Monday, February 22, 2010

Cold War Honey Trap to beat the Taliban

From Christina Lamb of the UKTimes on Line: Bees; a new honey trap to stop the IEDs in Afghanistan.">Robots and bees to beat the Taliban"> Yee haw! Maybe we're getting some where and it would be "green" jobs too.
I can invision an entire new genre of manly cold war movies set in that British blurred tint I enjoy so much. .. Anyway, Who says we can't have fun and win a war at the same time as well as protect American lives and the lives of Afghanistan soldiers who are trying to defend their own country from one day to the next. And we can create new jobs too... The possibilities are endless. more demand for Bee keepers, more floppy hats and netting...let your imagination take flight.
Who ya gonna call? 007? Nope not for this honey trap.
Call in the bees; we've already got our head community organizer extortionist some might say. Talk about a clever idea for a honey trap. Seems those little bees can be taught in 20 minutes or less to detect or distinguish one scent or substance from another. Instead of bomb sniffing dogs, we'll fill the mountains of Afghanistan with bomb detecting bees buzzing ruthlessly to victory dropping little Miranda cards out as they fly along to any insurgent radical islamists extremists they may inadvertently sting Totally by accident you understand. Just sniffing for bombmaking making materials, general, and that's the truth of it, Sir, just the truth and he - the insurrgent - stole my pen. Why not just afix night-night juice to my stinger? I can mirandize the murderers, read 'em their rights at the same time pass on a lethal injection. Talk about a cost effective delivery system AND Remember I'm a non-violent bee, no water-boarding involved. Just sniffing away, just sniffing away...
The article is just plain good. But it seems that in all of the researching, the scientists have learned that the Taliban behave more like "street-gang community organizer thugs trained at less prestigious institutions than our Ivy League thugs list on their vita but still with a bent toward extortion; Oh that radicalizer Saul Alinsky.
but the bees it seems can't be bought off. They are high class thugs Or won't stoop to that level of submission. they cannot bow They're bees we're talking about and they're going for the honey not the money. They are bees after all, manly bees no doubt. Manly bees who know just what to do with their many bomb detecting tongues. Honest to goodness. Read the article. We have a budget deficit or so I've heard but I think it's more like a deficit in manly men, eh? Who have a growing attention deficit disorder to just exactly who our enemies are... demonstrating their urgency for remedial training. Now, repeat after me,"exactly who are the folks with red and green flags who want to kill us and annihilate Israel another member of the United Nations? How did these folks controlling our lives from D.C. ever graduate from K-12? It is shameful... Much less from universities that reputedly use text books with words not just pictures of boring and possibly the most harmful teaching "aid" to which our students have been subjected for the Lord only knows how long now... That is the cruel and unusual punishment of the endless powerpoint regurgitation for high technology that has now replaced the art of teaching. If we subjected the Gitmo boys to PowerPoint (my apologies to the creators of power Point presentations typed in Arabic I'd be screaming habeus corpus too... Why not just play Ravel's Bolero all day and drive them all crazy. On the bright side...
Another possible upside is that I don't see why the bees can't be put to work buzzing about through all of those poppy fields and putting more Afghans to work at what could well become the world's largest honey producing factory in the world. Hummm....
Just wondering what that laudanum laced honey would taste like and would it be good for dear Auntie Harriet's vapors following her nightly mint julep as she pauses and lowers her weary self onto the porch swing to refresh herself in the cooling summer's night air sprawled out, one toe swinging her lazily back and forth on the wrap-around veranda in the cushion packed swing, Oh mercy, I have been meaning to find that can of 3-in-1 oil... Spanish moss hanging from tree limbs and fire flies cheering on the bees half a world away.
We could save American lives, create more jobs, distribute the wealth more efficiently through a federally managed program so the money would go from the poppy field's owners to the war lords following the administrations' axiom "from each according to his means to each according to his needs or according to his extortionists demands" and ability to threaten us. Here the warring Taliban tribal thugs probably win out, put more folks to work and settle Auntie Harriet's nerves all at the same time. Caught in the gentleness of the moment we relax to appraise
Their fragile little fire-fly tails flickering "go bees go! as the fireflies show their patriotism.
Now talk about a mixture for a hot toddy... with a hint of honey suckle mixed in, I have either lived in the South too long or read too many of Pat Conroy's and Flannery O'Connor's books and short stories. But I like it just fine. There is a place in our beloved America for everyone who wants to pull his weight and stand shoulder to shoulder in common cause to catch and kill the Islamists extremists who want to kill us and corrupt our laws and our U.S. Constitution. This is the land of the free and the home of the brave and those Taliban cowards who cover a helpless, beaten woman in a pale blue bur qua, make her kneel in the dirt of a soccer field and brazenly execute her Nazi style in front of their sexually repressed younger thugs. And this is what some would have us bring to America! Hell, NO! Not on our watch.
And some of us are Always on Watch...
Some flu has hit the region where I am and we are getting clobbered. No hot toddy for me.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Khomenie: Huff and puff and blow your house down

Well, the Ayatollah Khomenie, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Police State of Iran following the 7th Century interpretations of the Qur'an is beating his chest about Iran now being a nuclear nation while at the same time beating and imprisoning dissidents there at home who are speaking out against the illegal regime of Mad Jad, the muppet. Does that come as a surprise to anyone? Now does it? Remember, his Supreme Excellency is taunting and goading Israel into a pre-emptive strike. He knows the United States under his Supreme Excellency BHO only supports dictators and theocratic leaders/thugs (same as dictators) so that Israel will receive no support from the United States' current administration with blessedly only three more years to go give or take a few days. We are in interesting times. Being human, however, we have no idea which way things will go. We are as much at the mercy of fate as we have ever been except for the times when we had leaders in the world, men as well as women, who had courage and who know how to stand before bullies in the world's playgroud dad are out for the evening. "Trash the house." Peace to the youth and elderly in Iran who are fighting the MAD regime and peace to the Israelis and the Arabs who live amongst them. ayatollah and those other badboy selves. May the IDF be on alert and do what has to be done to secure peace in the Middle East. Now throwing sand in their eyes ses a bit of good old jolly good funand for the PC crowd: Camels have rights took nes paws too juch for the water torture guys. Way too m. I'm just waiting to see who starts the pre-emptive "bombing first: Israel or Tehran. being the bully on the play ground and whopping the stuffings out of them 0uld over-reach Islamists fundamentalist terrorist or nations supporting same effortssuch terrorist-agenda seemingly of our president and his State Department Hillary should consider practicing her iniversals "Negro" dialect.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Against Climate Change, Iran goes NUCLEAR

