Thursday, April 02, 2009

American guns in Mexican cartel hands? Nyet! Not many

Well, it is true that some few guns from the American side of the border are making their way to south of the border and into the hands of corrupt Mexican federales or into the hands of Mexican drug cartel members. Our own Attorney General Eric Holder - let's not forget to point out that he is also African-American, unlike President Obama who does not have African-American roots in the traditional American sense - licks his chops and smacks his lips at the thought of confiscating guns owned by law-abiding American citizens. But wait...not so fast. Fox News has just reported - April 2, 2009 at about 1:00PM, that the statement: "90% of guns used in Mexican drug wars are coming from the United States" is false, as in untrue. Mexico only sends the guns they find to the United States that have distinct US markings such as serial numbers. Most - a huge percentage of the guns used by the drug cartels are not sent to the US for tracking because they do NOT have special identifiers because they are guns that are NOT manufactured in the United States. They are manufactured in China and Russia. Read the linked article and you'll find a whole host of nations and blackmarket groups supplying Mexico's drug cartels and revolutionary forces including some of our "allies." Amazing. But money is money, nes pas? So with China owning the Panama Canal - thank you Jimma Cartar - and therefore not having to smuggle guns into Central or South America, the natural question arises. Are China and/or Russia fomenting revolution and instability in Mexico? Well, duh? Not alone but I'd bet they are the heavy hitters. I still wonder why when we have an administration and congress that is going in for the "kill" itself. Why not let them do the dirty work, kill the golden goose, and then just come in a pick up the pieces? That's what I'd do but then these powers are never adverse to picking up a few bucks on the side when it's easy money and shows Obama's weakness even more clearly in relief. Will he protect this nation or not? In this case the "blame America first" crowd would be right, that is, if they blamed Mr. Jimmy Carter at least for his hand in giving up the Panama Canal. Sometimes one has to wonder if some American leaders are just star-struck naive or just plain geo-politically stupid.


Blogger Erik said...

Nowhere does the article claim,

"...a huge percentage of the guns used by the drug cartels are not sent to the US ..."

although that's the sensational impression intended in the article.

The article reports that "83 percent of the guns found at crime scenes in Mexico could not be traced to the U.S." which does not refute the claim it purports to refute - that 90% of guns used by Mexican drug cartels originated in the U.S. Both facts may be true.

90% may be inaccurate, but there's nothing in the article to suggest that and indeed, the cartels are run by savvy business people eager to make use of border crossings both ways.

1:04 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Eric, I'm sorry. I did not mean to suggest that guns were being sent to the US. I meant to say that only 17% of guns used by the cartels were coming from the US. I believe that is what the article did say. Thanks.

7:32 AM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

The context of my statement was in line with the "tracing of the guns" that Mexico finds and sends to us for tracking purposes. Sorry, my mistake.

7:35 AM  
Blogger Erik said...

Oh, I made made an awkward snip or didn't explain what I noticed about the article well enough.

The article convincingly reports that "only 17 percent of guns found at Mexican crime scenes have been traced to the U.S."

But this is not the claim being made in the media - that 90% of the guns used my Mexican cartels come from the U.S. Both claims can be true.

The "90 percent" claim seems it might be a perversion of yet a third and different claim made in Bush era testimony to Congress,

"over 90 percent of the firearms that have either been recovered in, or interdicted in transport to Mexico, originated from various sources within the United States."

In think the main point being made: that a large proportion of the firearms used by the cartels are illegally procured through U.S. sources is probably correct, but maybe beside the point: There's plenty of arms dealers who will sell to anyone who ponies up the money. It's an international problem.

1:15 PM  
Blogger Beach Girl said...

Si, and even more happily if it helps the
'blame America-firsters". Reminds me of kids playing and getting caught doing something wrong. All pointing their fingers at each other and telling the grown-ups "he did it ' 'no, i didn't. Susie did it."

Only except for the drug king pins, there don't seem to be any grown-ups in charge. Certainly not Janet Napolitano, San Fran 'there's never been a baby I didn't want aborted 'cept for mine' Nan, or Harry 'I know where All the bodies are buried' Reid.

I know we have dedicated American agents trying to defend our nation but I just cannot get rid of the sick feeling that the administration will be delighted when the drug wars become even more active within our borders. If we had a parliamentary form of gov., I'd have to vote 'no confidence'.

Being a patriot who loves our nation and her people, it is difficult to have to accept that some of our elected people at the federal level really are working to destroy this nation and end our sovereignty, not to mention our free enterprise system which is the one that let's individuals strive for the American Dream. They are forming us up into pretty distinct groups - as I recall from history we had a short time during and a few years right after the Korean War that we were all working things out as Americans - then in the 60s things such as institutionalized racism was codified. That's when we, the people, started being divided again as a matter of quotas/law.

Way off topic, but today, I am really worried for our nation. The only other time I have had such strong concerns was when Robert Kennedy was running for the Democrat presidential nomination. He's ideology and his charisma bothered me. No matter what he said, people followed him blindly. Always dangerous in a republic.

3:59 PM  

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