Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Liberal Supremes to Child Rapists: Go on, rape 'em! We got your back!

Well, we heard it today! In a 5 to 4 decision, the 5 LIBERAL Supremes over-ruled the laws in several of these United States and said that executing men who have "raped, tortured, and brutalized" our children cannot be executed. High Court outlaws executing child rapists Well, I say, "Let the Supremes enforce their ruling!" And we wonder why there is no respect for our government, for our Supreme Court which has a majority of 5, count them, FIVE people, 4 men and 1 women in black who have NO common sense at all. They turn war/terrorism into "crime" and open our criminal court system to enemy combatants who spit on their very robes and would gladly slit their throats and then these "wise" morons with degrees in law who defer to international law whenever they can, tell us that a man who tortures, brutalizes, and rapes his 8 year-old step daughter CANNOT be executed in accordance with the laws of Louisiana because his execution would be "cruel and unusual punishment." My God, how disgusting these "ayatollahs in black" are who sit so arrogantly and reign so tyrannically over us and negate the laws our legislatures pass. No wonder we are so near anarchy. No wonder such unrest is just below the surface of our law-abiding society. Illegals get more benefits than legal, law-abiding American citizens; child-rapists get to live off our taxes and have the chance of life at our expense while a young girl has to live with the pain and mental anguish of her ordeal for the rest of her life and even has to make her way on her own. And we are seriously considering giving a Democrat the White House and the keys to the Kingdom, the right to name at least two if not three new justices to the Supreme Court. We are really going to do that! Our Supreme Court has betrayed us on private property ownership in Kelo vs Conn. and now, the 5 liberals - an embarrassment by any measure - have betrayed our young children in favor of child-rapists. The sooner they leave the court the better but we cannot leave the naming of their replacements to the likes of Mr. Obama. He has proved by his associations that his judgements in friendships, while financially and politically expedient to meet his needs, will not bode well for us when it comes to him naming justices to the Supreme Court. Shame on these dispicable, sorry excuses as defenders of the U.S. Constitution. Do not look to them to protect your daughters and young sons from pedophiles and child-rapists or to protect us from torturing terrorists wearing masks and wielding rusty knives! Jeb Bush allowed a helpless woman to be murdered by dehydration and starvation in Florida - her crime? She was inconvenient to her husband. Her name was Terri Shiavo. Wouldn't it be interesting if the memo was slow getting to Louisiana, the execution - in this case justice was served - was carried out, and the governor said, "Whoops. Just got the memo..." Of course, I am not and cannot suggest that anything be done that is against the law but I can hope that the Supremes who denied justice to that little 8 year-old rape victim have many sleepless nights but then that would have to assume that they have a conscience and we know that is not so... How shameful for them. I hope history and historians treat them with just half of the brutality the rapist inflicted upon his step-daughter and I can only hope they live long enough to read about how disgusting, shameful, and pathethic they are. But then - maybe there is hope. Perhaps the rapist will be returned to the general prison population. It is my understanding that criminals are much more exacting when it comes to justice... But then I probably watch too much "Law and Order". It is time for some leadership in this nation. It is time for our men with "balls" to come out of hiding and get this nation turned around. I know you are out there, men. I know you are out there... We have no leadership - at least none that is showing AND WE NEED LEADERSHIP! I know "political correctness" has been castrating you at every turn from early childhood but there are women out here such as myself who want you and need you to be men, men, men! We'll back you! We'll vote for you'! We need you...

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Sinking Ship of State - the USS America!

Sometimes you just write something because it seems so far-fetched it could never happen but the puzzle pieces seem to be there on the table anyway.  
And then, a blogger friend sends you a link that pretty well scares the be-Jesus out of you and you say, "OMG - it is happening!  These fools are not fools after all.  But are they traitors or just busy businessmen?  And we're cattle lowing all the way to the stockyard!"
Well, the sinking of the Good Ship USS America is one such situation and the link is a must-read:  2015 Merger of America with Europe.
The read is ugly and I have included only one quotation but it should be enough to spark your interest:
"This is the first meeting of the newly created Transatlantic Economic Council.  This council was established by President Bush, without a direct vote of the people, proposing to integrate the economies of the United States and the member countries of the EU.  This is a milestone for integrating the newly created North American Union with the European Union by integrating regulatory policies on food safety, immigration, and subordinate it, the United States, to continental union policies created by non-elected officials acting as representatives of a new world government."
I don't know about you but didn't we fight one revolution to get rid of our "European" overlords back in 1776?  Do we have to do it again?   And keep in mind, that "we the people" did not create the "newly created North American Union" - or were we on holiday the day that happened? 
A Hat/Tip and a Thanks to My Flanders Fields.