As anyone with a couple of brain cells working together can tell you, the climate changes daily and sometimes by the hour; from the great movie Bull Durham, the team manager even said, "Sometimes ya get to play ball, sometimes ya don't, and sometimes ya just get rained out." (paraphrase) My question is and always has been, "Just how much money is the Honorable Algore raping, I mean making, from his 'climate change' boondoggle." Good gracious, like Abe Lincoln said, "Ya can fool some of the people all the time"... ya just got to build a better mouse trap and dumb down the education system. Whooeee! The New York Times has a great article - there I said it - Climate-Change Debate is heating up in Deep Freeze written by John M. Broder. Just when man gets himself all arrogant and puffed up to pass crippling legislation like CAP and TRADE to destroy the nation God founded, God slaps the scientists around the head and shoulders a bit and says, "Dummkopfs." And then the scientists, hedging their bets, promise us more snow! On to scary Iran... And big surprise, Iran says it is enriching uranium - now is that news to anyone? Really? Here's a good article with plenty of pictures as well as a link to an Obama statement: Iran Revolution day protests: squelched; Islamic Republic now nuclear state. Obama's statement here. Mad men or not, you have to hand it to the Ayatollah and the other Islamists terrorists who plan and who work to destroy the West; they are telling us about their plans and they are telling as they reach the various levels of goals along the path toward their ultimate objective. When are we going to start listening and acting instead of "talking?" These mad men don't need "talking" or "negotiation"; they need what they are giving to their own citizens who are fighting against them in the streets of Iran. These mad men need no sanctions that hurt all of the people; these men need:
  • to be rounded up,
  • to be imprisoned for crimes, hate crimes against the world, "thoughts and opinions" you remember Holland?,
  • to have the nuclear locations destroyed, and ...
then a balance of sanity and democratic republics not based upon Sharia Law instituted so that the people can have freedom to worship as they desire but can have freedom before a just law that treats people of any sect of religio-politico Islam or other religious faith fairly. All things being equal, does anyone argue that the energy spent dithering about "climate change" is well-spent given that Iran has every chance of beating the "climate" at changing the world in a more timely fashion? Since "climate change" is naturally occurring and Iran's Ayatollahs are creations of Jimmy Carter, I'd bet on the Ayatollahs making the most planetary change more quickly if given the chance.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Obama: from a shrink's eye view

The following post at Pesky Emotional Republican: A practicing psychiatrist analyzes Barack Hussein Obama is well worth your time. I don't think the shrink goes into quite enough detail because I believe the "patient" in question has rather more disorders than the shrink discussed unless the others I see are really just shared manifestations or aspects within the shrink's analysis.
The analysis was listed in Larwyn's Linx (see my sidebar) which are compiled for us each day by Doug at Director Blue. Larwyn is busy gathering posts and news from around the blogosphere and sharing it with us, alerting us and sometime making us laugh. With the far-left, you have to laugh to keep your sanity. We have to take what they do and try to force upon us and our children seriously but we have to laugh at them because they area so enthralled with their power and pronouncements. In the words of San Fran Botox Nan: "We won; we'll write the legislation! Period..." "And we'll negotiate with terrorist-sponsoring nations any time we want too cause they dress like we did in Haight-Ashbury when we were rolling our own..." As President Obama stated we've bent over backwards for Iran. Maybe that is not what the Ayatollahs wanted. Hummm..... Well, tomorrow is Feb. 11, 2010. Let's see what the Ayatollah, the Supreme Leader of Iran, has in store for the West. I hope Israel doesn't jump the gun and attack because that is just what the whining mullahs want. A worrisome little detail off topic: By the way, as an aside, many of us in the West, myself included speak of Islam as an over-reaching monotheistic belief system/political ideology in the form of a theocracy shared by all folks who say they are Muslims. I was reading a report out of Pakistan last night which seemed to contradict that perspective. It seems there are so many "sects" of Islam it would make your head spin and it seems that each and every sect has its own specific leader descended from the former leader and so on and so forth. It is almost as though every mosque is its own sect. It was easy to put folks into pigeon holes: Islamists and non-violent Muslims; all grouped together as violent and non-violent followers of the "same" ideology but that just isn't so, is it... Gotta work with this one for a while. I know there are all sorts of protestant religious sects and various ideologies within Republicans but swooping all Muslims under the same umbrella may not be the way to think about them or Islam. I don't know...just don't know. I do know that Muslims who do not support Iran's current regime are being imprisoned as I type as a run-up to the 2/11 "celebration". I wonder if Jimmy Carter was invited. Will he ever be replaced as the second to worst president we have ever had?

