellows at arms, so to speak)."

I don't object to using first names, but in this case using last names might be advisable since both bloggers are called Mikko, and it's unclear from your sentence which one you mean, all the more so as you seem to leave it unfinished ;-)

Glad to know that the translation(s) reached you!

11:32 AM  
Blogger Rich said...

Great post -someone had to say this and I'm glad you're doing it.

Remember, if you don't vote for Obama you are a RACIST!!!

1:17 PM  
Blogger fromwembley said...

Very good post about a troubling reality.

I pity Scandinavia and Europe. The generosity those areas have shown Africans and Muslims. Europe and Scandinavia have opened their doors and their wallets. And what have they gotten for their troubles? A permanent underclass of parasites that have NOTHING BUT CONTEMPT for their new homes and hosts and western civilization.

As for the particular Finn being censored - that's scary. And you're right it is possible that web censorship will expand in the future. I applaud his efforts and hope he will find a way to continue to try to save his country from its misguided "charity."

2:36 PM  
Blogger Joe Blow said...

This is good...and scary. Well stay mad and keep up this fine writing.

6:22 PM  
Blogger Rich said...

Beach Girl: I hope you're OK? I miss your posts!

3:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep writing. I'm reading.


12:36 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Adelphi - if you come back, please tell me which sentence. I've been ill - that darn flu stuff again. Thank you...

11:13 AM  
Blogger Adelphi said...

This one:

"At Sandt's Observations, we have the lastest: Mikko Ellilä ordered to 'burn' his politically incorrect blog post in which Mikko (excuse me for using the familiar given name but it seems across the internet we are or become friends and fellows at arms, so to speak)."

Apart from ending in mid-air, this sentence features the word "lastest", which I believe should be "latest".

3:19 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Adelphi, thank you. Hope I got it right. Little fingers were flying when I wrote that post.

12:56 AM  
Blogger Adelphi said...

Well, you almost got it right :) The only problem is that now that you're using the full name your parenthetical comments about using the familiar given name don't make sense. I suggest you go back to using "Mikko". I think it's clear from the context that you're speaking of Mikko Ellilä and not Mikko Sandt.

6:50 AM  
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