Irish say 'NO' to the EU Elites

In a stunning voice, the fighting Irish say "NO" to Treaty of Lisbon and once again raise their fistsand cast their vote against tyranny.
Like the French and the Danes before them, the Irish people given the chance to vote on the Treaty of Lisbon, the EU Constitution in disguise, voted NO in a vote heard 'round the world.
There is no doubt that they will be brow-beaten, shouted at, called all sorts of names, threatened, and the like but the vote still stands and the EU elites who are betraying their nations at every turn in deference to the Middle Eastern Mullahs and Ayatollahs will go back to the drawing board and devise yet another plan of betrayal by which the black robes of the Dementors can swarm across Europe to establish an Islamic Imperialistic regime.
For a moment, for one moment a breath of freedom reigned as the Irish people voted and the civilization of the West sighed - FREEDOM!  Not with fingers dipped in purple ink and women clad in black from head to toe.  But red-haired Irish girls with emerald green eyes and the gold of the sun sparkling off their burnished hair voted for freedom.
Thank you, Ireland!  Thank you!  For your voice!  For your love of freedom!  For your bravery in the face of European betrayal and the betrayal of some of your own leaders!  For your fields of green and fences made of stone....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Treaty of Lisbon: a vote in the hands of the fighting Irish

Tomorrow, June 12th is the day the Irish vote on the Treaty of Lisbon.  It is a big day; it is day which may herald the "voice heard 'round the world" or it may be the day Ireland died under the boot of the EU, under the boot of Islamic-controlled Eurabia.
We'll all have to wait and see.  Hundreds of posts have been written about both sides of the issues asking the Irish to vote NO;  others asking the Irish to vote Yes!
The French and the Danes defied the EU Constitution and true to form, the EU elite, snubbed the will of the people and came around again, this time with the Treaty of Lisbon, and so...
In the long run, the Irish must vote what their hearts dictate.  I pray they vote for Ireland to stand FREE, PROUD, and IRISH!

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US joining EU through North American Union?

Just a little question...
Okay, now the EU is turning Europe into Eurabia.  We are importing as many Saudi mosque-builders as possible - Wahabbists.  
The EU demands that all nations that trade with any member nations of the EU must comply with ALL components of the EU Constitution - hush hush - that doesn't exist, read The Treaty of Lisbon.
Vicente Fox, Paul Martin of Canada, and President George W. Bush tipped their glasses and tossed the US off the altar atop a Mayan temple outside of Cancun and started the ball rolling on the NAU (North American Union) - NAFTA and SPP are the little helpers, hence ya can't have tomatoes right now 'cause Congress is trying to kill you with the importing of filthy food from Mexico...
Now, Canada is still nominally associated with Great Britain, right?  Great Britain is a member of the Socialist Republic of the European,
Does that make the United States a 'de facto' member of the EU meaning that our sovereignty is long gone, and no one has gotten around to telling us about it yet and "our" tax dollars don't go to the US Treasury but to the World Bank or some such non-American group of thugs.
Don't get me wrong!  I don't have any problem with our money going to thugs;  I'd just like it to go to our own thugs!

Islam: state religion of Great Britain? of EU?