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Obama to negotiate with Iran, not with Republicans

Another day of "As the World Turns around Obama's Universe" with another tale of "it's all about me"...and teleprompters.
Isn't it funny, I mean laughable, that the President of the United States will negotiate with the Mad Mullahs of Iran, the folks who warn us as the Qur'an requires that Israel will be annihilated BUT our very own president will NOT negotiate with Republicans right here at home? Perhaps he is unable to discuss matters with Republicans because their points are cogent and defend Americans.
Or maybe it's just simply that his mores are more in line with those of the dictators, theocratic rulers of Iran than with the folks here at home who , oh say, want to follow the U.S. Constitution and have good arguments for doing so?
Read what William A. Jacobson has to say in his post Negotiations without preconditions for Iran, but not for Republicans.
Mr. Obama may simply have leanings that are more sympathetic to radical fundamentalist Islamists/aka Islamic terrorists than he has with Americans whom he has sworn to defend and protect. I don't know.
We'll see soon as Feb. 11, 2010 draws down upon us. Are the sights of the Iranian Crescent taking aim on Israel? Are their little North Korean buddies working in concert with their supporters within the Iranian Islamic government?
Do the Russians really want bombs going off just because we have a president whom some perceive as weak? I don't think he's weak at all. He's just in step with the Marxist and Islamic ideology of a "one world government."
To be fair so are former Presidents Bush I, Clinton, and Bush II. The only difference perhaps is who will control that "one world government" because now that radical Islamic leaders have put their cards on the table and their money in the pot, once cannot tell at this point just who will control that "one world government." Perhaps George Soros? Or maybe Soros just has a Plan or Option III.

Somali Taliban is new envoy to US

H/T to Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch and Rusty, see post, pointing out that the Somali Taliban envoy to US is also a contributor at the Huffington Post and a representative of CAIR.
We'll find out 2/11/2010. Once an Ayatollah has backed himself into a corner, is there any place for him to go except ballistic?

Burqa: the shroud of death in Turkey and the world

Phyllis Chesler has posted Buried alive in Turkey - and under the burqa in Front Page Magazine.
And Turkey is to become a member of the EU? Why not? With the shameful Stalinist-like show trial of Geert Wilders, seems Turkey would be right at home with the current Sharia-compliant court of Holland.
But now.... This link will give you access to videos about a Muslim man beheading his wife in New York and other assorted atrocities committed against women in the name of the ideology that is called Islam. And then a few images.
Where are the NOW women in America protesting the burqa in America? Where the women in the days of "Equal Rights for Women" today? Defending women who follow Islam from the slavery and tyranny that makes them, these women, non-persons. No. The so-called feminists are silent and no equal for the ideology of Islam that would enslave them too for their Islamic-defined wicked ways, let's not even mention morals, let's just keep it to "speaking" out against the inequalities of society.
For more understanding of the burqa, see Origins of the Burqa. The burqa is NOT of Islamic origin. It was worn for centuries long before Islam came upon the scene in the 600s. The burqa and other assorted body coverings were used as a practical necessity by Bedouins and other nomadic people to protect them from the sands and from the heat.
"For women only the masking of the face and the body was used when one group was being raided by another group. These raids often included the taking of women of child-bearing age...." The burqa was used as a defense or deceptive measure to make it more difficult for the raiders to identify which among the women were of child-bearing age...
Interesting and now ideology has used the burqa as a symbol of bondage. Where are the NOW gals now? Same place they were when Juanita Broderick had been told to "put some ice on it."
Two young women, born in America, but daughters to a Muslim father, were killed by him in Dallas, Texas because they had cowboy boyfriends up in Amarillo or close to that area. The father no doubt fled the country.
Americans owe it to the memory of these two young girls and to all of our citizens to protect them from an ideology that condones - and maybe even commands - the killing/murdering of women. How can we do any less?

Geert Wilders and the International Court, Act II

I add this post from Front Page Magazine because it carries the full message of what the Dutch Court is all about and what I said to a commenter here: that all that is needed is a precedent for the International Courts to come into play and silence any discussion about the ideology that is Islam.
You say, no problem here in America because we have our Bill of Rights. Wrong, bucko! Our tyrannical dictators are leading us ever closer to control by the UN.
Some far-left extremist justices on our Supreme Court who should, in my opinion be impeached, have stated openly that they review foreign decisions when making their rulings. This is in clear violation of their oath of office to uphold the Constitution of the United States.
It is not a very long leap to see that they would say that any discussion of Islam and its ideology is against the Constitution because it seems to me that everyone conveniently forgets that Islam is a political ideology dressed in clerical trappings.
It is one thing for a person who peacefully follows what is called "spiritual Islam" to live with his neighbors who follow other religions; it is another for the Ayatollah of Iran to ensure his followers that Israel will be annihilated.
Israel is not a religion, neither is a Zionist Regime a religion and an Islamic Republic such as Iran is NOT a religion. It is governed by dictates known as Sharia Law which are Islamic Law and that law is not a religion. Within Iran there is no separation of "church" and "state."
Once the precedent is set if Geert Wilders is convicted then NO ONE has the freedom to express opinions about the brutality carried out in the name of Islam - 9/11, the slaughter at Fort Hood, and on the violence of jihad goes with no one allowed to speak against it.
Our President Obama has already expressed that he will side with the Muslims, including ALL Muslims under that cloak of violent jihad. In my opinion, that is not a true representation.
So, on 2/11 when the Ayatollah serves up his 'punch' for the West, will President Obama defend our freedoms and the lives of Israelis and the Arabs who live in Israel or will Mr. Obama be AWOL? Missing in Indonesia - a fine place to be during such conflagration with all the rejoicing and such - the largest Islamic state in the world.
The Ayatollah has warned the West so he is free and clear to attack in any manner. What is it that these jihadists have with the number 11?
To the youth rebelling in Iran, if Israel must attack to defend itself, it is NOT attacking you. It is supporting you in your effort. Please, do not be sucked into the ploy of the Ayatollah.

