Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fighting Islamofascism: Lest we forget!

I came across this post by Red Squirrel, posted October 10, 2007. It is Saudi King Abdullah gets Red Carpet Treatment. Human Rights Abuser made welcome By our Queen with a H/T to najistani. The post is well worth your time. The pictures along strike at the heart of what we, in the West, must fight and must keep at the forefront of our minds. We are not perfect as one commentor points out but we have laws and frequently enforce those laws protecting women from abusive men. However, in contrast, Islam seems to have laws that order the abuse of women, certainly the killing of young women who have been raped. We cannot forget the most elemental reasons of why we should fight jihad - soft or violent. And if Red Squirrel's post is not enough of a reminder, we have brave, courageous "men" in Afghanistan spraying acid on young women and their teachers walking to school to keep the girls from getting an education, Acid attacks keep Afghan girls away from classes. Behind the "school yard bully" we always find a coward. I'll bet the men had their faces covered. The cowards...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hillary Clinton: Secretary of State?

With truth in advertising, I would not have voted for Hillary Clinton had she been the Democrat candidate but right now Hillary is weighing her options regarding Obama's or Obama's possible tapping her for the position of Secretary of State. "No, HIllary, no!" You have far more power as a Senator, albeit fighting for face time on camera if Chuckie is in the same room, but don't get under Obama's thumb. First of all, Michelle Obama DOES NOT like you. That's all it took for you not to receive the pick as VP in the presidential election. Second, you have a good solid seat in the Senate and God knows, people like Ted Kennedy have been the bain of existence to many a president. Wield your power from the Senate. There you don't have to take orders from anyone. You are your own woman. Third, we are NUTS to send women to be our Secretary of State when dealing with Islamic Imperialist countries like Iran or, soon to be the Islamic Republic of England. It's a no-brainer and a non-starter. Fourth, do you really want to get mired down in that impossible "MIddle East peace" mess between Israel and the PA? Run by Hamas? Come on, you are much smarter than that AND, last but certainly not least or all of the reasons: Fifthe, you cannot run for president against Obama in 2012 IF you are on his Cabinet. Let's see if you are the "smartest woman in the universe?" Stay away from Obama's cabinet. It is not getting off to a good start. Do you really want to be playing "musical cabinet chairs" with some of the guys that have already been chosen. Remember, when they worked for the Clinton Administration, the operable word is "worked". Stay away, Hillary! I say this for two reasons: first, I honestly believe it would put you in a very much weaker position. Anything, anything at all that goes south in the State Department will be blamed on YOU; and second - to be fair - I'd love to see you run for president against Sarah Palin. What fun! For, Gov. Sarah, and us too....

Supreme Court and Obama's "birth certificate"

About that Obama birth certificate! Interesting isn't it? A simple government hiree, at the lowest level MUST have a legal birth certificate; yet, our new Supreme Leader, pbuh, does now???? I have included below, a comment, in full from a friend in response to another friend's earlier comment. As you know, there are some comments I just don't want to get lost within posts and often post the comments here on the blog as posts. December 1st draws near. Let's see how it all turns out... Any bets? Just a note: I find the levels of corruption within our government, the Federal Reserve, and Paulson's Treasury - a former CEO of Goldman Sachs - amazing. And the AIG intrigue incredible - more on that later. ~~~~~ From George99 to Bobillw: Bobillw: Don't be so technical. Liberal justice Souter could have dismissed the case like they do hundreds of other appeals each year in two words: "Cert Denied." and that would have been the end of it... but he didn't!!!! No, the SCt. did not actually "order" Barry to produce the birth cert... fact finding is usually remanded to the lower federal court. What they did was actually agree to hear some preliminary written arguments on the merits of Berg's standing to bring this challenge. The absolutely amazing thing is that the Supreme Ct. would never have even bothered with this unless they thought the underlying case was meritorious, and here is where everyone has dropped the ball! Since when does the MSM NOT report a Supreme Court case? And is this how you want your next leader/president to act ... trying to get attorneys to cover up and fight on technicalities instead of being transparent and coming forth with the basic facts. He apparently thinks little of the constitution, in fact, supporting the notion that its a living document and wants to appoint SCT judges with the same ideology. Is this not forthcoming how this new administration would otherwise be? More coverups and more censorship and hiding details? He avoids questions and changes stories about anything sensitive (i.e., Ayers, Wright, you name it), and has actually kicked media off his campaign plane just because they asked him some tough questions. What's going to happen to this guy when MSM finally turns against him, you better be more concerned about that because this honeymoon is about to come to an end and lookout for our country now. ~~~~~ I tend to agree; having picked our Republican presidential candidate for us and having skirted around the true depths of corruption and fraud surrounding AIG, the MSM may turn on Obama faster than we think. Afterall, to them, he owes them too. As George99 said, the Supreme Court said, "We'll take a look." on the merits of Berg's motion when Souter alone could have said x-nay.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Z's Scoop: Bailout for Americans with no abilities!

From Z at geeeZ, you should be aware that as millions of Americas will be without jobs depending on how much Congress stifles our remaining small businesses and gasping industries, Congress is ready to step into the vacuum and fill it using the Americans with No Abilities Act. I think we have many acts in place to care for this small segment of our population but seems Z has gotten and inside scoop. Forget about college, who needs the student loans to pay off? Forget about a good trade school. Pitch it all and let Big Mama Nancy "bail" you out... And if you were in the middle-class watching your 401K slide through your fingertips like a greased pig, I got one thing to say to you: "Nanny, nanny, boo boo; no bail out for you-hoo!" [That includes me too, by the way.] The auto bailout is to save the union workers, not the car companies. So as you watch the value of your savings and assets decrease, be proud that your tax dollars are going to save unions that will soon deprive their members of the "secret" ballot and to save auto workers whose unions have strangled the Big Three. Let them restructure and re-negotiate like the airline companies did.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama vs Bush: two views of America

When we were entertained by the eloquence of John Edwards, we were told that there are two Americas. Maybe so - the far-left elites and those enslaved by them, and the rest of us. But what may be troubling and certainly a challenge to President-elect Obama when he takes the oath of office and walks into the Oval Office for the first time as the President of the United States is perhaps the need:
  • to reconcile his views of the government growing and controlling more and more through judicial mandate if the legislation can't get passed, and
  • to review the free-market system of open and fair competition and creativity that have enabled us to "grow" as a successful and free people.
Socialism or "appearance-based working" stifles creativity and growth. Free enterprise opens up individual creativity and opens the American flood-gates to innovation and new ways of solving our challenges: opens our minds, frees our Souls; and rewards our creativity. The following are two different points of view and frankly, I have never heard any elected "leader" voice the latter views. If you think about the latter view, the concept is chilling and could not have come from a "constitutional" instructor, surely... First, in a commentary written by Lawrence Kudlow, Bush shows Obama the way: As quoted from President Bush's speech on capitalism:
"At its most basic level, capitalism offers people the freedom to choose where they work and what they do...the dignity that comes with profiting from their talent and hard work...The free-market system also provides the incentives that lead to prosperity - the incentive to work, to innovate, to save and invest wisely, and to create jobs for others."
And further:
"Free-market capitalism is far more than an economic theory. It is the engine of social mobility - the highway to the American Dream. And it is what transformed America from a rugged frontier to the greatest economic power in history - a nation that gave the world the steamboat and the airplane, the computer and the CAT scan, the Internet and the iPod."..."The triumph of free-market capitalism has been proven across time, geography, culture, and faith. And it would be a terrible mistake to allow a few months of crisis to undermine 60 years of success."
[I would disagree only that free-market capitalism does not always transcend "culture and faith" as Shariah Finance is not compatible with a free-market ideology.] Mr. Kudlow ends with:
...There is no iron-clad reason why a Democrat can't adopt the economic-growth model that has worked so well and so long for this country."
S.A. Miller has an article today, Voting record clouds Obama's judge picks, which includes a quotation from President-elect Obama made in 2001 and subsequently voiced during the campaign. The perception of the role of the Supreme Court should give all of us pause. From Miller's article:
Mr. Obama put conservatives on guard with a 2001 radio interview, while still a member of the Illinois state Senate, in which he complained that Chief Justice Earl Warren's court - one of the most liberal in Supreme Court history - "didn't break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution" in order to bring about "redistribution of wealth."
Ahmm... The Supreme Court is not supposed to "break free" from the constraints of the U.S. Constitution; it is supposed to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. It is only supposed to determine if a law passed by Congress is constitutional or not. The Supreme Court is not supposed to "make" law. God knows we have enough people trying to do that. In the 1990s, there were 5,000 bills before the Congress. Give 'em more vacations, I say. What happened to our citizen-statesmen who were supposed to support themselves with work at HOME? I would also point out that since LBJ's Great Society, we have had plenty of "redistribution of wealth" that has led to a separation among our people and has led to part of our social structure being made up of folks who have become dependent upon "government" by legislative design, it seems to me, and another part of our society that is forced through confiscatory taxes on income to support those whom the government has made dependent or "enslaved." We fought a Civil War for a number of reasons and lost over 500,000 men in the process. We ended slavery in the South, not in the North at that time; however, it seems to me that a faction of our political elite won't let slavery go and have just substituted the plantation for government entitlements of many varieties to keep some folks down, mainly the poor - all of our poor - to vote the very folks who enslave them back into office. The rest of us are "enslaved" through confiscatory taxes. It's like the communism of a condo community. You can control your mortgage but you cannot control the condo fee. It is an open ticket to the poor house and likely can equal or surpass your mortgage payment over time. The poor cannot rise out of poverty because government simply will not allow it... Certainly, to me, Democrats enslave the poor by mesmerizing them with the promise of a better life through government subsidies designed to keep them at a subsistence level and designed to "buy" their vote. To former Illinois State Senator Obama, we've had plenty of "wealth redistribution" and "wealth distribution" is NOT the job of a Supreme Court sworn to uphold the US Constitution. Actually, the Founding Fathers did not give the right to vote to anyone who did not have a vested interest - land, property, income - in the how their taxes would be spent. They certainly would not have supported one part of the citizenry legally "stealing" from the producing class. Now soon-to-be President Obama will face a challenge: to clamp down on the American people who are the creators of jobs and of innovation or to reduce taxes, reduce capital gains taxes, and open the flood-gates of American ingenuity to "set our people FREE." Americans can solve our problems - the less government intrusion, the better.