Crusader-Rabbit has a great post today by MK, It's official, British left sidelines Christianity over Islam.
An additional post is very worth-while and deserves your time if you care about preserving what is loosely known as Western Civilization:  The Execution of Britain
Included is a link to an article by Fjordman published in the Brussels Journal, The Execution of Britain.  Both posts are too much to pass up.   Fjordman has included a link to Creating a European Indigenous People's Movement, 6 April 2008. 
From the post, British Left sidelines Christianity over Islam,
"The message to all the cultures existing in the wondrous utopia of Britain is, if you want some financial coddling from the state, cause trouble, if you behave yourself and do the right thing, you'll get sidelined.  (my pointed added - it is the squeaky wheel that gets the pig grease)....Who sold Britain out to the Islamic savages and still pushes multiculturalism...The message to the British people is, if you want to become good little dhimmis (slaves to your new masters) then vote for this leftist....
If you like your money being spent on radical Muslims who think you're a bunch of kuffars and all your women are whores for the taking, then vote for Labour.  It's as plain as the sky above you, England, (with the Dementors swarming like termites all about), the Left are selling you out and now they're sneering it in your face."  [() added by me]
And willing to kill Granny, to boot, so the welfare state can support the Muslim man and his 4-5 immigrant wives with money you earned.  Ah, well, kill Granny anyway.  What's she worth?  She's most probably Anglo, some indigenous Brit, and loved by her grandchildren - so, just snuff out her life.   It will save the Islamists one less kuffar to kill.  But on the other hand, one less free ticket to Dante's Inferno, aka paradise and 42 virgins to rape.
See also by Fjordman:  Creating a European Indigenous People;s Movement, 6, April 2008.
One cannot for very long entertain multiculturalism and Islamic Sharia Law side-by-side on the same piece of land.  Get your burguas and married men, start growing your beards 'cause your day of slavery and servitude to Islam is 'a'comin' if you don't put an end to the foolishness permeating your land and addling the brains of your inbred elite.
Like our swarms of illegals, the tens of thousands of Muslims being foisted upon you have no intention of assimilating;  they have every intention of turning Britain and every other nation of the EU, the NAU, and any other 'union' into Islamic Republics controlled under the tyranny of Sharia Law.  
Better start finding hiding places for your Bibles now and if you don't think the Islamic religious thought police won't be walking the streets of England, beating on women and punishing men, think again.
Incidentally, I'm not so naive as to leave us out over here across the pond either.  Select Islamist groups supported by Saudi Arabia and groveled to by the ACLU are working to change our laws to accommodate Islamic law one inch at a time - from the addition of foot-washing stations in public universities to hours for Muslim women in publicly-funded swimming pools and lunches in publicly-funded schools.
A must-read post by Citizen Warrior, The Terrifying Brilliance of the Islamic Memeplex", adds much to the body of work that endeavors to help us understand the tyranny and complete totalitarian ideology of the "death cult of Islam" that brainwashes and enslaves the followers of this most stifling and human soul numbing cradle-to-grave ideology.
 The Islamic Memeplex is many things but a religion it is not, at least not within the understanding of the Western mind.  Even generously attributing it with some "traits" of religion, the percentage is very small;  the ideology is built upon death and hatred - in and of itself, those traits have adverse impact upon developing, not to mention, the brains of already developed adults who have been instilled with such hatred day in and day out for decades.  One CANNOT leave Islam.
And now, Britain is on the precipice, tittering on the edge, about to fall into the abyss!  She can be pulled from the fire and from the sulphur and grasp of cultural death but she must act soon by deporting radical imams, deporting radical Islamists, ending any and all immigration from Muslim nations except of sworn non-Muslims.  
It is not the Muslim men and women enslaved by Islam with whom I set out these words;  it is against the invasion of England and Europe by Islamic Imperialism under any guise to which I speak.  This has been an on-going battle with Islam as well as Christianity battling over land since Big Mo (coined by Dymnpha at the Gates of Vienna) took up the sword and said, "Let them convert or kill the men and enslave the women and children."
Islam is beyond the gates and is sweeping over Europe in vast numbers:  for "religious freedom", hardly.  For welfare and for a chance to live at the expense of someone else - Yes!  To follow Mohammed's teachings to spread Islam by the sword and in Arafat's words, to spread Islam by the womb of Muslim women - Absolutely!
When will people indigenous to Europe stand - as your forefathers before you have risen up - and say, "Not on our watch will we see our heritage destroyed, our women raped, our children made third-class citizens in the land of their birth!"
The Irish have their first chance to say NO tomorrow when they vote to let their voices be heard around the world.  Will they go out forsaking their nation with a whisper?  Will they throw down the gauntlet and vote NO on the abominable Treaty of Lisbon?
Will the Irish give the Danes and the French who tried - they voted NO on the EU Constitution - and the EU overlords came back with the Treaty of Lisbon - the EU Constitution in disguise?
Vote NO on the Treaty of Lisbon!  Vote for Freedom for Ireland!  We across the pond pray for you and we pray for England!  And in this, we also pray for ourselves...

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

English - the official language of the United States

I don't know what the hub-bub is all about having ballots in a kazillion different languages.  We voted - when our nation was formed - that English was the official language of the new nation.  Do we have to keep doing that over and over again?
English is the language of the United States of America.  It was voted on at our founding.  Any and all "official" ballots printed in any other language other than English should not be counted and should be considered "null and void".
Upon receiving citizenship, a naturalized citizen must prove some marginal fluency in English.  Why?  Because English is the official language of our nation.  End of story.
Aside from being generally offensive and insulting to me as an American citizen, all ATM machines which use more than English for transactions should be closed.  No ballots or census documents should be printed in any language other than English.  End of story. 
Our greatest strength and the greatest flexibility and mobility offered to our citizens is through the use of English as our national language.  In my particular case, I have life-time teaching credentials in California yet I cannot teach in selected areas because those areas have essentially been given back to Mexico, not Spain as should be the case.  In any event, no American should be hindered from access to any part of our nation because of a language barrier.  
Interestingly, at our founding, two languages were voted upon - English and German.  English won by one vote to be the official language of the new nation.  That vote has never been changed.  So, let's get on with promoting our national cohesion, our language which is English which offers all of our citizens the greatest path to mobility and assimilation into the American culture, not a hyphenated culture, not a fragmented culture, but a unique American culture that - regardless what socialist politicians say - has enabled us to meet our challenges and will enable us to do so again and again and again as Americans, not as hyphens who cannot communicate with each other.
Let's admit that it is difficult enough to communicate within the scope of one unifying language, we don't need to compound the problem, do we?

No Tomatoes: To-may-toe; to-mah-toe!

Yes, we have no tomatoes!  To-may-toe!  To-mah-toe!  
Aside from the North American Union - the union from hell, the marriage of corrupt Mexico to the United States and Canada - polygamy if I ever saw it;  and not to mention NAFTA and the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America Agreement (launched in March of 2005) as a trilateral effort to - my words- destroy the national sovereignty of the United States, with the super-duper SPP highway,  I have one question for Congress!
Are you bloody well trying to kill us all?  If you can't kill us through socialized medicine, maybe you can do it through poisoning our food-supply and putting our small, family farmers out of business if there are any left.
My goodness!  What have we come to, when we can't even get a hamburger with "lettuce, tomato, and mayo" in the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave"?  Good grief! 
You've already cut the heart out of our cultural cohesion through the destruction of our common language, our greatest cultural strength, and you are well on the way to destroying anything that marks us as a nation.  And now, no tomatoes!   
As Thomas Jefferson may have said, "Time to get out the brooms and sweep out the trash, eh, what?"

