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Demographics and the reach of Islamisation

Various bloggers write tirelessly about the spread of Islam and the Islamisation of Europe but it doesn't stop there. It simply comes down to numbers and birth rates about which Mark Steyn wrote in America Alone. And now there is Steyn's book, Lights Out. Americans get caught up in the "red meat" issues thrown at them by their political elites and Americans turn on each other, like the lions ripped at the Christians in the Roman Coliseum, figuratively ripping each other to shreds while the world - the world in which they live and the one for which they fight for our freedoms and liberties - is passing away before our eyes. Arafat said that the womb of the Muslim woman would be the crucible through with Islam would dominate the world. From the International Civil Liberties Alliance, view Islamisation and Demography if you wish to see what the world of our children and grandchildren may be like. And think of the approximately 53,000,000 American pre-borns we have aborted since 1973. Through our wanton abortion practices and our lack of having children, we are literally on the way to flushing our culture into the waste heap along with the most fragile among us - and as their lives are snuffed out, as the ones who survive partial-birth abortions are left alone in the cold on steel hospital tables to die - a fate for which Mr. Obama voted - it is only we who have ourselves to thank for the destruction of our culture and heritage. This post is not a discussion of a woman's right to chose. It is my understanding that Islamic women have no such choice. And while we in the ever so enlightened West abort our young, Islamists are waiting in the wings to dominate and to marginalize our Western Civilization. The stage is set for the Islamists to roll over all Muslims, those wanting to live in a democracy and those indifferent. Let me mention also that ethnic Russians are in the same boat with other infidels. Civilizations do come and go but once they are lost they are lost forever. Don't worry about the snail-darter, it is we who are on the "endangered" list... We're set for termination or extinction, we of Western Civilization. A H/T and thank you to Aeneas of the International Civil Liberties Alliance. Bottom line, plain and simple, couples in threatened cultures need to have more children just for their cultures to have a small chance at survival. They have to stop worrying about materialism because the government can and will take that away on a whim. There is little security except for that of your family. If America did not have the Hispanic population, we Westerners would be reproducing at the unsustainable level of 1.1 children per couple. So to Western Civilization: this is not about ethnicity, it is about culture; to our Judeo-Christian heritage and values, God bless you of the younger generation; you are the ones who hold your future in your hands. May you have the wisdom some of your parents and grandparents lacked in their rush to "multiculturalism", to "political correctness", and yes, to "moral equivalency." Shame on all of us who failed you; now the job is yours and it may well be the challenge of your age - to save or let slip away your heritage and culture. Your choices will be yours as will also be your future...yours.

Rafa on fire vs Soderling

In a 6-1, 6-0 match, Nadal tore up the clay tonight in Rome. Soderling won't feel better but he played a good match. Rafa Nadal was just on fire. I've watched him play many times and now in sequences with the clay court part of the tour in full sway. Tonight in Rome, I watched Rafa and he looked like he was a boxer in the ring with a sparing partner beating the smithereens out of his sparing partner. Rafa looked like he was practicing a warm-up putting the other big boys on notice, "I'm Rafa Nadal; I'm King of the Clay; and I'm not here to play. I'm here like a gladiator in the days of the Roman Empire - I'm here to leave all challengers in the dust. I'm here to WIN." And it's as though we can all smell victory as Rafa closes on Agassi's record. I've watched Rafa battle to win in close sets but I've never seen him so charging and so magnificent all at the same time. I couldn't tell if he was practicing or trying to get off the court because he has a date for a late dinner. My money is on hot date for a late dinner. Wow, Rafa was on fire tonight putting all the big boys remaining in the field on notice that he's not interested with anything but his next ATP Masters Series tournament win - his 15th if I'm not mistaken. That would put him just two behind Andrea Agassi with 17 ATP Masters Series tournament championships. (Excuse me if I made mistakes here - sorry for any errors in numbers.) Well, the heavy-hitting big boys remain and they may have different plans for that ATP trophy. Federer, Djokovic, Gonzalez, Monaco, Zverev, Verdasco, and that honey, Del Potro, are chomping at the bit to take to the court and take the crown of clay as their own. Like the Highlander series - there can be only one. But tonight, going into the quarter finals tomorrow, there are 8. From ATP check the order of play: Del Potro vs Djokovic followed by Federer vs Zverev; Nadal vs Verdasco; and finally Monaco vs Gonzalez. Let's hope for clear skies because tomorrow's quarter finals promise exciting tennis. I don't believe the big boys will go wobbly on us tomorrow. And whatever was driving Rafa off the court tonight in 1 hour and 24 minutes; whoo hoo, Rafa! All leading to the French Open, beginning May 24, 2009.

YouTube: Shariah's impact on us

The following will be a growing but brief list of interviews and news briefings done by the Center for Security Policy under the leadership of Frank Gaffney, Jr.
These video interviews are on YouTube at the site for SecureFreedom. The very brief list at this blog will be updated periodically. See SecureFreedom and/or the Center for Security Policy for the latest posts and interviews.
If you want to receive information from the Center for Security Policy, go to their website for more information. You can also subscribe for free newsletters and updates to be e-mailed directly to you at either the YouTube location, SecureFreedom or at the Center for Security Policy. Thank you. Please, take a little time to view some of these interviews. Freedom and freedom of speech and the free expression of the truth may keep us free. Many people are dedicated to you having access to accurate information about Shariah.
It is important for you to become aware of the ways that Sharia Law and Sharia Finance can and will effect you and your lives. You need to inform yourself and through you, your Representatives and elected officials at the local, state, and federal level can also become informed.
As another example of another man working to bring to light the ways of the Islamists, Dr. Jasser writes of Islamists Resumes are circulating in booklet form through the halls of Congress of Islamists seeking jobs within the halls of power where our laws are created so that they can perhaps have great influence in the drafting of those laws. We already know, from the Stimulus Bill, that our representatives do not read the bills upon which they vote. A post, Obama: stacking deck for Islamists?, links you to Dr. Jasser's article; Dr. Jasser is associated with the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. Dangerous and appalling. Deals with a booklet of Islamists resumes that is being routed to Congressmen and Senators suggesting that they hire "radical" Islamists as legislative aides and such. Dr. Jasser writes in Family Security Matters.
Video interviews and updates from SecureFreedom: 4/30/2009 - Peter Leitner on Somali Pirates, Shariah & the DHS Report 5/4/2009 - How Islamist Lawfare tactics target free speech

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Obama's Press Conference - 4-29-2009

Whoo hoo!  What a great 100 days!  The march into Socialism is moving on at a good pace.  A few days ago, on another matter, Mr. Obama said that Al Qaeda was not constrained by a constitution as we are in the United States.
Aside from a great photo op, Mr. Obama did indirectly state his dissatisfaction with not being able to move as quickly as he wants to into managing every aspect of our lives.  An interesting and recurring theme was that the Executive Branch is in fact constrained by the U.S. Constitution.  But...
Not so fast - there are only 4-5 specific tasks that are assigned to the FEDERAL government.  The U.S. Constitution has not constrained many presidents lately from doing pretty much what they and the Congress want to do.  The government - the federal government - interferes with every aspect of our lives on issues that belong under the purview of the States.  The States of the United States are no more than wards or slaves of the federal government. 
A great photo op - I watched it all.  To his credit, Mr. Obama has a great ability to answer around questions.  Very good.  If you feel safer knowing that our Islamist terrorist enemies have nothing to fear from being captured - you should feel good that the Great Satan is really a "little kitten who wants to snuggle up for approval" from the folks who want to do us harm.  Sleep well...
You might be able to sleep better knowing that England is still our ally and their SAS is feared.  Thank goodness.   