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Michael Savage not required to pay fees to CAIR

In a ruling on November 12, 2008, the court found for Michael Savage in the motion brought by CAIR that he be ordered to pay their legal fees. United States District Judge Susan Illston, a liberal appointee, stood with justice on behalf of Michael Savage on November 12, 2008 and denied CAIR's motion for him to be ordered to pay their legal fees. The judge ruled in favor of Michael Savage. Michael's original copyright infringement case had been thrown out by the judge earlier but she had given him the right to continue his RICO suit, if amended. Even though CAIR was not held accountable in the copyright infringement aspect of the suit, Savage fought for "freedom of speech" and for the copyright laws as they apply to any of us. CAIR's use of Savage's copyrighted material in an ad did result in his loss of 1 million dollars of advertising. From the article:
"CAIR is registered as a nonprofit organization recognized as tax-exempt under IRS codes, which restrict "lobbying on behalf of a foreign government." CAIR's website claims it receives no foreign government support. But CAIR's headquarters near the U.S. Capitol until recently was owned by the ruler of Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and the ruler's foundation has pledged $50 million to capitalize a long-term CAIR public-relations campaign. The UAE formally recognized the Taliban, and Dubai reportedly acted as the transit point for cash for the 9/11 hijackers. Two of the hijackers were from the Emirates, and one served in the UAE military."
Read the article and you be the judge. Does CAIR, the Counsel on American-Islamic Relations, lobby for foreign governments or perhaps more accurately for an international political ideology? I don't know. But Michael Savage won a victory by taking on a very BIG fish! Didn't you hear about it on Drudge or reported by the MSM? To use an weak anology - CAIR is sort of a representative of a sect or faction of Islam, right? Like the terrorist enemy combatants at Gitmo are waging violent jihad without the benefit of any specific national attachment; it perhaps represents a soft-jihad under an ideology, not for a specific nation but for a body of Islamic nations. I don't know. This "jihad" is rather a moving target to we Westerners. We know it is here but we can't specifically tie it down in terms of "definition". It does not fit into our simple world view; it does not lend itself to say, our war against Nazi Germany which was very clearly defined. Perhaps one of the greatest weaknesses we, as a people have, in protecting ourselves from those who would do us harm is that we really don't know how to deal with a loosely knit global network of guerrilla fighters. But for legal warfare which we do understand, go to Michael Savage to read more.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Obama proposals should scare the dickens out of you!

Obama's stated policies, stated on the campaign trail in so many words, scare the dickens out of me! Why? Let me count the ways... Too many to count but I'll just mention a few that come readily to mind. Obama:
  • supports abortion-on-demand even for late-term abortions. (My personal opinion is that this supports infanticide as these babies are viable and this protects rapists.)
  • intends to increase income taxes and increase tax on capital gains (this will shut the market down for sure).
  • intends to limit gun ownership.
  • intends to fund "educational" programs in Middle East madrassas (so the male students who are learning to "kill the infidel" can get to know us and love us) actually government-funded trips for Billy Ayers - bet cha'.
  • intends to create Civilian National Security Force as strong as our existing military - ooops! Reminds me of the "religious police" concept in Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia. Also reminds me of Hitler's Brown Shirts and the Hitler Youth who were encouraged to "tell on their parents."
  • intends to decrease and de-fund much of our military force and our military defense.
  • intends NOT to allow poor families with students in failing schools to have school vouchers so that their children can have access to better education, such as he had.
  • intends to create "nationalized" health care which will lead to rationing. (Will we be forced to pay for late-term / infanticide abortions from our taxes?)
  • intends to "bail out" big three auto companies (they need to renegotiate with their unions. How stupid is it for a company to be paying personnel NOT to work?) Note: non-unionized automobile companies in US are doing fine as are their employees.
  • will probably force our financial managers to take Shariah Finance training as Bush is now forcing through Secretary Henry Paulson based on demands/conditions from Saudi Arabia when they were asked to "loan" us money to help with this "bailout". This will lead to the soft jihad that institutionalizes Sharia Law over our US Constitution as the "law of the land."
  • will continue to nationalize American business and industry as started under President Bush and Secretary Paulson and then tax companies that move all offices to nations that are more industry-friendly.
  • will keep the border OPEN, making access for terrorists as easy as it is now.
  • will support ventures such as Bill Ayers and his recent trip to Venezuela to teach the teachers how to indoctrinate students. (Based on this election, I'd say the educational unions and perhaps some "colleges of education" are doing a fine job of indoctrinating students or at the very least NOT teaching them of our heritage and history as a strength but rather have made our students ashamed of their country.) Anyone know what the Nuremberg War Trials were? When and why they were held? Anyone think that Stalin's Russia and Hitler's Germany are morally equivalent to the United States of America at the moment?
  • and of course, Obama has said he will support the non-secret ballot for all union employees. I don't think you'll like that much folks. Remember for whom you voted next time you have an open vote on union issues.
Well, it is Sunday afternoon and I'm a bit tired at the moment. I'm still open to giving our president-elect a chance to change his proposals to be more in keeping with the US Constitution but how or if he'll do that is the question... Let's see how much of a uniter he really is and let's see how bipartisan he is. There is always a chance but he'll have to fight San Fran Nan and Nevada Harry... When I'm not so tired, I'll try to come up with a more "scary" list of the campaign statements and intent that bothered me. But as Tom Brokaw said following the election, "We don't know very much about Obama..." Well, duh! Thanks MSM! That honeymoon was short! By the way: Anyone betting "puts and calls" on whether or not Hillary will be stupid enough to take the Secretary of State job? What is it Sun Tsu says, "Keep your friends close but your enemies closer?" Is Hillary smart enough to realize that she has more power in the Senate then she'll have as Obama's "shuttle diplomacy" lackey-in-chief? And does anyone think the Middle Eastern men are tired of dealing with women Secretarys of State? Besides, Hillary already knows all these people; she met them when Bill was president. She shouldn't waste time "meeting" them again, right?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

New Zealand: Nia Glassie, toddler murdered following heinous abuse

I was going through visitors just a few minutes ago as I was checking the "referrals" in Sitemeter. I came to a heart-breaking story about a toddler, three-year old Nia Glassie. H/T to my friend KG at Crusader Rabbit, words fail... Nia Glassie: a three year old toddler responsible for her own beating? After heinous abuse, Nia Glassie died August 3, 2007 in New Zealand. This defenseless toddler was abused relentlessly by her mother, her mother's "companion", and a cousin. Additional links: Nia made to stand in rain, jurors told; NZ toddler run through dryer; and New Zealand toddler put in dryer before death. KG is right. Words fail... Just as they fail in the rapes, torture, and murders of Channon Christian and Christian Newsom. What we have is "political correctness" gone MAD, as in "insane", that our societies have slipped so far that citizens are nearly inured to such unthinkable and heinous crimes. We had a similar case in Florida recently when an 11-13 year old boy killed a young girl using wrestling techniques. He was tried as an adult but never did the defense try to blame the murdered girl as is happening at the Rotorua High Court. How low can a defense attorney go? But anyway we look at it, words do fail... as we failed Nia Glassie.

Franken vs Coleman: stealing elections Demo-style!

Minnesota is on the brink of joining the State of Washington in the disenfranchisement of a good number of their residents. Riddle me this? How is it that when a Republican wins an election, the far-left screams "voter fraud?" But when a radical nut-job who couldn't even make a radio talk show work lost an election, the far-left screams "disenfranchisement" and presto-change-o, NEW votes for Al Franken materialize from trunks of cars...days after the election. If you ask me, the voters who voted for Norm Coleman are being disenfranchised - pure and simple. They should file a class action law suit against the Chief of Elections if the Senatorial win is stolen from Coleman. It seems that some Democrats controlling the elections in Minnesota have no shame and no integrity. And politicians wonder why the American people have little or no faith in them. Keep in mind that while President Bush has had ratings in the 20-30% range, the Nancy Pelosi House has a single-digit rating. Is ACORN involved in this "disenfranchisement" of Norm Coleman voters? Maybe they need to hire a good lawyer...say, someone from Harvard?