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Monday, February 08, 2010

Holland Court shameless, while Iran's Khamenei touts annihilation of Israel

Now that's what I call "freedom of speech" in the good old Islamic Republic of Iran.
While a court in Holland dithers and embarrasses itself all over the place over the fate of free speech in Holland and over the issue of whether or not the Honorable Geert Wilders initiated "hate speech" or committed a crime because he wanted to discuss the impact of Islamic ideology/Sharia Law and the Islamization of Holland and Europe, he is a politician after all, the great Ayatollah Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran, was busy assuring his followers that the Zionist Regime/Israel would soon face annihilation. That means people killed, wiped off the face of the earth as in exterminated as in "the final solution."
Duh! Anyone have a problem with that ideology?
See Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit for excellent post with picture of Khamenei's guard giving the old zig heil salute: Iranian Supreme Leader very optimistic that Zionist regime will soon face annihilation.
Now that's what one could call "freedom of speech" and certainly inciting to hatred and discrimination not to mention the annihilation of an entire people. No political ideology there!
Good grief! Anyone in Holland feeling like a fool?
How in the world can the prosecutor and the court in Holland even hold their heads up from the shame of prosecuting the Honorable Geert Wilders?
I wonder how they will feel when the Ayatollah is touting the annihilation of infidels throughout Holland or welcoming the Caliphate and the institution of Sharia Law. Whoops!
One more link: Iran anniversary 'punch' will stun the West. Look for supporters of Iran's rebellion to be beaten, imprisoned, and otherwise treated harmfully to silence them.

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Geert Wilders' Trial: the trial of every man standing for freedom

Geert Wilders on Trial
1) "In January 2009 the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam ruled that the Public Prosecutor had to prosecute Geert Wilders on the basis of his political beliefs." here.
A question: Will Islam imams and others who call for the destruction of the West be prosecuted in Holland as well for their political beliefs?
2) "The indictment reads: group insult of Muslims, incitement to hatred and discrimination against Muslims due to their religion...."
Geert Wilders: ".....I am being prosecuted for my political convictions. The freedom of speech is on the verge of collapsing. If a politician is not allowed to criticize an ideology anymore, this means that we are lost, and it will lead to the end of our freedom...."
And here we go down the rabbit hole: "Earlier this year, the Supreme Court of the Netherlands ruled that even though is is indeed punishable to insult a group of people, it is not punishable to insult a religion as such." Keep in mind that Islam is a political ideology dressed in clerical trappings.
For the rest, see here.
3) Speech by Geert Wilders, quoting our Thomas Jefferson that the price of freedom is eternal viligance. Speech. His opening speech at his trial. It is here that I must agree with the Honorable Geert Wilders.
I myself have nothing against people who are Muslims and practice peacefully; I have problems with an ideology that desires the destruction of my way of life, the submission of my freedoms to the altar of Islam, and the implementation of Sharia Law over the U.S. Constitution. I cannot but hold that Islam as I am familiar with it has no tolerance for me and incites its followers to destroy me and all I hold dear, including our freedom of religion under which the very ideology of Islam seeks to erode our freedoms. If my understanding is correct, Islam is diametrically opposed to the freedoms enjoyed by people living within democrat Republics. I have problems with the fundamentalist Islamists who, in the name of intolerance and world domination, fly jet liners into towering buildings slaughtering innocent people, men, women, children regardless of their faith.
In America, in the House of Representatives, a House Resolution was passed that deals exclusively with Islam can be found H.RES.288 of the 109th Congress; "Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives condemning bigotry and religious intolerance, and recognizing that holy books of every religion should be treated with dignity and respect." Voted on May 19, 2005. The Resolution speaks against "religious intolerance" which is redundant given our First Amendment; however, this resolution is just the first stepping stone among many to solidify the intolerance perceived of Islam against Christianity and Judaism or we non-believers.
We have yet to acknowledge that Islam is a political ideology not a "religion" alone. It is that ideology and the inability even to discuss or postulate upon its ramifications upon Western Civilization that is the rub.
And now in Holland, a Parliamentarian Geert Wilders, a politician is on trial for his political beliefs. How can he be on trial for his "political beliefs" if the ideology he criticizes is not a "political ideology" or does the very trial itself affirm his assertion that it is the political ideology of Islam, not Muslim men and women, that he believes needs to face the clear light of day and the issues of that ideology upon life in the Netherlands must be discussed?
And Mr. Wilders is being prosecuted because he wants to discuss what the prosecutors must also believe is a political ideology - Islam.
By his very trial, his prosecutors prove his point.
Let me mention that laws that protect the "protected ideology" today can easily be turned to denounce it tomorrow...