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obama's Anti-US Foreign Policy & a "Founder's Quotation"

Two items are combined here today just to show the "change" in our foreign policy, more on the destruction of our services who keep us safe later, and a quotation from a Founder. It pertains to today when the core of the politics of at least one of the several political parties is to divide and "conquer" or destroy the United States of America. In fairness, starting with our domestic terrorist, the wonder Billy Ayers, to all the thug dictators and oppressors of their people, Mr. Obama seems not to have met a thug, probably reminding him of the political bosses in Chicago, he does not welcome and bow to with charming boyish idolization. His back-slapping obeisance is "endearing" no doubt.
To today, a video on Obama's Anti American foreign policy by Dick Morris at Dick speaks to Obama's tough, boot-cleaning endearments while our allies - well, returning the bust of Winston Churchill was crass. But I'm feeling a little grumpy and crass today as well, have to do that shredding of all that junk mail stuff. Always a cheerful chore. And now words from Benjamin Franklin - words to heed today when our government is decidedly "playing favorites" in working to "buy the votes of illegals" by making them legal. Shameful when the Swine Flu is loose, but then if the Administration which will not secure our borders or defend us from foreign invasion, maybe the Swine Flu will be the answer or the "Final Solution" to the issue of health care: by keeping us vulnerable to the Swine Flu, the elderly may "take one" for the country and the infants and toddlers that were not aborted in accordance with the likes of the "abort the pre-borns crowd" on Capitol Hill - no need to name them - three of the most rabid proponents are women from California.
Nancy Pelosi did say (and I have to paraphrase here) that we would be better off with fewer "folks?" - no doubt to make room for the illegals, easier for citizenship. And yes, I am an American citizen entitled to an opinion with no respect for the wealthiest women on the Hill, San Fran Nan, Di Fi, and BaBa Boxer (I"m not sure if BaBa is wealthy or just hasn't gotten on the right committees to help out her relatives.)
If you believe these women are more wonderful than Mother Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, keep it to yourself or post on them at your own blog; thanks. I'm not in the mood to coddle anyone regarding these champions of corruption and hypocrisy and lies. San Fran Nan had ALL of the briefings on what CIA was doing to keep us safe through enhanced interrogation techniques and she and some fellow Congressmen were concerned that CIA wasn't doing enough, wasn't being "tough" enough. Shame on her. Can't stand up like a man and say, "Yes, I knew and approved of the enhanced interrogation techniques."
The Founder's Quotation: "History affords us many instances of the ruin of states, by the prosecution of measures ill suited to the temper and genius of their people. The ordaining of laws in favor of one part of the nation, to the prejudice and oppression of another, is certainly the most erroneous and mistaken policy. An equal dispensation of protection, rights, privileges, and advantages, is what every part is entitled to, and ought to enjoy... These measures never fail to create great and violent jealousies and animosities between the people favored and the people oppressed; whence a total separation of affections, interests, political obligations, and all manner of connections, by which the whole state is weakened."
--Benjamin Franklin, Emblematical Representations
To subscribed to Founder's Quote Daily, a service of The Patriot Post, the conservative journal of record, link to PatriotPost.US.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

Swedish leaders cow before violent immigrant youths

The link is to the Gates of Vienna: Proclaiming Jihad in Rosengard.
I recommend this post, Proclaiming Jihad in Rosengard, and the the one that the Baron wrote yesterdayWhen acpcalypse becomes routine, about the government in Sweden being unable or unwilling to stop the riots in their streets caused nightly by violent immigrant gangs. And worse, law-abiding citizens recognizing the hopelessness of looking to their government for redress.
Can the Swedish leaders stop the violence, protect law-abiding citizens, or are they tied up in knots of political correctness set to destroy property and perhaps lives?
When a government becomes impotent, one has to weep for its humiliation unless one is among the violent immigrant youth gangs - then one can only rejoice... And then far away in America, one can only wonder if we somehow inadvertently add to the boldness of the violent immigrant youth gangs screaming "Allahu Akhbar" when we give legitimacy to the Taliban. I don't "blame America first" but I do believe strong leadership on our part could bring the egocentric adolescent mire the planet seems to have been plunged into in line. Or are we to stand by until the "violent immigrant gangs" turn into the "violent immigrant gangs" of men that they may well grow into. Is that what we want?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

USA giving Taliban legitimacy?

In this post, I'll jump around a bit from the current disagreements regarding how we should or even if we should "engage" the Taliban other than putting big old siege machines around where they are hiding Osama bin Laden; a few links to Shariah Law and particularly Shariah Finance; and the plight of women, all women, that fall under the ruthlessness of Taliban thugs. Why did I decide to skip around? All of these items are linked in that they all fall under the thugocracy of the rule, domination, and absolute power of the existing Islamist thugs of the Taliban. By way of an analogy, termites infesting a home or the foundation of a building need only the tiniest of opening to gain a toe-hold into the undermining of a non-Islamist society. So-called political Islamists have many ways of coercion from terrorism to terrorist threats to demanding that a public swimming pool be closed to men during specific times of the day - seems so reasonable.
But it is the very tolerance of a society in this multicultural, politically correct world in wishing to be "fair" that is used against that nation and every opportunity is used to gain a foothold, one tiny foothold at a time and - whamo! - your freedoms are gone.
The Islamists are patient and their means can be subtle. For that reason, I brought several different links together because in some form or other, they reflect the reality, the intolerance, and the political Islamist's never-wavering dedication to one goal.
As we know, Former Vice President Dick Cheney is speaking out against the current administration policy of giving what may be considered "mixed signals" or "mixed messages" to the Taliban and perhaps enhancing or giving them legitimacy as "peace" negotiators.
Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy is "concerned that Obama wants to set back relations with the Middle East by 20 or 30 years. See The Battle Within: Moderate Muslim who co-founded the American Islamic Forum for Democracy examines complications with his faith - and the political world's approach to it.
Further, to the question "Should America make nice with the Taliban?," Dr. Jasser says, "Uh, maybe not." Dr. Jasser, MD, is a former Navy Officer and is a physician.
"President Obama's recent overture to the Taliban not only sends a dangerous message of appeasement to our sworn enemies, but it sends a lethal message of abandonment to all those who have suffered the oppression of the Taliban," Dr. Jasser says.
"How can a presidential candidate who campaigned on a message of 'change' turn around as president and completely abandon those who seek change away from the thugs and theocrats of the Taliban of Afghanistan?"
Dr. Jasser cautions against a "quick, feel-good fix" that won't work. Dr. Jasser contends:
"Rather than empowering our anti-Islamist Muslim allies in the region who are already underfunded and outmatched, President Obama is giving our ideological allies the signal that the U.S. would rather sit with oppressors and get short-term assurances of stability than sit with real agents of anti-Islamist change."
On a cautionary note, Former Vice President Cheney points out as quoted in the Washington Times 'Inside Politics Weekend: Small Change' section where Dr. Jasser's comments are found:
"You have to be very careful. The world outside there - both our friends and our foes - will be quick to take advantage of a situation if they think they're dealing with a weak president," Mr. Cheney told Fox News.
Further, Mr. Cheney said, "The United States provides much of the leadership in the world. We have for a long time. I don't think we've got much to apologize for."
As Americans, we experienced the steady drumbeat from the "established media" for 8 years of how much damage the previous administration was doing to our "image" abroad. Now, some may be concerned that America is coming to be perceived as weak or having weak leadership. Others here at home will disagree, of course. But that is the protected nature of our representative republic and our Bill of Rights.
As of yet, no one who receives any of our tax dollars - from Hamas (a terrorist organization) to whomever else we give money to - has returned the checks.
We know that the international press loves to jump all over us; so, does a weakened image make us stronger and safer or does the "world" care as long as they get their checks and have a good chuckle from time to time at our expense? But when the promised Islamist terrorists strike again, Janet's inane "man-made disaster" don't you know, who you gonna call: Jimmy or Neville?
Several links readers may find interesting are: Sharia Finance Watch and info on Sharia Finance.
One area of which Americans know little - including myself but I am trying to learn more - deals with Sharia Finance and how dangerous it can be to undermining our way of life. From Jihad Watch:
Shariah Finance Watch is a blog that wants to educate the perils of the West conforming to the Laws of Shariah. This type of banking and finance is a guise to instill Shariah laws into the West by changing the way we do business, from banking to loans. It is not "ethical" or "interest free" but restructured.
Understanding Shariah law is integral to understanding the dangers of Shariah-compliant finance. Shariah Law is Islamic law dating back to the 9th Century and is today the law of the land of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan, and the law under which the Taliban operates.
Shariah law authorities, some of whom are now being paid handsomely by Barclays, Dow Jones, Standard & Poors, HSBC, Citibank, Merrill Lynch, Deutscheband, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, UBS, Credit Suisse and others have the power to dictate Shariah compliance as deemed by "scholarly consensus" on matters of finance, family, penal law, apostasy, and war. Examples of authoritarian Shariah law include: requirements of women to obtain permission from husbands for daily freedoms; beating of disobedient woman and girls; execution of homosexuals; engagement of polygamy and forced child marriages; the testimony of four male witnesses to prove rape; honor killings of those, principally women, who have dishonored the family; death to apostate Muslims who chose to leave Islam; inferior status of non-Muslims; and capital punishment for those who "slander Islam."
I don't know if telling the truth or quoting passages from the Qu'ran is considered "slander."
It is my understanding that AIG - can anybody say bailout? - has instituted Shariah Finance within its banking practices in selected areas since it is a global company and we are supporting this through our tax dollars and through tacit behavior that rewards Hamas (900 million or was it billion dollars) and groups such as the Taliban through giving them "perceived" legitimacy on an international level.
Now about the abuse of women, to refresh our memories, some may recall the pictures of the helpless Muslim women in Afghanistan driven out to a soccer or sports field in their pale blue burquas, unloaded from the pickup truck, made to kneel before the crowd of cheering men, and then shot point-blank in the head with what looked like a .45. Helpless women covered in pastel blue, fallen dead like fragile blue blossom petals that almost floated to the ground before the blood-thirsty crowd and shot in the head by manly Taliban leaders.
To remind us of the cruelty to Muslim women, Kyle-Anne Shiver of The American Thinker has a piece published on December 5, 2007, Death Before Burkas. Shiver's article addresses "the ultimate oppression of our age, the subjugation of females - from birth to the grave - in places ruled by this cockamamie Sharia law." The thing is, it isn't 'cockamamie'; it's real and it's deadly; and it's now among us.
On the Taliban, Dr. Jasser says, "They (the Taliban) have in fact repeatedly proven to be sworn enemies of freedom and liberty. They will tell the Obama administration what it wants to hear." (Also from Inside Politics Weekend: Small change) Our president can certainly talk with anyone he wants; he can even give them photo-ops. But we should certainly be wise enough to know they are posturing with the Great Satan for their "buddies," just blowing smoke like the smoke that rose from the gun that drove the round into one of those helpless, hapless women. It must take brave men, really brave men to treat women so brutally in the "name of any religion" or any "political" thugocracy."
No, it only takes barbarians at and within our gates; barbarians in good suits with polished ways and perhaps elitist law degrees.
In the words of Shiver, "peace and blessings be upon" any woman within America or other nations who are subjected to such brutality. And "peace and blessings be upon the women" oppressed who have developed the Stockholm Syndrome, much like battered wives. As Dr. Jasser suggests: It is time for Muslims to shed the denial in his Exclusive: The Plight of Women under Islamists: Time for Muslims to Shed the Denial. Are men such as the Taliban the thugs America will be legitimizing? Sadly in the Orwellian world in which we seem to be living, where Jimmy, Neville, and others think only of the initial expediency of appeasement, it looks as if the answer is "yes." Didn't we learn our lesson when we gave any credence at all to Arafat? The initial expediency or folly of appeasement with ruthless, single-minded and driven "leaders" led to World War II and The Holocaust. Having been told to lighten up, on a lighter note, does any clear-thinking American believe for a New York second - no matter whom any American president appeases or bows down to - that our First Lady Michelle Obama is buying into such oppression of women? Naw.... Come on! You believe that? This post is cross-posted at Eternity Road: Is USA empowering the Taliban?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Obama: to release CIA photos?