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Sarah Palin: Election is in past!

I could not agree with Governor Sarah Palin more and here is a quotation from her that I support: "We want America to be able to trust their federal government again. And here I think the public's going to be looking to Republican governors to show them the way," she said. She praised President-elect Barack Obama and told Republicans to reach out to him to try to convince him of the benefits of low taxes and allowing local government to experiment. "If he governs with the skill and the grace and the greatness of which he is capable, we're going to be just fine," she said. She called for Republicans to lead on ethics, saying the party must "end the corruption and abuse once and for all." Pallin urges GOP to put defeat in the past Sarah Palin in 2012! I agree with her. If Obama governs with the skill and the grace and the greatness of which he is capable, we're going to be just fine... The Republicans must take the high ground within their party and within their roles as elected officials/leaders. Period. We have it within us to do that with all the skill, the grace, and the capabilities which with we have been endowed... To me, Republicans at all levels must personally reflect on the principles that guide us and we must call on our belief and faith in those principles as well as the guiding Hand that leads us to do what is within our ability to do for our nation. And while I'm speaking of the high ground, I certainly trust that men and women working in the White House will work to make the transition smooth and will not engage in petty pranks such as removing keys from computer key boards as it was rumored was done by operatives of a former administration. We're better than that and our nation needs us to be better than that. And to Governor Sarah Palin and her husband, Todd Palin, tell your son, "Thank you for your service to our nation!" You lead by example and your son as well as your family are doing that... About experience: Palin blasts bailouts at GOP governors meeting

GOP trying to overturn McCain-Feingold!

The Republican Party or members of the GOP are filing law suits to overturn McCain rules. Praise God! It's about damn time! And freakin' hallelujah! Just a heads-up to all far-left Liberals, we Conservatives did not go along with much of the legislation for which Senator John "I'll just cross the aisle 'cause everybody wants to be loved and show what a great bipartisan guy I am" McCain stood. We have much more antipathy toward the Republican elites than we do toward President-elect Obama. Like Hillary Clinton said, he's only given a speech so far. Senator McCain was not our first, second, or third choice for President so don't be so quick to think we "lost" on November 4th. To many of us, Senator McCain was just a "slower boat" on the journey Nancy and Harry want to take us. I can't mention Obama in the trifecta here because he has no idea how nasty his "team" can get when he steps out of line or off the tracks/agenda they want. Rush Limbaugh has called Obama a "Chicago thug". Well, President Bush went to DC to set a "new tone." We see how far that got him. President-elect Obama is now stepping into the "big leagues" when it comes to political thugs. One more tiny note to many Liberals. My money says that the Nancy and Harry Show fully intends to enact their agenda and it may well diverge from President-elect Obama's reality once he steps into the White House. He's their "boy" and they won't let him forget it. If he does forget it, Nancy and Harry along with their co-conspirators in the MSM will be right there to give Obama what for. And just to make sure he really gets taken out behind the woodshed, Moveon and others will be ready to get him back in line. It is quite possible that Obama may find himself, once he feels the real power of the office, at odds with his Democrat Party folks who plan on him doing their bidding. No happy pills, Dr.D, but wouldn't it be something if the GOP Conservatives find themselves in the position of defending President Obama on some issues? I can't imagine it but Obama will step off the tracks to which Nancy and Harry plan to tie him and that will be interesting. It is said, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!" We'll see what happen when Obama crosses or locks horns with sweet Nan from San Fran...

Question about Blog Talk Radio?

I was doing a little research about starting a CBG blog talk radio "hour" and one place indicated the cost was $5,000.00 a month cost to the blogger. Is that so? Did I read that wrong? Say it ain't so and lead me to the right info. PLEASE!

John Conyers, Jr: Democrats salivate to investigate Bush!

Under the frothing-at-the-mouth direction of Congressman John Conyers, Jr, Democrats salivate to investigate Bush! So, for distraction number one, investigations of President Bush may be trotted out at the "dog and pony" show to galvanize our attention while other "stuff" may be going on under the radar. Like Paul Begala said of the Clinton Administration. (paraphrasing) "Hey it was great! Want something done? Write an Executive Order. Boom! And it's done!" From the Drudge Report, Democrats plan to investigate Bush once out of office looks like a nasty bit of business with John Conyers, Jr. playing the lead in "Democrats gone wild." From the New York Times, Bush, Out of Office, Could Oppose Inquiries, we gain some insight into the harassing investigations the Democrats want to bring against President George W. Bush. At last, they will be able to "throw the kitchen sink" at the President they have loved to hate and through their very hatred done such harm to our nation both internally and internationally that when we speak of American prestige abroad, we have much for which to thank the Democrat rancor and their avenging angels of the MSM including the paper from which I have linked an article today. So, some good news! Maybe the Democrats and the ACLU as well as all of the other "hate mongers" will be distracted for a time and we, the people, may be able to stay under their radar for a short time. But I fear that may be wishful thinking and naive on my part. Obama has "large plans" and the American people as well may find themselves distracted by the Democrat-MSM media show trials against President Bush while the real mischief is being made in the most seemingly innocuous ways. Personally, one woman's opinion, we have much to fear from Obama's intended proposal to create a Civilian National Security Force, as strong or stronger than our military. Our military is constrained from attacking American citizens on American soil; a Civilian National Security Force, much like the Guatemalan National Police from the 1966-1996 era and perhaps the Mexican Military Police/Federales of today or even Russia's KGB, or the Brown Shirts from another era, would have no such constraint. As a matter of fact, such a force would be created to have no such constraint as The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. I am reading a book at the moment, Grave Secrets by Kathy Reichs. Her book deals partly with the deaths of thousands of civilians in Guatemala from 1966 to 1996. (Yes, I've read about our "involvement". This post is not about that.) When addressing the idea of a Civilian National Security Force, the American Thinker posted, Obama's Civilian National Security Force and interestingly wrote off Joseph Farah's column in World Net Daily, Obama's 'civilian national security force' as perhaps extreme or naive, saying: "The entire plan is breathtaking in its scope. But it does not, as at least one internet writer (Joseph Farah - name inserted here, link provided in American Thinker post) has suggested, portend a "giant police force...." The American Thinker goes on to express (paraphrased here) that Obama's idea is simply naive, pointing out that his idea, a true Civilian National Security Force with full strength like our military, "...would be easier to rebut if it did. As it is, it's silly stuff born of naively fanciful dreams." "It's silly stuff born of naively fanciful dreams".... Hmmm.... Have we so quickly forgotten Obama's training in the ways of Saul Alinsky and here? His Marxist training at his mother's knee? (Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro has been described as "a radical leftist and cultural Marxist.") Have we forgotten the Black Panthers marshalling their forces at some polling places on Nov. 4th? I have to bow to the superior and consistently excellent writing at The American Thinker but Obama scares the Be-Jeezus out of me. And as "naive" as the idea of his "Civilian National Security Force" may seem, the embers are rife with possibilities, even more possible as a response to another terrorist attack - made to order - on our soil. We have proved our willingness to discard freedom and liberty by our easy acceptance of the "Patriot Act" and the TSA. What's the saying, "Well, I haven't done anything wrong. Let the government see any and all of my personal records. And DNA and fingerprints on a National ID Card? No worries..." One woman's opinion and the opinion of one woman who has a gained a moderate perspective through study of American as well as European history - it is those "naively fanciful dreams", that "dream the impossible dream" stuff, about which we should be very vigilant. And now, more than ever, we must work hard to recognize the "distractions" for what they are: distractions while the really important "stuff" is happening; the stuff we will find it impossible to reverse once it takes hold. Freedom isn't free! It requires courage, hard work, and vigilance and, when required, non-violent action to protect and preserve. Cross-posted at Eternity Road.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Berg v. Obama: Does Obama meet Constitutional requirements to be President of the United States?

As you probably know, Philip Berg, a lawyer and long-time Democrat, has filed a suit questioning whether or not Obama meets the qualifications to be President in accordance with the requirements as stated in the U.S. Constitution, centering around native-born citizenship. Barack Obama not eligible for the presidency: very good post (short) with good links to the Berg Writ of Certiorari and other documentation including info of a telecommunication statement from his paternal grandmother stating that he was born in Kenya. Obama birth certif controversy to SCOTUS: more on the issues surrounding the controversy. And an excellent source document is found at Atlas Shrugs posted by Pamela Geller: Obama's birth certificate forgery. I have had good responses from a post, Supreme Court to Obama: produce legal birth certificate? Those responses have led me to provide these additional links. We are a nation of laws that all must follow or we are not! From the perspective of ideological differences and getting government out of our business, I find President-elect Obama to be a troubling choice. As an American, I don't think it is unreasonable to ask President-elect Obama to present a legal certification of birth and put the question raised by Philip Berg to rest.