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Ireland: Faced with the Tyranny of the EU, vote NO to the Treaty of Lisbon!

From Modesto:  asking us to send this link to our e-mail list:
Further, Modesto writes:
"I am a Catholic who loves Ireland and Christian Europe." says:
I am a Catholic.
Can I approve of the Treaty of Lisbon?  NO!
The violation of non-negotiable principles raises a grave question on conscience for Irish Catholics in the face of this referendum.
A spectre is haunting Europe-it threatens you, the Christian future of your family, of Ireland, and of the Continent. 
It is a European Union without God and without moral principles.
The Treaty of Lisbon seeks to reform, for you and for all Irish Catholics, the fundamental values which govern the functioning of the European Union.  These new values are in stark contrast to the non-negotiable principles given by Pope Benedict XVI.  The Pope insists that, in the construction of Europe, there are three areas in which the Church defends "non-negotiable principles":
  • "the protection of life at every stage;
  • "the recognition and promotion of the natural structure of the family;
  • "and the protection of the right of parents to educate their children."
To be at peace with his conscience, when casting his vote in the referendum, a Catholic has to give absolute priority to these non-negotiable principles.  The moral preservation of our children and the future prosperity of Catholic Ireland and of all Europe will depend on the level of respect that the E.U. shows towards these principles.
Catholics must reject the Treaty of Lisbon.
Our Lord Jesus Christ commanded: "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His justice, and everything else shall be added on to you."  In contrast to the Divine commandment, if the Treaty of Lisbon is ratified by Irish Catholics:
  • The EU will ignore God and the Christian roots of Europe and will create a new European identity based on radical secularism and atheistic philosophies.  We do not want our children to grow up in an Ireland without God!
  • The EU will impose a relativistic and evolving idea of human rights, contrary to Catholic moral teaching.  We do not want the relativisation of the principles that we will pass on to our children and grandchildren!
  • The EU will considerably restrict the protection of human life and will facilitate abortion, euthanasia, and embryo experimentation.  We do not want the mass murder of innocents being promoted throughout Europe!
  • The EU will destroy the family by dissociating it from marriage between one man and one woman.  Our children have the right to live in a normal home, in accordance with Catholic principles!
  • The EU will impose excessive limits on the right of parents to educate their children in accordance with their convictions.  The freedom to pass on the Faith is a legacy that can never be challenged in Catholic Ireland!
  • The EU will recognize, for the first time in the history of international treaties, "sexual orientation" as a basis for non-discrimination, opening the way for homosexual marriage and adoption of children by homosexuals.  If today promiscuity and immorality already invade our homes and ruin the education of our children, what will it be like when these kinds of practices are imposed on us?
Catholics:  only by uniting our voices can we be saved from this tragedy and this chastisement.
To prevent Ireland and all of Europe from distancing itself even further from the Kingdom of God, Irish Society for Christian Civilization is campaigning for a rejection of the Treaty of Lisbon in the name of the Catholic non-negotiable principles.
According to the late Pope, John Paul II, it is "the laity which by its particular vocation has the specific role of interpreting the history of the world in the light of Christ."
If your consider it a matter of conscience to make heard the voice of Catholic Ireland in this debate, then you already are part of this campaign.
(I do not have the links - I would suggest that will get you to the following information)
Click here to read the study:  "9 reasons why a conscientious Catholic citizen should reject the Treaty of Lisbon"  (Click here for the document in .pdf format) or click here to order the printed booklet of this study, or to order flyers to distribute.
You will understand why this referendum is happening at this crucial time in our history, and why it is not right for a Catholic to abstain in this hour of need.  Above all, you will be able to influence and direct others among your acquaintances, clarifying the issues for them to prevent them from voting for the Treaty of Lisbon through ignorance or because of media or peer pressure.  Participating in this campaign you will be doing your bit to alert our fellow Catholics so that, at the moment of casting their votes, they will remember what Jesus said: "He who is ashamed of Me and of My words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when He comes into His glory."  (Lk. 9:26)
For the honor and glory of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ, say NO to the Treaty of Lisbon and you will be saying YES to a Catholic Ireland and YES to a Christian Europe.
Allow me to add one other word to the words from Modesto.  
You will also be saying NO to an Islamic Europe because a secularized European Union is a softened-up Europe, a wasteland of secularism, swarming with the black veil of Islamic Tyranny filling the vacuum like the sands of time filling the bottom of the hour-glass, filling the space until by sheer numbers the Europe you cherish will be swallowed to be no more, unrecognizable, unable to be reclaimed.
The EU may reject God and the Christian roots of Europe; and the EU may indeed engage in the items listed in the bullets under the EU....for a time but be assured that era will not prevail.  Abortions for "believers in the one true god will not occur", "embryonic research on embryos of the believers in the one true god will not occur", and within a twinkling of an eye, you will all be paying the tax of the dhimmi to maintain the followers of "he who shall remain nameless."
That is what the Treaty of Lisbon is really about - the secularization of European nation-states is only the first step.  
Reading the letter from Modesto, I kept saying to myself, "Welcome to America where the will of the people is thwarted every step of the way by judges in black robes;  where same-sex "marriages" are upheld;  where young girls are given abortions to protect the child-rapists/molesters - and no one in authority seems to give a rat's behind!  They just say, "Isn't it terrible?" and turn their heads the other way...
More of us are depending on your vote in Ireland on June 12th than you can ever imagine.  The blood of the Irish flows through the veins of many Americans.  We look to you for that courage.  We have it;  we just have to be reminded of it.  We have to see you be the cat that roared like a Lion on June 12th, raising your fist to all of Europe! 
Can the Irish save civilization?  I think you can.  I know you want to be!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Update on Dr. Foroud Fouladvand and Colleagues in Iran