When does the behavior and/or actions of a president of the United States of America fall into the category of high crimes, misdemeanors and/or treason?  Robert Hanssen is considered the most successful spy that operated against the United States within our FBI.  The sum total of the damage he caused to us and to our allies is classified.  What Hanssen did was covert.  He was a spy.  
It is something else again when your internal work is being broadcast by the Executive to the world.  I don't know what that is called.  I do know that the Speaker of the House of Representatives knew of all the things you did on our behalf before you did them back in 2002.  
To CIA men and women, you are being or seem to be under attack with your operations being disclosed from the seat of power of our nation.  Maybe your families are being compromised.  I don't know.  But please do not be demoralized.  Executive Administrations come and go every four years.
We need your expertise for those of you nearing retirement.  Stay with us.  For you new agents, in your hearts, renew your allegiance to our nation and her people.  We need you.  You can weather this storm.  
The American people are only being distracted as our banks are becoming the property of the federal government as the government changes its preferred stock to common stock.  The American are being distracted as our nation is becoming SOCIALIST by fiat through the Executive and its Treasury Department.
CIA - we need you.   Stay with us.    

Brandeis: Freedom of Speech of Domestic Terrorists

Brandeis College will be opening its doors to our own domestic terrorist with Bill Ayers scheduled to speak there:  Red Alert:  Terrorist Bill Ayers Scheduled for College Speech.
Unlike Mr. Obama who has no trouble finding endless things to apologize for among the many good accomplishments and few misdeeds of America, Mr. Ayers once pointed out that he wouldn't know what to apologize for in the killings of 12 police officers by the Weather Underground.
If we are going to have freedom of speech, then perhaps we can have freedom of speech a diversity of views with freedom of speech for Congressman Tom Tancredo, Robert Spencer, and Ann Coulter - to name a few voices who have been censored by the far-left even to the point of having speeches canceled or the speaker accosted on stage.  

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Holocaust: an impossibility?

From Eternity Road, here is a link to a presentation of what General Dwight Eisenhower did when the Allied Armies found the unthinkable:  It Seems Impossible...
Today, scholars are still discussing if all those other brutalized souls the Nazis murdered should be included under the term Holocaust.  We can leave that discussion to the scholars while we honor those fathers and mothers who walked to the "showers" with their children in their arms.  
We must never forget. 

CIA - Thank you

Just a "thank you" to the men and women of CIA who defend and protect us.  Psy Ops - go for it.  I"ve heard Ravel's Bolero can be effective.
I hear a few of you were demoralized a few days ago.  It's all politics.  Don't worry.  We want you to keep us safe.  No matches driven under the fingernails and lighted as the NRV did among other things to our soldiers - you know what works and what doesn't.  We don't torture;  we'd have to check with other countries to see what "torture" really is.  
Nothing you do holds a candle to the horrors done by the UN members of the Human Rights Council do to their own people.
To your linguists, your operatives, your interrogators, thank you.
Stay safe.  Americans, for the most part, know this is just a media distraction right out of 1984 or Brave New World. 

Obama: bank bailout all about SOCIALISM

If one does not believe that Obama is not leading us into SOCIALISM then read the linked column to see that Obama is forcing the "jackboot" of SOCIALISM on our necks and clamping us in chains, read Obama leap to Socialism by Dick Morris.
That may not have been the "Change you can believe in" or the "Change" you voted for but it is the "Change you'll have to explain to your children and grandchildren" as this becomes known as the "generation that voted American into slavery."
You can also find Dick Morris columns at Dick

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

CIA and interrogation techniques

It is very curious and perhaps harmful or dangerous when any American president releases documents such as the recently released "narrowly selected" CIA internal directives out into the world. Has our safety been put in jeopardy by such an act? Is the release of such documents really about "torture" and "enhanced interrogation techniques", or is such a release designed to weaken the morale of our men and women throughout all of our clandestine services? And to weaken us before our enemies? At the very least such a release may raise suspicions that an "intellectually challenged" syndrome may be in play. Or is the release just designed to have us verbally warring with each other while the government addresses other matters? Difficult to tell what is behind decisions made in the Halls of Power. With regard to "torture techniques", those used on Nick Berg and Daniel Pearl, resulting in their beheadings, are murder and in the jargon of the day, "extremely enhanced." The extra psychological torture/warfare that was imposed upon the families of these two men and ultimately upon many Americans who watched the beheading of Nick Berg and other captives of Al Qaeda demonstrated that America has been thrust into a brutal "war" by ruthless, vile barbarians who staged Nick Berg's murder for the very purpose of intimidating us. No doubt we took enemy combatants from the battle field because we believed we could get information from them about other planned attacks and about Al Qaeda cells and leaders. Otherwise, why take them? Our "American jihadist" killed a CIA agent, I believe, in a general holding place for "enemy combatants." No interrogations involved there. President Obama spoke yesterday about Al Qaeda not being "constrained" by a Constitution as we are. Interesting perspective of our Constitution being a "constraint" and by that logic, so are the Accords of the Geneva Convention - "constraints" or rules that Al Qaeda is not "constrained" by because they do not fall under those conventions; they are not a nation-state and they are not signatories, hence "enemy combatants." Personally, I believe Al Qaeda are surrogates for nation-states who have to much money "to be made" from us and who could not take us on militarily, so the terrorists are sent in. Al Qaeda is not constrained by anything, hence the greater danger...and they mock our attempts at civility. Three Islamist meals a day cooked and prepared then flown in to Gitmo to meet the demands of the terrorists. Some pretty good propaganda techniques pulled that off. Americans do not support torture; however, Americans, when the lives of our families and friends are in imminent jeopardy, have to rely on you who are the professionals with the training about extracting information from "high value" targets. You have been successful and you have kept us safe. You have to make decisions based upon the information you have. We have to trust that you will act in accordance with your training, your "rules of engagement", the law, and your devotion to our nation and its security. As one small voice, I want to thank the men and women of our clandestine services and the men and women who work to gather intelligence to keep us safe whether that intelligence is gathered through interrogations or whether it is gathered by other means. Thank you for your service and a "thank you" to your families who sacrifice when you are called away in the defense of our nation and her people.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Obama: stacking deck with Islamists?

Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD), has posted a heavily-linked article at Exclusive: Obama Administration Stacking the Deck with Islamists. You may have heard him speak on various TV cable news stations. For purposes of appreciation, it is important to respect that many who follow "spiritual" Islam are working to reform Islam. We non-Muslims can remember reading of our own Reformation and the work of Martin Luther. Some Muslims in America want our representative republic just as we do with the separation of church and state. During the run-up to the presidential election in 2008, some of us were asking just where does Mr. Obama stand when it comes to supporting the Islamists, Sharia Finance, Sharia Law for the United States, and other questions related to Mr. Obama's support of Islamist aims. "Islamists" tend to political Islam which aims at the changing of our government in ways we can hardly imagine, or don't want to imagine. In his article, Dr. Jasser clarifies once and for all that what we are facing with Islamists is the "ideology", in my terms, much like we square off in political ideological dust-ups, only the Islamists are far more serious and have far more long-term goals, in my view. Dr. Jasser speaks of a Muslim Resume book that is being used to get Islamist staffers hired in the Senate, House, and the White House. Can you imagine the furor if we had a Christian Resume book of any sort circulating the halls of Congress to ensure hiring? Without his objection, I wish to include just a few quotations from Dr. Jasser's article:
"Their resume book is all about influence for Islamists under the banner of "being Muslim." "My hope and prayer as an American and as a Muslim is that this administration, our President, seek candidates first on merit and then if some happen to be Muslim so be it. I may not agree with the ideology of the Obama administration, but from both sides of the aisle, we should be able to assume that no political leaders be advocates of Islamism since shar'ia law is incompatible with our Constitution. But to first choose from a booklet of resumes which are fed to them from Islamists is wrong any way you look at it." "After missing so many opportunities from the inauguration to Obama's speech in Ankara, it is time for the Obama administration to make it clear that advocates of political Islam will not find a welcome home in their administration. Rather their administration should make it a domestic and foreign policy litmus test that the ideology of all its staff, whether Muslim or not, be anti-Islamist - that is that all of its staff are advocates of liberty and freedom over the establishment of political Islam."
Dr. Jasser's article is one to be read and all of the links followed and read. "Know the truth and the truth shall set you free." When we are given truth, we owe it to ourselves to check out the links. We have to know that Islamists are using every tool and American law they have available to advance their cause which is ultimately "world domination". You can see for yourself the goals they have achieved in Europe, throughout the EU. Read the works of Bat Ye'or, the author of Eurabia as well as Islam and Dhimmitude: Where Civilizations Collide. And you can also read Steven Emerson's American Jihad, The Terrorists Living Among Us. That will open a few eyes for folks in Texas and Virginia. But enough said... A non-Muslim friend once suggested that the reform of Islam must come through the women. Another article might shed some light on that subject: Exclusive: The Plight of Women under Islamists: Time for Muslims to Shed the Denial. In the Qu'ran, Muslims are directed not to befriend Christians or Jews. But earlier-on in that same Qu'ran, Muslims are told that Christians and Jews are people of "the book" to be respected and treated fairly. A loose paraphrase. Islamists follow the first which stresses using any means to advance their goal.

Save innocent Delara Darabi from execution in Iran

Today or in the next few days a young woman in Iran, Delara Darabi, is set to be publically executed by being hanged from a crane: Save Delara Darabi. She is innocent. The "rule" in Iran is that children under the age of 18 are not executed. The facts do not seem to support the rule. According to the information, a friend of Delara did commit the murder but because he was 19, he was assured of death by hanging, publicly hanging from a crane after possibly being flogged. Delara was 17 at the time and incorrectly said she had committed the crime to save her friend. She was 17 after all and would escape the death penalty. Not so... Iran seems to have some strange perspectives about who the guilty are. If you remember, Nazanin, back in January 2007, was facing execution for killing a man who was seriously trying to rape her. In Iran, she was facing death for defending herself and her female cousin in public against sexual assault from several men. The world rallied behind her and thousands wrote letters and signed petitions to save Nazanin from execution. She did kill her attacker but she was defending herself from being raped. In most civilized societies, raped women or women who survive attempted rape are not killed for defending themselves. I'm not positive, but I believe a woman in Islamic Republics who is raped can also be imprisoned or worse, killed by her family for "dishonoring" the family - remember again, she would be the rape victim. If you feel the calling to try to help this young woman, an artist whose early work resembled the work of Monet, please read here, view the video (not for children), and if you are so inclined, sign the petition (using your internet name if necessary) to save Delara Darabi's life. She is innocent. The young man in question who did commit the murder has been found guilty and sentenced to 10 years but Delara may hang for trying to save her friend; and in the long run, she did save his life because, unless the Iranian spiritual leaders take mercy upon Delara, she will be executed by hanging and her family will have to watch. Her male friend who committed the murder will be free in less than 10 years.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Dust-up at Durban 2: Libyan Chair not pleased

Seems like there was a little dust-up in Geneva at Durban II's UN conference about racism, torture, and other such matters that occurred in Qaddafi's Libya. Below is the link to the video from UN Watch:
Confrontation at Durban II: Tables Turned on Libyan Chair When Torture Victim Blasts Qaddafi Hypocrisy. (I'm having difficulty with this link. Should be able to find it at UN Watch.)
It seems the "Austrian conservative People's Party Minister...criticized Germany, Italy, Poland, and the Netherlands - the only EU countries to stay away from the fiercely anti-Israel Durban 2 conference in Geneva..." The EU has 27 member states so with only 4 missing - shame on the rest of you for attending - there are plenty to lend an ear to the verbal beatings Israel and the rest of us will get.
Seems the United States was in good company by staying away.
My knowledge of European geography is woefully in adequate - I always seem to be misplacing the Netherlands and putting it up with Denmark and Finland. But as its seat of power is The Hague, I would suspect it has its own good reasons to remain away from the racist Durban 2 Conference.
I don't know why the United States did not go but we walked out last year and, frankly, with all of the "Blame America First" stuff we have been enjoying and all the apologies we have been expressing, maybe after considering all the good works our tax dollars do throughout the world, it was time to step back and take our heads off of the "abuse" block for a week.
So, good for the EU states that boycotted Durban II and good for us too, whatever our reasons. I hear the president of Iran was breathing smoke today. The Jerusalem Post, UN Watch, and Durban 2 are good key search words to find more.

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Stop the UN Rights of the Child TREATY

The purpose of this post is to link you to a post by WatchDog: Congress is attempting to take your parental rights away!
We have been hearing about and fighting for years the attempts of the United Nations to push its camel's nose under the tent of the sovereignty of the United States of America. Nothing new on that but..
There seems to be a feeling of victory, a euphoria of power, churning in the Marxist-left of America's power elites that we have the votes, we have the power, and the time is now. Recall Hillary's It takes a village; and Obama's belief in the collective over the rights of the individual.
In WatchDog's first paragraph these words ring out: "The Obama administration is poised to adopt the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child."
This is a treaty pushed by the Obama administration, vehemently supported by Secretary of State Hillary CLINTON - a leading advocate and Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) who, according to WatchDog, vows the treaty will be ratified.
WatchDog's post delineates the parental rights and authority you will no longer have regarding your own children and their well-being.
Like so many initiatives that are swirling around us in these first 100 days, just like Obama's G-20 agreement to allow our banking practices to be evaluated by foreign sources with no say so by Congress or the Senate, this "treaty" is just one more Draconian nail that is intended to be driven through the heart of America's national sovereignty.