Norm Coleman vs Democrat Election Theft?

Actually for this post, I should title it: American Freedoms, Honesty, Integrity vs Democrat Voter Fraud Machine. I was looking for links - there are many - on the 2008 Minnesota Senatorial Election. In the process, I found a blog new to me that I want to share with you: Gaurino and the relevant post is The Minnesota Senatorial Election in the process of being stolen. One commentor said, "Remember Bush in 2000? Revenge is sweet." This is typical of the hatred many on the left have toward conservatives and the "accountability" standard to which Republicans are held. Off-topic, but the more I see the integrity-challenged Democrats in elected positions the more I am being led to believe that Liberals on the far-left like to have elected Democrats such as former President Clinton in office with all his philandering so that they can go home to their wives and say, "Well, honey, I'm not as bad as the President... I didn't steal my election; I'm not responsible for what election officials do.... I didn't give you genital herpes or get the girl pregnant...." The Republicans really need to fight for Norm Coleman's seat in the Senate. And, if need be, they need to fight it court if the seat is stolen. Some Demcrats are getting so blatant in their disregard of the voting laws that we need to make examples of illegal activities when fraud can be proved. Just what little we know indicates malfeasance on the part of several electional officials at the very least. Ballots in the back seat of a car are counted? Outrageous... There is no way to link those ballots to any activities that happened on election day within the polling places. The official's actions are violations of election laws, not to mention common sense, just on the face of it. With Chuckie Schumer and Carl Levin, not to mention Durbin,and possibly Al Franken, fighting for the spot in front of the TV cameras it would be an entertaining "show" in the Senate if it were not that these "court jesters" have legislative power over our lives. That equates to putting us in "clear and present" danger. Durbin alone is lacking in judgement at a minimum and perhaps mental competency if you recall his obscene ranting about our military on international TV. Al Jazeera has a main office just down from the Capitol, for goodness sake. And then there's Nancy in the House and Babs Boxer and Di Fi. Dems are expert at stealing elections, large or small. I volunteered this election as a poll watcher inside the polling place. No ballots wound up in car trunks or back seats. All was run smoothly, all got to vote, we even had curb-side help for handicapped citizens who could not stand in long lines or could not walk. What I don't understand about this obvious theft/attempted stealing in Minnesota is that you have a list of all registered voters in a precinct. Election officials check off names of all who come to vote, have voted absentee, and keep track of all provisional ballots. All ballots and election rosters go back to the Voter Registration Office when precinct officials have gotten everything together. Election officials do not take a handful here or a handful there of ballots and toss them in their cars. Well, honest officials don't. Keep in mind it is interesting that the additional ballots are "found" only after Norm Coleman had won the election. Ballots that show up in backseats of cars or whatever do not count - case closed. They cannot count because there is essentially a "chain of evidence" type of model we use in my state. Those ballots would not count because the fraud is obvious; there is no "chain of accountabiltiy" in the Minnesota scenario. Any election official who shows up with thirty marked ballots in his car and tries to turn them in as legitmiate votes should be thrown in jail or whatever - charged with some relevant felony - and the ballots trashed. That is absolutely not in accordance with election law. What does this election-fraud, like the case in Washington State where they have a governor for whom the race was stolen, say about the Democrat Party in general, and some Democrat election officials specifically? What does it say about the candidate who knows voter fraud is going on? Where I volunteered, some folks chose to vote for the presidential candidates of all the five political parties on the ballot when the ballot had a very clear statement at the top - Vote for only ONE. These folks were given clean ballots. Should they have been? Or should they have been counted as "undervotes"? Voters have a responsibilty when voting to be informed about the candidates and their positions. But election officials have an even greater duty - and I might add they take an oath to uphold election laws before the first voter enters the polling place. Election officials, regardless of political leanings, have a responsibility to all of us throughout the nation as the bastions to uphold election laws and to ensure that no voter is disenfranchised. When election officials engage in "voter fraud" or "election theft", they are disenfranchising all of the voters who voted for the candidate they did not support. Such election officials have betrayed our trust, violated their oath, and deserve severe fines as well as imprisonment for such betrayal of all of us. In the case of Norm Coleman - if the election is stolen from him - Republican leaders in the Minnesota Republican Party and perhaps the RNC should immediately file civil suits and press for criminal charges against all election officials they suspect are involved. No election official of any political party should be exempt from such results and penalities if they engage in the "stealing of an election."

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama: Does Iran smell blood in the water?

According to Reuters in Iran test-fires new missile near Iraq: state media, along with Russia now placing missiles along the border against Poland, it seems both Iran's Mad Jad and Russia have started the saber rattling accompanied with action. Talk about the honeymoon being over! Our new President-elect Obama will go into office with plenty on his/our plate come January 20th. Of course, I can't prove it, but I don't think the "financial crisis" just happened "by accident" either. Seems we'll have plenty to talk about in those "diplomatic" talks that are going to take place. More "shuttle diplomacy", anyone. But as President-elect Obama said and Sean Hannity never tires of telling us Obama said, "Iran is just a tiny country, no threat to us." And so it begins. President George W. Bush is unlikely to take any action unless we or our allies are directly attacked and I can't see any terrorist - foreign or domestic with two IQ points to rub together - taking on President George W. Bush even with so few days remaining in his presidency. Why attack us when they can get what they want by rattling a few sabers? We are entering dangerous times. Unfortunately, the last Democrat to understand finances seems to have been JFK. The rest have soaked us and plan to do so again. They (the Dems) just don't seem to understand that lower taxes, especially on job producers, equals more jobs and more people paying taxes. However, increased taxes may well be shaping up to be one of our least worries. On diplomatic talks, especially with folks who hate you and want to dominate the world - Mad Jad comes to mind - anyone remember Neville Chamberlain?

Honoring our Veterans!

Today is our day to honor our Veterans and honor them we do! Today is for our living Veterans. On this day, I can only say, "Thank you for your service to our nation and for the sacrifices you have made and many of you continue to make as a result of war trauma and injuries - the things you don't talk about. I appreciate that too! I cannot speak to your experiences but I can speak to the love, honor paid to your duty, sacrifice, and the tears and prayers of those standing behind you at home... And I can speak to the "care packages" we sent containing "very drunk" fruit cakes, what became smashed and crumbled cookies, and all the other attempts we made to be a part of your sacrifice and to be a little closer to you. To all of you and your families: God bless you! We Americans across the nation, across the heartland, love and honor you... Our words are not enough. Words are never enough but, please, see the honor paid to you in the bright faces of our young in our uniformed services. They, by their service, honor you, what you stand for, and what you have contributed for our nation's freedom! And one day, they will be veterans too... And to a dear and most honored friend of mine - a full-blooded Sioux (he refuses todays PC names) - who fought as an under-aged Marine at the Chosin Reservoir with the X Corps, the men known as The Chosin Few (in the cold, frozen reaches of what is now North Korea), in Vietnam twice fighting and teaching our younger Marines to track and to "stay alive" in jungle conditions, Semper Fi and Stay Warm... Additional link: Chosin Reservoir Our men, and now our women, have fought, died, been maimed in the cause of service to others on foreign soil. Today, we salute our living Veterans and thank them with words because words are all we have...

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Tax Code: Toss it!

The income tax code is definitely anti-capitalism and it is discriminatory. It is a punishing tax that rewards little or no work and punishes working Americans. I have not researched the Fair Tax or the National Sales Tax, so I have some work to do; however, an electoral system that favors the non-income-tax payers and punishes the tax payers. Why? Because, as it stands now, one who does not pay income tax and does not have a financially vested interest in our economy as a tax payer is now able to vote for a person who will steal money from you to give to themselves. And all done legally in accordance with legislation. On the other hand, legalized theft by vote is immoral. We need to change the system. Neal Boortz and J. Linder have published a book, Fair Tax Book in which they describe one way to make a national sales tax fair. Simple, the tax only applies to "new" purchases of new homes, new cars, new books. And everyone gets to pay the tax depending upon how much they spend on new items. Another link is to the National Sales Tax Debate. As one example, illegals from Mexico account for the second largest income producing source of Mexico. Why? No income tax therefore, these folks do not pay into the system that they abuse: education, health care, etc. No charge... If you are a tax payer, you are supporting folks who do not pay income taxes. What would be fair to everyone? A national sales tax would be one answer. I personally think more than 10% federal sales tax would be high enough. Rich folks - whom many on the Left like to demonize, yet Nancy Pelosi, Di Fi, and a few others are the richest folks on Capitol Hill - would pay 10% federal sale tax on every new item they bought. A $500,000 boat (new) would be taxed at a rate of $50,000 to the federal government. Then there would be state taxes in most states. And illegal alien goes into Home Depot and buys a hammer and some other items, he/she would also pay 10% federal sales tax. At least, everyone would be contributing to the federal coffers through a national sales tax and NO income tax would be confiscated from any income earned by anyone. Another link is to a report by the Washington Post, Tax Policy: Ripe for reform? In 1998, families earning $25,000 to $100,000 were 40.9 percent of taxpayers. These folks paid 46.3% of all taxes paid. Folks earning $200,000 and up make up 1.1% of taxpayers and these folks pay a total of 31.0% of all total revenue paid to the IRS. For folks earning $25,000 and under - 54.6% of all taxpayers - paid 6.1% of the total revenue going into the federal tax coffers. It would be interesting to know what percentage of all public services provide service for each group. The point is to start the discussion and to look at a means to stimulate our economy and to give the American people an injection of real hope and control over their finances, not a "stimulus" package based on borrowed money. No, definitely NOT the way to go. We, as a nation, don't need any more debt... For one American to steal from another American through the legality of the ballot box is immoral, unethical, and simply un-American. And in this age of a new president intent on "fairness", one would think he would work to end such unfairness and inequality.