The following link is an update on the status of Dr. Fouladvand and his colleagues held, awaiting execution in the Mullahs' prision in Iran.
Iran accuses Qur'an critic of being spy for Israel, US, UK.  I wonder why Germany was not included in the list as one of Dr. Fouladvand's colleagues is an Iranian-German citizen.
Dr. Fouladvand who is an Iranian-British citizen is imprisoned with two colleagues:  Mr. Nazem Schmidtt, an Iranian-American citizen;  and Mr. Alexandar Valizadeh, an Iranian-German citizen. More can be found at Wikio News.
Please contact the appropriate embassy and appropriate State Department.  If you are an American citizen, you can e-mail the State Department directly.  I don't know how much the respective embassies are working to save these men from execution but if they are not working to save them, our embassy personnel certainly will not work to save us.
Do the best you can.  That is all anyone can ask.  In the meantime, our prayers are with these men, with their families, and with their friends and colleagues in England as once again we see the "religion of peace" at work - where is its mercy?  Where is the mercy of a civilized nation?

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Obama - The Neville Chamberlain of our times?

Just a little ranting here...
When I look at the appeasement flights of fancy of Nancy Pelosi and the flights of fantasy of Madeline Albright when she had ever so much fun in North Korea - good grief, I am forced to wonder if these gals know much about geo-politics or if they just like the travel and the change to where silk head scarfs or fancy broaches.
Now we have Barack Hussein Obama with close ties to the Islamist community.  After all he has good credentials having spent at least 4 years in Indonesia studying the Qur'an hours each day and going to mosque with his step-father.  Barack is a Muslim and was reared as a Muslim.  I found someplace that even William Ayers has a Muslim name - maybe it is just a Southside Chicago-in-vogue sort of thing to do.  Who knows?
I don't even care but a bit of honesty  would be nice.  It is taught in the Qur'an that folks such as Resko can do business with infidels if it is to advance the cause if Islam, right?  Well, Resko did a whole lot of advancing or maybe he was just simply a crook?  
The problem with Obama - the messianic Obama - the Pied Piper of Hope (we don't need the illusion of Hope, we need the joy of our own hard work and accomplishment - this is America) - is that he has already telegraphed to the world that he will talk with Islamists who have spoken clearly of their desire to dominate the world.  Duh!  Which part of dominate don't you understand, Obama?
But just like Chamberlain, Obama will meet with brutal dictators who kill dissenting voices, espouse "honor killings", treat women as second class slaves, enslave black Christians today - How's that sit with you, Louis? - behead innocent civilians, taping their screams for mercy.
Islamic tyranny is tyranny any way you want to dress it up.  That people such as Nancy Pelosi - in near or clear violation of the Logan Act - are enthralled by its terrorist dictators who are the ones KILLING our military in Iraq is beyond me.  Maybe I just cannot understand trading with the murderers of our troops, trading with the murderers who supply weapons to Hamas and Hezbollah to rain terror upon innocent Israeli children.
And Obama says he will meet with such men and lend the prestige and power of the United States, plus its legitimacy to such cretins, that will not stand.  We need a man in the White House with the gonads who will look tyranny in the face and say, "Go to Hell!"
The world suffered from one Neville Chamberlain - who meant well - they all do!  We cannot afford another one.  Dealing with the Nazis was one thing.  Dealing with nuclear-armed Islamist mad men such as Mad Jad is something else again because for him, Death is the key to Paradise!  Let's not let him get out of here too easily...  and for goodness sake, let's not give him legitimacy by talking with him.  Let the Pope talk to the Ayatollah, but Mad Jad!  Let him drink tea and eat cake...  

Thomas Sowell and our ONLY Presidential Choice

Thomas Sowell has written his column today, Obama and McCain?.
Not putting words in his mouth but he is right.  We are caught in an "Alice in Wonderland" world of no-choice choices.
The only question that we have to answer when we go to the election polls in November is this:
Who has already said he will be our Neville Chamberlain - Obama - and who has the ability to be our Winston Churchill?  John McCain!  Of the two men who are the candidates for President of the United States in the 2008 Election, only one of the two comes close and that man is John McCain.  
Setting aside everything else, all the issues which will be non-issues if a nuclear dirty bomb goes off on US soil or if Israel is attacked with nuclear bombs or if Iran threatens Europe with nuclear bombs - even though the weak-kneed sisters of the EU will cry like Cinderella's ugly stepsisters without dates at the ball - who will be the man between the two "candidates" who can we count on to be "our" Churchill?
When you go to vote in November - set everything else aside - and just ask yourself that.  Then vote - not for a demeaning government handout - but vote for our survival.
Then we can get back to the other things...

