Friday, April 17, 2009

Calderon blames US for drugs and guns

Yesterday, I had completed and posted I'm a proud tea-drinking extremist based on the Homeland Security's assessment of the threat that many of us pose who hold different views on issues than those being rammed down our Bill of Rights throats by the current Obama-Pelosi-Reid cabal. And then, wham-o, some news came in during 'On the Record' with Greta van Susteren and I wanted to correct or modify what I had said about the Bush policy of allowing Mexican truckers open access to our highways. I thought that still existed. So here's what was said on Greta's show. It seems, like Vicente Fox, Calderon is our de facto Director of Gun Control Policy and foreign policy too. This is getting boring from our neighbors to the south especially when their citizens living here illegally are sending home billions of dollars and are getting free health care, free education, and in many cases buying homes and maybe even voting here and in Mexico too. Plus, allowing the illegal immigration flow to continue provides an alternative income source and drug moving source for the drug cartels. For Mexico, our policies seem to be a win-win. Did I mention that we are training their military and police in combating the drug cartels and we are supplying them with - mercy - assault weapons. Calderon comes out of the box and says:
  • we are bad, bad, bad because we want all of these drugs; (some truth, our demand is large - it is an economic example of "supply and demand")
  • we are allowing assault weapons into his country and he demands that Obama has to slap gun control laws on American citizens because we are bad, bad, bad;
  • we are also VERY corrupt, very corrupt; (this from a nation that does know corruption) and
  • we must control the guns coming across the border into his Mexico. But we cannot control the guns coming from China, Russia, and whomever else is supplying them.
The following was inserted into the "I'm a proud tea-drinking extremist" and has now been removed to this post: ** Tonight, at On the Record with Greta van Susteren at approximately 10:30PM EDT, Greta and her guest discussed that one of the "rubs" between Mr. Obama and Mr. Calderon in Mexico is that buried within the recent Stimulus Bill, the open access of Mexican truckers to American highways under the Bush Administration has been halted. As a result, Mexico has increased "tariffs" on some of our goods exported to Mexico so this could be a sticky issue. I have not checked this but if it is true, that may be a good thing - certainly for our American truckers whom I support and for our safety. I suggest you search on SPP - the Security and Prosperity Partnership - to see more about the roadways planned to slice across America. Also, Calderon wants to dictate our gun laws and pressure Obama to ban assault weapons. As with Vicente Fox, Calderon should not be allowed to dictate our internal policies and certainly have no say in controlling our Bill of Rights. To be helpful to our neighbor and to be sensitive to his concerns, we should immediately stop being "pantywaists" about this and do what we can to help our neighbor, keeping in mind we are not responsible for what other nations do and the Panama Canal is close:
  • close our border with Mexico - period. Shut the border tight as a drum to protect the Mexicans from our bad, bad ways;
  • stop training their federales and STOP selling or giving them military weapons which are getting into the wrong hands. We know positively that MANY of the weapons getting into Mexico are coming from their pals China and Russia;
  • stop ALL illegal immigration going across our border in either direction; and
  • start charging Mexico for the cost/financial burden of its citizens who are here illegally and draining needed resources away from our citizens - draining resources of our police, prisons, medical teams across the board, our educational systems, etc.
Calderon stays out of dictating our policies to us and we help by listening a bit to his blaming. And then put aside our selfish trolling for more voters and do what is BEST for America's interests, let's put Americans first. Now that would be a kicker... Calderon blamed us for the drug cartel wars in Mexico because of our demand for illegal drugs and he blamed us for them having assault weapons but I believe we are giving assault weapons to Mexico's police. Hmmm... Calderon seems better than to reduce himself to whining and acting like a "victim". Man-up for goodness sake. Calderon cannot blame us and then give us a hard time if we decide finally to implement the only common sense solution to what he blames us for - we have to close the border. We have another thing we can do and this may seem strange coming from me. I'm not sure I fully support it, not for all drugs that are "illegal" now. But we do need to look at the possibilities and give it a hard look. Then compare it with the costs of alcoholism, etc. Surely we have people smart enough who have the numbers, the figures, to do a real analysis to determine how much marijuana is being brought in from Mexico. The drug cartels are now growing it in our own national parks for goodness sake.
  • determine how much marijuana is being brought in or grown and sold here;
  • determine the street value of the marijuana;
  • determine the outrageous cost in lives and dollars to our police and enforcement people in "fighting" just this one drug;
  • determine how many people are in jail for possession of hardly any marijuana at all;
  • determine the cost in crime and injury to innocent citizens now due to the drug trade only attributed to marijuana;
  • determine how much money we could actually make if we controlled its sale and access and how much money we would save if we could use the resources used to "fight" it against the harder drugs;
  • determine how many people we would put out of business;
  • determine the possible cost/control benefit of legalizing the use of marijuana; and
  • determine how we could legalize and control the use of marijuana in our country.
I know I can hardly believe I'm even thinking about this but William F. Buckley, Jr., may he rest in peace, advocated this for decades. He was a brilliant man. Let's take a look. We'd be decreasing the "demand" Calderon was crying about for one drug at least - why should the cartels get all the money, our kids are still going to use the drug and it would be better to control it than criminalize our children - and we'd be helping out our neighbor, Calderon. It is my understanding that meth, cocaine, and the harder drugs are big problems but would it help to take marijuana off the table in the "drug war" scenario? Marijuana is a "gateway" drug and we would be making it available but would that be removing it as a "gate" to the criminal element who feeds off of our kids? Just trying to find some solutions...

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Blogger ConnectingTheDots said...

Interesting blog. The Boomers passing the generational torch to Generation Jones may be a game changer in the movement to legalize weed. Obama, and many of his key appointees, are members of GenJones--born 1954-1965, between the Boomers and Generation X. Many top national commentators (from Newsweek, NBC, CNN, etc.) have spoken about the importance and relevance of GenJones as the new generation of leadership.

Jonesers are by far the biggest pot smokers compared to the other generations. While Boomers are associated with pot, it was only a small, albeit very visible, segment of Boomers who actually smoked pot back in the day. Govt. and independent studies show that Jonesers as teens (in the 1970s) smoked 15 to 20 times more pot than Boomers did as teens. And not only did Jonesers smoke much more grass than any other generation of teens in US history, but still today--in middle-age--smoke it a remarkable amount. The data is really striking.

Additionally, one of the key collective personality traits consistently attributed to Jonesers is their pragmatism; they are far likelier to put aside ideology and deal with drugs in a realistic and practical way.

If ever there was a generation of leadership open to legalizing pot, it probably is Generation Jones. And if there ever was a time that the country might be open to this change in drug laws, perhaps it"s now…

11:50 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Connecting - I cannot believe I even suggested legalizing pot. I have seen the devastation of alcoholism but I just know we can stop pot from being a "gateway" drug. Anyway - I was having dinner the other night with friends and I mentioned this post. Low and behold, a friend for years who is generally liberal or non-political, said, she agreed. Nearly bowled me over, right out of my chair. That told me that some of us are thinking about this legalization for a number of reasons. Take the legs off the Russian Mafia in Florida, let our DEA concentrate on the hard drugs, etc.

Sometimes, one must step back and take a look - that doesn't mean one agrees or wants it, just to take a look and make a "pragmatic" decision that we can handle.

1:48 PM  

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