Supreme Court to Obama: produce legal birth certificate?

Here is a link to Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs and her compilation of "legal" challenges to the nationality of Obama: Obama's birth certificate forgery. I wrote, "SCOTUS demands that Obama produce a legal birth certificate by December 1, 2008?" Okay, maybe not, maybe I was wrong. Seems like I was... According to Vente (comments at end) the Supremes have asked Obama, the DNC, and other co-defendants to respond to the Berg Writ of Certiorari and produce all documents produced at the lower court hearings or present a case as to why they don't have to do that. I think... PhotoGal also weighed in with some legal guidance. Here's one more link, Berg v. Obama et al.: U.S. Supreme Court awaits... This one is very interesting and has some troubling information. Questions remain about Obama's citizenship and the Electoral College meets December 13th. Based on this, I'm not certain what the Supreme Court has asked Obama, the DNC, and other co-defendants to produce in response to the Berg Writ of Certiorari. One more good blog post from Infidel Bloggers Alliance, here. Let's see how this turns out. Will Obama and the DNC comply with the Supreme Court or will he defy the Supremes right from the get-go? Then what... H/T to Larwyn who stays on top of everything that is anything of import on the "net." Thank you, Larwyn, for never tiring when some of us, namely myself, weaken. One more with H/T to Mustang, at Social Sense: America the Beautiful. As Obama said regarding his aunt who has ben given deportation orders, "We are a nation of laws." Well, let's see... I stand by Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs and by my friend, Mustang. I absolutely will not delete this "evolving" post. I have been doing research and find it interesting beyond the extensive posts credited at Atlas Shrugs where Pamela - to her credit - has done an amazing job of bringing many posts together. Actually, I don't think it is too much for Americans to want to see legal proof for the nationality of their president or when and where he/she was born. Come on! The MSM went into everything about President George W. Bush even up to and including Dan Rather accepting forged documents and making them news. Give me a break! My prediction: President-elect Obama, our first 1/2 white-1/2 black president will respond to the Berg Writ of Certiorari, and the Electoral College will cast their votes as directed by the states they represent. No worries, Liberal Socialist Democrats - whom I distinguish from hardworking Americans of the American Democrat variety - President-elect Obama is our next president. I don't care about his ethnicity; I do care about his citizenship. (I was ticked that Obama did not speak to his "non-Hispanic white" heritage. He should not be ashamed of being 1/2 white, right?) Going forward, I care most about his policies. I disagreed with several of President George W. Bush's policies such as selling our nation to China, signing the unconstitutional North American Union agreement with that thug Vicente Fox and Martin of Canada, borrowing money from the Saudis, signing the Campaign Finance Reform Act, and pushing his defeated Amnesty bill. At least allow me the right to disagree with President Obama's policies when I find them troubling. I'm not cutting him slack because he is of mixed race, that would be racist. He will be our President and we need to scrutinize his policies. Good grief! And Joe Biden must be psychic as Russia just announced that they will be placing missiles along the border of Poland. Well, those boys didn't wait 6 months, eh? Seriously, we gotta have fun... (Dr.D called me on this; and did so correctly. The use of the word "fun" is incorrect especially considering the danger we are in but allow me two things, please. 1) a laugh at the hypocracy of the Left MSM, and 2) that many (NOT ALL) of our 18 - 25 years olds, except for those who have gone to war, are fed by instant gratification - heck, our entire society seems fed by instant gratification today - and some could argue that, as a friend told me, life has a way of teaching us the hardships of life. Sadly, the rest of us will have to pay along with them. As many Americans have no problems with infanticide these days, I seriously hope they don't decide on an "end of life" expiration date for the rest of us.) And Conservatives MUST NOT rush to evaluate what went wrong. What went "wrong" was that Democrats selected our presidential candidate for us and Republicans moved away from conservative, constitutional fundamentals. That's all... Note: one more article you may like but miss: Obama wants to 'hit the ground running' on economy. I did a bit of research and found US Supreme Court awaits response to Berg Writ of Certiorari from Obama. Berg did file for an injunction to stay the election pending review of his suit, Berg vs. Obama, and Souter denied the injunction. (This is the same Associate Justice David Souter who voted that a city can condemn private property in order to sell that same private property to another private developer, Kelo vs New Longon, Connecticut.) But the Supreme Court has asked for responses from Obama, the DNC, and other co-defendants by December 1, 2008. As I said, President-elect Obama is our next president. So now, let's see how he does. With very limited to no respect to my friends of the far-Left MSM, I believe the Conservatives generally will be much more fair to Obama than the Left ever was to President George W. Bush but let's see... ~~~~~ Very good comment from Vente: (I am surprised to learn that Philip Berg is a Democrat lawyer???), Obama Crimes is the basic website for the case, maintained by Philip Berg, the Democratic Lawyer pressing the case. The defendants are required to FILE A RESPONSE to a Berg's Writ of Certiorari by December 1st. Then the court will decide whether the case has merit in the federal interest. Obama could save every one a lot of time and money and grief by simply producing the documents. Is it arrogance or guilt that prevents it? from n. (sersh-oh-rare-ee) a writ (order) of a higher court to a lower court to send all the documents in a case to it so the higher court can review the lower court's decision. Certiorari is most commonly used by the U.S. Supreme Court, which is selective about which cases it will hear on appeal. To appeal to the Supreme Court one applies to the Supreme Court for a writ of certiorari, which it grants at its discretion and only when at least three members believe that the case involves a sufficiently significant federal question in the public interest. By denying such a writ the Supreme Court says it will let the lower court decision stand, particularly if it conforms to accepted precedents (previously decided cases). and here is what comprises a response from A response is part of the discovery (fact-finding) process that occurs before trial. Certain motions that are filed, such as a request for interrogatories, request for production, or request for admission, require the person served with the motion to file a response within a certain time period. Some responses are required to be made under oath. The original response is filed in court and copies are served upon the other parties in the case. So he (Obama) doesn't have to produce the documents. He can present an argument why he shouldn't have to. ~~~~~ Thank you, Vente! Let's see how it goes... So, the Supreme Court did not deny the Writ; they (at least 4 justices agreed) asked for responses to the Writ by December 1, 2008? ~~~~~ From PhotoGal: Actually, BO doesn't even HAVE to respond...he merely has the RIGHT to respond, according the to Rules of the Supreme Court. Rule 15(1) is applicable: 1. A brief in opposition to a petition for a writ of certiorari may be filed by the respondent in any case, but is not mandatory except in a capital case, see Rule 14.1(a), or when ordered by the Court. I have seen not one thing that shows an 'order to respond' issued by SCOTUS to BO or the DNC. I image that there will be a response - filed as close to Dec 1 as humanly possible. ~~~~~ A thank you to PhotoGal... God bless us!

Obama: First 100/180 Days?

I have looked, apparently in the wrong places. Can someone please give me the url for the list of things President-elect Obama plans to accomplish during his first 100 or 180 days? Thanks... This is the closest I can find: Obama wants to 'hit ground running' on economy Here's a secret... When the bailout was going on, I had to wonder if someone was making sure we were in so much debt that Obama's plans would be handcuffed? Think about it. Why did the "housing crisis" hit us so hard, so fast, and at that particular time? Unless Ben Bernacke can get the Treasury to print money faster than "Jack jumped over the candlestick," we're broke, folks...

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Was Martin Luther King, Jr. a Republican?

To my black American brothers and sisters, you owe it to yourselves to read the post written by Joan Swirsky, America the Beautiful. And then, please read "A Dream Deferred" by Shelby Steele. We are Americans, a decent, freedom-loving people who have all worked for the American Dream. And together, as individuals under the law, working hard, we can each achieve it.

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Friday, November 07, 2008

Sharia Stealth keeps on churnin'; proud Mary keeps on turning

Ann Coulter has given us a great post: The Reign of Lame falls mainly on McCain. Whoo hoo! Yes, McCain gave us Governor Sarah Palin - Thank God! I'm ready with Ann but I'm taking a few days off to veg out on novels. I did find one cite that may or may not provide some continually updated info on what the Congress is doing beginning with this article: Reid looking to remove Lieberman as committee head. That'll lean ya, Joe. Oh how quickly the mighty fall from "conscience of the Senate" to "turn coat independent." And if you have time and care, check out Shariah Finance Watch. Frank Gaffney, Jr. also has an editorial you may find enlightening: Treasury submits to Shariah. Cited below as well. I know, I know, "But Beach Girl, get some sleep. It could never happen here." Really? Check out Shariah Compliance Finance. Treasury Department submits to Shariah Finance Law by Frank Gaffney. Center for Security Policy. And a MUST READ, especially for those who are delusioned to think that our recent election is only about "our recent election:" Frank Gaffney, Jr. Archives. And finally, Is Sharia consistent with the U.S. Constitution?. Wake up, America?

