Friday, April 10, 2009

Geraldo Rivera right on fighting Muslim pirates NOW!

When a man's right, a man's right. A few hours ago, I heard Geraldo Rivera succinct and looking "presidential" on the Fox Show, The Live Desk. I'll paraphrase but here is what Geraldo said regarding the Somalia Muslim terrorist pirates and their seizing of merchant ships and taking hostages: "Look, those Muslim pirates have been dealt with before by the United States under Thomas Jefferson with the Marines in Tripoli. Well, we have NATO today and the rule is that a ship flying under the flag of any NATO nation represents that NATO nation. When that ship is attacked and boarded, it is the same at that nation being attacked so... We - all of the NATO nations should get together NOW. (Geraldo was clearly emphatic.) And get our navies patrolling that sea lane which is very important to shipping all along the eastern coast of Africa and we should have a shooting war against the Somali pirates. Now and "shoot them out of the water." [I added "shoot them out of the water." But Geraldo was clear in how he with our NATO allies should and would take charge NOW with a shooting war, no ransoms, no fooling around with those Muslim thugs.] I do not always agree with Geraldo but on this one he is right and he seems to be the only one man enough to say what needs to be done and done now. It is outrageous that our panderer-in-chief is fiddling with non-Constitutional things while an American is held hostage. So far the only two men in this outrageous situation are Capt. Richard Phillips and Geraldo Rivera. Certainly no one at the White House. Of course, Geraldo did bring up another sticky subject and did mention that being a Muslim was part of Obama's culture so he, Geraldo, was not upset about Obama bowing to the Saudi Prince/King who is a very important religious leader as well. Geraldo pointed out that having been raised as a Muslim it would be normal for Obama to show deference to an Islamic religious leader. Perhaps that could also shed some light upon why Mr. Obama might at some time be reluctant to "fire upon" his cultural "Islamic" brothers - to follow Geraldo's logic so to speak. So messy... hmmm.... back to the main point... Good on you, Geraldo, on the first point but not on the second. An American President should not bow to any king regardless of that king's theo-political ideology. And an American President should take the pirates on in a head-on shooting war. NOW... with our NATO allies in tow. As an aside and out of my own curiosity and admitted lack of knowledge, is any money these Muslim pirates get going to help the thugs who are killing and brutalizing the families in Darfur? Are these Muslim pirates and these others in Somalia working together?

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