From Watchdog: The Price of Socialism

For Helen of Troy, it was the face that launched a thousand ships. From Mindless and Spineless, Watchdog gives us a graphic: The Price of Socialism. The Price of Socialism outweighs a tea bag any time. And the weight of debt being put upon our children will leave them hating the generation that did this to them: robbed them of their future and instead of snipping off their baby ID hospital bracelet, Nancy Pelosi's House, Harry Reid's Senate, and the past and present administrations slipped on the chains of slavery and the poverty that accompanies it - for all of our children.

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Larwyn's list: Liberal water boiling over tea parties

Larwyn has some good reading for us with dashes of humor. AP: Obama is the new Gorbachev
From Director Blue,Drowning in reassurances. "This is the only analogy I (Director Blue) could come up with for the disastrous spending plans of the Obama Democrats." Chew On This: After Historic Spending Binge Obama Promises to Cut Federal Fat
And let's look some more about the coverage of those tea parties and the frothing fits some liberals are having. They just don't know when they are really funny. Laugh out loud funny - puffy cheeks, red noses, and hyperventilating over tea:
From Gateway Pundit: Outrage!... St. Louis Media Wacko Interviews "Criminologist" to Discuss Tea Party Phenomenon!... (A Criminologist - goodness. Were gangs of young non-Hispanic white men wearing ski masks, thrusting AK-47s into the air screaming "Death to the Great Satan" perhaps, and brandishing curved swords?)
From Gateway Pundit: Axelrod Says Tea Party Anger Misguided-- Should Not Be Directed at Obama (It isn't Obama; it's at the Congressmen and Senators who are voting for this mess and it's the policies Mr. Obama seems to be pushing. Get over yourselves. It is not him; it's the policies and the hard left turn. Don't we get to disagree anymore?)
From the Prairie Pundit: The message from the Tea Parties
And then there's AIG - will that never end:
And for the followers of Global Warming Theology, we have this just in from the South Pole region, put some ice on it, or rather, in that boiling water: Antarctic ice is growing, not melting away: The Australian newspaper: The South Pole had shown “significant cooling in recent decades.” (Don't you just love it when Mother Nature does something like that?)
Protect the children because one of the posts here discusses same-sex marriage. Now, in and of itself, that would be all right except for the fact that sexual-orientation may happen to be mentioned. If Barney Frank's H.B. 1913 becomes law, I don't know how same-sex marriages can even be mentioned because talk of them, or the very mention of homosexuality, transgender-sexuality, and such - who made up those words - could become a "hate crime" if sexual-orientation is mentioned. And then what does a preacher do if he uses a "quotation" from the Holy Bible? Anything from the Qu'ran is okay - or is it, because this bill could put the imams in duck soup too if they mention passages from their holy book. I don't know if H.B. 1913 is a real bill up for vote today or not, or if someone made it up as a joke mocking China's censorship against her people, read more; but if it is real, any discussion of sexual-orientation other than that relating to heterosexual or opposite sex/gender preference folks who seldom discuss their sexual orientation anyway could become a hate-crime as non-heterosexuals will become a "protected" class. How do parents tell little Mary and Johnny about the birds and the bees and not discuss "gender preference" or sexual-orientation? And if Mommy and Mommy or Daddy and Daddy or Mommy and Daddy, any combination, do tell their children about the birds and bees, are they ALL criminals and guilty of "hate-crimes"? And if it is a hate-crime to talk about one sexual-orientation, why isn't it a hate-crime to talk about another one?
It is becoming more clear by the minute that in America, the only humans who are NOT protected from anything are white men with the exception of those white men who may have a preference for same-sex partners. Non-white men are already covered under some "victim" status thingy or other. I don't think that it is fair to isolate heterosexual white men. That's the true "hate-crime." We have to find something for them to be "victims" of so that they can become a "protected" class too and then EVERYONE in America will be protected.
The Mad Hatter never thought of having it so good! What was in those mushrooms anyway?
Once again, with feeling, the Tea Parties were not about Obama, the person - it is NOT ALL about him. The Tea Parties are about the reckless and outrageous spending of the past 4 Congresses and now this new administration and new congress with both just piling on more. And the tea parties are and will continue to be about changes being made by fiat. Not nice in a representative republic where we expect our elected representatives to at least read the bills before they vote on them.
They've got to be using a lot of ink toner over at Treasury and killing a lot of trees too. Where are the environmentalists when you need them to save the trees?

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

China - planes, economics, and multifaceted warfare

China is a major trading partner and, as we all know now, China holds kazillions of dollars of our debt thanks to very recent administrations. But how aware are we of the war being waged against us by cyber-chi-coms?
Two posts at the Captain's Journal give us more information than we want to know and the 2008 Report to Congress, U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, just the executive summary, gives us an expanded view of the vulnerable position we have been placed in.
More information can be found at A Jacksonian.
One quotation from the Conclusions of the 2008 Report to Congress may be of particular interest: "The Chinese government has created an information control regime intended to regulate nearly every venue that might transmit information to China's citizens: the print and broadcast media, the Internet, popular entertainment, cultural activities, and education." pg. 15
Further: "Personnel working in the media, educational, and cultural fields have been conditioned into self-censorship by the rewards and punishments of China's information control system and also face possible fines, demotion, termination of employment, and even prison for publishing information contrary to the party's preferred narratives." pg. 15
Additionally: "The Chinese government has established an extensive physical infrastructure to screen and monitor information on the Internet. An Internet police force of large but indeterminate size monitors and censors information on the Internet." pg. 15
Is this the control we want against differences of political opinion in America? This control, this intolerance and stifling of "freedom of speech" is the purpose of the "Fairness Doctrine". As long as we have a political system which allows us to change leadership through elections, we cannot afford to re-enact unconstitutional legislation such as the "Fairness Doctrine".
We have to guard our freedoms - for the safety of all of us. We have enough external folks waging "war" against us declared or not; we don't need anymore than we already have here at home.

Helping Gitmo Detainees feel at home

From Doug Ross, Director Blue, we have just the thing to set out the welcome mat for Gitmo detainees who may have been held as dangerous folks who might cause "man-made disasters".  
To make them feel right at home and welcome, here's just the thing, done in the spirit of good old American good will: Finally: a practical plan for terrorists released from Gitmo.
All we need now are the chocolate chip cookies and the fruit baskets.

Rafa Nadal - King of the Clay

The Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters Clay Court Tournament - what a great week of tennis!
Rafa Nadal won his 5th consecutive championship title at Monte Carlo in a match-up today against Novak Djokovic of Serbia.  Before that Nadal won a blistering match yesterday against Andy Murray.  Both of these matches were real showmanship and true demonstrations of mental and physical challenges and skill of tennis.
Generally, I am not able to watch most of any given tournament and find myself watching only the semi-final and final matches.  Well, fortunately, beat up by some "flu" something or other, I used that as my excuse to watch each and every match that I could watch.
I had fun as a true pro-tennis junkie:  sleeping in my living room with my travel clock set for 4:30AM - you could not depend on the reruns.  No, I wanted to watch the matches "live."  And watch them I did.
I wanted to watch to see the heavy-hitters and also to watch the new up and comers on the circuit, the players I don't usually see.  
I had the chance to watch Nadal, Djokovic, Murray, Federer, of course - the heavy hitters.  But then there were also the next tier breathing down the leaders' necks.  Some playing well and some not so well.  
The ones I liked especially are Fernando Verdasco, Fabio Fognini, Nikolay Davydenko (have watched him before), Stanislas Wawrinka who won the Gold in Doubles with Federer in China but won over Federer at Monte Carlo, Marin Cilic, and Gilles Simon.
Several of my favorites who did not go very far in this tournament - getting their "clay court" legs back are:  my man, Juan Martin Del Potro of Argentina - wow! - and Gael Monfils of France.  The only major heavy-hitter missing was America's Andy Roddick.  His absence was the tournament's loss.
There is no question that Rafael Nadal is the "King of the Clay Court", at least for now.  But to watch him is to watch a Spaniard in battle.  Oh, the majesty that flows through the blood.
I watched these men and came to the conclusion that these would be men to have on your side in battle - all of them.  In the world of rodeo cowboys, its "cowboy up."  I don't know the terms in pro-tennis but these men are extraordinary.  Just consider the hours of time they have spent on tennis courts and in other physical training. 
Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic did themselves proud in their matches against Nadal.  And Rafa Nadal was the man.  Whoo hoo!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Calderon blames US for drugs and guns