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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Obama talks; money walks!

In a post a few days ago, I mentioned how the people would really respond to the results of the election. In a financial crisis that is absolutely no accident - read about the fall of the Weimar Republic that ushered in Hitler in Germany - one does need to take a look at how the market (which is made up of many little 401K holders living on Main Street) responds to the election results. I'd say a fall of 800 to 900 points in less than 24 hours puts the skids to any thinking that our President-elect has a mandate from the American people. Obama talks and for the people who can, their money walks! That's all one needs to see to know how secure our financial industry feels with President-elect Obama but that may be the plan. I feel certain that our new President-elect has plenty of "financial backers" who will be ready and willing to throw their nations' money into the pot to buy up whatever remains to be bought of a once sovereign nation. It is just a little early for we, the average people, to know who owns President-elect Obama. Maybe he'll have an epithany and set aside his Marxist-Socialist training once he steps into the Oval Office. We owe it to him and to ourselves to give him a chance to show his true colors. It will be interesting to see how quickly the MSM turns against him. There are no Republicans left upon which to spew their ire. But as Americans, we do owe it to him to give him as well as ourselves a chance.

Sarah Palin and her family: Thank you!

I wanted to send a Thank you note to Gov. Sarah Palin and her husband and family for the great work that she did, single-handedly - bringing at least 50% of the votes Senator McCain reveived to him. (Sending her a note or an e-mail to the Governor's Office in Alaska is against the law in Alaska if the communication could be construed in any way to be "political." So, I am left with an open letter of Thank you!) It is Governor Sarah Palin and she alone who received my vote on Election Day for the Republican Party. So, Governor Palin, thank you. You now have had experience at the national level without having to campaign one day in a national primary. You are a governor of a large, important, oil-producing state. As governor, you have the right and the ability to extend your foreign policy experience by travelling to other nations across the planet and you have the avenue to take a very active role in across-state networking as a governor. You and Todd, the man who stands by you, have a beautiful family - the living example of what it means to reach the "American Dream." If you want to go for national office again, we're with you. From one America woman to another - God bless you and your beautiful family. Thank you for your service to our great nation. Thank you for working so hard and for standing by Senator John McCain in his run for the presidency. Thank you for standing on principle. May God continue to shine his love upon your family...

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sarah Palin in 2012! Whoo-hoo, Conservatism too!

Sarah Palin is the only reason many conservatives voted for the Republican Party ticket in this election. We liked her fire and spunk; her honesty! Be of good cheer! This is only one battle. The Republican Party leadership "kicked conservatives to the curb" and some of the conservatives kicked back! The Republican leadership from the top down pushed for the "New World Order" of serfdom, for the North American Union, and for the destruction of America's sovereignty. I'm not convinced that the supporters of the Democrat Socialist ticket will like the agenda all that much when it begins to be rolled out for what it is. We'll see. I recommend Michelle Malkin's editorial today, Gird your loins, conservatives and I recommend spending minimal time right now bemoaning the trifecta of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid's win. Remember, they will be "dictating" without President George W. Bush or Republicans to "kick around." What a relief that will be... Thank you, Jesus! We're effectively "outta there" for a bit BUT conservatives ALWAYS have to come back and clean up the mess the Democrat Socialists seem to make even in spite of their better judgement. It is just the nature of the beast. Where are leaders like JFK and Harry Truman when you need them? For a dose of reality - a good reality check actually - read the editorial yesterday by Wesley Pruden of the Washington Times, Taking it all on blind faith. It'll do you good...and lift your spirits. If you are "non-Hispanic white" voters, you have had years of opportunities to vote for other "non-Hispanic white" presidential candidates who turned out to be 'clear and present' dangers to the United States and one who still remains a "clear and present" danger, former president, Jimmy Carter. Let's be fair. Our "minority" brothers and sisters need the same chance to learn the lessons some of us have learned over decades - that corrupt political thugism is an "equal opportunity" employer. So now, many of them have that opportunity to see what the most extreme, radical element of the Democrat Socialists of the Nancy Pelosi brand can do to them too. Remember, when folks are put out of jobs, Americans of all hues and sizes will be put out of work. This is a "historic" election on many levels and it may turn out to be good and sobering for Americans. It may very well prove to ALL Americans once and for all that our achievement is won by our own labor and not bestowed upon us by government. Our achievement is earned and not doled out with a chicken in every pot like a sack of potatoes the overlord deigns to give to the share cropper. No, America is strong because of our individual efforts and sacrifice, not by group "gifts" which tend to minimize us all. I'll be standing by my conservative principles, by my belief in a good education for every American child, and for our Constitution. I will also be fighting Islamic Imperialism as best as I can. God bless us all and God bless America!

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama: President-elect of the United States

Congratulations to Barack Obama and to the American people for this "historic election." I worked today as a Poll Watcher inside of two precincts and was once again heartened by the multitude of Americans who voted today. I got to the first precinct at 5:00AM in preparation for the polls opening at 6:00AM. Already at 5:00AM in the dark, cars were double-parked and American citizens were standing in line, ready to exercise our sacred right to voting. I interacted with lawyers and law students representing "Protect the Vote" as well as with election officials to ensure that ALL Americans were able to vote and to do so smoothly, showing photo IDs, and waiting patiently in long lines to vote. A friend told me earlier in the day that a black American fire fighter said to his white American supervisor, "Tomorrow, I'll own you!" I hope the attitude of racial hatred expressed by that one black fire fighter will soon be laid to rest and that we, as Americans, will once and for all rise to the mantra of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and, once and for all, be judged on our achieved merit and "earned and learned skills" by the "content of our character as Americans" and that we will end once and for all the "institutionalized racism that is affirmative action" based solely on the "color of our skin", demeaning to all of us. I have been unrelentingly against the ideology expressed by Barack Obama throughout the campaign. Tonight, I am willing to step back and give President-elect Barack Obama the opportunity to prove through his actions that he will be the President of ALL Americans and that he will not move us further into Socialism. As Americans, we all need to give our new President-elect the opportunity to prove that he will not end our freedom of speech through the enactment of the Fairness Doctrine, that he will not tax the Coal Industry out of business, and that he will defend our nation from the invasion of illegal aliens; that he will defend us from Islamic terrorists and from the creep of Islamic/Shariah Law which is driven to undermine our American democratic republic. For tonight, we need to stand together as Americans. Virginians were the first to elect a black American, Doug Wilder, as our governor and as the first black governor in the United States. Today, 40% of Virginia's white electorate propelled President-elect Barack Obama into the White House. God bless America; may God lead us as we move forward into the next chapter in the book that is the American ideal expressed in our Bill of Rights. And to my most faithful and loyal friends across the internet, know that should President-elect Obama take actions to stand-up against the far-left Liberalism of Pelosi and Reid, I will support his defense of conservative / constitutional issues; when President Obama takes actions that I believe are destructive to our democratic republic, I will be unrelenting in my fight against such actions. I will not be silenced by the phrase: "ending partisanship." The phrase, "ending partisanship" is Liberal code for conservatives to "shut up" and let the Liberal Socialist "have their way with us." I do NOT equate defending my strong American conservative / constitutionally-based ideals and my belief in the glory and freedoms of our American democratic republic as being "partisan." Partisanship is the mother's milk that keeps our democratic republic nurished, open, and free demanding the OPEN and UNFETTERED exchange of ideas. I believe defending my belief in "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" and our American ideal of "equality before the law" is my duty and my responsibility as an American.

Election '08: Americans move onward together! Shariah Finance 101?

As Senator John McCain moves on in his position as a Senator from Arizona and Governor Sarah Palin returns to her governorship, we all will now move on to tackling of the serious threats that we face as a nation. I am reminded of the words President George W. Bush made when he walked into the Oval Office, (paraphrasing) ...when you walk into that Oval Office as President of the United States for the very first time, you are hit with the magnitude of the responsibility of being "President of ALL of the American people" beyond partisanship... Within days, and due to the "bailout package" as well as the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury asking Saudi Arabia for money to help in the "global" financial crisis, American financial agency personnel will be required - by Saudi Arabia as a condition of having Saudi return petro dollars into the global financial "crisis" - to take training in Shariah Finance 101. Frank Gaffney, in Treasury submits to Shariah, paints a picture of the threat of Islamic Imperialism's march for world domination as Islamic leaders move farther into Western Culture for their eventual goal of ending the strength of our system of individual entrepreneurial capitalism and much more. With hardly a nanosecond to digest the result of our "historic election", Americans must be ever-vigilant to the threats facing us and ever-vigilant to the subtly of the methodologies our enemies use... As his first challenge, which direction will President-elect Obama take: to defend Americans from encroaching Shariah Law or to move us into the place of dhimmitude?


Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama: Coal Industry first to be taxed out of business

Coal Industry first to close down

Election '08: We are in danger! Grave danger?

Last night I was chatting with a friend whose friendship goes back many decades all the way back to the 7th Grade. My friend is generally non-political. She is happy to allow her husband, her brother-in-law, and me discuss politics. And last night, with no prompting from me, she said, "We are in danger if Obama is elected." Well, yes - we are in danger of going into a depression, the loss of jobs, and more dependency upon BIG Government, not to mention the shutting down of the coal industry. We are all busy and some are excited about voting tomorrow; many have already voted. If you have time, please read the following editorials all from The Washington Times: Obama's Fairness fantasy by Donald Lambro 10 Reasons to vote for John McCain by Mona Charen Obama, the two-dimensional character/Image in three dimensions by Mark Steyn If you have time, you owe it to yourself to search on: Obama civilian national security force before you vote. This is third world thugism pure and simple. If his Socialist intentions are not enough to give you pause, then the proposal of a "civilian national security force" should scare the hell out of you. That's when neighbor turns in neighbor and the streets are patrolled by "brownshirts". Just the idea/just the mention of the concept is chilling. Not to mention the guaranteed assault on "talk radio." Last night, I watched a few minutes of Huckabee during which time Bill Mahur (sp) was interviewed. The general discussion / point of view of Bill Mahur is that "God is dead", and like Europe, Americans should no longer rely on their faith. What Huckabee failed to point out to Billy-Bob is that Islam is sweeping through Europe, filling a vacuum? Hard to say but sweeping through Europe nonetheless. But as we know, Islam is not a religion in our view as the "separation of church and state" because Islam is the STATE. And last and most important, if you believe that our children are important and are our future, then please don't vote for a man who supports all forms of abortion and even infanticide, the leaving of babies who survive abortions alone to die as seen in: new borns left to die. H/T to Liberally Conservative. God bless you all and God bless our nation. If we are left to the unfettered designs of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid along with Ayers as the Secretary of the Department of Education and Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. swearing in Obama - we will know God has stepped back, leaving us to our fate, I'm sure with a tear in His eye... Why? Because we must not snuff out the light of freedom; we must not take on the moldering shroud of European Socialism. We deserve better and our military who have given their lives and limbs deserve courage from us... And as Neal Boortz points out: if you support McCain/Palin remove all bumper stickers and yard signs to protect your property from Obama supporters. First, I couldn't believe I heard that; and second, what does that say about some Obama supporters? Last stop: Blue Collar Republican And if you've got the stomach for it, look up the supportive comments of Jeremiah Wright, Jr and his "g-d America!" Obama's "spiritual" leader and advisor for twenty years. Like it or not folks, we are know by the company we keep. Let's see how long it would take you to get a security clearance if your friends of twenty years were Jeremiah Wright, Jr., Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn, and Tony Rezko - to name a few. As an aside, I believe the most telling and saddest thing I was taught through the Jeremiah Wright, Jr. episode is that I am supposed to believe that my black American neighbors hear that tripe from their pastors on a weekly basis. If that is true, then we have failed as a nation because racism is alive and thriving in our black "Christian" churches. Is that the truth? Is Jeremiah Wright, Jr. the norm in black churches across the nation?

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Obama: The Second Amendment! Phooey!

And from the Drudge Report, one to all of us about the votes Obama made to take away our Second Amendment, Ban on Guns and Obama's votes.

Election '08: Al Jazeera TV Coverage nation-wide!

A few nights ago, I went to a debate between my Congressman/Representative and her challenger. The debate was at an elementary school, held in the cafeteria/gym. It was just a small neighborhood-sponsored debate. I thought it would be fun to attend and to support my Representative since she had voted against the "bailout" bill twice and that took courage. Well, a TV crew was there. A young man started talking with me. He was from Canada, from Al Jazeera TV to be exact. He and his crew will be set-up in a local, small-town coffee shop just a few miles from my home on Tuesday and will be broadcasting internationally for twelve hours, interviewing locals as the election results come in. He said he had been to Wasilla, Alaska - Gov. Sarah Palin's town where she was the mayor - and that everyone loved her there, Republicans and Democrats alike. He and I chatted off-camera for a few minutes. He was polite and well-versed on America. He said the entire world was interested in THIS election and many supported Obama for the presidency. Well, that can mean only one thing to me and that is that "the whole world", meaning leaders in the Middle East and the Far East who wish us harm see Obama as "easy". They want him elected which is enough in and of itself to have me vote against him. If you can believe it, Al Jazeera TV will be set-up in a small town which is really not a town anymore, just a part of a larger city these days, broadcasting our election results. The young man invited me to the coffee shop, etc. Will I visit the coffee shop where I often visit? Not on a bet. Not that night-early morning. I'll do my channel-surfing at home. I know what Senator Dick Durbin does not seem to know and that is that our faces and our words are broadcast internationally, even from the floor of the United States Senate, where our sentences can be cut and twisted to mean whatever the TV producer wants them to mean. Will I allow myself to be an instrument of propaganda, not for a minute. I realize my blog is read internationally and I appreciate my many friends across the internet but sit down in my home town and have my words sent world-wide. No thanks! God bless you and God bless America! God bless our many friends and allies who support freedom and a democratic republic, a representative government based upon the principle of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" and "equality and justice (before the law) for all." Not "equality of outcome" but "equality of opportunity!"

Election '08: Freedom is hard work!

During the last year or so, I have made the point that freedom is hard work and that maybe it is just too hard for Americans to reach down into their gut and do the heavy lifting that is "freedom." Freedom comes at the cost of hard work, delayed personal gratification, self-responsibility, individual rights and responsibilities vs. group identity and group "rights" at the expense of the individual. Freedom is, like America, an ideal as much as it is a "reality." I firmly believe that we are on the brink of giving up our hard-won freedoms, our freedom from tyranny, our freedoms given in the place of false security. A friend of mine tells me that my belief in Americans is misplaced, that they have grown lazy - this is a generalization to be sure, that they want the government to "take care of them" because personal decision-making comes with the possibility of personal loss. When I saw the video of Obama calling for a "Civilian National Security Force", I cringed. Then I thought of the "Brownshirts" of Hitler's day and I thought of the Hitler Youth programs. And finally, I recalled from history what brought Hitler to power - the fall of the monetary system of the Weimer Republic. Interesting correlation or just coincidence? I don't know. I know I have a belief in the American people; that we will come to our senses and we will eventually realize that we are ALL in this boat. I feel trepidation for our nation, for our future. Why? Mainly because we do not have a well-educated, engaged electorate. I was listening to a radio program yesterday - Saturday - and the host was reading out survey facts such as less than one in ten young people who are about to vote even know the name of the Congressman representiing their district. The list goes on but the political knowledge of our people generally is woefully deficient. Many people vote blindly driven from emotion and from self-interest - "who's gonna give me more of someone else's money..." I can understand the "pride" of a black American wanting to vote for the first mixed-race candidate and thinking he's "black like me." But it just ain't true. I have always had to select a presidential candidate on ideas and ideology - who happened to be "white-skinned" (non-Hispanic white) like me. Let me assure black American voters - "Snake oil can be pedaled by anyone of any skin hue!" Freedom is hard work. I know it is late in the day for this election but I recommend that every American, and especially black Americans, read the book by Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, My Grandfather's Son. That is a book about the "black" experience in America. That is a book written by a man who had to make his way to the top through hard work and personal sacrifice, not as a community agitator. I don't know why black Americans - generally - seem to throw stones at a black man who is independent and who is self-made, who has grabbed for the American dream and has made it. It would seem that such a man would be the ideal, the example that "yes, I can" reach the top. I don't understand why Hispanic Americans didn't fight for Miguel Estrada when he was nominated for a position on the DC Circuit Court of Appeals - a nomination blocked by Democrats. Through their hard work and own self-sacrifice in addition to their belief in God and their family values, black Americans and Hispanic Americans are often times more "conservative" than conservatives - we believe the same things, have the same values, and yet allow Democrat Liberals to drive us apart. I don't understand that. When I was in Turkey, Texas - yes, my goodness, there is a Turkey, Texas - I was talking with a man of Hispanic ancestry who had fought in WWII. He had tears of patriotism and love for his nation in his eyes when he spoke of his experiences. Yet, when he spoke of the "illegal aliens" (wetbacks was his term) invading our nation, he said "I'm Mexican and they are taking away what belongs to me...." I said, "Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. You were born in Wyoming? And you are a Mexican?" "Yes," he said. "And I was born in Virginia and I'm an American? How can that be?" He smiled at me with a broad smile and gentle eyes and said, "You are right. I'm an American, not a Mexican." I think that is a major difference between "non-Hispanic white" Americans and beople who identify themselves as "Hispanics" or "African-Americans." We "non-Hispanic white" Americans are raised believing that we are Americans first and ethnicity (Irish, Italian, English, etc.) last whereas many "Hispanics" and "African-Americans" (who may or may not have any ties to Africa) identify with "group identity" and not with the American identity. It is curious to me but there it is. While I'm on this page, I'll just say that I believe the "black" Americans stand to marginalize themselves from a national voting perspective to both major political parties this year because their vote is "owned" lock, stock, and barrel by the Democrat Party - not because they are not welcome in the Republican Party of Lincoln and of Civil Rights but because they have sold themselves to the Democrats. I believe the black American voter block - with the exception of regional areas - stands ready to marginalize itself. Why? Because it has so faithfully voted for Democrats and been so generally hostile to Republican Conservatives that Republican Conservatives have had to win elections with very little support from the black community. But what lurks on the fringes? The Hispanic vote will explode in the very near future from 42 million people to 60-some million, half of whom will be eligible voters. Where will this place the black vote relative to the political parties? We'll have to wait and see. So, this thing we call "freedom" is not free; it is not a carrot on a stick. Freedom is the American way, the American ideal. Do we really want to hand our freedoms over to a man and a political party that can't wait to take those few remaining freedoms away? The LIBERAL justices on the Supreme Court have successfully legislated from the bench in Kelo vs New London, Conn. and essentially removed our right to private property that can now be taken from us and sold by the city, state, or federal government to another private individual for higher taxes. LIBERAL justices did that! With the North American Union well on its way and the SPP highway - two of them now - well in the works scheduled to slice through two areas of America going from lower Mexico through to Canada - will cost many Americans their homes, their family farms, their strip malls, their bid for the American Dream. I have opposed President George W. Bush on this every step of the way. People campaign and say that voting for John McCain is voting for four more years of President Bush but I don't think so. I think voting for Obama is more closely casting a vote for continued loss of our freedoms. You will decide November 4th. If you have not voted already, think about what you want for your children and for your grandchildren. Wouldn't you want your children and grandchildren to privatize part of their Social Security confiscated funds into accounts they can manage? Wouldn't you want them to be able to leave that money to their children as inheritance and not have the money gobbled up as it is today to support the little ladies of "non-Hispanic white" ancestry who tend to live longer? Wouldn't you want that money to go to your children's grandchildren to help them? This is a big election. Among other things, Obama is calling for his "Civilian National Security Force". What is that? Who would fund it? If you say, taxes, then it isn't "civilian." If you hear talk of Obama Youth, then you will know it is way too late. Let's see what the stock market does tomorrow and then on Wednesday. If businesses start moving more of their money overseas, then you'll know it is too late to jump ship... It will be Titanic time. It has been proved through research studies that many more folks would have survived the sinking of the Titanic if they had tied the life floats together instead of wearing them individually as they did. We are ALL on the ship of state that is America. No matter how the vote goes on November 4th, we are all in this boat together and we will all rise or fall in the coming years as we meet the enemies of our nation - within and without - face to face. Socialism has failed EVERY time it has been inflicted upon people. Americans don't accept failure. Now is not the time to vote for failure... Obama sneers and mocks "Joe, the plumber" and Obama sneers when he says "they are calling my policies 'socialistic'. He sneers to cover the fact that his policies and his goals for America reach deep within his own roots and they reach far deeper than Socialism. Time will tell. One thing I must say, we are Americans. Our fathers and mothers or grandparents survived the Great Depression brought on by Hoover with his increase in taxes during a weak economy. FDR brought in Social Security and other "socialistic" programs. But, again, we are Americans. We can and will survive whatever happens. What we may need is something to focus our attention on the survival of our nation and our Constitution and our sovereignty. That may come in many forms but focused we will become. History is a hard teacher, exacting, giving no quarter, and history is in the making. Let's make sure we are "making history" for the right reasons. Freedom is hard work! Are you ready to fight for FREEDOM or would you rather just get a check from the government?