Hate Crimes: when "thoughts and opinions" are prosecuted

Oh, it is an Orwellian world in which we live. We seem to be living in a world gone mad.
Many of us have heard of the Honorable Geert Wilders of Holland and the trial he is now enduring for what? Speaking an opinion against female genital mutilation practiced by some adherents of Islam. See Wilders on Trial.
When will our freedom of speech be ended in America? Looks like that is on the way, as a reading of Will Politically Incorrect Opinion become a Hate Crime? may show how that can happen. I strongly recommend the site, EuropeNews, "No tolerance for intolerance; no apology for being free."
The most intolerant leadership on earth at the moment are the Islamists who whine like spoiled children if someone should even discuss the acts perpetrated under the name of Islam. For that matter, they whine like spoiled children if anyone even discusses Islam for any reason.
Back to the Honorable Geert Wilders... Western Civilization on trial: Why we should be watching Geert Wilders Trial. Search on Geert Wilders for many articles and essays of the importance of his trial to all of us.
And from National Review Online, Western Civilization on trial featuring Bat Ye'or, Paul Marshall, Clifford D. May, Daniel Pipes, Nina Shea, and others.
The Honorable Geert Wilders is being prosecuted for "hate speech" that insight "racial" or rather "ethnic disharmony" because some Islamists just have to have something to whine about and any speech that brings some practices to the table for discussion are being considered "hate speech" if spoken by infidels. Understand that such speech is already forbidden by Sharia Law within Islam. The effect is to force Sharia Law on the rest of us.
Holland should be filled with shame at this egregious assault upon human rights to freedom of opinion and speech, as well as thought. If "hate thought" were a crime, then it would seem that many Islamists who speak openly for the destruction of the West should be prosecuted.
But no that will not occur. Why? Because now is the time for Islamists to castigate anyone who does not believe as they do - politically which is the same as religiously.
Europe has itself tied up in knots and the EU and its immigration policies forced upon member nations carries much of the blame. When will people in Europe, non-Muslims, be allowed to freely move to Islamic nations bringing their religions and politics with them freely? When will such folks be given the status of rights well and beyond the rights or status of native citizens of these Islamic nations? Never.
For the best coverage or up-to-date information regarding the prosecution of the Honorable Geert Wilders, please see The Gates of Vienna.
Allow me one more thought here that may not seem germane but to me it is. This Crusade, a word used by both Muslim conquerors as well as Christian conquerors for their relative battles for world domination, is not a new "thing" to our century. It is as old as the beginnings of Islam itself. It is difficult for Christians today to understand that all or most of the Mediterranean coastal regions were at one time Christian. Many of the churches started by Paul and others were established in what is now Turkey.
To the point, I have just completed a book, Mistress of the Monarchy, by Alison Weir. Alison Weir may have written my favorite book of all the many I have read, Eleanor of Aquitaine, herself a lady who went on two Crusades and lived for nearly 100 years through the 1100s into the 1200s, Eleanor that is. (I do not have the book available to me at this time to verify the author.) In Mistress of the Monarchy, allow me to quote one paragraph dealing with John of Gaunt and one of his sons with Katherine Swynford, the Duchess of Lancaster in the 1390s, herself passing away in 1400. Page 253 in the paperback.
John (of Gaunt's) worsening health may account for his fears for the safety of his heir (Henry of Derby), who had been on perilous expeditions in the past, some financed by his father; yet his anxiety did not apparently extend to his younger son, John Beaufort, who went crusading against Turks in Hungary and Bulgaria in 1396, and in September was present at the siege of Nicopolis, a campaign that ended in the mass capture and slaughter of the Christian army and left Bulgaria under Muslim domination for five centuries. John Beaufort, fortunately came home to tell the tale.
The fight for world domination with the Muslims under the leadership of such as those leading Iran today is not a sometime thing. It is believed that now is their time for world domination in the name of Allah. We must take them seriously because they are extremely serious. The question for them, within Islam it seems, is which branch of Islam will be world dominate.
That may be up to us in that we may get our senses about us, accept the rot that is "political correctness" acting like syphilis on the brain turning it to cottage cheese, and not allow our world to be overturned and our civilization to be destroyed mostly by our own weakness of will.
*As an aside, it is up to Muslims within Islam to fight for their rights to voice differences of opinion and I appreciate that many true scholars do but it is not for Islamic forces to impose their standards of intolerance upon us. It is our tolerance for their intolerance that is our Achilles heel.
From Daniel Pipes, The Islamic challenge forces Europeans to take stock of themselves in unprecedented ways. This challenge is not new; it is centuries old. But once upon a time, in a Europe far, far away, the Europeans knew who they were and they knew the culture they had spawned. Are those Europeans gone or they still willing to defend themselves for the current invasion from Islamists to overthrow and dominate and destroy their culture.
Are Europeans of today willing to see Notre Dame destroyed in flames or Westminster Abbey torn stone from stone? Is that the future that awaits or are Europeans of today willing to live in dhimmitude if only they will be allowed to keep their icons?
Europeans of today can keep their civilization simply by standing their ground and coming to their senses. They do not have to allow themselves to be pushed to violence. They can simply outlaw all manner and means of Sharia Law and be done with it. That means no man can have four wives all of whom collect welfare, among other things.
Let me mention that laws that protect the "protected ideology" today can quickly be turned upon it tomorrow.

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Blue Collar Republican: What is a Republican?

From Blue Collar Republican, we find: What is a Republican?.
The post is worth our reading and re-reading. We have to hold "these principles" firm in our minds and our hearts. Even more, in our souls because they are the essence of who we are and what we stand for.
I hold that America is an ideal. In that, I find I am very much like Thomas Jefferson. I tried to explain "America" to a Kiwi friend who was becoming an American citizen.
Perhaps it is naive of me in this day and age still to hold to America as an Ideal but I do and it is this innate ideal that will "get us through." We are a nation that believes in God. Our very founding honored and revered the ideal that "man" has rights that are unalienable and that are God-given, coming from Our Creator.
How immense that acknowledgement is. We are created by One external to ourselves; One from whom we are bestowed rights that supersede the "privileges or right to vote, to drive a car, to do any number of things" that are allowed by governments: federal, state, and local.
Our government has even bestowed upon us, in my personal opinion, the "right" to take the life of another human being - to murder God's creation - under the banner of a "woman's right to choose." In my personal opinion, with the exception of rape, forced incest, and other violent attacks against women, women also have the responsibility of "birth control" and murder isn't a viable means of birth control.
But America is an Ideal. It is the ideal that I believe is somehow inherited and was once taught to us in our homes as well as in our schools: K-12. We are by our nature a "can-do" society. We are not the pets or wards of an omniscient GOVERNMENT. We must be taught to govern ourselves, manage our lives within the laws of decent society and gentility.
Read "What is a Republican?" and read our founding documents. At the moment, I have been reading biographies of our first five presidents and also a biography of Alexander Hamilton. I've also read several biographies of Andrew Jackson. For good or bad, our founding fathers had guts and courage. They had vision but the forces within our own nation today have vision too and throughout the 1900s, the so-called Progressives/Liberals of both political parties have been working to destroy our foundation.
The break-up of the family, most heinously done to many black families especially after the Korean War when these families were making inroads. The Progressives/Liberals cannot wait for us to evolve naturally into stronger, less-government-dependent people; they need to bring about change forcefully and quickly taking our independence away.
We are better than that and we cannot fall for it again, not now. We have fallen for it before - all of us have, and we cannot afford the luxury of looking to the federal government for our next meal. We have to teach ourselves to fish so that we can feed our families and, as small business people, learn and grow to feed and clothe others.
Read "What is a Republican?" A friend of mine in Southern California says that the illegals from Mexico who get into a truck of someone they do not know and do a day's work only on the promise of payment and being returned to where they were picked up are Republicans, they just don't know it and then they get captured by the unions, much like the patron system they have just left.
To me, the American ideal is something we are born with and it is too precious to allow to die or to be repackaged into dependency upon the all-seeing-eye of government.
The Washington Calendar that the Senate, your Senator, can send to you if you ask for one is filled on each day with items that occurred on each day in 1810 - two hundred years ago. The calendar is named, "We, the people."
We must never forget that "We, the people" are the leaders of this nation and the elected elite in Washington, D.C. work FOR US.
God bless you...