Yesterday, I had completed and posted I'm a proud tea-drinking extremist based on the Homeland Security's assessment of the threat that many of us pose who hold different views on issues than those being rammed down our Bill of Rights throats by the current Obama-Pelosi-Reid cabal. And then, wham-o, some news came in during 'On the Record' with Greta van Susteren and I wanted to correct or modify what I had said about the Bush policy of allowing Mexican truckers open access to our highways. I thought that still existed. So here's what was said on Greta's show. It seems, like Vicente Fox, Calderon is our de facto Director of Gun Control Policy and foreign policy too. This is getting boring from our neighbors to the south especially when their citizens living here illegally are sending home billions of dollars and are getting free health care, free education, and in many cases buying homes and maybe even voting here and in Mexico too. Plus, allowing the illegal immigration flow to continue provides an alternative income source and drug moving source for the drug cartels. For Mexico, our policies seem to be a win-win. Did I mention that we are training their military and police in combating the drug cartels and we are supplying them with - mercy - assault weapons. Calderon comes out of the box and says:
  • we are bad, bad, bad because we want all of these drugs; (some truth, our demand is large - it is an economic example of "supply and demand")
  • we are allowing assault weapons into his country and he demands that Obama has to slap gun control laws on American citizens because we are bad, bad, bad;
  • we are also VERY corrupt, very corrupt; (this from a nation that does know corruption) and
  • we must control the guns coming across the border into his Mexico. But we cannot control the guns coming from China, Russia, and whomever else is supplying them.
The following was inserted into the "I'm a proud tea-drinking extremist" and has now been removed to this post: ** Tonight, at On the Record with Greta van Susteren at approximately 10:30PM EDT, Greta and her guest discussed that one of the "rubs" between Mr. Obama and Mr. Calderon in Mexico is that buried within the recent Stimulus Bill, the open access of Mexican truckers to American highways under the Bush Administration has been halted. As a result, Mexico has increased "tariffs" on some of our goods exported to Mexico so this could be a sticky issue. I have not checked this but if it is true, that may be a good thing - certainly for our American truckers whom I support and for our safety. I suggest you search on SPP - the Security and Prosperity Partnership - to see more about the roadways planned to slice across America. Also, Calderon wants to dictate our gun laws and pressure Obama to ban assault weapons. As with Vicente Fox, Calderon should not be allowed to dictate our internal policies and certainly have no say in controlling our Bill of Rights. To be helpful to our neighbor and to be sensitive to his concerns, we should immediately stop being "pantywaists" about this and do what we can to help our neighbor, keeping in mind we are not responsible for what other nations do and the Panama Canal is close:
  • close our border with Mexico - period. Shut the border tight as a drum to protect the Mexicans from our bad, bad ways;
  • stop training their federales and STOP selling or giving them military weapons which are getting into the wrong hands. We know positively that MANY of the weapons getting into Mexico are coming from their pals China and Russia;
  • stop ALL illegal immigration going across our border in either direction; and
  • start charging Mexico for the cost/financial burden of its citizens who are here illegally and draining needed resources away from our citizens - draining resources of our police, prisons, medical teams across the board, our educational systems, etc.
Calderon stays out of dictating our policies to us and we help by listening a bit to his blaming. And then put aside our selfish trolling for more voters and do what is BEST for America's interests, let's put Americans first. Now that would be a kicker... Calderon blamed us for the drug cartel wars in Mexico because of our demand for illegal drugs and he blamed us for them having assault weapons but I believe we are giving assault weapons to Mexico's police. Hmmm... Calderon seems better than to reduce himself to whining and acting like a "victim". Man-up for goodness sake. Calderon cannot blame us and then give us a hard time if we decide finally to implement the only common sense solution to what he blames us for - we have to close the border. We have another thing we can do and this may seem strange coming from me. I'm not sure I fully support it, not for all drugs that are "illegal" now. But we do need to look at the possibilities and give it a hard look. Then compare it with the costs of alcoholism, etc. Surely we have people smart enough who have the numbers, the figures, to do a real analysis to determine how much marijuana is being brought in from Mexico. The drug cartels are now growing it in our own national parks for goodness sake.
  • determine how much marijuana is being brought in or grown and sold here;
  • determine the street value of the marijuana;
  • determine the outrageous cost in lives and dollars to our police and enforcement people in "fighting" just this one drug;
  • determine how many people are in jail for possession of hardly any marijuana at all;
  • determine the cost in crime and injury to innocent citizens now due to the drug trade only attributed to marijuana;
  • determine how much money we could actually make if we controlled its sale and access and how much money we would save if we could use the resources used to "fight" it against the harder drugs;
  • determine how many people we would put out of business;
  • determine the possible cost/control benefit of legalizing the use of marijuana; and
  • determine how we could legalize and control the use of marijuana in our country.
I know I can hardly believe I'm even thinking about this but William F. Buckley, Jr., may he rest in peace, advocated this for decades. He was a brilliant man. Let's take a look. We'd be decreasing the "demand" Calderon was crying about for one drug at least - why should the cartels get all the money, our kids are still going to use the drug and it would be better to control it than criminalize our children - and we'd be helping out our neighbor, Calderon. It is my understanding that meth, cocaine, and the harder drugs are big problems but would it help to take marijuana off the table in the "drug war" scenario? Marijuana is a "gateway" drug and we would be making it available but would that be removing it as a "gate" to the criminal element who feeds off of our kids? Just trying to find some solutions...

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm a proud tea-drinking extremist