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Obama: The Brown Shirts are coming!

From the Drudge Report, Obama to create a Civilian National Security Force. Boy howdy! Anybody get the picture?

Obama: his attitude toward we, the American people

Obama has spoken frequently about "we, the people" of America. He has shown us by his associations that he is far more comfortable with those who hate America and our culture than perhaps he is with those who are patriotic. The people who have run his campaign have done a good job of "keeping" him on the same, tired message of "change." I think they are correct. We need to guard our "change" should he be elected because that is all we'll have left - all of us - while he and Madame Michelle will have expense accounts and Secret Service. It's one of those, "Let them eat caviar on toast points" moments. But to my central point regarding Barack Obama's attitude toward "we, the American people":
  • Obama says we are backward clinging to our guns and to our religion. Yet, he claims to be a Christian as do 80% or more of his fellow American citizens.
  • Obama says he plans to spread the wealth which equals tax increases, the loss of jobs, and the potential to throw our economy into a depression. I know I'll stop buying/stop spending money if taxes are increased. And then he wants to "give" money you earn to those who do not work to "lift all boats". His "tax plans" and "welfare checks" coupled with all of the money Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid would spend will "sink our ship of state."
  • Obama's running mate, Senator Joe Biden, points out that it is "patriotic" to pay more taxes meaning, of course, that if we don't want to pay more taxes (we don't want to work harder for someone else) then we are not patriotic.
  • Obama does not support school vouchers to be used primarily by black parents whose children are forced to attend failing inner-city schools because he does not believe the children of those parents deserve the elite education your tax dollars provide for his daughters.
  • And the most disgusting insult came just this weekend from Obama when he said since when did they (meaning McCain/Palin) make a virtue out of selfishness. Meaning that we, the American people, are selfish if we don't go on bended knee with alms to give to Obama so he can transfer our hard-earned money - earned from the sweat of our brow - to someone not working. That is SOCIALISM.
Americans are the most generous people on earth. 15 billion to Aids prevention and such in Africa, just to mention one program out of thousands. Let's not even mention those who died in Europe or the Far East fighting to defend freedom. My friends, Americans cannot afford Obama and the Socialism within which he wants to enslave us and with which he plans to make even more of us dependent upon government. We have had slavery and we have overcome slavery. Let us not embrace it again simply because the man holding out the chains is a Liberal elitist! We deserve better. To be candid, I cannot say in good conscious that I agree with all aspects of John McCain's efforts over the past several years. I opposed Campaign Finance Reform as unconstitutional and I still do; I strongly opposed the Amnesty bill John McCain pushed so strongly but at this juncture in our history, we must have GRIDLOCK to put the brakes on our out-of-control Democrat House of Representatives and liberal Senate. A friend of mine, KG, lives in New Zealand and he has commented that New Zealand has been nearly destroyed because of Socialism and the corruption that goes with it. KG writes at Crusader Rabbit and A Western Heart. No links tonight, just open comments. I don't want a president:
  • who insults us for being Americans,
  • who insults us for believing in the right to work,
  • who insults us for believing in secret ballots during union voting,
  • who insults us for believing that hard work should be rewarded instead of punished, and
  • who insults us for believing that the American Dream comes from our own efforts NOT from the benevolent Hand of Government! Do you?
Socialism is slavery; socialism is "rationed" health care; socialism is punishing hard work - no matter who gift-wraps the package. Obama is the son of privilege who, thanks to his hardworking, maternal grandparents received the very best education in the very best schools in Hawaii. Wouldn't you expect that same man to speak FOR school vouchers so that all of our children could have the best education available? So that our public schools could and would become more competitive and therefore better in order to keep students? Why would that man who has received so much from America deny those same opportunities to our children? And, as an educator, I can tell you that the most important years are during grades 1 - 3. If we can teach a child to embrace his natural love of learning with joy, to read, and to pursue his desire to learn on his own through the 3rd grade, we will have created a child who can and will have an independent mind, a desire and hunger to learn, and the ability to discipline himself so that he too can reach the American Dream not as a hand out from government but from the fruits of his own labor. We will have taught a child to have positive self-esteem because we will have shown him that there is nothing second class about him. He will not be kept down by a hand-out; he will know how to make his way using the skills and tools he will have learned and he will be honestly proud of his accomplishment. We will have taught a child who will be able to learn and study for the joy of it and once we have done that, there will be no stopping that child from attaining his highest goals. We all need a helping hand from time to time but we do not need the boot of government upon our backs keeping us only at the level that government wishes to bestow upon us. "Tito, the Builder" reminded me of that. Call me whatever you will, but I have taught ethnicities across the spectrum and around the world; I have taught Americans and non-Americans alike when I worked overseas and I swear to you, once you see the light of learning sparkle in the eyes of a child or a young man or young woman, you know there is no turning back - that child, that man or woman will be free... If not free due to their government, they will be free in their Soul... America cannot afford a president - ever - who considers us unpatriotic or selfish and who ridicules us for our Faith of our Fathers and our belief in our Bill of Rights for which our men and women have died and are giving their lives today...for which our military families and the families of those in our foreign services or clandestine services sacrifice for us each and every day. We do not need a president - now or ever - who fraternizes with terrorists, domestic or foreign. A president who because of his associations could not get a security clearance if he applied for a government job. God bless you all and may God have mercy upon our nation and our leaders...May God guide us as we move onward into the 21st Century. I pray that we will vote against the pathway toward advancing tyranny, against the New World Order... I pray we will vote for national sovereignty and for freedom...for less government NOT more, and for independence...

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