Friday, April 06, 2007

Virginia Beach worried about effect on tourism of drunk driving deaths caused by illegal aliens

If you stop by my blog often, you know that the abandonment of American citizens by our government at all levels in the face of the invasion of illegal aliens is seen by me as an astounding indictment of their betrayal of our trust. My recent post, Slow Bleed - Are American citizens killed by illegal aliens within levels of acceptable collateral damage to US "leaders"?, says much of my attitude toward the current invasion and the break-down of the rule of law that is a result of that enabled invasion. What I have not yet said is that I suspect our nation in some areas at least is in a state with near-anarchy bubbling just below the surface simply because Americans are not safe from the crime committed by illegal aliens, drunk or sober. And no one seems to be doing much about it except letting the illegal aliens pursue "life, liberty, and happiness." It could be argued that the largest element contributing to the current state of danger could be America's elected leaders - the folks who give the orders to the men and women we pay to protect us who simply are not being allowed to do their jobs. In America today, if you are an illegal alien, especially from Mexico, you have more rights than law-abiding American citizens and legal residents. A lady in Chesapeake will spend at least six months in rehab because of the injuries she sustained when her car was hit by a drunk illegal alien driving the car that slammed into her. On a personal note, see Americans pay price for illegal aliens. It is my understanding that city officials in Virginia Beach - while denying responsibility for the deaths/murders of these two young teenage girls recently killed by a drunk driver, illegal alien - are most highly agitated that Mr. O'Reilly's show, among other warnings, could cut into the tourist trade. Well, I live here and I sure don't feel safe on the highways. And you'd only get me to North Carolina's triangle in an armored car or SUV with an armed guard. Good for Bill O'Reilly - he is on the case of illegal aliens and pedophiles. Good for you, Mr. O'Reilly! See the following for a link to a video clip that shows the interchange between O'Reilly and Rivera. For my money, Geraldo doesn't deserve to be on O'Reilly's show anymore. Virginia Beach leaders strike back at Fox's Bill O'Reilly Then the VA Beach police chief had the following to add:
Police Chief Jake Jacocks Jr. said he found it "ironic that had the intoxicated driver been born and raised in Virginia Beach, little notice would have been given to this senseless tragedy by the media or the community at large. "Unfortunately, most who have been outspoken about this recent and all-too-common tragedy have lost perspective and focus," he said.
Note to the police chief: We have laws in our nation regarding drunk driving. And we have our share of drunk-driver related loss. However, it seems to me that this tragedy is adding insult to injury and loss. This killing was caused by incompetence or malfeasance because Ramos is here illegally and the Virginia Beach folks have probably known it for what, seven years or so. It is tragic when we suffer loss among ourselves but when the loss is caused by people who have entered our nation in violation of our laws and are allowed to stay here in violation of our laws - it is a double slap in the face. The article went on:
Ramos, born in Mexico, has been in the United States for seven years. He is in jail without bond and faces a maximum of 40 years in prison if convicted. Background: After previous crimes, why wasn't illegal status detected? Video clip: Geraldo Rivera and O'Reilly go at it over the Beach case Ramos' case was the lead story on "The O'Reilly Factor" on Wednesday night.
Isn't that great? If convicted, Ramos will be housed at taxpayer expense for maybe 40 years in an American jail/prison with medical care, three square meals a day, and ample opportunity to join up with hardened Latino gangs in prison. Just ducky when he should be living in a hut with no electricity and only the food he can grow in some wasteland of Mexico. In America, we have drunk drivers and Virginia has passed some strict laws regarding jail time and loss of the car, etc. I guess illegals don't have to follow the laws that the rest of us are expected to follow. To the tourists: be careful. It is not only the cameras along the Virginia Beach boardwalk and streets you need to be aware of. Now, you have to put your safety and your life in the hands of the drunk illegal aliens behind the wheel of cars they may not own and certainly don't have insurance on most likely. Remember, this Ramos fellow had 4-5 other offenses against him, has been here illegally for 7 years, and apparently no one tried to deport him. You be the judge about how safe you'll be and where. I don't want to pick on Virginia Beach exclusively. There are a whole fist full of cities in the USA that are not safe for locals, let alone tourists. Check out which are sanctuary cities before you travel to our fair land. I do. As for the Virginia Beach officials "what they knew and when they knew it" is not the issue. Illegal aliens are allowed to remain in our nation against our laws and clearly many of them are putting us at risk, on the highways, with exposure to diseases we had once eradicated, and on it goes. How many Americans have to fall victim to crime perpetrated by illegals before even our officials say, as Hazleton's Mayor and City Council have said, "Enough! Our duty is to our American citizens! To our cities, our parks, our nation!"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All illegal aliens should be rounded up and deported. Anyone who employs them should be fined $100,000 per alien. Anyone who rents or sells them a car should be fined $10,000 and any accidents should be blamed on the seller. Anyone who rents or sells them a room or house or apartment should be fined $10,000.

6:47 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Very well said. I think I'll quote you in another post. Whether you mean it or not, your plan is clear, direct, and no room for interpretation, something our laws tend to lack - clarity that is, except perhaps for the Constitution.

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello "Beach Girl". I applaud you in your excellently informative blog. I also agree 110% with the anonymous comment above.
My thoughts:
Unfortunately we live in a country where society as a whole has allowed a governmental system to take hold of our lives and oppress us with their view, through laws, of when, where, and how our lives should be lived. While at the same time handing out the "American Dream" to millions of aliens(illegal) at the expense of legal Americans. I place the blame on society for allowing government to do as they wish. I place the blame on the government for abusing the trust that we have placed in them. Thank you for your time and your thoughts.

--Matt(Va Bch)

10:50 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Thank you, Matt. We're about to see how far society will let gov. push it, it seems to me. We'll see.

11:47 AM  

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