I read over the Homeland Security Assessment: Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment. I have a long post for you today but then an interesting observation occurred to me.
Reading the DHS assessment and making notes, it occurred to me that if you take yourself back in our history and imagine England mulling over the Boston Tea Party and the "taxation without representation" things, the assessment seemed like it could have been written by 10 - 12 Ministers in the Court of King George III of England opining about those pesky, irritating, up-start colonials who "do not know their place."
Then, washing dishes before sitting down to type this missive, it occurred to me that - oh my goodness - we may have a few Justices on the Supreme Court who could loosely fall under the ambiguous identifiers as "right-wing" extremists.
We have one who likes to hunt; one who believes in the role of the Supreme Court to interpret laws in accordance with the U.S. Constitution and what it says and not what European laws say; we have a few who believe in upholding the Second Amendment along with the First Amendment; and, oh my goodness, we have one great Associate Justice who has - dare I say it - black skin. If you recall his confirmation he was lambasted by the "left-wing" extremists because he was a strict constructionist when it comes to the U.S. Constitution. I know all about the "high tech lynching" stuff, just the other "extremists" in action.
So before I get into the body of this post, let me affirm that from our Founding Fathers who fashioned our nation's Constitution against tyranny at great risk of their own lives and fortunes to today's law-abiding citizens on the Supreme Court or those waving flags at the Tea Parties on tax day, April 15, 2009, we're all right-wing extremists now in some form or fashion but we're in extraordinarily good company - we fellow, proud, patriotic Americans.
Our "crime" - we speak out and express opposing views, and we believe in our founding principles. And our unforgivable sin is that we do not share the same views with our fellow Americans who cast themselves as progressives and don't know what to do with us except maybe put out reports that will shut us down.
I recommend to you: First they went after....
I urge you to read the assessment and print a copy for yourself because it is truly historical.
If you read the report and you take a look, you may have it sort of hit you, "Hey, this is a manifesto identifying all law-abiding Americans who believe in freedom, justice, the American way of free-market capitalism, the sacred nature of human life during all of its stages, and essentially every American across all political party-lines who believes in the limitation of the powers of the centralized government and the U.S. Constitution's direction that the limited powers not specifically enumerated to the central government constitutionally fall into the responsibility of the States and the people.
Again, we are a government of "the people, by the people, for the people" and if you hold that value, you are, according to the DHS assessment a "right-wing extremist." God knows you can't be a Conservative, a Christian, a Muslim, a Libertarian, a gun owner, and many other sub-categories. Actually, the assessment pretty much covers all of us even including that there are studies on "left-wing" extremists too. Look for your own links on that please.
But you have to read this particular assessment to get the full impact of the reach of the report. I know we have to fight "terrorists" but my goodness, this assessment is far-reaching.
As One Big Dog said his post, I Am A Right Wing Extremist, was written in honor of the Tea Parties... I urge you to read his post. I know you'll find yourself in there someplace and you may find a tear come to your eye for that honorable man.
Reading Federal agency warns of radicals on right again, I naturally just started making lists of law-abiding Americans that can loosely fall into the very ambiguous guidelines for being "right wing extremists."
Read the assessment so you can see how these lists of law-abiding Americans with common agreements - even single issues - can stand together as Americans setting aside the superficial differences we have been taught to believe separate us and stand together for one simple thing: to ask our central government to do its job in accordance with the U.S. Constitution and leave us alone. There I go fitting the description as a "right-wing extremist." In this case one to really watch as I believe in States' Rights.
Right-wing extremists:
1) value the protection of our borders, believe we are a nation of laws and illegal immigration violates our laws. Who are the "extremists" here:
  • members of the Minutemen, assisting the Border Patrol,
  • Congressman Tom Tancredo,
  • law-abiding Americans who support legal immigration by people seeking citizenship legally respecting and following our laws;
2) believe in the value of human life at all stages and in the life of the pre-born (generally the pro-life choice Americans) which include - this is not an all inclusive listing:
  • pro-life Christians including practicing Catholics and Mormons,
  • all persons practicing spiritual Islam (I believe I'm correct on this one),
  • and folks practicing Judaism although I am not as familiar with the Jewish stance on abortion or partial-birth abortion. [These are known in the assessment as single-issue people to keep a watch on. I will admit that there are some violent folks out there who need to be watched but 99.99% of us don't fit that category.]
3) Gun owners and those with military training: these folks believe in the right of law-abiding Americans to own guns. [As a note, "gun registration" is currently a matter of law left to the various cities and local governments of the several states. It is not a central government enumerated "power".] The NRA rightly has a motto: legislation, registration, confiscation. Hope I got that right.
In this category of right-wing extremists or potential right-wing extremists, I have included patriotic Americans who also have specialized military or paramilitary training. The DHS assessment does mention its own activities at Ruby Ridge and Waco so the folks who wrote the report indirectly did identify the several possible activities that led to some unrest among the general population.
So the folks who fall into this gun owner category and could be classified as right-wing extremists include:
  • all law-abiding Americans who might own a gun or are gunless still belonging to the NRA;
  • all Americans who have served in our combat or special forces;
  • all Americans who may have specialized training in our clandestine services;
  • all Americans who are actually serving or have served in the Border Patrol, our local and state police departments, those who serve in certain departments of Homeland Security, ICE, and all the alpha-bet soup groups who exist to protect us...and
  • citizens who oppose gun-control and gun registration legislation
Look over the lists - which are not all-inclusive - of law-abiding American citizens across all political parties and look at some of the issues that bring all of us together as one people.
And finally, as One Big Dog said, I too write this as a proud American Conservative - identified in one way or another now as a right-wing extremist simply because I exercise my remaining constitutional rights of expression and assembly, not calling for violence but calling for our U.S. Constitution to be followed and upheld by those who have sworn to do so.
When reading the Homeland Security Assessment, including the footnotes, the words and charts of Ross Perot kept coming to mind. As he told us, jobs have gone south, Mexican trucks are flooding our highways carrying who knows what cargo.**Read update here. According to the MinutemenHQ, approximately 12,000 American citizens are killed on our highways every year by drunk drivers here illegally.
Another single-issue which again makes me a "right-wing extremist" is this: children are born here to illegal immigrant parents and those children have the right of American citizenship but I believe the constitution is being mis-interpreted. In any event, those children should be returned to the nation of origin of their parents to keep the families together and when the children reach the age of majority, they can choose their citizenship, not dual citizenship, but only citizenship for one nation. Families do not have to be separated but the common sense solution is to send to entire family home where the children's extended family lives, not import the extended family.
Back to my main point... The National Tea Parties
Law-abiding American citizens met together across ideological lines yesterday at Tea Parties across America. Perhaps it is the right time for us - greater mines than mine - to work to create a third political party that has staying power based upon the values and principles which brought us all together yesterday. Sure we may not win the first few elections.
Again, I leave that to greater minds but I would suggest the major unifying forces on April 15, 2009 centered around three common themes:
1) an all-powerful centralized government vs the U.S. Constitutionally defined enumerated or limited powers of the centralized government giving to them the main role of protecting us from invasion so that the various States and local governments, the people, could get about doing the business pertaining to "we the people". That should keep some of our money at home in our local cities. The powers and responsibilities of the centralized government were defined by our Founding Fathers - no accident there. The rights of we the people were not defined so that we would be free under the Bill of Rights designed to protect us. We've been non-violently striving to keep these protections every since.
One point here. The U.S. Constitution was written by men who never conceived of government-employed "elected" representatives/elected representatives and senators who act as lobbyists in some cases. Our Founders believed in citizen-statesmen who had by law, as a minimum, to meet only one day a year to do the nation's business. Yes, it is in the U.S. Constitution. I suspect a docket of 5,000 bills a year not to mention 1,100 page bills no one read before voting on it would astonish our Founders.
2) fiscal responsibility by the governments at all levels and let's not blame radicalization on citizens when this current crisis has been in the making since legislation passed in 1977 - the Community Reinvestment Act.
3) and broadly, the common thread of the Tea Parties seemed to be the basic difference in the ways of life found in a capitalist society vs a socialist, government-dependent society.
In the 1990s, we had the "Contract with America" set forth by the Congressional Republicans before many of them decided to play dress-up and imitate far-left liberal Democrats on the Hill. Perhaps the time has come for a greater, open public debate that does not shutdown debate through citizens being classified as "right-wing" or "left-wing" extremists. Yes, those reports exist too. Elections come and go; we have one of some sort every two years. But this is a debate we need, as a people, removed from emotions.
I propose that several "think tanks" such as Heritage and others get together and give the American people options for a third political party that will follow the U.S. Constitution. The Tea Parties demonstrated that we need change we can believe in and a central government that believes in us.
There is one tiny bone I would pick with Janet Napolitano and that is her use of the term, "man-made disasters" because I believe the use of that term weakens our acknowledgment of what happened to our nation and who did it. You'll see what I mean by example.
I am humbled to say:
  • to all of you who lost loved ones in the "9/11 man-made disaster" (to quote Janet Napolitano's new phrase reclassifying the Islamic terrorists' declaration of war against our nation);
  • to all of you who serve our nation fighting for our freedoms;
  • to all of you who protect us as unsung heroes fighting those planning "man-made disasters" such as the "Oklahoma City man-made disaster";
  • to all who serve as Border Patrol guarding our borders to protect us from kidnappings in Phoenix, AZ and other "man-made disasters" resulting from drug and human trafficking; and
  • to my local city police who keep an eye on my home if I go on vacation and who risk your lives for me, may God bless you, your families, and keep you safe.
If I left any group out, I am sorry. I would suggest we all fit in there someplace. Since the founding of our nation, Hamilton and Jefferson are examples, the direction of how much power over our lives the federal government should have has been going on between the big federal government guys and the limited-power federal government guys who feared the growth of a centralized government and favored States' Rights and local governments accountable to the people so this is nothing new. It is just that it is happening once again and has been happening all throughout the 1900s. This time, however, the power grab seems to be happening very quickly with legislation being passed without being read and without discussion. That is worrisome to me. It should be worrisome to us all.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We're all extremists on the right now!

Well, it had to happen. Everyone who is not ("now" was clearly a typo so I humbly apologize for this error) a liberal is now a right-wing extremist according to Homeland Security: Federal Agency warns of radicals on right. Allow me to interject four links here before continuing: Great article by Audrey Hudson and Eli Lake. We are defined but they still don't get it. Mr. Obama's race, the color of his skin, is not a factor. Who cares? We all mixed races or have mixed races in our families. It is the federal policies and, yes, the encroachment of the federal government into every single waking and sleeping moment of our lives. There I did it. I fit into the description of a right wing extremist. What we are essentially are strict constitutionalists and we believe in States' Rights as defined in the U.S. Constitution and as mentioned by Gov. Rick Perry of Texas yesterday. Very simply put, if you disagree with the federal government in any way, if you disagree with the policies of the administration, and if you don't want to go lock-step into the socialist indoctrination camps, you are in good company. If you do not want your freedoms of speech taken away, you are now a "radical on the right" and that is a very bad thing to be today. Watch because it could get interesting to see the measures an over-reaching federal government will take to silence citizens it fears. Keep in mind, what the government gives with one hand, it can take away with the other. It is clear that some of us are going to have to censor ourselves to survive. In the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, we are going to have to depend on our colleagues in New Zealand, Great Britain, Australia, and throughout the EU to do the posting that we may not be able to do. If President Bush moved sideways, he was ridiculed with no mercy. If we criticize unconscionable spending, we are "radicals on the right." Anyone want to bet that folks will be taking pictures of the people protesting the massive spending today just like anti-war protesters were photographed in years gone by? God bless America and good going to Audrey Hudson and Eli Lake.