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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Obama term: the yo yo years

Through another scheme originating from the Obama White House of paternalism toward the citizens of the nation, we find WH proposes helping firms refinance property loans. This effort is to help small businesses "where jobs are created." These are the same small businesses that may well be destroyed through crushing new taxes - taxes either on the businesses themselves or higher taxes on the middle class folks who create and run these small businesses. We see what happened to the banks who took bailout funds. What small businesses can afford to allow the government on refinancing their loans? I predict three more years of yo yo economics, yo yo foreign policy, and yo yo military efforts. We have an administration whose leaders - certainly not Obama alone - have an agenda and they will implement any tactical methods to bring that agenda into effect no matter how circuitous. What is that agenda? Finite control of the American people in every single aspect of their lives. The more we allow the existing administration in to "help" us, the more personal control and personal responsibility we give up and the more freedoms are lost. I worked at a university that had different title grants from the federal government. I assure you, once the camel's nose is inside the tent, ALL of your business becomes subject to interference, regulation, and control. I saw the same thing in Texas where grants were available to help ranchers but the second a rancher took a grant designed to help him - which would actually help him - he essentially gave his lands up for federal snooping and/or management. It seems to me, as on woman's opinion, that after watching the first year of this administration, we will be buffeted about like that yo yo on a string and we'll feel like we have been dropped down the rabbit hole where up is down and down is up. Hang on. We've only three years to go and we are promised attacks from fundamentalist radical Islamists within the next 3 to 6 months. Aside from the loss of American lives and pain and suffering, this could lead to martial law, a quicker means to control. Yes, I'm concerned for our future. Our currency is being made worthless and rumor has it the EU is not fairing well. Hang on! It could be a bumpy ride with a seeming extremist in the White House, a man not respected or feared by foreign powers who would do us harm and a man who can buy off a Senator such as Ben Nelson on the health care/death panel legislation. We know what that says about Senator Ben Nelson but what does it say about the White House leadership?* *I'm not limiting that leadership just to Obama. He's only the man with the title. I believe it's the other men who are getting him into so much trouble; not that he is not capable of it on his own. No, they are his "yes" men who give support and con him into the acceptability of his agenda. After all, their power is paramount to them. Yes? He is only the hand that gives them their power.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Islam: Everything you ever needed to know

With respect for the few people I know who follow Islam and who revere our nation's freedoms, I must point out the following post as an extraordinary reference:
I believe in our freedom to practice religion as long as that practice does not preach or foment the undermining of our freedoms and our democratic republic. In America, we cannot live under a Theocracy which is the only face of Islam that we see as portrayed by Islamic Republics.
The changes or reformation that must come to Islam must come from within. If we are pushed to defend ourselves in our own streets, the outcome is assured and the pain and suffering our defense of our selves and our way of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness could be what you would expect it to be. Too horrible even to think.
We must support the youth of Iran as they fight for their freedom. If they choose Sharia Law, then that is their choice but we cannot allow Sharia Law to be exported into Western Nations. When the British are finally pushed with their backs against the wall, they will be forced to defend themselves even if the Queen will not. France and Italy must defend themselves as well as will Denmark soon.
When your cultural and historical survival are in imminent risk, you are given no choice.
I cannot advocate violence but I can only hope and pray that had I been on Flight 93 with Todd Beamer (sp) and his fellow passengers, I would have had the courage to fight. If my death and the death of my most beloved family had been hanging in the balance, I can only pray that I would have stood with other passengers to "not go silently" into that good night but to have stood for liberty and for saving those on the ground who did not even know the threat to them that was imminent.
This is the place to which Western Civilization is being pushed. I know it is futile but I ask reasonable and rational followers of Islam under the autocratic and dominate rule of their leaders to please save Western Civilization from Islamic domination. If you do not, there will be freedom no where and you will have no place to run to for political asylum and safety.
This may be delusional "wishful" thinking to which I am not prone so please forgive my lapse. It would be something like asking ordinary German civilians to rise up against Hitler - just could not be done. Islam cannot and will not dominate the world. If the current path is followed by such as the leaders of Iran and they attack Israel, a terrible fire will rain down on many innocent men, women, and children regardless of their "religious" practices. We are way beyond the issue of God and "my God is better than your God" stuff here because we have passed into the terrifying madness of man, men of power who hunger only for more power. And as we know, "absolute power corrupts absolutely." Absolute power can devolve into the face of madness.
In the end, they can only succeed by destroying themselves and many innocents with them. And God will look upon us and weep.
If you have not read this link, please read it and add it to your sidebar. It is worth having, reading, and sharing: The Terrifying Brilliance of the Islamic Memeplex. Citizen Warrior deserves credit for making this available. I pray for the safety of the Muslims - young and old - in Iran who are fighting the Iranian regime of the Ayatollah and the illegal power of Mad Jad. It is within these nations that change must come. And to fail to see that there is a rebellion going on within the enormous scope of Islam would be to miss a major event perhaps of this century. We are familiar with the Wahabis of Saudi Arabia, especially violent and anti-Western; the Sunnis, the Shia, but there are many more lesser or varying sects. And let's not forget Brigit Gabrial's statement, "They are tribes with flags." Thanks to the British, of course. I think the British are getting paid back a bit...

