Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Holocaust: an impossibility?

From Eternity Road, here is a link to a presentation of what General Dwight Eisenhower did when the Allied Armies found the unthinkable:  It Seems Impossible...
Today, scholars are still discussing if all those other brutalized souls the Nazis murdered should be included under the term Holocaust.  We can leave that discussion to the scholars while we honor those fathers and mothers who walked to the "showers" with their children in their arms.  
We must never forget. 


Blogger Bobillw said...

Beach Girl - I hope you and your readers will see, at least, some small correlation between what General Eisenhower did - expose for posterity the cruel and unusual evils of what the NAZI's did - and the exposing of the harsh interrogation methods used by CIA personnel in the last few years. Please don't conclude that I equate the two in terms of the a) the motives, b) the suffering endured by the victims, and c) the long-term effects on the survivors. But as surely as the German population needed to be shown what evils had been perpertrated by their government, so the United States poplulation needs to understand that its government does not always come to the table with clean hands.

6:51 PM  

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