Dear Friends and Readers

I may be taking a few days off to rest and get over this "flu" or something that is whipping up on me. Hope to be back soon. Until then, don't forget to honk your horn three times today at noon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Talks with Iran following the yellow brick road

According to news article by David E. Sanger, U.S. may drop key conditions for talks with Iran, the U.S. is considering dropping the former Bush Administration condition that Iran stop all uranium enrichment "before" talks. Obama administration and UN/Europe seem on track to agree to end that policy and begin talks as Mr. Obama promised during his presidential campaign to hold talks about Iran's uranium enrichment program with no set preconditions. I can appreciate that an "all or nothing" approach bought more time for Tehran and left us at a stand-still at the highest levels. But with Iran we are in a Catch-22. Either way - talks/no talks - gives Iran what it wants: more time. Talks with or without conditions add strength to Tehran's main goal which is the ability to develop/generate nuclear weapons with which to threaten and attack Israel directly and to shift or centralize power within the Middle East specifically. Like the Somalia Muslim pirates and their hostage taking, every hand that strengthens Iran's ability to extort other nations brings them more "power" and "weakens" the West. If not in fact, in perception and in the Middle East, perception is everything. Sanger suggested that negotiating talks with Iran would "save face" by tossing them a few concessions. However, all negotiators/state department appeasers need to remember that everything that we see as negotiating and "fairness", the Iranians see as advancing their cause and as weakness on our part, playing into their hands thus giving them victory - that perception thing. As a directive from Allah via Mohammad, Islamists (Iran's president - "Israel will no longer exist..." to paraphrase) have Allah's permission, more specifically orders, to lie to the infidels to advance the cause of Islam which is world domination - that doesn't mean you go to mosque instead of church and otherwise you do what you want. It means you and your life in ALL ways is controlled and dominated by Islam. This goal of "world domination" is not just an Islamic corporate mission statement that the corporation would like to achieve subject to modification. It is a zealous commission or directive, ingrained and individually personal, stronger than not eating fish on Friday. Talking and negotiations have their possibilities when you are negotiating with a person or persons who are reasonable and rational who even minimally share your world view but the West must never be "blinded by the euphoria" of "oh, goodie, we're talking with the Iranian leaders - now we're getting somewhere." Yes, helping to advance the march of Imperial Islam. What is the solution? Difficult to say. You cannot negotiate with Islamic terrorists because they are directed by the Qu'ran against taking infidels as friends. How can you expect to negotiate with the very people who support in all ways possible, the Islamic terrorists who are actually the surrogate "un-uniformed" soldiers for the nation we will be "talking" with with no preconditions. You cannot talk to a rabid skunk. You do not speak the same language; you do not have the same world view - nothing close. You cannot be deluded that you can reasonably expect terrorist-sponsoring nations to "keep their word to infidels"; you have to know you are being played - you are the little mouse or the canary and Iran (any Islamic Republic) is the cat. With that knowledge fixed and firm, you can enjoy the "talks", maybe do some sight-seeing, and possibly have a few good meals. Israel and its very existence, the lives of the innocent men, women, and children there, and eventually the lives and the freedoms of all of us in the West - if it still exists - hang in the balance. If the State Department thinks "talks" help, that highlights part of their disassociation from reality, and as Israel's leaders say - with reality, Survivor-based - there isn't much time and we will not be destroyed... As Israel fights for its existence, it is one of the front lines against the advance of Islam's on-going jihad against all non-Muslims. A day will come when we in the West will be forced against the wall: bow to Islam with Sharia Law infiltrating our lives one tiny step at a time and Islamic Regimes or defend your very lives. Here is one small, seemingly innocuous example: public swimming pools closed in Oregon to all but women at certain times to meet the segregation requirements of Sharia Law. Think regression to "white" and "colored" bathrooms. This is serious stuff. For Americans, it is a mind-numbing assault. Yet, it is not an confrontation we are seeking. It is something we are trying to avoid even to the "loss of face" but until or unless we act decisively to defend and maintain our freedoms with clarity, no ambiguity, we will remain in these "cat and mouse" pirate/extortionist parlays. We and only we can call a halt to the march of Islamic Imperialism. And this march is on all levels from the Somalia Muslim pirates, to the 9/11 Islamist terrorists, to Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threatening Israel and mocking the U.S. and our president at the embarrassing United Nations. God bless...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Navy Sharpshooters free Capt. Phillips! Whoopee!

What a great Easter Sunday for the United States and for Captain Richard Phillips and his family! Navy frees Captive US Cargo Ship Captain Phillips as Navy sharpshooters acting on orders from the commander on the scene gives the command to save the life of Captain Phillips. From Vice Admiral Bill Gourtney, "The on-scene commander had seconds to make a decision." It seems the Muslim pirates were brandishing AK-47's at Captain Phillips, threatening his life. Most certainly, the Navy Vice Admiral had been given authority from President Obama to take action as deemed appropriate to the commander on the scene. Good for President Obama and especially for the advisors who advised him to allow our Navy to protect Captain Phillips. Now, for Americans and for all NATO nations as well as others threatened by these Muslim pirates such as India, let's start actively defending our merchant shipping lines and being serious about it. Muslim pirates have had relatively open access to harassing ships of all sizes across the oceans of the world. Let's take them on. According to the law of the sea, pirates, unlike "enemy combatants' are fair targets even if they are not in the act of attacking a ship and taking cargo or hostages. This is a fight Americans can get behind. So let's do it. A warm "thank you" to the Navy sharpshooters and to the commander on-the-scene who made the call...

Somali pirates and the Muslim Jihad Connection

I came across this link today. H/T to The Reality Show. I recommend the post and the links as excellent information and perspective on the Islamic/Muslim terrorist pirates who have been plaguing the world for centuries. There is only one rule of the sea that they understand and that is power and total destruction. We are compelled to oblige them. From The Reality Show: Islamic pirates & Jihad Terrorists Connection.

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Roger Federer

What a great way to start Easter Sunday checking on the Monte-Carlo Tournament! Better news! Roger and Mirka are wed. Roger Federer and his long-time love and companion, Mirka Wavrinec, wed on Saturday, April 11, 2009, Easter Weekend, exchanging wedding vows in Roger's home town. With congratulations to Roger, best wishes to Mirka, and love to Roger and Mirka, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Federer, may God bless you and may your lives together bring you joy and most of all unconditional love.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Obama: community agitator, not global leader of free world

Obama is in a rather rough spot being tested by a rag-tag group of Muslim pirates holding an American captain, Capt. Richard Phillips, hostage. And making Mr. Obama look really weak and defenseless. Expect more gnat swarms and flea bits, When not planning on the newest twist for enslaving of the middle class, Mr. Obama and his team are busy mulling "aims of Somali extremists", aka Muslim pirates/Islamic thugs. Article by Greg Jaffe and Karen DeYoung. Mulling their aims! Really! How about ransom money and making the United States' new "Pantywaist President" look vulnerable. Nothing like a good spanking from cut-throat illiterate pirates to build the self-esteem of a Harvard Law School Grad, eh? How about a sit down with tea and a chat? As pointed out at The Reality Show, we have had 200 years experience with these Muslim/Jihad pirates, Islamic Pirates=Jihad Terror Connection. I recommend their blog for very specific information to provide you with a clear history of the on-going menace and brutality of these jihad-driven pirates. The rule on the high seas is that you capture and kill pirates - no questions asked and no negotiations. Michael Savage wrote a book not too long ago titled, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. Ann Coulter has written about "talking to Liberals" if you have to. Well, sending an FBI hostage negotiator to talk to Muslim terrorist pirates is insanity. Send in the Navy SEALS, for goodness sake! When the good Captain Phillips was swimming for his life, why didn't we unload on the little life-raft and sink the thing. How many times can the captain escape without some little bit of help from us? God bless Captain Phillips and the other hostages with him and God bless the wife of Captain Phillips. Her's is a terrible sorrow at a time when no grown-ups are in charge in our government. Geraldo Rivera still has the best plan. Call in NATO.

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