Obama: one man comedy show "we can count on"

Here he goes again. When the Democrats especially the likes of Turban Durbin are trash-talking about any and all Republicans, it is freedom of speech. When Republicans are laughing their heads off instead of pulling their hair out when our Comedian in Chief gives the State of the Union show, he calls for civility.
I can't stop laughing. Exactly when have we ever had "civility" in Washington politics. We don't send Representatives and Senators to D.C. for "civility"; we send them to represent our interests and figuratively kick the living stuffings out of those who are doing us harm.
My, my! Mr. Brown goes to Washington must have really shivered the old bones of those "we won; we write the legislation" Dems. Washed-out and washed-up Harry Reid is so afraid he won't seat the new Senator from Mass.
Won't it be fun to see the richest woman in D.C. or maybe the world, Ms. Pelosi, no longer be the Speaker of the House so we don't have to watch her little Botox smile for which she must need pain meds to stop the muscle spasms? But I digress...
Just a smattering of reading about our founding and early years will tell even the least astute reader that there has never been and, God willing, never will be "civility" in Washington politics. How much fun would that be? None, no fun at all, and believe me we need anything we can find funny to laugh at these days as we are circling the drain, courtesy of Mr. Obama. Tis a bit late to keep blaming former President George W. Bush.
Here's just one quotation from the article:
Speaking at the annual National Prayer Breakfast, Mr. Obama said divisions in Washington are nothing new, but "there is a sense that something is different now, that something is broken, that those of us in Washington aren't serving people as well as we should."
Well, duh! Guess that Harvard education was not totally lost on our President. Mr. Obama has it half RIGHT! He is not serving as a man who has taken an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Right on, Mr. President. You are not serving the American people; you are serving to destroy us and saddle us with debt we cannot even imagine. But that is only one aspect; you are striving to deny us health care and you are working to destroy capitalism and freedom in our democratic Republic.
Don't go lumping yourself in with "those of us in Washington". Some are doing a GREAT job fighting to defeat your profligate programs. Let's hope they bury your budget...
This of course is one woman's opinion. I am sorry your policies seem designed to destroy capitalism and the chances for our youth to succeed but that's the way I see your efforts manifesting.
I have called my Senators and Representative and begged them not to pass your budget. The chains of slavery are difficult to lift when they are wrapped around the necks of all of us and when they are sold to us for cheap hat tricks and "gifts" from the government which equals stealing food from the tables of taxpayers.
Americans are generous people and we don't want to see our neighbors suffer but we like it less when those same neighbors drive their expensive cars to get their "welfare". And God forbid that any of those same folks don't have the highest grade of satellite dish for all kazillion channels. That would be the same satellite dish that I cannot afford. Legislated theft is a sorrowful thing.
We need statesmen and, right now, that means statesmen on both sides of the aisle. You can tell how well you are doing when your own party members in the House and Senate are jumping ship and not running for re-election.
You have no "coattails", Mr. President. Just empty rhetoric and we are all catching on to it now. You are just a man from the windy city. I "hope" that you will be a one-term president and be voted out of office in the 2012. Now, that will be change I can believe in, pray for..., and work for.

Diana West: Geert Wilders on trial

The indomitable Diana West has come through again in her post: Wilders Trial Update. Ms. West has also pointed us to the Gates of Vienna for on-going translations and updates about the trial.
The trial of the Honorable Geert Wilders is an abomination to begin with and it is a trial that may curtail our freedom of speech internationally.
Please become aware, interested, and involved as much as we can be through the internet and through calling Dutch Embassies or Consulates near you. Contact info can be found here. And here.

Obama: decreasing nuclear proliferation

When a man's doing a good job, ya gotta give him credit for it. Obama is wrecking our economy; plans to kill us off through denial of medical care - as in Denmark, it will be our "duty" to die for our country and for our children who are being saddled with so much debt we can't even comprehend the numbers. And he wants to rid the world of nuclear weapons. Is he crazy or just socio-pathicly certifiable? Just a question.
Now, the good news is Obama wants the world "free" from nuclear weapons and that's gonna happen. Yep, the weakened, broke (economists estimate that the rest of the world governments cannot sustain OUR debt) United States may well become the only nation without nuclear weapons. I'm saying this in jest but the effect will be the same.
By Bill Gertz in the Washington Times: Nuclear Missile threats to US mount. Really? Say it isn't so. With the messiah of the world in office? No! Really! Our international buddies holding our debt are gonna build up their nuclear arsenals. And threaten us! Gasp...

North Korea is expected to deploy a nuclear-tipped missile capable of reaching parts of the United States in the next decade, despite two long-range missile flight-test failures, according to the Pentagon's ballistic-missile defense review.

The review report, made public this week, concluded that missile threats from several states, including Iran, Syria, China and Russia, are growing "quantitatively and qualitatively," and it outlined Pentagon plans for silo-based and mobile anti-missile systems to counter them.

"Why, Rhett, I simply cannot believe it; and all the money we give them..." Ms. Scarlett swooned as she fell into his arms. "Whoever will save us? beloved Ashley (formerly known as Great Britain)." Big eye-roll from Rhett.
"Silo-based and mobile anti-missile systems to counter them..." Ya gotta be kidding. We are broke and Mr. Obama along with his fellow travelers is driven to destroy this nation. Well, we are not going to let him get away with it.
Remember, non-violence folks - let you votes in 2010 turn the pages of history and show that Americans can vote for honesty and integrity over skin-color every time. Being 1/2 white and 1/2 Kenyan (not African-American; pick a country) does not allow any man the keys to our American heritage or future.
Our future belongs to us and our children and we are duty-bound to defend that future and our freedoms for ourselves and for our children from enemies both domestic and foreign. So we had a so-called "historic" election but one thing it has shown positively is that ethnicity or skin color has no correlation to political integrity. People within and without America who want to destroy us come in all sizes, shapes, and skin-tones.
How can any administration be at such cross-purposes with our U.S. Constitution and with defending our nation without the intent being planned and pursued vigorously? Well, Obama's your man for destroying the futures of ALL of our children, "red and yellow, black and white" they've got targets on their backs. It is astonishing. Some folks like the role of slave master...