Congress: 40 years of suicidal energy policy; see H.R. 2415

Arguably, the Democrat-controlled Congress, not entirely by itself but very nearly so, is responsible for the defunct energy policy of the United States.  Further, though, I have to wonder why the Democrat-far-left seems bent on destroying our free-enterprise system and replacing it with Socialist-Marxism.  Back to the gas prices... 
It is the regulatory insanity of the Congress (I refer to the House and the Senate) that has:
  • sent our jobs overseas (insane corporate taxes, second highest in industrialized nations); 
  • shutdown our oil refining capabilities;  
  • handcuffed us from drilling off-shore;  
  • restricted our drilling here at home;  
  • refused to allow us to drill in ANWR (the size of a postage stamp on a football);  
  • and thus is encouraging China and Cuba to enter into arrangements to slant-drill into what could very well be our own under-water oil fields off our coast below Florida.  To me, such drilling would be - in any other time with men with balls in positions of defending our nation - an act of war against the United States;  but that's just me, a little girl.
At Blue Collar Republican, you'll find a good bit of information about H. R. 2415.  I recommend the post:  Marsha Blackburn, when are you going to Co-sponsor HR 2415.
When you scream and shout at the President Bush for our dependence upon Saudi oil, don't. Look at your Congressman, that same Congressman who wants to keep you dependent upon the handouts he wants to give you to buy your vote.
As Americans, we can solve our own problems and we can develop ways to help each other.  We don't need government to do it.  Government stifles and destroys much of what it seeks to control:  one example, our national educational system, once the envy of the world, now our students, generally speaking are functionally illiterate.
In searching for H. R. 2415, Affordable Gas Price Act which was re-introduced into the 110th Congress by Representative Ron Paul, I came across something you may also find interesting and helpful in understanding how we got to the place where we are today:  The Democrat Assault on American Energy, May 2008.  The document is a policy brief/study conducted and compiled by the Republican Study Committee.  Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-Tx is the Chairman of the Committee. 
The short synopsis for HR 2415 is "To reduce the price of gasoline by allowing for offshore drilling, eliminating Federal obstacles to constructing refineries and providing incentives for investment in refineries, suspending Federal fuel taxes when gasoline prices reach a benchmark amount, and promoting free trade."
Well, there you have it.  No chance because the legislation - gasp - encourages incentives for the risks oil companies take...  No, we'd be oh-so-much better off with the likes of Maxine Waters "nationalizing" our oil companies - then they'd move all their jobs off-shore.  What a blooming id-jiot?  How do people like that ever get elected?  Can't be the government schools?  Right, she's too busy encouraging her constituents to riot.  Remember the days of the O.J. Simpson trial(?) when she was threatening to call folks out to burn LA down?  Mercy...
Check into that study if you like and check out HR 2415.  I wonder why it has no co-sponsors???

Marsha Blackburn, spending like mad! What's your Congressman doing?

Over at Blue Collar Republican, a good job is being done tracking and posting on the votes and the financial impact of those votes by a specific Representative Marsha Blackburn, a Congressman from North Carolina.  I'm linking to one such post because there is more information and hard work there than initially meets the eye, namely HR 1343, Health Centers Renewal Act of 2007,  just one "spending project gone wild".  Like wives with their husbands platinum credit cards, some Congressmen are lending their votes to wild spending and they are spending our tax dollars with wild abandon. Why?  Easy!
They have the ability and the will to increase our taxes and steal money from our pockets to put our money into the pockets of others, i.e. Obama getting funding to pay his wife's $370,000.00 salary, to grease the skids for their supporters, and to engage in the grand game of "you scratch my back, and I'll pad your wallet."
I'm not saying that is what Representative Blackburn is or is not doing.  I'm just providing you with the link.  This link will enable you to go into the Congressional Record and see what your Representative is doing to you in this "screwing, bluing, dyeing, tattooing" world we citizens are enslaved by.  Here goes.  Happy hunting...
Marsha Blackburn spending money like there's no tomorrow
The vote on H.R. 1343, Health Center Renewal Act of 2007, was cast on 4-June-2008, Final Passage.  My Congressman, a Republican, voted Yea on this massive spending bill. 
Check in the sidebar and click on House Roll Call votes!  Take a look at how your Congressman is voting and what they are voting on.  For more information about bill, check at Blue Collar Republican, also linked in the sidebar.
Correction - Marsha Blackburn is a representative from Tenn.  My apologies and thank you for the correction.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Obama: Marching toward Red Square

