Thursday, September 21, 2006

Americans pay price for illegal aliens

For the time being, let's forget about the financial drain on our resources - manpower, et al, that is being exacted upon American citizens by the flood of illegal aliens invading our nation, changing our language, smacking us in the face with their sneers and insults. Let's talk about the human cost - in deaths and lives altered beyond repair. The dragging death of a lady in Castle Rock, Colorado (see the Washington Times nation section for today, Man arrrested in Colorado dragging death) is just the latest in a long list of tragedies that Americans are made to bear from our government's desire to keep our borders open. A friend of mine several years ago was driving along a highway in Virginia. Her mother was in the passenger seat. They were hit head-on by an illegal alien who was drunk. When the dust cleared and my friend regained consciousness in the hospital, she learned that her mother was dead, killed by the injuries inflicted by a man our government had allowed to enter our country. My friend most probably will never marry. She will never be able to have children. She has lost an eye. Her walk is altered dure to injuries to one leg that resulted in many surgeries and a shortened leg. My friend's face, while looking relatively normal, is underneath the surface skin, a mass of metal and wires. Americans in some towns/cities are afraid to drive at night for the illegals evading arrest. The invasion must be stopped. Because, regardless of the fine men and women of the Border Patrol doing the best that they can, our officials are not doing all that they can do, American citizens are answering the call. In October, the Minutemen begin their month-long vigil. Check them out on the internet. If you can, join them; if you can't join them, try to support them. Remember, not all of the illegals are from Mexico. Many are from Indonesia, China, and the Middle East. The communities that are established here make good cover for whatever nefarious deeds many of the illegals choose to enact against our citizens.


Blogger Steve Harkonnen said...

"Vigilantes," he labeled the Minutemen...

Think about it. It's disgusting. Maybe we're all dead and are now in hell.

It's frustrating, because I have written to my rep in congress, Bob Goodlatte. I've written to Warner, my state Senator, and all I get is canned responses from him...but at least Bob writes and his office at one time called me at home.

I feel sorry for your friend. Hopefully, one day, there will be restitution for her in the form of a steel wall - not a fence - with the Mexican border sealed off completely.

The main reason behind our open border in the south is because of NAFTA and the secret desires by our government (and Vicente Fox) to maximize trade between the two countries and to allow freedom of movement of illegals entirely across the border with no avail toward terrorism.

5:53 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Really, really like that logo. I know I can't use it but it is so perfect for me. Bob Goodlatte(?). Thank you for your kind thoughts for my friend. She goes to several doctors every week, even now. She cannot work due to the injuries and she is young. NAFTA stinks.

At a breakfast one day last Spring, I asked Senator Allen a few questions. Then I said that to me, everyone who was voting to keep our borders open and not protecting us from invasion had broken their oath of office and I had read in the Constitution (at least 5 places) that the Congress as well as the President could call out the military to protect us from invasion. So, this is one of my major issues along with islamofacism.

Warner doesn't seem engaged really. He can only hope that he can stay Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

A friend in Texas, along the border, suggested that we were keeping Mexico from having a revolution. That's a sorry excuse to flood our nation with illegals. Cowboys on my friend's ranch have found Chinese and Sudanese money left by the invaders. It's ugly.

9:27 PM  

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