Monday, February 08, 2010

Geert Wilders' Trial: the trial of every man standing for freedom

Geert Wilders on Trial
1) "In January 2009 the Court of Appeal in Amsterdam ruled that the Public Prosecutor had to prosecute Geert Wilders on the basis of his political beliefs." here.
A question: Will Islam imams and others who call for the destruction of the West be prosecuted in Holland as well for their political beliefs?
2) "The indictment reads: group insult of Muslims, incitement to hatred and discrimination against Muslims due to their religion...."
Geert Wilders: ".....I am being prosecuted for my political convictions. The freedom of speech is on the verge of collapsing. If a politician is not allowed to criticize an ideology anymore, this means that we are lost, and it will lead to the end of our freedom...."
And here we go down the rabbit hole: "Earlier this year, the Supreme Court of the Netherlands ruled that even though is is indeed punishable to insult a group of people, it is not punishable to insult a religion as such." Keep in mind that Islam is a political ideology dressed in clerical trappings.
For the rest, see here.
3) Speech by Geert Wilders, quoting our Thomas Jefferson that the price of freedom is eternal viligance. Speech. His opening speech at his trial. It is here that I must agree with the Honorable Geert Wilders.
I myself have nothing against people who are Muslims and practice peacefully; I have problems with an ideology that desires the destruction of my way of life, the submission of my freedoms to the altar of Islam, and the implementation of Sharia Law over the U.S. Constitution. I cannot but hold that Islam as I am familiar with it has no tolerance for me and incites its followers to destroy me and all I hold dear, including our freedom of religion under which the very ideology of Islam seeks to erode our freedoms. If my understanding is correct, Islam is diametrically opposed to the freedoms enjoyed by people living within democrat Republics. I have problems with the fundamentalist Islamists who, in the name of intolerance and world domination, fly jet liners into towering buildings slaughtering innocent people, men, women, children regardless of their faith.
In America, in the House of Representatives, a House Resolution was passed that deals exclusively with Islam can be found H.RES.288 of the 109th Congress; "Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives condemning bigotry and religious intolerance, and recognizing that holy books of every religion should be treated with dignity and respect." Voted on May 19, 2005. The Resolution speaks against "religious intolerance" which is redundant given our First Amendment; however, this resolution is just the first stepping stone among many to solidify the intolerance perceived of Islam against Christianity and Judaism or we non-believers.
We have yet to acknowledge that Islam is a political ideology not a "religion" alone. It is that ideology and the inability even to discuss or postulate upon its ramifications upon Western Civilization that is the rub.
And now in Holland, a Parliamentarian Geert Wilders, a politician is on trial for his political beliefs. How can he be on trial for his "political beliefs" if the ideology he criticizes is not a "political ideology" or does the very trial itself affirm his assertion that it is the political ideology of Islam, not Muslim men and women, that he believes needs to face the clear light of day and the issues of that ideology upon life in the Netherlands must be discussed?
And Mr. Wilders is being prosecuted because he wants to discuss what the prosecutors must also believe is a political ideology - Islam.
By his very trial, his prosecutors prove his point.
Let me mention that laws that protect the "protected ideology" today can easily be turned to denounce it tomorrow...


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