Lenin would be proud of Obama and perhaps the Islamists are as well.  I cannot say...yet,
Soon election day will be upon us and it will be our turn to go to the polls and vote in the general election.  We'll cast our votes and we'll pray the election isn't rigged.  But most disturbing in all the election hype of the approaching general campaign is the seeming willingness on the part of some Americans to throw away their birth-right and put their arms out for the chains and shackles of slavery to the ever-increasing government growing like a green gunge across the land.
But is that so?  Is increasing Socialism the direction in which our great nation is heading?  Where are the days of John F. Kennedy, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country?"  As I have written before, is Freedom just too hard?  
Have we been so blinded by the "give me" mentality that we are willing to sell our souls and the birth-right of our children for handouts, for cradle-to-grave dictatorship from the government?  
I ask you to read a post written by my friend over at Liberally Conservative and ask yourself - is Obama's Marxist view of America the one you want for yourself and for your children?  Is his America of platitudes and handouts - where slouth is rewarded and achievement punished with ever-increasing taxes?  Read what my friend has to say and then cast your vote for the America you want, the America so many of us have fought and died for over the generations...
Moving toward Socialism - America's Choice!  As my friend says, we don't have to move toward more Socialism.  We are Americans.  We have a choice.  It is up to us to put strong individualist into Congress and the Senate who stand for individual freedoms as set forth in the U.S. Constitution.
Our Constitution is there for us.  If our elected folks in Washington won't defend our Constitution and by extension, our individual rights and freedoms, we need to elect people who will.
God bless you, our men and women serving in the military, and our great nation!  Freedom is not free;  and Freedom takes vigilance and hard work!  Never let it be said that we weakened in either.

Islam: Totalitarianism Writ Large

People of the world are living in troubling times.  Totalitarianism, Fascism, and other such terms are being thrown around with wild abandon but not from wild speculation but rather, I suggest, to get us used to the sound of no hands clapping.  
The European Union is moving on apace to close the noose around the necks of Europeans and snuff the life out of them, to open their nations and their cultures to the Dementors of Islamic Imperialism, just as the nightmarish spectors tormented Harry Potter and his friends only these are not of the imagination, they are cut from whole black cloth.
Through his words, Mr. Geert Wilders makes it clear that he wants to make a distinction between Muslim men and women and the ideology of Islam which may well be 90-95% a political/social ideology like Marxism and 5-10% of a religious nature.  Wilders' movie/film is called Fitna.
The video of Mr. Wilders' speech can been seen in its entirity at the Gates of Vienna:   Geert Wilders' Speech at Danish Parliament Building.
Attempts are being made to awaken Europeans to the nature of the threat/challenge they face through the encroachment of Islam - the political ideology which demands total and complete submission to, I suggest, the laws of men in the guise of mullahs/religious leaders seeking power for it is always man's eternal push for power over his fellow man that seeks to enslave, to punish, to harm, and even to kill dissenting voices. 
Mr. Wilders emphasizes a clear distinction between Muslim men and women, pointing out that when he speaks of Islam and its ideology, he is not criticizing these men and women.  His distinction is a good point because, from my perspective, these men and women are as much enslaved by the inability to criticize Islam and its strictures as we infidels are.  
And this inability for honest dialogue slams shut the door for open communications which would allow all of us to move forward toward freedom and liberty.  Instead, the ideology of Islam - by its very warring nature - forces it into conflict with Western cultures and civilizations into an "us" vs "them" situation of confrontation with little hope for peaceful resolutions.
We must be ever-mindful of the challenge of our times - radical, encroaching Islam and the encroachment of Sharia Law upon our institutions of Liberty and Freedom.  As we have seen, there is no freedom of speech in Islam;  there is no freedom for women; and perhaps we should not even talk about those ideas so near and dear to the hearts of many in America today - "abortion on demand" and "homosexual marriage."  Both go over really well in Islamic Republics!  Right!  In both cases, the Islamist leaders probably make our Christian Right look like tools of the far-left.  Good grief...
Let me say it again:  the ideology of Islam is not compatible with a democratic, representative government.  The ideology of Islam is submission to the Supreme Leader.  Everyone who believes Mad Jad runs Iran, raise your hands!

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Hillary's Decision: Go for the Gold Ring!

