Saturday, April 19, 2008

Right-wing noise machine: Whoo-hoo!

I'm so happy. I have to share. I have been linked in the same paragraph with National Review as part of the "right-wing noise machine" in Michelle Obama makes her mark by Holly Yeager. Thanks, Holly. Whoo-hoo! Conservative Beach Girl and the National Review in the same three-line paragraph! Well, we are right. Mrs. Obama is a surrogate for her husband's views and she can say the things he can't say. And she does express an air of entitlement as does he, not to mention her strong support of "change" in the form of Marxism - from each according to his means (hard work and fruits of his labor that would be you Middle America hard-working folks clinging to your guns and your religion) to each according to his need (those voting to steal money from your pocket and put it into their own). Yes, indeedy - Marx would be proud and who is that other fellow - Sol Alenski??? She did say that all you hardworking folks were just gonna have to pay for the health care of the folks who can't afford it. Aren't we doing that now??? Before we get too happy with the kool-aid Obama is feeding us, let's take a look at The Law written by Frederic Bastiat, a Frenchman, way back following French Revolutionary times. (You can print out his work and read for yourself. See how far we have moved into Socialism. Is this what we want as a nation? Where are the beacons of freedom when Socialism rules?) To paraphrase, Bastiat said any law that was passed that took from you what would ordinarily be considered a crime if an individual did it, like oh say, confiscating your wages, should be abolished otherwise an entire system of unjust laws of theft would result around which government would enslave the working class and everyone else except the very elite. Sound familiar? Obama's change is Marxism, no Bill of Rights - the "nanny" knows best! And I'm no fan of Hillary's but when he smirks at her and looks down at her, I think she ought to smack him. But on the elitist front, have you noticed his soft spoken put-downs of Ms. Hillary lately in a soft "southern" preacher sort of drawl? You know what I'm talkin' about: "She can get her licks in..." Good grief... What fun! Obama does not speak so condescendingly on the floor of the Senate. Of course he could; the other Democrats talk down to us all of the time - Harry Reid is one example. Look, Obama wants change all right but what he wants is to shred what remains of the Bill of Rights (while your cling to your guns and your religion - remember the Second Amendment ensures the First Amendment). That's the change he wants - after all, that is the change all elite liberal Democrats want: the pesky people put in their place bowing to their betters. But what a happy day! Part of the "right-wing noise machine"! Whoo-hoo!

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