Monday, February 01, 2010

Saudi Wahabism grows in Northern Virginia

From NPR, Jamie Tarabay provided us with a look at Saudi-sponsored Islamic school teaching hatred toward non-Muslims and expanding in Fairfax, VA: Expansion of Islamic School in Virginia Met with Protests.
But let's keep in mind that Wahabism is a most virulent sect of Islam and violence toward non-Muslims as well as non-Wahabi Muslims is a "many splendid" and on-going Islamist dogma. From Jihad Watch, we have Saudi Clerics still encouraging jihad. Mind-numbing hatred against infidels is an integral part of early-childhood education for many Islamist students around the world including Indonesia where our president received his earliest formalized "education" in Islamic studies.
Extremist in a Moderate Land by Carole O'Leary has one message for those of us in the West, "Tell the U.S. to help the moderate Muslims in Saudi Arabia and to stop the export of Wahabism by the (Saudi) regime." But that is not going to happen. The school in Northern Virginia proves it. We seem to be hell-bent on supporting the sect that wants to kill us more vehemently than other sects.
America has opened it doors and arms as well as land for the creation of Wahabi mosques and schools where the propaganda of hatred toward ALL infidels is taught. As long as we continue this madness, we are putting Muslims as well as all other citizens at risk.
One quotation from should set the stage for the push by Saudi Wahabists to dominate the US and to rid the world of non-Wahabists:
Deeply rutted tracks link Islamic extremism now called "Terrorism" with the Wahabi fundamentalists of Saudi Arabia. Tight, stark, factual. "On September 17, 2001, President George W. Bush stood in the Islamic Center of Washington, the capital's most important mosque . . . . 'The face of terror is not the true face of Islam,' he said . . . . "The president's intention . . . . was laudable. But when he stood up in the mosque, he was accompanied by a group of men and women unfamiliar to the wider public. These were the self-appointed representatives of American Islam, and in allowing them this photo opportunity, Bush unintentionally undermined the positive message he delivered. Far from being firm friends of America, the most prominent of these figures were ringleaders in the Wahabi takeover of American Islam . . . . it was a measure of their astonishing success that they . . . . had managed to enlist Americans . . . . in their war against the West . . . ." (2) Islam is not Wahabi. Wahabi is not Islam. Saudi Arabia is Wahabi. Saudi Arabia is the seat and financial core of Wahabi terrorism. Tight, stark, factual. Wahabi is an extreme fundamentalism obsessed with eradicating all who call themselves Muslim, all who are not Wahabi. The West is not Wahabi. The West must also go.
Thus the push to dominate Europe and to push Israelis into the sea. How much more clear must you have it. We are at great risk and Saudi oil money - paid by us - is the fuel that is designed to annihilate us and our way of lives; our laws; our tolerance. How much more must we be shown before we understand that we and the lives of our children are in dire jeopardy and we have a president who in his State of the Union address this past week said little to nothing to encourage those men and women fighting the tyranny of the dictatorship of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
President Obama did say in his "Audacity of Hope" - I could be wrong on which book - that he supported the Muslims and would put them first. But which Muslims would that be; those bleeding and dieing at the hands of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or would President Obama support the hate-filled regime that is brutalizing and killing its own young? I think we know the answer to that - the tyranny of dictatorship.
The article by Milo Clark is entitled Wahabi and Saudi Arabia; Islam and America, written in 2004. I'll go out on a limb here and venture that Saudi Arabia is mightily working to build mosques and schools/madrassas throughout the United States which gets me to my last point: foreign influence in our elections.
Saudi Wahabism - Mr. Obama bowed to more than just a king. He bowed in fealty to a political ideology and demonstrated submission to it.
When a nation develops and implements an educational system supported by anti-American mosques, and teaches hatred against non-Wahabists throughout the student population of about 30,000 + Saudi students, whether by now American citizens or not, but who at any rate vote in our elections, is that foreign entity influencing our elections? Is the foreign entity building a bulwalk to undermind our Republic right here in our own cities?
The answer is yes...
We seem to have lost all sense of reason as well as the sense to defend ourselves from such fanatics. Even Saudi Arabia exports its most radical fire-breathers to London to keep them from gaining a toe-hold in Saudi Arabia and causing suicide bombings and the like. Yet, we drift on with mushrooms and legalized grass...
Most telling and worrisome in the State of the Union play was that President Obama made no mention to support or encourage the men and women in Iran who are fighting for freedom from the tyranny of Ahmadinejad and the Grand Mullahs and Obama reinforced that there is no world leadership the world can expect from our White House:
No world leadership at the helm in US
The Iranian nuclear threat, likely to be the biggest foreign police issue of 2010, was given just two lines in the speech, with a half-hearted warning of growing consequences for Tehran, with no details given al all. There were no words of support for Iranian protesters who have been murdered, tortured and beaten in large numbers by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's thuggish security forces, and no sign at all that the president cared about their plight. Nor was there any condemnation of the brutality of the Iranian regime, as well as its blatant sponsorship of terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Sadly, Mr. Obama seems to demonstrate from his behavior that He supports tyranny, dictatorship, and riding rough-shod over citizens. The control best exemplified by oh, let's say, Stalin or Mao. Shame on Mr. O.

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