Seems the Marxists/Socialists, euphemistically known as the Democrat Party, are waiting for Hillary Clinton to make a decision. Just one article, Dems urge decision; Obama waits for meeting. For what? Obama has the delegates. He doesn't need Hillary to do or say anything. Obama is for taking us to the worn-out and tried Marxist/Communism of the days of Lenin and later Stalin. Heck, we can't even speak "her" name, the name of his wife now without being called something or other. Just about as bad as "criticizing female mutilation of Islam", for goodness sake; or the persecution and enslavement of Christians in Northern Africa today. Hush, hush... Now, to me the most fun decision Hillary could make - and I thought her speech was the most alive, most unifying speech any of the three liberals have given in this latest round - presidential even, would be to go to the Liberty Bell at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Stand before that majestic bell and say something such as this:
"My fellow Americans, I have run for the presidency as the Democrat nominee. Together, you and I have amassed 18 million votes, just 4 million shy of what my husband received to win the presidency. 
And now, because of your support and because of the support of many more Americans who like-wise have been disenfranchised by the "major" political parties, I declare my Independent candidacy today before you, right here and now, in the cradle of the birthplace of our Liberty. 
Yes, this is a risky step.  I know I have pursued socialist policies in the past but, like Saul on the road to Damascus, I too have seen the light of freedom in you eyes as I crossed America.  You want access; not government-dictated control of your every move.
Ours is a nation where Liberty and American creative are our most valuable commodities, our most precious resources, our freedom to work and achieve the highest we can attain; where we as Americans do not want or deserve the heavy boot of government regulation and oppression but rather a hand up when we need it and otherwise, non-interference when we don't. We can list our concerns, the issues we need to fix, and together we can fix them with what is great about America. Our ingenuity! Our indomitable spirit! Our faith in each other! I will work to remove the heavy boot of government smashing down upon our backs; I will work to lift the regulations that have kept us slaves to Saudi oil; I will work to end corporate taxes that have sent our jobs - AMERICAN jobs - overseas! 
Yes, Congress - this Congress - is responsible for your higher gas prices and higher food prices.  Your Democrat Congress...and American jobs - Ross was right - NAFTA is still causing that sucking sound that is pulling your pay check overseas.
Yes, American jobs are sent overseas by CONGRESS and its death-grip upon American businesses, large and small. I release all of my Democrat delegates to vote for Mr. Obama and Communism, a Communism designed to bring our nation to its knees as Nikita Kruschev promised it would happen from within.  Well, I won't let that happen. Today, I declare my candidacy as the Independent Candidate for you, the American people, for the Presidency of the United States of America! God bless you! And God bless the United States of America! May our Freedoms and Liberties grow once more from this, our birthplace of FREEDOM!"
Of course, sadly, I know this is only a day-dream but our nation is crying for statesmanship! Statesmanship, not more regulation, not larger government - we are crying for freedom to be Americans, not slaves... Where are our statesmen?    

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Conservatives to sit-out election day? Don't count on that!

Seems Republican big shots who only care about conservatives when they think they might need our votes are voicing concerns that we may stay home on election day, November sit-out threats worry GOP. Not to worry! There's too much to vote for; we won't stay home. We have Senators and Congressmen to vote for and I'll be voting for my Congressmen - a Republican (more to come later on how Pelosi is working to destroy this nation and make us dependent upon foreign energy no matter what the cost of gas or food for you and me.) We have plenty of folks to vote for in November... Depending on the man McCain picks as his VP running mate, we may vote for McCain. We know how far we can trust McCain, let me count the legislation... So much depends on his running mate... We can always vote for Bob Barr; he was a Republican but looked around one day and said, "Where'd the party go?" We can write in Ron Paul. He's a Republican. We are supposed to support the candidate that has been nominated to represent the GOP in the general election but, to my knowledge, we haven't held our convention as of yet and anything can happen between now and then. Right? Technically, the GOP does not have its candidate yet. The delegates from the states still have to vote on the floor, even if this may seem a formality at this time but is it? We'll see. In this most strange election primary season, anything can and surely will happen...

Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Washington Times gets a new on-line look

I've worked in Human Factors in nuclear power for many years and it never ceases to amaze me that people just don't understand the need for what is known as "white space" on the page. I haven't been to the Washington Times on-line site for sometime but it used to be my major source of news. I just went there and was astonished at the clutter. It is practically unreadable, nevermind trying to find anything. Clutter, clutter everywhere - black background and yellow lettering which is fine but the design is so small it all runs together, especially when the titles go from yellow to a murky grey. Sometimes change is not good and this is one of those times. No doubt, if I am still going to try to get news from what I considered the best newspaper in America, I am clearly going to have to work at it and the objective of any newspaper, on-line or off, should not be to make it difficult for readers to read or find the news. So, once again, a great deal of money spent for a nearly un-usable, once fine, news source... I'll have to try to work with it but my goodness - taking something that was user-friendly and turning it into a user's nightmare is not the way to go. My apologies to the web-designers but really, all the clutter? Must be my fault, right? Some of the second level pages are better but still cluttered...this is gonna take some work.

Scott McClellan on O'Reilly's show - cancel it!

There is something sad about old Scott out there hitting the TV bigs for his interviews spouting the "new news" which is like us unwrapping that three-day old paper we threw the three-day old fish out in. Wesley Pruden says it well in his column, Betraying friends on the cheap. President Bush has made his share of errors but ya gotta admit, the Presidency of the United States is a trial-and-error sort of "job." We don't have much in the way of advanced on-the-job training, vo-tech schools out there preparing graduates for the position and the events are ever-changing so the president has to play the hand he's dealt. But here's a suggestion to Bill O'Reilly - pay Scottie off and cancel the segment! Don't associate yourself with this whimp of a man. Although no doubt you will conduct a fine interview, having Mr. McClellan on your show will not be your finest hour. It will add nothing to the long list of excellent interviews you have held. Mr. McClellan will be lucky to earn enough in book sales to be able to keep his advance, don't cha think?

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